Hauntings of Pulau Ubin

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Captain’s log                          Stardate: 62551.5 (Jan 23th, 2009)

23th January 2009. Take a look at that. Time does flew in fast when you were glued to your everyday routine at work. Of course, this is to every individual’s life and parcel just to counter your needs. But I’m not here to highlight about that.

Just six days ago on stardate 62545.8 (Jan 17th, 2009), I was been given an opportunity to embark on a chance down memory lane which one I would never forget. One that I would have never expected to come true. One that would change me to become involved more deeply as I explored the possibility between fact and fiction. And what lies behind the truth, as I seek for the answer.

Stardate: 62545.8
Jan 17th, 2009

The local ghost hunters were set off for another recce. This time, its off shore, and situated in the north east of Singapore. This island is one of the last rural areas to be found.

Try and guess. If you have the answer, and that’s your final, then you are right.


“The island is in essence, known to be the last ‘kampung’ (village) in Singapore. A stroll through the island takes you back to Singapore in the 60’s with the simple life. The island is a great day trip to spend walking or pedaling through the rustic roads under swaying coconut palms, exploring shady trails in overgrown rubber plantations, checking out secluded beaches and flourishing mangroves. The island has attracted attention for development and planning only in recent years, and Singaporeans visitors have been visiting the island for summer camps and outdoor activities for many years.”

It all started when one of the members named Nur get in touch with a friend who was a member of another paranormal group, who called themselves the Ghost Watch Alpha. Sure, there are several minor paranormal groups in Singapore, where they had formed one of their own through each of their interest and research in the supernatural. Majority of them had created their own websites, even had a forum based to discuss.

So, the day arrives, the member from the other paranormal group had requested from Nur, whether we would be interested to join them. Of course, as been one of the most enthusiastic type when comes to ghost hunting, Nur will always joined in. Provided when she’s only available =)

Our mission was to explore three hot spots on Pulau Ubin that was found to have reported sightings of paranormal activities. Strangely, all three of them were graveyards…=o

To me, this is something new. Something more of a suspense than just exploring the mystery. I found it tempting and wouldn’t want to miss it. Besides, I’m off on that day till the next day. So why not set to go? And…..obviously, you are right indeed if you had thought of this in the first place. We are going when the sky turns dark….

Furthermore, this is not the first time that the local ghost team visited Pulau Ubin. Based on what’s written from their website, they have visited many haunting spots situated in the island. Be it day or night. And I just happened to miss out all the fun.

But on that day, would be the fun I get. As I would be expecting it would turned out to be more than just “fun” itself…..


Before the recce began, we are been invited by another member in our group named Wan, for a buffet at a Japanese Restaurant, named Sakura which was located on the hill of Clementi Woods. (Ah yes, if many of you had read my previous entry: The Grim Side of Clementi Woods. Happened just two weeks ago where a few of us had recce the place due to report sightings of a Pontianak or female vampire) Wan had planned on the same day itself, and were schedule to meet up before 1800hs. It was the best buffet ever; I can bet on it. So mouth-watering that I nearly ended up with an upset stomach for eating too much…=(

Members Members At Sakura

I was been strongly advised that, if I heard someone singing or calling out my name when walking pass the cemetery, just ignore it! Don’t even think of turning towards the direction where the sound came from, or even asked the nearest member like, “You heard that?” Just looked straight ahead. Cause few of the members has been “hit” before. Following your instinct is one thing. Praying to your own religion is another. In hope that all goes well….

And just before 2130hrs, those who are going for the recce, which sadly, only four of us, left the restaurant and to proceed to Changi Ferry Terminal. Another member, whom we called him as “Koolad” will be meeting us there. As well as members from the ghost watch.

Talk about all the argument in which bus is the fastest to take us there, and whether taking the MRT is much more efficient, we landed there close to 2200hrs. We meet up with Koolad before making our way towards the entry of Changi Ferry Terminal where three members from the ghost watch were already there.

Paranormal Team

Paranormal Team

After some introduction and briefing about the recce, the leading member whom we called him as “Man” explained to us that, he managed to booked one of the bumboats that would only take us to Pulau Ubin. Personally, I didn’t even know that the terminal operates 24hrs…

Moments later, Man received a call from the bumboat Captain that will take us there, that his boat had arrived at dock. Well, here goes nothing.

Photos taken along the way.

Compliments from Nur. Thanks =)

To Ubin

To Ubin

Nearly fifteen minutes, we arrived on the island.


Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin

I’ve recently visited here about three times during the day. Now seen at this time of night, the island appeared more alive and bold by every inch.

We stopped by a shelter where it faces the tourist information counter. Not far from its right, was the police station. There’s a police land rover been parked next to the shelter we are at, and I believe that’s the only police vehicle that were sent here.

At Ubin

At Ubin

Amazingly, Man had also hired a tour guide that he had knew him well, and will happily take us to three of the haunting places we gonna recce by van. How surprising, indeed =D

After taking our toilet break, a little more briefing and applying mosquito repellent cause the island is said to be swarming with mosquitoes, we are set to go! I do felt some shivers in me; as a matter-of-factly. But isn’t this what I wanted? To be part of the paranormal team? I just have to take the bait and learn the truth on what’s out there….


Ten minutes later…(By estimation)

We’ve reached the first location. It was an old Chinese cemetery found deep in the woods. History shows, as been explained by Man, that passerby, mostly cyclists had reported sightings of a lady who roam about in the grave. Be it in a day and night. Sometimes, the lady could be seen whizzed across from one end to another. In a blink of an eye. Witnesses could also hear someone crying, singing, even calling out their names. And it was believe it came from the lady herself. Not to mention, this is one of the many hot spots in Ubin that the SPI had recce in the past.

Here we go, all torches activate. The beam of lights swept across the grave as we cautiously stepped into. Tombstones surrounding us, each one of them were made wide apart from each other.

Chinese Cemetery Chinese Cemetery Chinese Cemetery Chinese Cemetery Chinese Cemetery

Somewhere at the far distance, faint music could be heard. According to Man, it was one of those Malay pop music that was mostly played in nightclubs. Well, I would be surprised if there’s another “music” been played….

It started to get chilling all of a sudden. Was it just me, or did the atmosphere getting colder? From all around, cameras started flashing. Hopefully we get “something” from one of the photos. Not to mention, the feeling of goosebumps all over you seem to picked up every now and then.

Moments later, Man signal to us to group back in a circle. This time, we were instructed to face our backs to each other as we viewed the eerie surrounding in the circle formation. Not only that, our torches were to be switched off.

We were now surrounded in darkness. This time to remain absolutely silent, and to rely on our ears. This is where, the haunting feeling was at the peak. At the same time, we were allowed to snap photos in the dark.

Circle formation Chinese grave Chinese grave Chinese grave Chinese grave Chinese grave

The faint music coming from somewhere in the distance was the only sound we’ve heard. But we still had to open our ears to hear “them.”

Chinese grave Chinese grave Chinese grave

The night air turns cold. A breeze swept across us. Sounds of crickets among the tall grass.

Is that a whisper I heard? We are completely silence. In total darkness. Will any of the spirits, especially the lady, approaches us? Somewhere in the dark; did I just heard footsteps? Then, something rustling behind the tress.
A wildboar?

Within five minutes, Man announced that its time to move on. Lights shine across the grave. Cameras continued flashing. We ventured deeper, and soon stepped into a new terrority.

And right before our very eyes, on what appears to be, a hut.

Hut Hut Hut Hut

It appears like as though the entire structure were completely taken apart. The inner roof look as though its about to fall in by its own weight. Puzzling thoughts about this structure clouded my mind. What was the story behind this? If there’s ever been a story…..

The cemetery ends here. Twice, we could hear something rushing behind those trees. Our beam of lights captured the movement of leaves, indicating that something just whizzed past. An animal of some sort? A wildboar perhaps, as there are quite a number of them roaming the jungles of Ubin.

Or could be………..something else???

Grave Grave

Roughly about twenty minutes, we head back to our awaiting transport. From there, we will proceed to our next designated location.


Our next stop, was an old Malay cemetery. History seems unclear, as to why it seems haunting. According to Man, as been gathered by witnesses, who heard whispers, people talking, giggling, even a shadowy figure that many claimed can be spotted at daytime. Furthermore, there’s also a kampung, located near the grave. Not known about this one, but we are about to find out.

Estimated about less than ten minutes, we arrived at scene. Once again, the smell of fear which seems to be at our presence is creeping among us.

Malay Cemetery Malay Cemetery Malay Cemetery

We soon came across a field littered with broken glasses, plates and bottles. Those bottles appeared to be like medicine bottles, by traditional used. Man had suspected, they could have belong to a bomoh (which doctor), by the looks of it.

Malay Cemetery Malay Cemetery Malay Cemetery

We survey the surrounding for about five minutes before heading out. This time, moving along the road in search for that kampung. It was said to be nearby, and has been abandoned for many years. Let alone, unclaimed by the ownership……

Photos taken along the way.

On the move On the move On the move

Didn’t took us long to locate the kampung, which was situated on the left side of the road. The lawn had overgrown, which had entirely carpeted the path leading to the house. Huge trees had shadowed over it from behind and both sides. Giving it a sinister appearance than ever before.

Village Village

We stepped into the house. The wooden floor creaks and groans beneath our shoes. It appears that many parts of the wall were been ripped apart. Cobwebs hang loose from the corners and gaps of the house. Parts of the house structure seems rather out of place. Could it be because of been deteriorate after all this years?

Inside the house Inside the house Inside the house

Leftover items seems rather familiar. Could they have been belonged to a bomoh?

Inside the house Inside the house

There’s a small steps, horribly damage, leading up to the deck of the house. The rooms up there were in a state of a wreck. Looks like whoever been here had left in such a hurry. Or perhaps, had deliberately and completely turned the place inside out. Were they looking for something? Or just damaging a hundred year old property?

Inside the house Inside the house Inside the house Inside the house

What was believe to be the living room, we came across some old photo albums.

Inside the house Inside the house

We believe that those families seen in the photos were residents that use to occupy this kampung. Where they were right now, and why they had abandoned their home, only God knows…..

We also recce the backyard. Discarded items were strewn all over the place. Nearby was a rusty shack.


A bicycle been buried beneath the grass…


Once done, we left the kampung. Here’s few more shots taken from outside.

Tree Kampung

We continued walking along the path from where we had stop. The air is getting kinda chilling all of a sudden. There’s some strong presence surrounding us. We could just almost feel it. Watching us. Watching us from behind those thick trees. Watching our every move. Seeing our thoughts. If Qr was here, she’s gonna ended up in a bad shape for sure….=(

So right now, are we alone?

Recce Recce Recce Signs

Moments later, we came across a shelter where we settled for a break. Finally, a moment of relaxation – in the dark. All lights were to be switched off.


Once again, we were envelope in darkness. We could only see ourselves as what appears to be like shadows beneath the hut. All were peaceful, until we heard this…


All of us remained frozen to where we were.


Our ears were opened wide. Listen attentively. Listen deeply. Our doubts grew. Heavier. I could feel my heart pounding fast. My mind raced. Those tapping n0ises, came from above the roof itself!


For thing for sure, it doesn’t sound like dirt raining down. Doesn’t sound like a rat or squirrel or some other rodents, cause they don’t “tapped.” Sticks falling? Leaves dropping? Stones? Its impossible. The sounds made were going slow, then randomly. Like beats playing on the drum. And going fast at the same time.

This is where, fear had gripped us cold. I’m not sure if the others had felt it. But I began to shiver all of a sudden. I ain’t kidding! From where I had position myself, I could tell how cold it is. I just felt numbed! If there’s gonna be an electro magnetic field, the device would have gone crazy! Worse, even my breathing turns rapid. Like as though I turned exhausted after been running long-distance non-stop.

Few of us had turned on the lights to catch any glimpse. Nur is one of them, who happened to saw how pale I looked when the light were shine on me. Worried, she quickly asked me whether I’m feeling alright? I explained to her what just happened. For once, I had never felt this strange of coldness before!

We hurried out from the shelter. All eyes were focus at the top of the roof. The series of taps had stopped. But the strong presence as to what many of us had felt still surrounds us. Something is definitely up there!

Hut Roof

One of Man’s member, whom we called him as “Wanmetal” (Wanmetal!???) had suggested that we should seated under the shelter again and see if the tapping will returned.

Once again, total silence. Roughly in just 30 seconds, the tapping came back alive from up there.


We hurried out. Focus back on the roof. Koolad had commented that, it could probably be the metal plating of the roof which causes the sounds, that appears to be aging for years. If that’s true, where does that sudden cold I felt came from? It definitely got something to do with “whoever’s” up there.

I was beginning to calm myself down. But the feeling of being “cold” still shudders me. Am I the only one who felt trapped? Mat himself thought he had saw a figure nested on top of the roof when the beam of light were shine up there. Due to the nature of the circumstances, we all seem to agree by one possible theory. At all costs, to conclude one possible explanation. One possible fact. If Qr was here, she will definitely had to agree upon.

Those tapping noise that was heard, and Man was saying…

“That has to be her……”

“She was here…….”

The “Her” and “She”…….

A sign of a Pontianak…..


The tress swayed by the sudden gust of wind. This time around, the night felt different. Like as though we are in a strange land that was never discovered from the face of the Earth. Pulau Ubin sure looked different at night….=o

There’s a dirt path near to the shelter that will leads us into the woods. We recce through it – as Man had suggested.

Recce Recce

At certain times, Man had signaled to us to stop when he felt or thought he saw something up ahead. And at one point, we were once again told to switch off the lights and to adapt ourselves to the surrounding darkness. To remain completely silence, and to see and hear anything, that is considered as supernatural………

Check out those orbs!


Nearly 20 minutes, we head back to the van. That was some recce we had been. Sure, felt kinda scary in the first place. But this is definitely something, of an experience we are hoping for.

And so, we had completed our first and second objectives. Now looking forward for the third, and final hot spot. But before that, our tour guide will drive us back to the jetty, for those who needed their toilet break.

After exchanging some jokes, laughed throughout the night, snapping some photos, even receiving some crazy ringtones from Wanmetal, we are on the move again…


Its a full moon tonight. Shining brightly like a gold coin. If there’s gonna be wispy of clouds passing infront of it, it sure gonna turns out like a horror movie. We reached the last location in less than 5 minutes. Somewhere, an owl hooted. Or was it, really an owl? Seriously, I would be surprised if there’s gonna be a wolf howling somewhere…..=o This kind of a night, is now their playground.

Compare from the other two locations, this one seems to had a much more darker chapter. As according to Man, we’ve just stepped into another Malay cemetery. However, this is unlike any other cemetery that was encountered. Majority of the residents living on the island were never aware of this location, let alone hearing one. Furthermore, this cemetery is unknown. No claimed ownership to verify. Its hidden from the outside world. Seemingly uncharted, and beneath shadows.

Man explained that recently his team had conducted their recce at this very location. Unexpectedly, there are welcome by two spirits, that left them numbed and shaken by fear from their presence. Worse still, one of their members had fallen sick, for about a week and had to be cure by using necessary means of traditional healing.

It was like, the ultimate horror lies within……

As been strongly advised by Man, as the same goes from the two previous locations. Stay close in the group, try not to make some noise, no monkey business and prayed hard that all goes well and that you are not harmed in such a way.

Here we go……
I shall proceed in details
First came sighted of a tombstone. Strangely been made to this huge tree…. =O

Tomb Tree Tomb

There’s an electrical outlet left hanging at one side of the tree. Turned out to be for the lightning use.


Upon observation, the tombstone we’ve discovered seems to be the only tombstone at this point. So why was it considered as the cemetery? Is there any more hidden behind those trees? It left me to shudder just to thought about it.

Then, here comes when we had to adapt to the darkness once again. This time, we shall seated cross-legged on the ground. As our eyes starting to adjust to the darkness, we shall observed for any sign of paranormal activities. To be completely silence, as to listen to any “sounds.” At the same time, photos were taken.

Tomb Tomb Tomb

In less than 10 minutes, we are up on our feet. With Man leading the way, we followed the road up ahead. Our ears and eyes still scanning.

Along the way, Man explained that his team had came across a kampung, that has a well located nearby. He wasn’t sure of there’s any historical background about the location. But what concerned him the most, is when the hairs at the back of their necks suddenly stands when came across the deserted village!

Meters away, we came to a stop next to several bamboo tress, that the top branches were bend low. It looked like as though we were beneath a huge umbrella. According to Man, this is where the two spirits were spotted.

Bamboo Tree Bamboo Tree

Now, the moment of silence….
Lights off. All seated cross-legged on the ground. All eyes focus ahead, where the spirits were found to be wandering…


Man wanted us to pointed out, by using clock directions if we spotted any ghostly sightings surroundings us. Believe it or not, I never could have thought to experience such an encountered. Just few meters away, I spotted movements. Even despite in the dark, this “movements” were seen within clock directions of ten o’clock, eleven o’clock and twelve o’clock. In other words, it could either be the shadows from the leaves above. To anyone of you who were reading this, and if some of you had thought of commenting that what I just saw were simply shadows and that I had waste my time, then its up to your discretion.

For the moment, it appeared so. But then again, this “shadows” turned out to be apparitions. Simple shadowy figures that appeared to be hovering. Man had flickered the beam from his torchlight on and off spontaneously at the exact spot. I believe he’s trying to get a glimpse of the paranormal sightings. But I was been told, that the spirits will simply just vanished when seeing the light. Is that really what it was? Were those the spirits that the ghost watch had witness during their recent visit?

Series of orbs been detected at the exact spot. Could it be….


Somehow or rather, there’s more to observe than just what lies infront of us. From my right at two o’clock, there’s something really bothering. Thought I heard footsteps, and some whispers. For a moment, I thought it was Koolad who was seated behind me. But he just seated there, observing what’s up ahead. I strained my ears again, and my eyes remain focus at twelve o’clock. Seconds later, I heard it again. Snaps of branches and sticks like as though someone had stepped on them.


Worse still, we heard movements above our heads! Hidden above those bamboo leaves, something is lurking up there. It couldn’t be anything else, as by the impact it make against the branches. It was like as though someone just seated on it!

A Pontianak?

That “something” infront of us seems to be our most main concern. All of us, especially Man happened to saw the paranormal twist that had just taken place. He seems very observant into this. Perhaps due to the recent encounter might had left him rather persisted. To witness the darkening side effect all over again. Once in every few minutes, he kept whispering to me to remain focus on the three particular points from the clock, since I was seated next to him. In addition, I had to alert him that my two o’clock seems to bother me.

We were there for the whole entire 10 minutes – by estimation. We kept watch. Listen attentively. Concentration. Those “movements” infront of us were still there. And what appears to be, somekind of an outline forming ahead of us. It seem to send me the shivers! Is that what I saw?

We were soon back inside the van. Heading our way back to the jetty. Before I happened to doze off, there’s one particular member in the group who seems rather skeptic in such a way. A members of ours named Fuad, had somehow, suddenly, horribly (kinda) reminded him of……….zoo animals?

Nur had suggested that I should add a little humor to this log. Well, not to mention how Fuad had bragged about his wild imagination, that what he saw earlier is like watching the tigers, lions, zebras, you named it, that were still kept in tiny enclosures that literally bored them out of their minds. The dreadfully repeated behaviors, heads swinging back and forth again and again in never-changing patterns, beasts pacing back and forth until they dropped from exhaustion, what minds they had…….ok, I’ve said too much =D

We reached back the jetty. From there onwards, we spare the moment to relax ourselves. I settled back on a chair with a view of the ocean. The calm, peaceful wave, shimmering under the pale moonlight. My mind flashes back, as to what we have came across.

The first two locations does seem to draw a much attention for a deeper observation. To summarize, evidence of possible sightings may be relevant. The third one, seems to draw a much more darker chapter. Clearly, there’s something there, that is needed to be unfold – however subjective it was to feel that one needed reassurance in those darkest hours. In other words, even better if ghost devices, especially the EMF were been brought along. They could have “spoken” the truth…

I didn’t realized that I had stumbled into dreamland once again, and only to wake up seeing the orange glow shimmering on the sky. The dawn of a new day shines over Ubin.

As what I’ve noticed, when my eyes were fully adjusted, few of the members were chatting animatedly around a bench table, while the rest, including me happened to be on a first-class flight to dreamland.

We soon called it a day. Left the island, and were soon back on mainland Singapore =)

That was one hell of a recce on that night itself. Still, it left us a puzzling turn, as to this day, it remains a mystery…..

  1. Nur says:

    My dear abg…the name is Koolad NOT Koolan….hehe..

    The Hut we heard the tapping was called Murai Hut…

    Great blog though!

    I hope u enjoy the ringtones!

  2. captain24 says:

    Oh..only two errors so far..haha =D
    Thanks. I knew you love it..hehe =)

  3. Wow,you seriously have good memory and narrating skills,the way you type just kept me reading on and on,craving for more!

  4. captain24 says:

    Thanks idream =) Wanna know the truth? I write on rough paper first before I begin. To avoid some errors when comes to the real page. hehe =) Yeah, I’ll be updating more.

  5. […] and hikers being haunted by all kinds of unexplained phenomena, particularly when close by old cemeteries like the ones we had […]

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