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Captain’s log                                  Stardate: 01916.8 (Feb 16, 2018)

Found along a quiet road in Bedok North, there’s a restaurant serving a whole lot of meat, steak and ribs. But mainly, the steak. Known as T Bob’s Corner, this rustic but relaxed and groovy steakhouse can get you each by the bucketload.

I came to know about this from a friend and I’m surprised that its located not far from where I lived. Wow! I wonder if there’s any more fancy restaurants near my place and that I’m yet to find out.

My wife and I decided to try out this place few days ago. The place will remind you back in the Wild Wild West due to its rustic western-like bar appearance and vintage furnitures. There’s a bull horn, a antique sword, some vintage cowboy posters been decorated on the wooden walls. Quite cozy, friendly environment and comes with great music that will give you that vintage vibes.



Open the menu and you feel like you can’t wait to have a hearty meal. There’s the Beef section, followed by Lamb, Chicken, Fish and Sharing Platters. Those are the main course. 
There’s the Pasta, Burger and Asian where they offered four different varieties. 

For first starters, I ordered the Black Angus Striploin while my wife ordered the Classic Carbonara Spaghetti. For drinks, we have the Thai Milk Tea and a Double Chocolate Scoop Ice-Cream for dessert.

After waiting for a good 10 mins, our meal finally came. Without any hesitation, we armed our fork and knives and drove straight in.


I order mine as a medium rare. Looks tender and really juicy, however had a little difficulty cutting the meat though. It emerged an abundant amount of juice as I slice the meat. The steak is quite chewy. But adding the gravy all over it will give you that taste you might be looking for. Nevertheless, its well seasoning and nothing my tastebuds can’t handle.


For my wife, she really enjoys her spaghetti, but really hope its comes in a large portion to match the size of the big plate. 
Furthermore, it would be nice if they offered fresh water before our meal was served.

Total damage: $55.65! But indeed, it was worth a satisfying hearty meal!


My verdict: Probably one of the best steak in the house. The staff there are quite welcoming and friendly. The perks of a satisfying and delightful hearty meal! =D

Other varieties like burgers and the famous fish and chips is available at your heart’s desire. But for first timers, its recommended that you try their hot juicy steak or ribs and you might just came back for more.

And if you came in with your family or friends in 3 – 4 pax, do try their huge 1.4kg Angus Tomahawk, highly recommended for such pax. Or the 1.2kg Black Angus and 1kg Rack of Lamb. I’ve seen that enormous Tomahawk meat in their YouTube. Its quite pricey – $159.90. But the huge load won’t disappoint you! I’m willing to try that out if I came here again with my family or friends. I don’t think me and wife can finish that whole 1.4kg chuck of meat by ourselves!


Photo credits to T Bob’s Corner.

The massive 1.4kg Angus Tomahawk! Just looked at that massive load! Can you finish this 1.4kg beef steak on your own?

On top of that, the restaurant is Muslim-Owned. It doesn’t have an Halal-cert, probably not just yet. But since its owned by Muslim staff, there will be no issue for Muslim costumers to dine in.



Its located at Blk 527 Bedok North Ave 3. Accessible by bus no 225G and 225W from Bedok Interchange. So you meat lovers, get your tastebuds wrapped on their 
huge yummy portions at your heart’s content. You’ll be the judge!

And if you have a big appetite for meat, you can probably feast on the                       enormous 1.4kg Angus Tomahawk by yourself! =D

I liked big steaks and I cannot lie!