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The One Which Is Too Many….

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Captain’s log                       Stardate: 63151.3 (August 25th, 2009)

On this date written, was already the fourth day of the fasting month for all Muslims. This is the time where we gathered ourselves around the dinning table once the clock strike after 1900hrs. To me, it held a memorable one, cause this holy month of Ramadan does brings us closer to gather around and to feast on the meal being lay out before our every eyes. Like a reunion dinner the Chinese had proposed. Funny though, how few of us, especially me, would rushed to the table like madness like as though there’s no food tomorrow! Hehe…=D Like wise, there’s always a story to share as we enjoy this reunion dinner of ours =)

Anyway, here’s another local vocab that I wished to inject. This one (The one) seems popular in this common heritage of ours. No, I’m not referring to those who claim that they are No.1 in something they have achieved. Its not like as though they didn’t know what comes after one. For this case, one if not numerical but connotes possession, as though its more than just a greater value. And upon discovery, yours and mine have often been substituted by your one and my one. Put aside one and only, please.

I became totally fazed into it, even though this one; the word itself seems strangely infected the whole island. Yesterday (August 24th), I was waiting for my friend at a playground near to his flat. A group of children were playing there, and my ears ended up collecting a list of one this and one that from the kids.

“Hey, this toy is my one.”
“Mommy, this thing only one right?”
“Hei, that one my one.”
“Your one over there. This book is my one.”
“This is no good one!”

Wasn’t it such fun to listen to what kids says? =D

This is where, I will venture deeper through this vocab. Here are some examples:

When a friend is annoyed with another: “Why you so like that one?”

When someone is displeased with an item: “This one lousy one!”

At work, a colleague stops another colleague: “Don’t remove this chair. Its our boss one.”

When two friends compare the ratings and requirements needed on few of the computer games: “This game good one. The other one not so good, cause my cousin played before one.”

Then, moments later, after meeting my friend, both of us head down towards Orchard MRT station where we will be meeting another friend of ours. Since we are outside at town, we shall break our fast at MacDonald (preferred choice for that day) once the time is ready. And just as I thought I had this case of the one, which I overheard while riding behind two women and a child on an escalator when we were at the station. Said the mother to her friend, who tried to hold on to the protesting child: “He doesn’t like to be held one. When you try to hold him, he will surely struggle one.”

Literally, this ones, simply multiply on its own. And seemingly more than one. If you asked me, it is still one too many? Can’t help the fact, cause its like that one!

Time To Kill

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Captain’s log                     Stardate: 63140.3 (August 21st, 2009)

Here’s another reflection that I wished to inject, and which also I find it really fascinating. Quite entertaining too =) Do you ever wondered how little children display an inimitable ways when comes to drama? That is, based on my judgement, is clearly visible in terms of their movement and in the things they utter. Yesterday, I was at a nearby park, seated on a bench and was reading a Star Trek novel. Its a clear afternoon, and thought of burrowing myself in a book down at the park. Nearby, was a playground, and there’s several kids occupying it with their parents kept watched from their benches.

However, there’s this two particular kids were seen playing cowboys with toy guns. One of the guns, as what I’ve noticed, looks kinda similar to the one that were seen in RoboCop =) Amused, I stop my reading to watch. One of them screams: “Bang! Bang! I kill you!” His “opponent” who was standing at the side of the monkey bar, which I assume he could be taking cover “return fire” while yelling: “Ha-Ha! You missed me!”

Wow, it started to become entertaining already, and I eventually turned engrossed into it. I wonder if some of the kids there were drawn to join in, despite without the need of “ammo.” Does reminds me when I was at their age, playing police and thief with my cousins. Funny thing is, we even had “grenades” been launched! Well, its actually a simple paper crushed into a ball =D

Anyway, the kid who was taking cover had decided to scurried to a nearby swing, which I assume as the next possible point of defending himself. However, the other kid had locked him on target fast and “shoot to kill!”

“Got you!”

The target collapses. Muttering as he groans with a hand placed on an imaginary wound on his chest. “I die already…”

Captain’s log                       Stardate: 63094.1 (August 17th, 2009)

Suntec City – Convention 401

Last year Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) has made a huge impact in attracting thousands of crowd, and the event held was been organized on the largest scale ever. So by no doubt, this year STGCC will be packed with their mass excitement, and the mass attraction will be the next big thing that many had been waiting for =) All seems to be heating up once again, like its time when Singapore has The Great Singapore Sale!

The event was a four-day convention, starting from August 13th (Thursday) which was the opening ceremony, and ended at August 16th (Sunday). For this year, unfortunately, our Star Trek fansite doesn’t have a booth compare like last year. Well, that’s too bad for us. If there is, we might be able to display the new set of props and uniform that were been featured in the new Star Trek movie. And I can even displayed one of my Do-It-Yourself starships. Just to add in more than an eye-opener to attract more attention from the crowd. Hehe…=D

Unfortunately came, but let’s hope we had one when next year comes around. If there’s gonna be another STGCC.

Ultimately, our fansite had been given this great opportunity. Even without a booth, we can still be part of the show. The organizer from MoviaMania, also our counterpart, which involves costuming and role-played from all those blockbuster movies you’ve seen and yet to be seen, had called our founder, James Lee to select any of us who are free to take part for the event’s CosCon (Costume Contest). Just like the previous year, but I wasn’t there to take part. Ours will be held on Saturday, the 15th, and by no doubt, the entire convention will be one hell of a scream as there gonna be hundreds of Japanese anime characters roaming the place. Hope there will be one chick dressed as Cardcaptor Sakura, cause there’s one been caught sighted at DownTown East Cosfest Event somewhere last month. And……..oh WOW! She looked so cute in that character! Hehe…=D

So here we go, where the fun of it all were about to unleash! It was always been a thrill for me when comes to costume play, and ever since I took part into it the first time round. Cause once you had portrayed into a character, especially your favourite one, you just couldn’t resist it and was hoping for more! =D

Once again…..that’s right folks. For those of you who have been reading my previous logs which was more into costume play, I’ve played as the hideous, relentless and most hatred seen in Star Trek. A cybernectic species, who will stopped at nothing when comes to assimilating other races to be part of their collective.


Literally, mine is a Starfleet officer who had just been assimilated and were yet to be a full Borg Drone =D

For the CosCon itself, there will be two categories. The solo and the group. Ours is group, since I have three selected trekkies with me. Both the founder and his wife, Janice were also there to give us the support, as well as be the photographer for that day. By no doubt, both will be in their Starfleet uniforms. Hehe…=)

Before I moved on further, let me introduce my away team whom later will put up our best on stage =)

Pic 1: That’s me!
Pic 2: Franklin as Commander Spock. Err…Junior?? (Vulcan)
Pic 3: Bryan as Lt Cmdr Data (Android)
Pic 4: Jeremy as Neelix (Talaxian)


Surprisingly, we also have trekkie Robin, who shall be participating for the solo competition. Later part (last minute case….), he was seen wearing a Ferengi alien mask before he hopped onto the stage =)


The solo competition will commence first. While the judges were at it, we group competitors started to mingle around with the crowd as they snapped photos of us =)


Almost what seems like an ertinity, the solo side ended. Group competitors were up next. There’s a total of three groups. The first group were two female characters seen in Batman, who were Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, and who were enemies of the Dark Knight. The second group were two Jedis from Star Wars. So ours will be the third group. Unlike the solo side, we, as a group will have to put up an act. Meaning to say, once we are up on stage, we have to act as what we are.

Both Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn will, in an attempt to annoyed Batman, who was seated at the judges table. Next, the two Jedis will engage in a dual fight. Swinging and slashing their light sabers until one of them is eliminated.

For ours, is the usual whereby every Star Trek fans were aware of. What is the Borg favourite hobby?

I could already feel the adrenaline rushes in on me even before our turn comes. And the feeling of it becomes like a boiling hot water when its our turn to be existed on stage.

Since I’m folding up this new chapter, let me brief you on the insights.

Like three warriors, three of the away team ran up on stage first. Their phaser rifles drawn, ready to attack. I lumbered up the steps, in my own pace. Moving Borg-like. Acting Borg-like. My objective, is to assimilated those three targets.

The trios started “firing” at me as I lumbered towards them. But their attacks were a futile, because I’m “fully adapted.” I “absorbed” the impact without any visible effects. I was imagining for that actually. Hehe..=)

I advanced towards Jeremy (Neelix) first. I showed him no mercy! Once I managed to grab hold of his phaser rifle using my Borg claw which was part of my right hand, I bring up my Borg pincer from my left hand and “inject” the Borg virus through his neck.

He’s been “assimilated.” One down, two more to go! Both appeared helpless, as they relentlessly draw fire to kill me. Even if I’m “adapted”. Hah! =D

I went against Bryan (Lt Cmdr Data) next. Using the same technique as I did on Jeremy, I began my assault. But Bryan put up a struggle! Considering the “adaptness” that I had been “charge” to response through my system, he even used his phaser to “pounded” on me. I can “sense” by his thoughts: “I ain’t afraid of Borg!”

Then, I got him! The sight of my claw lifted to the air happened to stunned him momentarily, like as though it suddenly paralyzed him. Giving me the opportunity to “pierce” my needles through his neck.

He’s down!

Then however, it took me a second to realize that, Bryan’s character was an android! He ain’t “fleshy”, but a “machine!” I should have just “pull” the wires off him instead! Haha! =D

Franklin (Commander Spock) is next! I eyed him with a “Resistance is Futile” and went after him. He had nowhere to run. Unable to defend himself, and I got him where I want him to be! He soon collapsed, but not flat on the stage. He happened to be in a kneeling position. Unsatisfied, I “inject” him again. He let out a painful, defeated moan, before finally black out!

All three “dead bodies” lies before me. I stood there, eyeing one after another, before announcing my victory:


Man! Wasn’t it fun to be Borg!? =D We really had a great time up there. The fun of it all really speak for itself!

Now, here’s the catch in how the “battle” was forged.


Ok, from here I will fast forward towards the end of the CosCon competition.

Congratulations! We’ve won third prize for the competition! Its good enough for us, cause we know that we had done a great job, and to dedicate this for the rest of the trekkies here. Besides, we are here to enjoy ourselves, and we deserved the best of it =) For the prize, we are awarded a hundred dollar for coming in third. Since there’s four of us, the money will be split up twenty-five dollars each. Apart from that, we also received a goodie bag that were filled with thus:


Strange…..I mean, to me that one of the prizes were this:


Oh well, its worth it anyway. I just have to give it to my younger sister since she love to collect mini dolls like this one =)

We then spare the rest of the moment there moving around the convention hall as what we were. For this one, our founder James Lee will be joining us as Worf, who was a Klingon! Yahh!!! =D

Never do I felt this thrilling moment. Yes, its wasn’t my first time to get this kind of attention from the crowd. But the anticipation, were just so profound to resist and I find that it wasn’t enough and to do it for more!

Well, there’s more to come. We just have to save some energy for that =)

Here’s more random shots taken. Its truly a memorable.


Moments later, we head down to the mall’s restaurant located at the ground level to had a well-deserved break. We hope to get in line again for the next year STGCC if there’s gonna be one, and better still, to get a booth if possible. You’ll never know what you’ve been missing =)

And what better next, to give each of every chapter I’ve written to end with a cheerful group photo. Cheers!



Spare The Thoughts…..

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Captain’s log                       Stardate: 63080.3 (August 12th, 2009)

Three more hours left before I report for my night shift. The night is expecting, as usual. Anyway, before I prep myself, I’ve decided to blog some of this down that I just find it irresistible to avoid =) Some of the common terms that we locals tend to hear, see and visualize, without a doubt. Chancing upon expression that could even be much of a debate. Can considered it as a very simple stand, if not fully conveyed otherwise. Its not only based on origins, but to capture the flavour of how Singaporeans speak and write. Therefore to inject our expression, the tone that were brought in, in the case may be, to add a little humour. Even as we speak, the manner of speech…..ok, guess I’ve say too much already….=P

So, here goes, with my first curiousity when comes to the terms of “eat someone up.” I was one of the few officers been deployed for guard duty at the Kallang National Stadium during the friendly soccer match between Liverpool and Singapore. Apart from law enforcement officers, there are also several security agencies, and I had to admit, they appeared even fearsome without the need of guns. Understand from the way how they would react, majority of these dudes were heavyweight champion bouncers. Well, by the looks of their solid-brick structure, they can be considered like those WWE wrestlers =D

Anyway, I was standing next to one of them along the pitch area. Despite the same height as he was, I felt like a small kid standing next to him! (I believe you know what I mean by that) Out of curiousity, I began to ask him, whether anyone he or other bouncers had thrown out had returned to settle old scores with him. Need no worries, cause many of them will take it for a chatting session =)

“That depends,” he said. “Whether they think you are easy to makan or not.”

Makan is a Malay word for eat. But for this literal sense, to makan someone is to bully, threatened, intimidate or even take advantage of that person. I don’t know if it was related when comes to hear of someone eating somebody alive or eating him for breakfast (Damn, a cannibal!). But I’ve heard, that in the cult language of some underground or based on a certain small, closed circles, to makan somebody carries……..sexual undertones! =O


The next one, which I find it really interesting. Let alone, amusing. Another local vocabulary, which I may add =) Refers as the also can.

The also can person can be considered a no problem person. Can be either accommodating and a natural pleaser =) Take it for example, a couple on a date. He can be generous: “I’ll buy you dinner at Admiralty Lodge. And if you want to go somewhere and dance afterwards, also can. I had no problem with that.”

Two very pleasant words, indeed.

But ladies, let me warned you, this man can be dangerous too, especially on the first date when he cuddles up close to you and breathes heavily down your neck, whispering: “Why don’t we go to my place? But if you prefer your place, also can.”

That is, anything goes, isn’t it?

And now, for my kind of taste, cause some users prefer can also =D


Now here’s something that I don’t understand, and perhaps you bloggers could enlighten me by dropping a comment.

We play fair and dirty, play fast and loose, play hard to get, play safe and play ball with someone. But I wasn’t so sure about the Singapore concoction of play cheat.


Some time ago, I overheard an angry mother of a Malay family who lived somewhere a few levels above mine. She was heard scolding, whom I believed, at her son. The fact that she had voiced out in Malay, so I therefore translated it here in English. Except for that main “double” content =)

The angry mother: “Suka suka you come! Suka suka you go! What do you think this house is!? A hotel!?”

Suka suka, when translated into English, meaning “As you like it.” Suka is Like. It may sounds alright when spoken twice in Malay. But its English translation sounds rather odd (Like like….). So the best choice of words: As you like it =)

Well, even for that matter, whether he liked it or not, he ought to know that even a hotel has its house rules. Pretty obvious, isn’t it =)

That’s it, I guess. Stay tune, cause I better be off getting prepped…

Captain’s log                     Stardate: 63609.0 (August 10th, 2009)

Finally its over! Yesterday (August 9th, 2009), for those law enforcement officers, including myself been deployed to perform guard duty for the National Day Parade sure ended up getting a lot of muscle cramps and some, ended up getting big headaches. Especially for those been deployed under traffic. Worth it anyway, cause at the end of the show, each one of us were received an NDP bag filled with goodies! =D Of course, its still not over yet. NDP is every year! And I hope, my team will not been deployed for next year…..

But anyway, earlier went to meet up with some friends from our local Star Trek fansite for a lunch gathering at Funan IT PastaMania. Not just any lunch gathering. But an NDP lunch gathering. We had this every year, as our annual tradition in celebrating the nation’s event and to invite all trekkies for this lunch gathering. Apart from that, we are always been reminded to dressed up in any red and white clothing, as it symbolise the nation’s flag. Of course, by no doubt, there will always be a few among the group who will wear a different colour coating. Well, can’t blame them for it, isn’t it? Hehe…=)

And for this year event, our local founder James Lee wants me to organize it, cause he was currently very busy at this moment of time. Surprise? For me, YES. Seriously, I had never before organized such event within our fansite, let alone being a team leader. Normally, I was told to assist, and sometimes required as backup or when comes to take over a task if that current person had to fall back due to personal reasons. I was a little nervous at first, but then again, this is something I’ve got to learn. I cannot let myself be held back always. I had to motivate myself that I can do it like the others who had organized tons of events in solo before spreading the word. James did advised me into this, that I had to give it a shot. Its okay if we make mistake, cause from there we’ll learn. Its considered that you had volunteered, and also you had confident in yourself. Well, here I go, with a resounding YES =D

He only wants me to locate any suitable halal restaurant. That excludes MacDonald, KFC, Burger King, etc. Also, the restaurant have to be located on such a place whereby its easy for us from where we stayed and that the distance saves us time. Doesn’t have to be near, doesn’t have to be far. Just a perfect distance for our convenience sake. Wow! Its like as though I was been given an objective to search for that particular enemy base before sending the army to eradicate it! =D

Well, doesn’t take me too long to search for one. Cause I just remember that James had once choose PastaMania located at Funan IT Mall for our dinner gathering several months back. So why not took it for another round? Besides, he says ANY.. =D And once I confirmed with him the location, time and date, he will posted it inside our forum. At the same time, spread the word to all of our trekkies through email.

Initially, I planned for this gathering on the actual day itself. But because of me been dragged to perform guard duty, I had no choice but to have this gathering today. Furthermore, its a public holiday, and it had always been when the day before was the nation’s birthday =D Its great anyway, cause its still a National Day! Haha! And its fortunate that it falls on my off day!

A few of us were unable to show up. Despite only five of us, we still enjoyed a good lunch. And not to mention how I ended up eating one of their meal which I thought its mine……

Well, its was forgiven anyway. Cause that extra meal was been shared among the rest. Hehe…=)

And of course, there will always be a good story to share =)


Its Your Pasal

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Captain’s log                        Stardate: 63600.0 (August 7th, 2009)

Earlier, a colleague of mine had asked me of a Malay word, known as “Pasal.” A term coined as “Problem” when translated in English. According to him, he had heard the word spoken from a group of Malay students when travelling on a train. And eventually, it gives me an idea to blog in for this latest chapter once I’ve reached home.

So, if its your pasal, it is not my problem. A friend, or a colleague who is not prepared to lend a helping hand would say: “If you don’t know how to do it, its your pasal.” Or, when someone who prefers to stay out of it over something will say: “Go or don’t go is your pasal, not mine.” And it hit me with the thought back few days ago, when I heard a colleague of mine, chatting on his handphone: “Whatever he says, that his pasal.”

The hammer falls on me again, when I recall watching a documentary. I happened to miss out the title, but based on my observation, the word, pasal does comes with some good substitutes.

Big headache, those people seen in the documentary would say. But there’s few, would prefer the morbid: “Its your funeral!”

Chope Me A Place

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Captain’s log                       Stardate: 63598.0(August 6th, 2009)

Feeling in a mood to blog in a new chapter. So here goes.

Commonly heard: “Don’t forget to chope a place for me!”

The closet English equivalent will be booked, save or reserve. But the local term in my opinion, promotes more than just placing an order for something. Foreigners who have stayed long enough in Singapore had often expressed themselves to this, especially to those who are so very quickly assimilate everything Singaporean. So which it was best understood in such a context, that you just have to had that place before anybody can get. But please, do not get confuse with the word chop. Basically, you just have to add in the “e” after the alphabet “p” =D

This reminds me, as how interesting our common heritage as been. Singaporeans nowdays have been practising this habit of placing a pack of tissue paper to chope a place, especially when seen in a crowded foodcourt. I was rather baffled though, as I had wondered. Is this an “aftermath” of a past KFC advertisement? Where the company is advertising a new meal, and those people, acting as excited customers will chope their places by placing a pack of tissue paper on the tables before rushing like madness towards the counter. However, there’s a dude, despite managed to find a place, but doesn’t have a pack. Obviously, if he decide to join in the queue, his place will be taken over by somebody else, and that the restaurant was already packed. So what he did? He removed his belt, and left it on his table. He was safe! Brilliant idea, don’t you think? Hehe….=D

I believe some of you may have seen this KFC advertisement before. Seeing customers nowadays placing their pack of tissue paper as to chope their places must have been a followed-up for that particular advertisement. Hehe…=D Interesting, really, though I myself never try that before. But now, during the recent months and years, we had upgrade that opportunity to a level of extend of chope our places using more than just tissue paper. I’ve seen umbrellas, newspaper, magazines, even books, handkerchiefs (I wonder if these were meant to be a replacement for tissue paper….), a small towel, a jacket or sweater, even a cane. Seeing haversack or bags is a common sight. But what about those who had chope their place using paper bags loaded with goods? Wasn’t that sound unsafe?

Indeed, I soon came to find out, that in the sixties, where those streetside Chinese wayang were popular, people would tie chairs with handkerchiefs as in to chope their places. Some, would place mats and stools in certain locations if there’s no chairs provided. Amazingly, everybody seems to understood and respected this unwritten rules. So it appears that, this “rule” has already existed long time ago, and that this “fashion” has change so dramatically as generation continues.

Man! You can chope almost anything! =D

Such a unique word, I’ll say. And just recently, I overheard this guy from inside a multi-storey carpark while approaching my car. He was standing at the center of an empty parking lot, between a car and a van. At the same time, was on the phone saying: “Yo bro, I chope a carpark for you.”

Like Hell, Like Mad

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Captain’s log                  Stardate: 63590.0 (August 03rd, 2009)

Just the thought of couldn’t resist writing this down once I’ve reached home after reporting off-duty. Outside my bedroom window, the night sky looks like its gonna rain, because there’s rain clouds passing through. Well, assuming there will be =)

Anyway, here’s the catch.

Basically, its easy enough to understand someone when he or she complains that the weather being hot like hell. Obviously, we all were to understood that hell as an extremely burning place. But what if, when someone works or plays like hell, and it has nothing to do with the heat of the fire. Obviously the point, as what I came to know that it was normally used to express extreme effort (just as hell is supposed to be the ultimate in suffering), though not necessarily with negative feelings =)

And interestingly, like mad is similarly expressed as well.

As recently, I overheard from one of the students seated at the back while traveling on a bus. I kinda like his tone of balance “Our good friend just now works like hell. But when he plays, he plays like mad.”

Commonly used, as far as it can go beyond the limit. Same thing goes to when some people were under pressure: “He studies like mad for the upcoming exam. Or else, he’ll get hell from his parents.”

Pick this up from my boss last week: “No choice my friend. Must rush this report like mad! If not, the CO will strangle me for sure.”

Additionally, or strangely indeed, hell can also be somewhat versatile and kinda expressive word: “There’s hell of a lot of food left over at the end of the party.”

And by the thoughts where it comes, I just expressed it earlier during the rush hours of morning shift while manning counterduty: “Damn it man! Its been one hell of a day!”

I personally add in more juice to what was been heard by many =)

“He loves her hell of a lot.”
“Hell of a sickening day!”
“Let’s get the hell out of here!”
“What the hell!”

Good Heavens! Some people even swear with the word too, and was obviously becoming a common nasty remark:
“Go to hell!”