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Captain’s log                          Stardate: 63989.5 (June 27th, 2010)

There’s a saying: “There’s a first time for everybody.” And this applies if he or she is really up for it. Telling by the goodness of the heart that he and she can do it. To take the lead, in guiding others. If it does really matters, why not take that shot and get it over with? Confidence in every way, been motivated by friends and family, so why not make that move? And that’s exactly what I did =)

Yesterday, dated June 26th, I had lead a group of twelve participants as part of the Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI)  spooky walk on both St John’s and Kusu Island. In other words, I was the organizer for this event, as been selected by few senior members in the club, and as such, requested me to host this event since noticing my interest on this two southern islands. But before doing so, two of our members and myself had recce the islands two months ago. I had blogged about them in my Book of Adventure 5. We have to mark out those hot spots, especially for St John’s, with its tales of haunting stories that were a widespread, let alone been reputedly haunted according to some local tradition.

I was at first confused, as should I adopt to the word “Spooky Walk?” Reason being, because of Kusu Island. As what I know, there have been no haunting cases, not even hearsay about the turtle island. I have search numerous sources that relates into it, but can’t find any. The only thing special about the island was based on the beliefs of our two ethnic communities, the Malay and the Chinese. The popular Chinese temple which was been built by a wealthy businessman, and a keramat or holy shrines of Malay saints to commemorate a pious man named Syed Abdul Rahman, his mother, Nenek Ghalib and sister, Puteri Fatimah who lived in the 19th century.

Therefore, I had discuss this with our SPI founder, Dr Kenny Fong for a better suggestion, if any. If not, I just stick to the usual term “Spooky Walk.” Surprisingly, he managed to come up with a substitute, and adopts the word, “Spiritual.” So, my event will be known as  “Spiritual Walk on St John’s and Kusu Island.” Kenny had this for the Kusu side, because of the spiritual occurrences that takes place from the temple and the keramats. I had to agree though, as I speak from experience here that it occur to me during the recce two months back. It happens when I was offering my prayers to both the mother and the sister. Suddenly felt this chill, in which I cannot describe. Also, I felt like I’ve been watched, by a presence that seems so strong. Was the chill, an energy? Till now, it lies a mystery in my head…

So, it settle then. And before that, I just couldn’t wait to get started on my event. Despite being anxious and nervous at the same time. But I kept telling myself, that I can do it and to erase all doubts. Cause this may not be my only event. There’s few more in the future and that one of them could be assigned to me. So I might as well considered this as my first practice in leading the excited participants in what they want to expect.

As planned, we will meet up at Marina Bay MRT station at 1000hrs. Latest will be 1020hrs. From there, we shall took a bus which takes us directly towards Marina Pier. The ferry we are schedule to board was at 1200hrs. Since we are there early, we might as well get something to eat first at the available restaurants there.

At 1145hrs, we proceed down to the docking point to standby for the ferry arrival. Its fortunate to see that the weather was fine. It has been a terrible downpour over a couple of days and just two weeks back, there’s a massive flood at Orchard area. Indeed, from Orchard Road, become to Orchard River. Shops and restaurants located at the ground level was all flooded. Imagine how bad your business  can become when been faced by these torments at your doorstep. Vehicles been stranded, and there’s even a boat rowing across the flood. Few days after that, more areas were seen swimming. As what I know, this is not the first time Singapore was hit by flood. But the one at Orchard was deemed the worst.

Anyway, I’m glad the day was sunny. I was praying hard for good weather before this. Thank God!

So, here we are. Once we set foot on St John’s, I began to lead the tour, and at the same time to elaborate on those reputable spooky areas.

This photos taken will do the rest of the talking =) And thanks to Wesley for taking the photos. Really appreciate =)

The island was amazingly peaceful. I actually expected it to be packed with the visitors, since it was a weekend. But even so, St John’s Island was nevertheless, like a ghost town. Hee…=)

The next ferry to Kusu Island was schedule at 1545hrs. By the time we have done exploring, it was only a few minutes to 1500hrs. Still a lot of time left, so we better make use of it to take a break while enjoying the tranquility and the wind =)

We caught this twister in the act!

Finally, next stop – Kusu Island. But before we jumped to the next island, its always nice to have a memorable group photo taken first =)

The next one was a rush hour. The problem was, the last ferry leaving from Kusu is 1630hrs. And that was the last ferry of the day. And by the time we arrived at Kusu was 1610hrs. Previously where the three of us had visit the island was on the weekday, and also happened to be a public holiday. With that, the last ferry leaving Kusu was 1815hrs. So that’s why we have a lot of time to explore the rest of it while enjoying the breeze.

But for now, I don’t think I have the time to show them around. Initially thought of showing them the turtle pond where there’s large numbers of these shelled creatures lived. Also, for them to get the sense of tranquility and calmness of the island coastline. But that’s too bad, so I just have to introduce them the most prominent ones, which is the Chinese Temple and the Keramats. Time is running short.

And just when I thought the time wouldn’t get any shorter, the ferry began to scream the alarm. Meaning to say, it was about to leave. It was about ten minutes before the leaving time. But we managed to complete visiting both prominent areas. So I guess we better make a move. Any delay, we might ended up getting stranded. Not only that, I’m unable to get a group photo taken at Kusu as well =(

I was a little annoyed about the time actually. Why can’t they extend the time to 1700hrs for Saturdays? The island is small, I know. But extending to another half an hour would be sufficient enough to complete the rest of the routes for those visiting here on Saturday.

But anyway, I’m glad that the participants enjoyed the event as much as I did. Even though it was rushing at the last minute, at least they managed to get the sense of welcoming gesture from both temple and keramats. Especially for first timers visiting the island =)

Nevertheless, I’m greatly satisfied with the result of the event. It was truly worth it and I’m happy to say that I can manage well for the first time. But all this couldn’t have been worth without the support and confidence from senior members like Desmond and Uncle Chua, as well as Kenny who had provided me with some helpful tips before starting an event. I’m really appreciated by the motivation given and we shall strive to do well for future events.

And lastly, once back in Singapore, a few of us head for dinner at Lau Pa Sat where we feast upon those mouth-watering satay and other food available just to fill the empty stomach! =D


Expressive Words…..

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Captain’s log                          Stardate: 63960.1 (June 16th, 2010)

I would like to introduce another set of glossary, that seems to carries such a weight in terms of how we express others. Such as it is, that it does have some debate to it. Or quite apparently, so…..

Cooker Cooks
Some time ago, while traveling on a bus, I overhead this young chap seated infront of me telling his friends: “My mother is a good cooker.”

Hearing that, I was like……cooker?? Sure, there is such thing as a rice cooker, as what I know of. But to describe someone who cooks real well is a cooker seems…….baffled…

So, let’s put it this way. If someone who swims is a swimmer, someone who play the drum is a drummer, someone who cooks must be a cooker. Hmm…….

Everything’s Okay
Foreigners who have stayed here long enough will soon be able to catch the bright and simple side of Singapore, that most Singaporeans are inclined to say okay. Or alright or no problem to almost everything. From gratitude to difficulty or awkward situations as the quickest way to avoid an embarrassment.

You thank someone for coming to your party, and he or she replies; “It’s okay.” Some would say; “No problem.” A more gentle way, mostly from Western countries would replied; “Its my pleasure.” But come to think of it, it is really so formal to say “Its okay”, when someone thank you for inviting him or her to your party? Or ask a guest whether he likes vanilla or chocolate, and he replies; “It’s okay.” It can be exasperating, indeed.

You thank a neighbour for helping you weed the garden, and he acknowledges with an “It’s alright” when he could have said; “You are welcome.”

I recall this one hearing from the radio, where the host thanked a guest speaker after she agreed to an interview on air and she responded; “It’s alright.”

Even the okay, can suggest a certain measure of modesty on the part of the speaker. Its just anything that we can speak of, and that it seems to have a grilling sensation. Okay to this, okay to that, and I heard that it can also be downright rude if it is delivered with undertones of no big deal.

However, it was understood that sometimes, it can be difficult to utter the direct yes or no. I experienced this myself, but not to a complete extend that I might ended up feeling kinda guilty. This is perhaps why some people prefer the sedate okay, no problem or it’s alright.

But be aware however, there are times where the simple and humble okay is used to dispel a doubt. Or even a direct term, that something needs to be done. Take it for example, when a man tells his suspicious wife; “I came straight home after work, okay?” You can tell that he has a problem and its not going to be alright.

A Casual Chalet Gathering

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Captain’s log                  Stardate: 63932.2 (June 6th, 2010)

Unlike the previous chalets which our local Star Trek fansite had organized and which I had stay overnight, I’ve decided not to stay overnight for this one, as I got some personal stuff need to be deal with. Also, there will be another chalet that will be organized for the end of this year. And for that one, I will most likely be staying in.

Even for that matter, I will still come. Our fan member, Fahmi who mostly organized for this had booked the chalet at Costa Sands, Downtown East which is located at the heart of Pasir Ris Town. Its a four days-three nights, Thursday (June 3rd) – Sunday (June 6th). Since Thursday and Friday were still the peak period, most of us will most likely dropped by on Saturday. Fahmi will have the entire chalet to himself on Thursday. For me, I will dropped by on both days, Friday and Saturday.

On Friday evening, dated June 4th, only three of us were there. Fahmi, Franklin and myself. We just simply chill out under the stars, and enjoy the food that we barbecue.

Captain’s log                                             Supplemental

Day 2 (June 5th – Saturday)

We supposed to have some games for this date, as what we normally did from our previous chalets. But unfortunately, our founder, James Lee who mostly in-charge of the games had to cancel it because of some medical issues. That’s alright, cause we are still on with the chalet anyway. Hee…=)

More of us trekkies had dropped by. The surrounding vicinity was packed with the guests. Not only the day was on weekend, it’s also the period of June holidays. So one could expect seeing a lot of kids running around and screaming excitedly as they enjoyed their time here =)

The whole day had been great. We spend the rest of the night inside the chalet goofing about and sharing endless jokes. We also talk about for our next future events. What will it be, when to plan it, and how it will be organized. Our fansite must remain strong and active, and it should be fulfilled in the best of our abilities =)