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Captain’s log                                                               Stardate: 79911.4 (Nov 20th, 2014)

The last time I met her was 2 years ago! Gosh! I know her from a friend of mine who I look up to her as a elder sister. I was been encourage by my sis to drop her a message in her Facebook and ask her for a meet up. I had to admit, I was hesitant at first. But then again, why not? I just have to be brave. And the fact that I know her also, so its best to catch up again.

She gave a resounding yes as soon as I asked her for a meet up. I was even more surprised when she’s also thought of meeting me up! Oh my! I was blushing… =D She seems excited as well.

She found this cafe where we can chill out in the evening. Its at the heart of Arab Street. Its called La Marelle Cafe & Boutique. Its like entering into Wonderland. The place is small. But the walls were all so cute and colourful with whimsical decor. There’s even a range of cute and colourful merchandise. If you are the type who are into such adore stuff, you would be tempted to buy some. Infact, you will be tempted to buy everything! Its just too cute and adorable! =D

The food’s not bad. I absolutely adore this colourful, bright and bold and quirky little cafe. You guys and girls should try this place. Not just the food. Also the cakes, which is so heavenly delicious! 

Photos were taken by her! =)

la cafe

Never see her for the past 2 years seems a little awkward. I had to admit. But we managed to have a good start. All over again! Back then, I was rather quiet. She tease me for that, saying that I may be arrogant or not that socialise. Hahahahaha! Please! But I know she’s joking. She trying to get along well. And yes! So am I! So many stories to share! We are both happy to see each other again.

What my sis says about her was right. She’s friendly, chatty, easy to get along with. She comfortable with me, and I’m happy to know her all over again. I really like her. If not for my sis who had to drag me for dinner 2 years ago, I wouldn’t have know her. 

I thank you so much for the meet up! You really are a wonderful person. We shall meet again some day! =)


Captain’s log                                                                  Stardate: 71633.5 (Nov 02nd, 2014)

Yesterday the 1st of Nov, 8 superheroes and one magical girl, all members from the fun-loving Pause For A Cause (PFAC) community gathered for another round to spread the smile and love for the children with special needs. The Mighty Morphin Red Ranger (Me), Lost Galaxy Red Ranger, Megaforce Red Ranger, Super Megaforce Blue Ranger, Spiderman, Captain America, Batgirl, Black Widow and Sailormoon, all come forth for a special Halloween party that took place at Toa Payoh Central Community.

Normally when comes to Halloween, I usually will cosplay as something scary. Like 2 years ago where I cosplay as the Ghost Rider. It was an epic scare! Hahaha! Cause its Halloween, so I prefer to stick to its name of being something scary.

But not for this one, since there are those kids around and they might get a shocked and might even cry when I came as Ghost Rider. So being a Power Ranger is safe and friendly for them and definitely they be happy to see one. 

The event is organised by Game on! We shall be working together with a group of beneficiaries, where they are from the NUH peer support group for adolescents with childhood chronic conditions. There’s also the Starlight Club, which serves families that had children with learning needs. They were invited for this dress-up party.

There will be carnival theme that comes with balloons and face-painting. Best highlights for the day will be a DIY costume contest, which relates to Halloween. The kids have to use all their talent and creativity they had to impress the judges. And the judges themselves were from us! Four were selected as surprise judges, Captain America, Batgirl, Black Widow and Sailormoon. So unexpected! But awesome! =D The rest of us heroes, the Power Rangers and Spiderman will move around from table to table to observe their work. So happen that not only we were like special guests, we are also the judges =D

The best prize will goes to the best DIY costume maker ever created. At the end of the day, the kids and their families will have the chance to take photos with us at a designated spot. Even in-between the event, they had us to pose before cameras started snapping! =D

Credits to our photographer for that day. Awesome pictures! =)

photos 1



Its been a fun-filled and fruitful event! Not only from us, but also to the organisers and the volunteers for the awesome work to give this opportunity for the parent groups and their children to spend some family fun with us.

This is more than just cosplaying! We cosplay for a good cause and giving back to society. This is what most of us wanted to do and be looking forward for more of this. Its getting better and we are quickly starting to get more recognisable as time goes by. And our doors are always open to welcome those cosplayers who are willing to be a part of our family to dedicate to something worth-giving than just cosplaying =)

*As this event is dedicated with kids with special needs, their faces are not to be shown. Unless permission is given, we respect their parents rights and privacy not to disclose them in public.