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Captain’s log                                       Stardate: 90626.5 (June 26th, 2016)

Recently, a friend of mine told me that Mountbatten Community Centre (CC) had organised a Movie Screening and a carnival. The community were targeting quite a large numbers of children and their families.

As such, my friend who was one of the volunteers at the CC had decided to invite me and my Power Rangers gang to come down to spice up the event and brighten up the kids. Also, its the month of the June school holidays. The best time to entertain the kids.

On top of that, its also the holy month of Ramadan. Some of you may ask or think, that for me as Muslim, am I going to be participating for any cosplay activities during this month. For me I will still go as long as I’m free. Besides, I had many times cosplay during the fasting month. So you can say I’m kinda used to it. As long I don’t run around too much.

So far only me and my friend who will cosplay as his usual Kamen Rider Kuuga can make it. For me, yes the usual, as the old Red Ranger.

There’s quite a lot of residents at the event. And kids. There’s a line of games booths, food and more. Not to mention, a photobooth. Just what we need! hahaha! =D

The movie screening, to my understanding will be about life in Singapore back in the olden days. But for us, cosplayers, we mainly there just for the carnival =D

So from here, I let the pictures do the talking. Many credits to my friend and the photographer for the photos taken =)

mbb cc 2

mbb cc

Indeed, the residents and the kids were surprised by our presence. Good start! =D I find that its an ideal to have us onboard as to spice up the family fun, since there will be many kids around. At least there’s some entertainment as kids love superheroes like us. We really enjoy being there!

Many many thanks to my friend, Grace for inviting us for the event. And to the staff and volunteers for having to put up a good show for the residents. Looking forward again in working with you guys! Who knows, next time we might even performed a skit. Hehe…

Thanks again!!


Captain’s log                                     Stardate: 91606.3 (Jun 13th, 2016) 

Every year within the Muslim Ramadan, or the fasting month, Geylang will open up the stalls for its annual Ramadhan Bazaar. There will be a line of awesome food and snacks to get your hands on.


But this year, it will be something special in-store. My fiancée told me there’s some amazing new eats and she eager to try some of them. I seldom go to the bazaar, and it was usually very crowded at night. But that’s what most people preferred  Especially when after you had break your fast and decided to buy or pack home some of the mouth-watering food there. 

I even stumbled upon a website that speaks about the bazaar. Other the usual delights like roti john and the famous Ramil Burger, there’s about 10 food that we should try for this year’s Ramadhan Bazaar at Geylang, as what the article had says. Seen from the photos, some of them are totally new. And does appear appetising.

Well, why not I give it a try too! =)

So after we had break our fast, we head there. Crowded, the usual. But that did not seem to bother us while we hunt down those new delights that comes with a new twist.

I’ll stop here while I let the photos speak for themselves =D

geylaang bazaar 1geylang bazaar 2

Just by looking at the wide variety of delicious treats will tell you that this year’s bazaar won’t be a disappointment, indeed. So far me and my fiancée only try the Churros dip with chocolate syrup. Not bad, I’ll say.

Churros Dip With Chocolate Syrup…=P

bazaar 3

My fiancee wanted to try the Watermelon Volcano drink. It comes in a watermelon husk, with mixture of ice, watermelon and evaporated milk. One of those drinks that is a must try to quench your thirst. But due to the long queue that seems like forever make her change her mind. Awwww…. I wanted to try it too… 

We tour around the place. And so far, as previously mention we only try the Churros. Guess we are just too full after having our break fast. Should have try those Dutch Homemade Pancakes. Or those Macaron Ice Cream. They look so irresistible!

Well, at least we managed to get a taste of one of their delights. The bazaar will be held for a month. So there’s still plenty of days to come here again =P

Its located along Haiq Road, just next to One KM. And opposite Haiq Road as well. So don’t miss your chance while they are still here. You might come back for more! =D