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Before Its Gone For Good……

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                Stardate: 60991.7 (Sept 27th, 2012)

When a SPI member of mine posed that photo of an old coffeeshop in our group page in Facebook, I began to grew interest into it. Describe it as an old Kopitiam, literally means coffeeshop, and located within the heart of Old Seletar, I was told that this place will soon cease operations by December due to the expiring of its lease. Since I was keen into it, I decided that we should check this place, before its gone for good in 3 months time. My friend who had posted the picture will guide us there.

Before this, I had wondered if the coffeeshop still runs. I even had research about it in the internet. Based on the photo shown, I can’t tell for sure, other than being rundown. The only way to find out was to venture there.

6 of us members were free on the day’s recce to the place. The sight, sound and smell were all nostalgia when we landed there. There, the old kopitiam sits quietly at a corner along Piccadilly Road just a few steps outside the Seletar Camp. Business still runs as usual, as for more. There’s quite a lot of people here. Most of them are workers, where they had worked nearby. Took me to realize that its within their lunch hour time.

The kopitiam is nothing more like a typical coffeeshop found elsewhere in Singapore. It looks rundown, and resembles more of an old school tuckshop or canteen back in those kampong days. This may also be probably one of the oldest kampong structures left here. Though appeared rusty, but it was been kept clean and maintained.

I’ve gathered from its history, that this old kopitiam has been in operation since 1969. Back in those days, it served drinks and bites to British army personal, and later to the Singapore Armed Forces staff. Now, other than construction workers, it also serve staff and workers from the nearby Aerospace Hub which is currently under construction and those from the Seletar Camp as well.

Not only just the kopitiam, we also explore certain areas within Seletar. This has been plan some time back. And since we are here, let’s go for it! =)

Seletar itself shall be renew, due to the development of the new Aerospace Hub. Heavy construction is currently taking place and I’ve read, it was expected to be complete in 2018. This fortress will soon house industries which specialize in aircraft maintenance and repair services.

Many of the old black and white colonial house within the compound had already been vacated. Some demolished. But there are few that were still standing and had people living inside. There are a few however, been converted into offices and training classes in conjunction with the Aerospace Hub.

After a day’s exploring, we went back to the old kopitiam to spend one last drinking session before we call it a day. Soon, this piece of nostalgia will disappear in the face of a modern Singapore. Let history share its name soon. But one thing for sure, we are glad to had taken this time and come visit the place before its gone for good. Its really worth an historical, as well as an educational trip! =)


Captain’s log                                Stardate: 61241.8 (Sept 10th, 2012)

I was been invited as a cosplayer to join in this Family Picnic By the Bay, which takes place on an open field located at the very heart of this peaceful residential estate known as Tanjong Rhu. The event was held yesterday the 9th. There will be some free sculptured balloons and face painting for the kids, some dancing and performances on stage. My friend who invite me say that it will be great if I were to be there as a Power Ranger since there will be kids around. Oh definitely this one is a yes! I’m free anyway. There gonna be more than what is expected there.

However, before we reach the venue, we notice that the sky doesn’t look so good. Oh great…nooooo….don’t let it be… The event itself had already commenced. Then halfway through, the sky started drizzling.

Just great! Just my luck! Damn disappointed. Worse, the visor of my helmet keeps fogging, no matter how many times I had use the anti-fog spray on it. All thanks to the rain. I can’t even see a thing! And its kinda annoying, let alone troublesome for me to remove the helmet every now and then just to clear up the fog across the visor! Rainwater keep leaking through the small gaps of my helmet!

Because of that, I can’t entertain the people, especially the children as much as I want to. I only manage to spare that effort of at least 15 – 20 mins of entertaining the public. I only had less fun… =( Not only that, my friends who were doing the face painting for the kids have to stop due to the rain. The rain had interfere their work and its really messy. So disappointing…. =(

We had to cut our involvement short due to the rain, other than being wet. So we got no choice but to leave the venue and had dinner nearby instead. The event itself still runs until 2200hrs as accordingly. So sad that I can’t do much…. But can’t be help though. We just happened to pick a wrong date……..

These are some few photos taken on that day by the people involve. Not much though, but its worth the take! =)

A friend told me,  even if its a short while, the effort and my enthusiasm as Red Ranger does gave them a memorable time. Well, couldn’t agreed more though. They never expect there will be a Power Ranger right? =D Kids can’t resist seeing colourful superheroes like Power Rangers. Yesterday was indeed a huge surprise for them! =)

But of course, this goes to the people involve and thank you for inviting me for this. Appreciate alot! We shall do more soon, and its being an honour to be part of the team! =)

And hopefully next time it won’t rain.. =P

Captain’s log                                 Stardate: 61119.5 (Sept 3rd, 2012)

The most anticipated event is back again this year. With new guest appearances, highlights, programs and much more new highlights that will keep you entertain thoughout the whole day! And this time it won’t be held at Suntec City like it usually does. It will take place inside this highly brand new and where the rich gamble their way through at this local casino and hotel known as the Marina Bay Sands!

Been looking forward for this. Not just the event, but the place itself! Never been here before, so the event is my only chance to be there. As usual, the event is 2 days. Yesterday the 2nd and the day before. As first time, I was blown away just as soon as I step into this magnificent castle. It was damn huge! The malls, the casinos, just about everything that is there. And a few of us also booked a one night stay at the hotel. Thanks to our friend Adrian, who’s boss can help us to get a room there. The room is just splendid, with a perfect view of the Central Business District which is just opposite. Finally can feel the atmosphere of MBS without having the need to spend unnecessary since we came here just for the event =D

Ok, enough about that and moving on. As promise, I will be cosplaying as Battle-damage Red Ranger on the 1st day and full Red Ranger with a new helmet on the 2nd day. Yes, I got 2 helmets. One is my original one. I always intended to cosplay as a battle-damage Power Ranger after seeing some of the episodes where one of them was seen to have one side of his helmet badly damage. This happens when he was been battered heavily by a powerful villian or monster. It usually happens on one side of the helmet. So when a friend of mine decided to offer me another helmet with a reasonable price, I decided I could smashed my original one into battle-damage! =D

I know what some of you might be thinking. Whether some of you think I’m crazy or whether I’ve gone nuts or whatsoever I’m fine with such remarks =D Come on guys! Isn’t this battle-damaged!? Also, its my helmet. My own money. Besides, I do owned the 2nd helmet right? You think I want to destroy the original one if I didn’t have the 2nd piece?

Anyway, coming back to the event. The 2 days has been pretty fulfilling and awesome! Especially on the 2nd day, where I had took part for the event Cosplay Runway. Just last weekend I was onstage for the Cosplay Catwalk that was part of the International Cosplay Day Singapore event. And seems to me like as though time has repeated itself cause the Cosplay Runway does reminds me of the catwalk =D The adrenaline feeling really boils and rushes in me just as soon as I step onto the stage. I’m starting to like this kind of displaying your works by posing on stage. Truly awesome! Seriously! Been itching to do more =)

These are some of the best photos taken by friends and photographers that I know of on both days. Many credits to them! Thanks guys! =)

At the end of the day, it was all worth it! Every event does speak a thousands words when it ends. Hahaha! Also, now we know who to contact; should we want to book a one night stay if there’s gonna be another cosplay event held at MBS. Thanks Adrian for the hospitality and arrangement made! =)

We made it! Power up!