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Captain’s log                        Stardate: 63742.6 (Mar 28th, 2010)

Our costume partnership, MoviaMania had invited our Star Trek fansite for the opening of *SCAPE, which was located next to Orchard Cineleisure. *SCAPE, a non-profit organization, was established to represents a physical platform where young talents can showcase their skills and performances. Such as from the genres of music, extreme sports, dance, theatre, film and entrepreneurship…….the list just goes on. It also creates a mind space which is constantly bubbling with new creations, ideas and possibilities. Kind of challenging if you ask me. Its basically represents a programming family of wildcard that proposed infinite prospects for creative expression at this exciting new urban community building. Best of all, you can also hang out with DJs from 987FM. Definitely a cool sporting place for youth these days to hang out as the chill out =D

And so, yesterday the 27th, a small away team of four selected Trekkies, including our founder himself, had beam down to be part of this exciting event. And this time, I won’t be dressing up as my main character. So my Mr Borg shall continue his regeneration in the closet without any disturbance for the meantime. Hee=D

For that event, I gonna put on the character that I’m dying to become one. He’s my all-time favourite character, and which I considered him as my Star Trek Idol. He’s the legend, he’s one in a million, a Starfleet hero who braves every boundaries without giving a damn about it and who don’t believe in no-win scenario!

Yes, your guessing is right. Captain James Tiberius Kirk! =D

Our founder James Lee had purchase the mask of Kirk, which is the face of William Shatner. The first James Kirk before Chris Pine portrays the character for director J.J Abrams’s re-imaging of Star Trek. So far, none of the trekkies ever try it on. Since I have the uniform, the utility belt, the phaser gun and the comm device, why not I portray as one for the first time? And so, I took the leap and played as the legend himself.

And surprised to see how cool I turned out to be. Even for a mask! Its perfect! I love it! =D

“I don’t believe in no-win scenario.”

Founder James Lee himself will dressed up as a Ferengi character. Since we are going for two rounds in this event, he will also become a Talaxian character, after the first round had completed and that we had our break. Trekkie Franklin will be Commander Spock – Junior, because of his height. Trekkie Fiona was supposed to took part. Unfortunately she ended up bringing a wrong bag that had her uniform inside and thus, couldn’t role-play. But she was willing to be our minder and photographer instead =)

And so, here the fun begins. The VIPs were introduced by a group of break-dancers as a welcoming gesture.

Many other role-play characters were there, and those Stormtroopers was never a doubt. Even Green Ranger had to leave his rangers for the meantime as he needs to be there. And happy to note that some of them were surprised, especially Reno, who was in-charge of MoviaMania to see someone dressed up as “Captain James T.Kirk” for the first time ever. The legend finally makes his first appearance. Hee…=D

But of course, the Borg will always be my main character =)

This pictures will do the rest of the talking and introduction =D

We were also been escorted inside the performance stage area, whereby the crowd of enthusiastic people awaits us! =)

This photos of three Starfleet heroes were taken before we go for the second round.

All photos were taken by Trekkie Fiona. Thanks my friend! They are great! =)

Even for the period of nearly two hours, we do enjoyed a great time. I had to admit, it just wasn’t enough for me being Captain Kirk, especially during his offshore leave. Haha! =D

Nevertheless, it was fun, exciting and truly remarkable. At the end of the show, we received a goodie bag each. And once the entire 1.2ha, 5-storey building was been fully established, this urban playground dedicated for the young talents will leave up to its name and to fulfilled its purpose as it draws in those cutting-edge events that will give the next generation a brighter, more vibrant tomorrow to embrace =)


Captain’s log                            Stardate: 63723.2 (Mar 21st, 2010)

Upon seeing photos of the place been posted by a friend of mine through his Facebook, I became equally interested into it, and began my research right away. What I thought long ago was only a beach, is actually more than just that. Punggol Beach is ultimately one of the three massacre sites that the Japanese troops had done their killings when they occupied the land in Feb 1942. The other two sites were Changi and Sentosa. Seems like I’m a little lacked behind when comes to history. But its never too late to start learning them.

Through extensive research, I came to understand that Punggol (also spelled as Ponggol), which is located on the northeastern part of the island was once a kampong, and was located within the vicinity of the Punggol Jetty. It was believed to have existed 200 years ago, even before Sir Stamford Raffles set foot on the island.

My research =D

In Malay, “Punggol” means hurtling sticks at the branches of fruit trees to bring the fruits down to the ground. Also depict to a place where fruits and forests produce are offered for wholesale. Not bad for first starters if they wanna opened up their first official business. Hee…..=D

Back in those days, the Punggol area used to be a well-established rural district that were dotted with rows of farm houses and structures. All were serviced by roads and dirt tracks. Most of the Chinese villagers were engaged in poultry, pig or fish farming. That includes plantation and farm produce. It was stated, that the last pig farm had closed down in 1990.

The beach itself, which is known to be divided into the white sandy part for picnic-goers and the rocky part for fishers, also brings back horrifying memories when Singapore was under the Japanese Occupation during WWII in 1942. Like the beaches of Changi and Sentosa, Punggol is one of the three unfortunate sites where young Chinese men were massacred during the brutal Sook Ching Massacre. About 400 Chinese civilians were massacred at this point. Also, majority of these civilians were seen to have bore a tattoo on them, where the Japanese had suspected that they belong to a triad group that might have been trained to hunt down against the Japanese. Today, the location has been marked as a National Heritage Site.

Also, a seaside hotel was known to have been constructed at the end of Punggol Track 24, and it was prior to the Japanese invasion. It was suspected to have been the site where Japanese spies whom had disguised themselves as fish dealers had gathered. After the war, the hotel was been demolished. Surprisingly, pieces of Qing pottery and opium shards seem to indicate that the Japanese had been involved in both trade of rare Chinese goods and opium smuggling. That must be one hell worth of treasures been uncovered! =O

So earlier in the morning, I set a course for my next book of adventure by train, which estimated an hour journey towards Punggol. Out from the train station, I had to take bus no.82 from a busstop nearby, as I had found out while researching.

And seriously speaking, I had trouble finding the right busstop which leads the bus towards the place. In other words, the location was right at the end, or according to the bus directory as “Punggol End.”

And after what seems like an eternity, I managed to find the right busstop. While waiting for the bus to appear, I viewed the surrounding vicinity. With few traffic here, empty lands with some been occupied by heavy construction, spacious open fields, I can say that the landscape here was nonetheless peaceful. I mean, if you are being there or lived there. But to be expected in years to come, those open fields, that few of them were been marked as “state land” will be populated by more HDBs. Given the fact that the new Punggol 21 will lived up to its name.

The bus soon appeared, and I’m on my way there.


Within ten minutes by estimation, I finally arrived at my destination. I’m aware there’s construction going on nearby due to the new development. But its quite surprising to see that part of land adjacent to the beach were been dug up. On both sides. What I  believe to be a path that leads to the beach were mostly boarded up and concrete rods lay on all sides. And because of that, I found myself running into a lot of trouble accessing a way in to the beach. Damn!

Nearby, was an Outward Bound Singapore reception center. Maybe there’s a way in from there. So I decided to see if there’s any.

Good! There’s an entry where you need to cut between the bushes and followed the staircase of rocks that leads to the beach.

Need to do a little bashing here =D

Well, here I am. Overlooking this stretch of sand and the calmness of the sea before me. There’s a few people here as well, busy fishing. Looks like they too, had find a way to bash through.

Rocks are just everywhere!

Now, here’s something of a grim news about the beach that I came across doing research. And I believe those who had read about it were well aware of.

Title as Singapore Slaughter Beach, it was describe that a man digging for earthworms to use as a fishing bait ended up finding part of a human skeleton instead. There was a skull with two gold teeth, parts of an arm and leg.

“When I saw the remains, I found that it looked very peaceful as if it was sleeping with one hand tucked under the chin,” he said.

Upon this startling discovery, it was soon found out that the skeletons were believed to be the remains of about 400 Chinese civilians who were gunned down by the Japanese troopers during the Sook Ching Massacre. No doubt about it, as Punggol Beach was one of the three Japanese killing fields.

Eventually, all the remains were handed over to the police. And it appears that regulars at the Punggol Beach were not surprised.

“Every once in a while, someone will picked up some human remains from the beach,” one said.

“After the war, my father and a lot of villagers staying around this area helped dig up the bed in search of human skeleton,” another voiced out.

A regular fisherman at Punggol Jetty said. “It is not unusual for us to fish up a set of teeth belonging to those who had been executed. Most people are usually quite ‘pantang’ (superstitious). So, even if they see any human skeletons lying around, they will pretend not to see it. We too will not dig it up purposely.”

Here I am, viewing at the point of time where those innocent lives were been massacred. Imagine myself go traveling back in time (oh how I wished…), Feb 1942. The calm open sea, and this quiet stretch of beach were shifted as I flashback to the horrifying event that had occurred here.

There, right before my very eyes, seeing hundreds of Chinese civilians been bounded by their hands and feet, and were tied back-to-back in groups of three or four. Forcefully were led towards the surrounding waters. And without a moment to spare, machine guns started blazing. From where I stand, I could almost hear the barrage of firepower from the muzzles. The innocent lives had nowhere to run. Their disembodied scream cuts through the air, and what will be their last scream on Earth.

Just imagine myself at this spot, imagine myself seeing the horrifying event that had taken place, shudders me….

I began to take a stroll along the beach. The calm environment here helps me to ease the mind and I feel relax. What was before, was never a doubt, grim memories that shall be remember for generations to come.

Along the way, I was wondering. Will I also ended up finding human remains? I hope not!

Over the distance, I notice a platform been build at the edge of the sea. How to get across there, I had wondered. I survey the area within, hoping to find a way to get through there.

There, found one! Good thing there is, cause my path was soon been obstructed by a barricade of rocks.

Bashed through here =)

It leads up onto a track. But all seems deserted and one side of the path were been erected with corrugated fences that stretches all the way. Seems like this side too, will be a make over.

Since I’m here, I’ve decided to take a stroll across it. See where it ends to =)

And this is where the story ends….

Seems like the make over for Punggol is sure gonna be a marvelous one that might probably make our eyeballs popped out from the sockets! =D

As that is the end of the show, I traced back to where I had emerged. From where I came in, I walk further down to check on how the other side of the path turns out.

So this is how it turns out. No wonder it was inaccessible…..=(

I’m soon back on the beach. Moving back to where I had first bashed in. Think its time for me to depart from here, since there was nothing else to venture. And its also because due to the construction taking place, that allows me to explore only limited parts of the place. So far, I didn’t managed to see a memorial plague, that has been installed here as a permanent memory of the Chinese civilians who were been massacred during the Japanese Occupation. I’ve seen pictures of it while researching. The other two known Japanese killing fields were also erected with one.

I suspect they were been removed for the meantime, because of the heavy load here. Or I just happened to miss it….

Nevertheless, I’m satisfied that I managed to drag myself here somehow. To learn about the place, and how it lived to tell the tales during those gruesome times. And in years to come, it will be a more brighter and vibrant recreational place that would enhance the lifestyle of the residents living there and those coming to visit the place.

Punggol 21-Plus, here we come! =D

Visit To The Archives

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Captain’s log                      Stardate: 63699.3 (Mar 12th, 2010)

I never knew visiting the National Archives could be so interesting. Located next to Fort Canning Park, it houses the country’s past history, the inside and out, those that even from the internet could be complicated to dig out. Its not something like pulling the book from the library, but mainly a museum that preserves old resources, inventories, photo albums, publications, analysis, old maps, personal logs, transcripts, both scientific and cultural, about how the country had gone through and span from decades and generations since the Prince Sang Nila Utama renamed the island from Temasek to Singapura. Basically, an ideal place, especially for historians during their research.

I was there earlier in the afternoon. And frankly speaking, it was my second time visiting the archives. The first time I was there where one of the SPI (Singapore Paranormal Investigators) members who was also an advisor to the club, as well as an historian took me to the place last week. According to him, he been there many times, digging for treasures through those microfilms. He’s an historian himself, so there’s no doubt he’ll be looking for more evidence if the internet doesn’t seem to help.

And speaking of microfilms, this is the part where it interest me. I mean, I’ve seen them in TV, movies, from books, magazines, but I never thought I would be seeing the actual thing. It takes only a minute in learning how to place in the film, how to view the archives and other settings.

Of course, all this depends on what topic you are intend to look for. For first starters, you may want to search through the files, which many of them contains the microfilm references where you can requested from the staff who will be happy to assist you. But before that, you’ll need to fill up a form where you will state down the designated microfilm number and topic where it was linked to.

I had spend quite some time there researching on the topic I was looking for. I understand that it could be tedious work for some. But one who is rather too obsessed into what he or she is researching would rather get down to the bottom line just to get the picture into the mind. But that doesn’t mean you have to be so overwhelmed into it.

Nevertheless, dropping by at the archives had me to raise an awareness, that led me to begin my research with some determination. There are so many things down there, things that I don’t even know they actually existed! Many of the articles I’ve came across were equally fascinating. Its only being my second visit and I already felt like as though I was embracing a well-known architectural masterpiece. How profound was that! =D

As long as there’s nothing on for me, I will dropped by there again to continue where I had left off. Much of it, especially those inscriptions that were well-preserved, does catch much of the researcher’s attention if they are aware where it can be trace to =)

A Gift

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Captain’s log                           Stardate: 63684.2 (Mar 7th, 2010)

Yesterday, dated Mar 6th, I head out to Suntec City where I will meet up with two of my friends who were members of the Singapore Paranormal Investigators. Yup, you all know by now, especially to those who have been reading my previous archives, as I’m one of them =)

Frankly speaking, I was actually been invited by one of them through sms, and that also, she had something to pass it to me. According to her, is something that I loved the most. Something that I was obsessed with. Something that I just couldn’t take my eyes away from it. A passion that I will adore, and that I will treasure it for the rest of my life. Most likely to say, its a sentimental gift. One I knew from a friend, that he knows I will definitely loved it. One thing is particular though, how I stumbled into a suspense mood after reading this sms from her.


“I’ll be in suntec tml. Want to meet there? I’m thinking how you’ll react upon seeing the thing i’m going to pass you..”

“… you’ll react upon seeing the thing i’m going to pass you..” my eyes just stare at this twelve words that make up this strong suspense sentence. It even chilled me to the bones! What makes me to thing that I’m gonna get excited “upon seeing the thing i’m going to pass you..” somehow told me that I already have and already knew, and that this “thing” was from a friend whom I know also, and that she happened to give it to me on his behalf. A friend who are aware of my passion. And he knows I’m totally crazy into it…

And that’s where it hit me like a hammer falls. Could it be!?

Damn, I was anxious about it!

I was informed that both of them will be meeting at the Starbucks there. She became delighted when I showed up and quickly awarded me the prize.

It appeared to be a poster been rolled up. Giggling, she hurriedly tell me to open it up. “You will love it!” she exclaimed. My heart beats, as I removed the rubber band that secures it. Then, I stretched it out, full span.

My eyes went wide open. My jaw dropped.


Its the STAR TREK ONLINE game poster!

Release last February, this Star Trek online represents its Star Trek universe for the first time on a truly massive scale. Created from Cryptic Studios, players were given the utmost opportunity as Captain of a Federation starship. Or, they can become a Klingon Warlord and expand the Empire to the far reaches of the galaxy.

Taken place in the 25th century, players will also given the opportunity to visit iconic locations based on the popular Star Trek fiction itself. Their goal, is to reach out to unexplored star systems, and make contact with new alien species. With Episode Missions, every moment spent playing Star Trek Online will feel like a new Star Trek episode in which you are the star.

Best of all, I also came to find out that, by using Cryptic’s Total Customization technology, every ship the player command can be customized by the player, from its color to its construction.

The ship will retain a Star Trek “feel,” but it will also represent the player’s style. What’s more, anyone can create their own species in Star Trek Online, meaning you can tell your own story about how you came to be in the galaxy. Its like you are leaving your mark on the Star Trek universe! Me and some of the local Star Trek members were itching to start this online game. But we need a sufficient numbers so that each can established a fleet.

Seeing the poster…..I just don’t know what to say. It may be just a poster. But to me, its not just any other ordinary poster. Its a poster that reveals my passion which I enjoyed! =D

And that means my instincts are right! A friend who had given me this was also a member of SPI. And he knows that Star Trek is my all-time favourite sci-fiction. He had passed the poster to her, as he will be leaving Singapore yesterday evening to Australia, where he was currently been posted due to this teaching as an history researcher.

John, if you are reading this, thank you so much! My members, especially the founder will be thrilled when I share this with them. I had never, thought this could be expected. I don’t know how you managed to get it, but its truly a great gift! You know that I loved Star Trek, and yes, I’m totally crazy into it just like the rest of the local trekkies! And we even had an profile, title as STAR TREK.SG set up in Facebook, and the numbers of fans we received was gaining! =D

I will treasure this, just like I had treasure the rest of the Star Trek posters I owned. Its all on the wall. Haha! =D

Thanks again John! Its truly amazing! We shall meet again for our next gathering =)

Words From Expressions

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Captain’s log                    Stardate: 63680.9 (Mar 5th, 2010)

Feels like blogging, so here’s another few more of the local version of some of the things said, and what we learn from the new expressions as life goes on. This are some that I’ve collected and that I find it equally fascinating! =)

The Coffee Shop Is Open
Do you ever notice that little children are such fun to listen to? Recently, I had decided to fetch my younger brother from school. So I wanted for him on a bench, that faces the side of the school gate where my mum told me that this is where my brother will came out. Nearby, a group of kids were playing near to the exercise yard. There, I came to notice a little girl carelessly exposed her underwear when seated on one of the sit-up benches, legs apart. Her playmates jeered, started chanting: “Shame, shame! Coffee shop open!”

Don’t Eat Durian
This advise came from a colleague when he found out that I had a bad sore throat: “Don’t eat durian too much,” she said. Funny though, cause I seldom eat durian!

That’s another, but sounded rather sensational. Like as though asking for a cuddle before breathing down the neck: “Your voice sounded so sexy. Have you been eating durians?”

In Block Capitals
This advertisement which I had came across in the Straits Times, was inserted on behalf of a training school in England, inviting those interested to apply a home-study Diploma in Management, as well as Tourism. It welcome applicants to “write now, giving your name and address in BLOCK CAPITALS.”

Of course, this is not uncommon, cause we’ve came across this when filling out on certain applications forms. But I do wonder though, are there small capitals? And I don’t mean Washington D.C!

The Centre
Once I wrote this down in the header of my Facebook account. Why do so many people say the central core? Could the core be anywhere else but the centre, or be anything but central? And I’m not referring to that of the Earth’s core.

I relate this to a colleague of mine. In his point of view, its like breaking a bar of chocolate into halves and compare which is the bigger half. He also stated, however, different when a man refers to his wife as a better half.

Go Fly Kite
Although kite flying is a popular activity in Singapore, the expression go fly kite (I wonder if it was related to the American version of “take a hike!”) is not Singaporean as some people I know seem to think. I was also told that, it brings a more sinister meaning. Short of being a swear words, this is something offensive and that it also seem to tell those that were affected to end their life!

Even as I speak, I also wonder if it was related to, “Get a life!”

Then You Know!
“Don’t climb so high! You fall down and break your leg, then you know!”

Warn of the possible ominous outcome? Certainly. To predict? Nahhh! It highlights to realize that it may came too late, to avoid it in any way possible. Or simple stated: Better be safe than sorry.

You hear it almost everywhere. It was used quite often, without a doubt. I remember a scholar once said when giving a talk on “English and its Best,” that the word “lah” is one of those meaningless expressions, but most commonly used word that helps us to complete a sentence nicely.

True? But because it sounds so unEnglish (obviously couldn’t be located inside the dictionary lah!), it was considered bad English, let alone under the category of Singlish. Now, I’m NOT here to promote good English or teaches one. I’m here to ENTERTAIN. Even I myself ended up using the word, even though I always aim for good English. Am aware that society has groom more tolerant, and lah is used deliberately in dialogue to reflect the taste, let alone the flavour of the local culture.

As come to my understanding, foreigners who have stayed long enough in Singapore often try to impress others by dropping a lah or two when they speak. I supposed, when you followed a part of that assimilation, it tends to go along with you as a package. You know, die hard habits do come a long way when they get used to it. Also, I wonder if it that makes them in any way more, native.

Frankly, I don’t know lah!

There more to come, however =D