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Its Freaking Tall!!

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Captain’s log                                                                    Stardate: 77109.3 (Aug 31st, 2013)

The moment I lay my eyes on it, I just couldn’t resist the temptation. That hunger feeling of wanting it so much. Its one of those toys or models that I always wanted so much just to update my collection. It was never enough! Its a treasure that you can’t resist.

I fall in love with it before me and few of my pals went to watch that R.I.P.D movie. It was been display in a class cabinet between Captain America’s shield and Dark Vader. And all three are almost the exact height! I just couldn’t hold the urge. It caught me instantly. The price was reasonable. However it kinda pains me as I may need to use the cash for something else.

So I check with the owner, whether it is possible to book the toy and pay deposit first. Thankfully he agreed. The remaining cash I will pay when my salary comes at the end of the month. 

And a week later, it finally in my hands. Its a giant size 31 inches (70 cm) Red Ranger from the latest Power Rangers MegaForce! This is definitely a MUST to have for every Power Rangers fan! 


Compare that with my cat. Look how freaking tall it was! =D

The price was offered as $138 from its usual price of $168. Quite reasonable. The owner even told me, its better that I grab it before its price went back to it usual. Also its the only limited edition and anytime it can disappeared. How fortunate for me to have patronize that store, which is called “Funz Centre.”

So I just have to pay the remaining $100 when I came back to collect the toy. After a week of waiting, its mine now! I’m so happy! I really need to explore such toy stores like Funz Centre everytime I came across. I might never know there could be some Power Rangers toys on sale. Best, if they were the older generation versions. =D

Captain’s log                                                                           Stardate: 76499.7 (Aug 29th, 2013)

When a friend of mine introduced me to this very old mosque which is located in the heart of Holland Village, I became very interested and wanted to plan a visit there. From the photo she had shown, the mosque looks really small. Its still retains its kampong appearance, and sits quietly next to a carpark within this small busy enclave of Holland Village.


Other than its kampong appearance, my purpose of visiting there is because this mosque wouldn’t be there for long. It will soon cease operations by this end of this year. Named Kampong Holland Mosque and built in the 1970s, it has been operating there for the past 40 years. I did some research about it, and had came across its info from STPROPERTY.

Initially the mosque was marked for redevelopment. But however some time later, the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore or MUIS (Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura) had make it clear that it have to make way. It has stated that it has been informed by the Housing Board that the mosque licence, which is temporary would not be extended further after the end of this year. The mosque had been under this scheme since 1991. Each year was made renewable yearly.

There is no actual date yet from MUIS about the closure. So at the present moment, worshippers can still visit the mosque. So earlier on, I was been accompanied by my friend to visit the mosque. She had already visited the place and make good relationships with the people working there.

I was been introduced by one of the religious teachers there who showed me around the mosque. She and few others were teaching some few kids on how to read and write the Jawi.

As showed in the picture, it nestled next to a carpark. Slightly bigger than a five-room flat, it was known to accommodate quite a large group of worshippers during the fasting month. She also explain to me that the mosque will soon ceased its operations and so forth. She also added that this mosque committee did appeal. However it was in vain. According to her, the news of the closure did affect the mosque chairman hard. I mean, who doesn’t. Its like your own house. Your own private space. The feeling is just too sentimental. So many fond memories over the past 40 years, especially during the fasting month. A once in a lifetime every year where the mosque will be accommodate with many welcomes and happiness.

Current plans for the committee now was to join with the committee of the Mujahidin Mosque, which is the nearest mosque. As the mosque were near to its end, programs and other activities that Holland Mosque had conducted were schedule to take place at the Mujahidin Mosque. There will be a dedicated space made for the Kampong Holland Muslim Committee.

I’m surprised by the many antique items that the mosque had kept. Most notably was the radio. Still functioning and for prayers used only. You hardly seen this nowadays. At most you can see them on sale at any Cash Converter stores. Best purchase if you are the type who loves antique stuffs. 

holland frame

I thank the religious teacher the tour and hospitality. I feel a great welcome here, like a sense of belonging. 4 months from now, before the mosque cease its operations. The committee could only prepared themselves on what’s going to happen next. Can’t help to say the least, that some things are never meant to be there forever. Or renew. When its got to go, its really got to go. Sad indeed, but in the end, we still have to look forward and worked together to keep connected and bonded like a family.

For myself, I’m glad that I managed to pay a visit to the Holland Mosque. Thanks to my good friend. Also, I hope I be able to meet up with the religious teacher and her colleagues there in the future. 

Captain’s log                                                                    Stardate: 79918.3 (Aug 21th, 2013)

Some time ago, me and some few friends went to watch this epic sci-fict movie known as Pacific Rim. A terrifying extreme action pack movie about giant mechs versus hideous monsters that lurks out through a portal hidden deep beneath the rim.

Before the movie commenced, there’s this few trailers which were sneak peaks of the upcoming movies. One of them suddenly caught my attention. Its called R.I.P.D. Short for Rest In Peace Department. Seeing how interested I had become, I immediately tell my friends there that I will organize another movie outing to see this.

And yesterday the 20th, we are back again in our seats. Popcorn and nachos ready on hand while we watch.


Staring Ryan Reynolds (Green Lantern) as Nick Walker, the movie tells the story of him as a police officer from Boston. During a raid in a warehouse, he gets killed. By his own partner.

He somehow…..recovered. Well, that was his soul actually. He was been dragged up into the afterlife when he was thrown into this department known as the R.I.P.D. An agency that recruits deceased police officers to patrol the afterlife and to capture this so-called “Deados.” They were spirits that had failed to cross over and ended up returning to Earth as hideous ghosts. More like demons.

So to cut it short, its all about this recently slain cop who joins a team of undead police officers working for R.I.P.D. At the same time, to find the man who murdered him. A high chance to seek revenge.

You’ve seen the undead which terrorizes the living. Now, prepare to meet the undead cops where they would not sleep and eat but still continues to play their part in serving the name of justice in the afterlife.

Fans and for those who loves Men In Black or even Ghostbusters, you might want to watch this. Cause the way I see it, it kinds reminds me a lot of M.I.B especially. I mean, in how the way they teleport to the real world to the afterworld. The monsters, the fights and all. Its just so similar.

As expected, even when 1st seen from its trailer, the movie was meant to a comedy action with a straight forward plot. Despite critics saying how disappointment the movie was, I still find it interesting though. People had their own views. But to me, I still say the movie is not all bad and really fun to watch. I give it a 3 out of 5 rates. Honestly, I have no regrets watching it =)

Imagine that. An agency in the afterlife that was designed for cops who were killed in the line of duty when on Earth. Even those Marshals from the 1800s. They were still given the chance to continue to upload the law. Except in a different way by arresting spirits who fail to remain in the afterworld! =D

Zyuranger!? What Zyuranger!?

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Captain’s log                                                                             Stardate: 70019.8 (Aug 15th, 2013)

Ever since I watch the episode, I couldn’t help thinking about it. Let alone drooling about it everytime I viewed the pictures (NO! NOT THAT!). It tempts me so much that I couldn’t stand it any longer. I have been considering about cosplaying as one and soon, had finally decided to come to a conclusion. Yes, I will!!

It origin from this Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger. Or better known as Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger. The series were unlike any other Super Sentai series, cause this one was created as a parody that parodies all the long-running Super Sentai series. It tells the story of three people, also refer as Okatus due to their high volume of such interest. One man and two women, all living in the Akihabara district of Tokyo. They were chosen to fight a mysterious entity that swore to conquer Earth.

In the series, past rangers were called back. Their predecessors does play a big part into this, even though it was regard a parody. I believe most of you had heard or seen this hilarious Super Sentai. Yes, its way too damn funny in each episode shown. Just way too funny! 

What caught me the most (and I believe caught others as well like a trap) was episode 5 in Season 2. Fans of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will probably scream when they saw this episode.

Ok, long story short. The team met Tyranno and Dragon Ranger from Zyuranger. Soon realized that Zyuranger never really exist. Instead, they are the Red and Green Ranger from the American series Power Rangers, which Super Sentai was adapted from! Not exactly Power Rangers but “Powerful” Rangers. There’s probably a good reason why they name it that way.

And also, we all know that Saban, the creator of Power Rangers had chosen Zyuranger as the 1st generation to be adapted into Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I think that’s the whole plot for Toei company to goof up this 1st series of Power Rangers. Making it like as though this part of Super Sentai has never been existed and Power Rangers had it coming to clash between the two franchise. Like two worlds collides. How interesting! =D

And so, somewhere in this episode a timeline has been messed up. These two “Powerful” Rangers appeared to have an American flag banner warp around their neck. Even their belt, were American flag design. So that’s why they claimed to be Made In America. 


Can tell the difference?

“You think you can just take our American Powerful Rangers?”

In that episode, they indeed appeared badass. Too cocky. Big bullies! Those who have watched this episode knew how it goes along. Sure they speak Japanese. But acted in an American way. Not your typical Jason and Tommy though. Neither your typical Geki and Burai. So in turn, they appeared as Americanize Powerful Rangers to be exact.

Ok so cut to the chase. That’s the whole point of why I am drooling about. By the looks of it, it doesn’t look that complicated to custom made them. I had simply used foam and paper. Took me less than an hour to complete the whole process. Doesn’t appeared that hard! =D


Now here come the exciting part. To suit it up with it! 

So how do I look? Americanized isn’t it? Hahaha! I’m totally satisfied by it!

american ranger 1edited

I’m happy in the way how it had turned out. Finally accomplished it! Now I can finally cosplay as one. Can’t wait to try it out for the next cosplay event! You guys should watch this episode, for those who haven’t watch. You gonna love and adore it! =D


Captain’s log                                                                     Stardate: 79112.7 (Aug 7th, 2013)

Today marks the end of the Ramadan month. Alhamdulillah! Tomorrow the 8th will be the grand day of rejoicing for all Muslims around the world to celebrate this festive season. Early in the day, we will go to the mosques for prayers. Then we will visit the graves to pay respect to our deceased loved ones. At times like this, most will shed with tears when they sit close to their loved one’s tombs as they prayed. To them, Hari Raya will never be the same without them around. A lot of fond memories will run again in their minds…..

Then later in the afternoon, our families and close friends will gather around the table for the thanksgiving and mouth-watering food spread across the table. At the same time, to spend the quality moment to seek forgiveness to our love ones for any offences over the previous year. Its a blessing of joy, and also which symbolises purification and renewal.

Not only for us Malays. In Singapore, it attracts all Singaporean of all races to be welcome and take part in the celebration. No matter where you are from, you are always invited. Its a common sight nowadays to soak into this festive period. Like how dazzling the lights were in the Malay Village at Geylang Serai! =)

And lastly, I want to wish all my Muslim and non-Muslim friends a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Let’s all gathered around together in looking forward to celebrate and to greet everyone with a joyous “Selamat Hari Raya!” =)

Captain’s log                                                                        Stardate: 70118.2 (Aug 6th, 2013)

Tomorrow the 7th marks the last day of the Muslim fasting period before opening the doors for Hari Raya, which is the following day. So far all has been going well for me during this month of Ramadan. And during that final week, me and my family has been busy decorating and cleaning the house. Buying new clothes, preparing the beverages, and baking the mouth-watering cakes. Especially the cakes, which was prepared by my mum, grandma and with the help of my younger sister. On few occasions, it had taken them all night! =D But still, they were indeed appetizing and were ready to be filled up in the bottles.

Outside the house along our hallway, decorative lights were flashing beautifully. Its really dazzling during the night! =)

2 more days left for the big day where we can finally feast together on the large menu on the table. Since tomorrow is the last day of the Ramadan, I wanna make it worthwhile. Looking forward for Hari Raya at the same time! =D