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Your Blog, Your World!

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Captain’s log                                                                   Stardate: 71068.0 (July 25th, 2013)

Unlike most bloggers, mine is more of sharing about cosplay events, paranormal investigation and outings that I had attended. If you are an avid reader of my blog, you should know by now that I hardly wrote personal stuff. I don’t know, but I find blogging down about events, especially cosplay events is rather more interesting as I can share even more if the event is something expensive or well-known.

Cause people has been asking me why my blog is full of event archives. To many of them blog is more about sharing your thoughts, personal feelings, etc etc. More or less is about your own behaviour and that you wanna share to the world about your feelings. I don’t see the reason why I have to. You as the blogger can write anything you want. You control the page. You wanna write about your life, whatever it is, its all depends on you cause you are the writer. Not say that its rude or bad to share your personal stuff to the world. Honestly I just don’t find it necessary, for me. Some personal things are not meant to be share. No offense.

As said, blog is for you to write whatever you want to write. Not just personal stuff. You got something to share in your blog, by all means pour them out. Its the same as writing a novel about a story or your own. I’m just being the opposite and prefer to write fun stuff! =D

So yeah. My blog is more about events and outings.Yes, I do write personal. But how much you see? Hardly. And yes, you can considered this recent entry as part of it =)


Captain’s log                                                        Stardate: 67010.7 (July 20th, 2013)

Its set in the near future of 2020. Its a war torn between machines and monsters emerged from the ocean of the Pacific Rim. No matter how many grounds of missiles, torpedoes, cannons, everything that the military have, these bug-eyed ugly monsters still stand strong. Those weapons were useless to them.

Many parts of the world were under attack by them. Or simply put it, that the Earth was under attack. So to combat the monsters, the world need to unites to create giant machines or mechs. Known as Jaegers, each controlled by two pilots whose minds are joined by this neural bridge. Through intensive experiment, one pilot couldn’t stand a chance to control this giant mechs and ended up almost hay-wiring their brain. Its too massive for a single crew to pilot it. So two pilots were needed, acting as the left and right brain of the Jaegers.

If you guessing it, then you are right. Its the epic science fiction movie known as Pacific Rim. These colossal monsters known as the Kaijus suddenly emerged from a portal beneath the ocean floor of the Pacific. So what you gonna do if this invaders attack your planet? Tons of massive destruction launch by the military can’t stop this Godzilla-related monsters. You are running out of options. You need something more than just kick-ass. Something huge, packs a super punch that will match them in order to outmatch them! If you can’t get a decent monster, make one out of armour! Your mission, is to defeat the monsters with every anticipating punches and kicks you got and to destroy the portal where these monsters emerge from.

Watch this movie yesterday the 19th and I say its really blown your mind away. Pacific Rim is unbelievable awesome! It’s a BAMM! SMASH! SLAM! so much that I wouldn’t want to leave my seat even though I felt the urge to pee! Too intense! The effects were just so realistic, super-brooding, more than just thrilling. The monsters themselves, seems like they came a lot from those Japanese movies about monsters. Godzilla just welcome you his friends from hell!

Seriously, this movie is a MUST!! So if you are a fan of Transformers, Godzilla or anything related that has got to do with monsters v.s machines, this movie is strongly recommended for you! Its better than Transformers, if you ask me. No offense intended for fans of Transformers. Speaking of which, it also reminds me a lot of Megazords seen in Power Rangers. Especially at the start of the movie. HAHA! =D

Go watch! Hate to be a spoiler! =D


* While waiting for the Pacific Rim movie to start, there’s this cool movie coming soon seen from the commercial. Its called R.I.P.D, short for Rest In Peace Department. Through the trailer, it seems like those cops who were killed in the line of duty had their souls been send to the afterlife and into this “department.” I was totally so into it! Can’t wait!!! =D

A Night Of Endless Laughter!

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Captain’s log                                                                      Stardate: 62202.1 (July 13th, 2013)

This happened yesterday night the 12th. Me and my cosplay friends of Power Rangers and Kamen Riders had decided to break fast together at this famous eating place, known as Lau Pa Sat, which is located in the heart of Central Business District. Yes, its now the Muslim holy month of the Ramadhan period. Not only for us Muslims, but we also invite some of our non-Muslim friends as well. More like a gathering.

Its also dedicated for a friend of ours, cause in a few days time he will be enlisted for his National Service. This has been prepared for quite some time. So its best for him to have this last gathering with us before his enlistment. 

The atmosphere there was just as exciting as us. Like any other fun gathering I’ve attended, yesterday night was really a blast like a rocket! Never laugh that much till I nearly puke out my food! Hahahaha! Too much insane jokes, laughter, stupid stories while we feast on the appetizer beneath the stars. By the look of it, I think we are the most noisiest patrons there.. =D

But really, it has been a wonderful night for us. We really should have more gathering like this. We can have a whole day or night of endless fun around the table =)

Here’s the night we had spend. A group photo is always what keeps as a lifelong memories.. =)


Captain’s log                                                                     Stardate: 60801.7 (July 8th, 2013)

After all that months, weeks, days and hours of waiting, the most lovable and favourite cosplay event has finally landed again at the heart of Downtown East at Pasir Ris. Before this, most of the cosplayers were busy mending, altering, fixing, sewing, getting some stuff for their costumes and props to prepare for that fun day. You can tell just by reading the flow of their posts in Facebook that just keeps coming and coming like spamming! =D

This year theme will be Cosfest XII: Heart and Soul of Cosfest. Most cosplayers wouldn’t want to miss this chance, even for myself. Everybody is looking forward for this. That’s why I had planned my leave in advance. And thankfully it has been approve. I hate to miss it! An event where you can get to meet new cosplayers also. Happy and be carefree while having fun cosplaying! =)

The event was dated on the 6th till yesterday the 7th. As usual, it will fall on weekends. On the 1st day, I will be cosplaying as Kyoryuger Red from the latest Super Sentai series. The 2nd day, I will be the all-time favourite and veteran Red Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. To me, the last day will have to be the epic one! =)

The weather was damn hot on both days. But that doesn’t stop us from enjoying and keeping the fun and excitement alive. If you ask me, the previous cosfest from the recent years has always been under the heat. But most of us are used to it already. As long the weather is fine, there shouldn’t be a problem =) 

These are some of the best photos taken on both days. They will do the talking from here. =)

blog frame

I’m surprised to know that most of the people there do recognize my character on the 1st day. I only expected not much. But turns out most of them will scream excitedly upon spotting a Kyoryuger Red walking across the field infested with cosplayers. Cause not everyone will know what is Super Sentai. At most, they will only recognize the title of the Japanese counterparts, which is the Power Rangers. How surprisingly I was on that day. Happy to know that my Kyoryuger Red was a success. Its as fearsome as my Red Ranger is. Yah!! =D

Both days has been a blast, especially on the 2nd day. You know I know! Hahaha! But all fun things will soon come to end. Its been an enjoying time cosplaying with other cosplayers, other than with my ranger and Kamen Riders pals. All of us did an awesome job entertaining the excited crowd. The kids loved it! =D

There’s more cosplay events to come. Looking forward for more! =)

Captain’s log                                        Stardate: 69088.6 (July 1st, 2013)

The Amber Beacon Tower at East Coast Park, I’m pretty sure most of you have heard and seen it. Also known as the Yellow Tower, due to its colour and what most of us would simply call it. It acts like a lighthouse, which sends out light signals to ships, to warn them that they are close to the shores.

There a mystery about this lone structure there has shrouded for decades. Ask anyone on the streets. Most would tell you the same story, where a couple was dating up there before been surrounded by a group of thugs in the late of the night. The boy got beaten up badly and the poor girl was been gang-raped before they killed her.

What happens next, most people will claimed to have heard screams of help when they passes there in the middle of the night. Some believe the time they heard was the time where the girl was been rape. Some even swear that they had saw an apparition floating on the upper deck of the tower, and believe that could be the spirit of the young girl. They say, her soul remains unrest as the culprits who was responsible, was never found till today.

Up till now, this story has been spreading to be deemed as the actual cause. But is it true? Is there really such a case happening years ago? The girl was been murdered. The thugs were never caught. But what about that young man, or the boyfriend? What happened to him after that? Was he been murdered as well? There’s no mentioned about what happened to him.

A puzzle was missing somewhere. To find out whether this story was genuine, the Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI) decided to investigate this by the book. That means, to see if there’s any article or newspaper that mentioned about this case.

Sometimes, we just have to go the long-winded way to see if we can dig out any. We are more than just a paranormal investigator.

After much research, we managed to find the date, which dates back to 1990. Damn, I was only in kindergarden back then..

The case was reported in the Straits Times, and the only way to find out was to head down to the National Library where it was been archive in the microfilm.

Soon turned out, what we heard and what we had believe in the 1st place, wasn’t a fact. Based on the newspaper, there’s no rape case taken place.

Couple was stabbed by two unknown men which they were chatting on the spiral steps of the tower. No mentioned of group of thugs.

Both couple, badly injured had staggered to a nearby restaurant for help. The guy, who was stab at the back was conscious and his condition was stable.

The girl, however, was found dead upon police arrival. She was been stabbed on the left of the neck, just below the ear. Both were in their early 20s. This is really tragic, for such a very young age….

Below were the actual report, dated on 17 May 1990. I let the newspaper do the talking.


We also found another related article. 2 years after her death, the deceased family decided to makes the second appeal. The family just find it hard to cope with it and were not been able to sleep for that past 2 years due to this unsolved murder. No one will, when a loved one and innocent were been murder….

Below were the actual report, dated on 11 June 1992.


“The last two years have been torture for us, knowing that the person or persons who killed Kelly are still at large. No one can understand the loss we feel.”

Years have past. Its still remains unsolved. The culprits were never found. Still remains a mystery.

We may have found the real story. But what about the story of the girl been rape before killed were circulate? Simply been make up? Looks likely it had been. As what many would say. People can make-up the story. But reports usually don’t lie.

Also, has there been any actual paranormal sightings there? If so, was it related to the actual report that we had uncovered? You know, we might want to investigate there to see if we can detect any.

Thanks to the reports, we can finally debunk it. After all those years, we managed to find out the truth! =)