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Captain’s log                              Stardate: 62642.7 (Feb 22th, 2009)

Previously, on stardate 62545.8 (Jan 17th, 2009) members of the local paranormal investigators were embarked to the island of Pulau Ubin, to recce three of the island’s hot zones that was deemed to have paranormal activities. And to be expected, we’ve came across some interesting results to be accounted for….

A month later, on stardate 62639.7 (Feb 21th, 2009) we are back again. As according to recent reports been posted by the founder himself, the last time they had visited there, which is not related to the one where we had recce last month, but a few years back, where in their attempt to investigate further had failed due to a certain cause. As been approved by the founder and all are to be accounted for, we are once again back to where we had left off. Same as before, we will be there for two days, that falls on a weekend. We will set off in the afternoon, and to be completed the very next day early morning.

Members involved: (Nicknames based that were used in the forum)

icezzwan, koolad, captain_24 (me), xXxIntelxXx, skylian3001, hay4busa and Azri (real name)

Operation: Bermuda Triangle

In the first place, it was never known to be link in such a way. But when studied the map of the island, it felt upon us by how soon did we realized it. On stardate 62545.8, the three places we had recce was the Chinese Cemetery, the Malay Cemetery and the unclaimed Malay Cemetery. As indications been pointed out from the map, we shall start off from Belatok Hut. Then towards Murai Hut, where those strange tapping noises was heard in the dense of the night. Then followed by Pekakak Hut, where the unclaimed Malay graveyard was situated. We shall not investigate the Chinese Cemetery, as it was not within the boundaries of the triangle, as I would presume. Thus, and most surprisingly forms as a triangle. Technically, overseeing the final stages of this puzzle as the so-called, Bermuda Triangle.

Bermuda Triangle

Day 1
Stardate: 62639.7 (Feb 21th, 2009)

Time: 1455hrs

All of us were schedule ahead to meet at Changi Ferry Terminal at 1430hrs. I was therefore, rather late, and skylian3001 was going to kill me because of that. Two more of our members, named xXxIntelxXx and Azri will be joining us by late afternoon, as probably been hold back due to their previous schedule. Well, with all that fussing about with me being on time, it turned out I wasn’t really that late compare to the other two….

But anyway, there’s a catch that I need to rewind before going on further. Never do I felt, the same doubt, the same tension, the thoughts that came running deep down till it reaches the back of my neck. While we were on the bumboat heading towards Ubin, I was flashback to the horrors which was considerable, where we had sit down beneath the shelter of Murai Hut, and where our open ears had picked up those tapping noises from the roof. Our questing mind seemed to be fixed upon it, like as though we had turned completely paralyzed by the source of it. Doubts double after another as to certain recent insights:

“No way it could be a mouse or any other rodents. They wouldn’t tap, would they?”

“What was it then? Tapping noise made by branches that were swaying side by side, back and forth by the wind? Sounds impossible, cause during that time, there was no wind breezing in the night. Apart from that, the branches of the one tree a few meters from behind the hut was quite high to tap on the roof!”

The pressure of all those minds within the circulated surrounding, as to one of the members that it was meant to be something. Not in terms of thoughts, but in terms of great sense and excitement of such a being. “She’s” apparently to be solitude. The stories that were share from generations after generations since back in the kampong days. Some says a legend, some says a myth. They are women who had died during childbirth and became one of the undead, in seeking revenge and terrorizing villages. The female version of a male vampire, but announces its presence through baby cries or turned themselves into a beautiful lady in an attempt to trap the unlucky ones, usually the men, into her wrath. Another difference, this female vampire is a type in the Malay folklore and that she’s an Asian origin….

Roughly about less than 1o minutes, we’ve reached the Ubin jetty. The smell, the sights, the all-too familiar surroundings seems to catch a glimpse of such contrasts. It seems like only a month ago that I was here. The days ahead seems to move fast nowadays. Catching the hour by every blink in the eye as the moment passes by.

Well, here we are. Back again on the good old kampong days.

Welcome To Pulau Ubin

This time, we gonna rent a bicycle since the locations that we gonna investigate was a rather considerable distance. That’s the point of boarding the van when we were here on that night. And yes, (in case you are wondering…..) we thought of doing that for our latest investigation. We did managed to contact the driver. Unfortunately, he was been caught up with his own schedule. Apart from that, the charges for his transportation was indeed, expensive when we asked him about it.

Anyway, one of the bicycle shops that we had rented our bicycles were to be closed at 1900hrs. We had informed the owner that we shall used it overnight, and that two more of our members shall arrived here somewhere at that time. As such, he had kindly give us his contact number. So that once two of our members arrived, we can give him a call and he will opened up his shop and rented two of his bicycles to them. Talk about a great deal! =D

Bicycle Shop

Once our bikes were geared up and had the map in hand, we’ll set off for our objective. Our first point, was to investigate Murai Hut, where those strange tapping noises was heard in the dense of the night. As such, we set off there.

Time: 1532

By a mile away, rather far up here, the memory of the recent recce at Ubin, from the darkness that swirls by dust from a distance but of simple nothingness flashes back on me. Cause by every now and then, something breaks the aridity of this piece of land. Its like a distant gleam, sort of a sliver flicker, that were swelling, growing closer, more to a memory sought for in a dark mind and suddenly recalled. It’s here, and gone again. Appearing again, when the familiar view was spotted. Subsequently, we’ll be here for the whole of two days, and to be most likely expected for daunting distance.

It was suggested that, we should make some enquiries from the locals living nearby, as to gather sufficient information as to how, why, when and what. Subsequently, we are also advised not to press on with our interview if the locals declined to be questioned. Talk about media in the making! =D

We’ve soon reached Murai Hut. There’s a bunch of students hanging around there, and believe they were participating in one of those field expedition. But they doesn’t bothered us much while we unpacked our stuff. Of course, they do eyed on the equipments that were used for our paranormal activities. Yeah, had to admit. Many of them looks cool! =D

Murai Hut Murai Hut Equipments used

If you had read the log entry on stardate 62545.8 where we had recce the place at night, you might probably be thinking why we had this investigation which starts in the afternoon. Good question. Because a few of the members had to set up the equipments before the “action” takes place. If, there’s gonna be any “action.” What we gonna do, is to establish the camcorder as well as the IR light, and had them focus towards the roof of the hut. That’s where those tapping noises were heard. And by using both devices, we gonna captured “who” or “what” is making those noises. Koolad at first believed it could be the contraction made by the roof. Probably has been aging throughout the years, as what he can come out with. However, he still wasn’t convinced if these was possible, and the only way to solve it was to wait for the moon to rise up into the night sky.

First thing first, he had to take the temperature reading from beneath the hut’s roof, the roof itself and within its circular surrounding by using the thermogun. This temperature readings will be noted for the meantime, and shall be taken again when night falls.

Temperature Gun

Skylian3001, hay4busa and me were been assigned to interview some of the locals nearby as to gather sufficient information. Even said that, this area was known to have previous fatal accidents due to its so-called “Devil’s Bend” and reports of lost souls been sighted, there might still be more than this theory. There could be a missing puzzle somewhere to this. And the only way to extract this missing puzzle, (if there’s gonna be one….) was to try our luck to see if the locals nearby know anything about it.

From the map given, both skylian3001 and hay4busa will cycled towards the direction of Jalan Durian while I head towards Jalan Sam Heng. Both icezzwan and koolad will remained behind to guard our staff and equipments. At the same time, searching for the right spot to set up both the camera and IR light.

Time: 1548hrs

Joggers and cyclists were seen along the path as I cycle past them while my eyes searched for any kampongs. This part of the woods seems rather dry, as to how I had felt it. I don’t know how to put it, but somehow or rather, it doesn’t seems to appear for my kind of tastes. Just a feel of, the wrong side of things. Or perhaps, the wrong side of path…..

My attempt to search for any villagers was thought to be fruitless in the first place. But after quite a mile away, I happened to spot a kampong hidden deep in the woods. To prevent my bicycle from been stolen, as in doubt, I hid it in the bushes nearby – before making my way towards the kampong. There’s some big old trees here, towering a hundred feet at least, and growing closely enough together that they almost shut out the sun. Somewhere, something scurried behind the trees and bushes. Probably a wildboar, or a stray dog perhaps.

I stepped into the path of the clearing, where the kampong was held. And before I even reached the steps of the structure to knock on the door, an elderly Chinese man, wearing a white T-shirt and shorts came rushing out. Out of disbelief, he started yelling at me in some Hokkien languages and waved his hands furiously at me. From the looks of it, he sure doesn’t sounds too happy with me entering his terrority and wanted me to leave immediately. I therefore, raised both hands in surrender and complied with him. As been given advised, not to pursuit on with the interview if the latter refused. We are indeed, total stranger to them. And before I backed away, I happened to spot some parangs (a large welded knife) been leaned against the side entrance of the house. This is where, one’s worst fear started to felt threaten. For the sake of our safety, its better not to try our luck again, and me to warn the others. Our next attempt might ended up with a much more dangerous greeting!

I continued with my search for any sign of village. Seems to me that, I’ve been going around in circles, till I even reached a dead end’s point. There’s no other kampong in sight, except for the previous one. On top of that, I was even stopped by the coastal guard police during their mobile patrol when I was trying to see what’s behind those bushes. And to them, I appeared to have somehow behaving suspiciously. Common questions like what am I doing here, looking for something, blah…..blah…..blah were winding up, until one of the two officers happened to spot the paranormal large capital word been printed on the left side of my official paranormal T-shirt, that left him saying: “Why you never tell us in the first place? Alright, you’re free to go.”

I head back towards Murai Hut. The students who were there previously had left the scene. Now we had the hut to ourselves =D

Both skylian3001 and hay4busa were not back yet. I therefore, starting taking notes on my notepad regarding on what I’ve seen and encountered earlier. Once done, I’ve help out both icezzwan and koolad in setting up the equipments.

We had to make used of the nearby signpole (I think…..) as a support for the camcorder. And even had to pile up some rocks, since the top part of the pole was rather uneven, and afraid the camera will fall off. The device will then be mounted at the top of the rocks. Not to mention, we even had to roll around some tapes to firmly secured the rocks in place.

Setting up

While they doing that, I started to get my hands on the sound receiver. Cool toy, I might say. The device was actually used to hear the birds chirping within the appropriate range. So why not used it for paranormal activity as well? To be the least expected, we might picked up ghostly sounds or might even hear their voices.

Scanning the area... Scanning the woods....

Birds chirping, dogs barking, people talking, leaves and branches dropping within the circulating radius was all I could hear for the meantime =D

Next, was to set up the IR. This one seems a rather complicated, and koolad had suggested to make use few of the trees nearby. His idea was to get the IR to hang up on the tree, facing the roof of the hut. He had some thick strings which can be used to hang the device up to the tree. Few nearby trees whereby perhaps, the IR can shine the light towards the hut when it was hung there later on, were chosen.

Took some effort doing this. By then, both skylian3001 and hay4busa had returned back to the hut and assist us.

Time: 1900hrs

Time passes by. The sun had started settling in. It was quite a long wait for the moment to come. And before that very moment came about, nothing else stirred, not even a sense of wind in those trees, not much of a movement, just the perfect still-mellowing heat of the day.

And just a quarter before 1900hrs, I cycled back towards the jetty when skylian3001 told me that xXxIntelxXx had called her up, saying that he and Azri were currently at Changi Ferry Terminal, and awaiting their bumboat. I therefore, volunteered to wait for their arrival. Furthermore, can help them in contacting the owner of the bicycle shop where we had our bikes, so that he can opened up his shop to pull out two bikes for them.

They arrived about a quarter to 1915hrs. Once they had their bikes ready, we cycled back towards Murai Hut. By then, the sky had started to darken. The final stages of preparation had started to unfold.

Time: 2000hrs

Changes in temperature readings within the same spot of the hut was recorded. xXxIntelxXx had even sketched out the diagram of the inner part of the hut’s roof on skylian3001’s notepad, as to indicate the current readings.

Next, was to set up the IR. We had chosen one of the selected trees, whereby this one was next to the roadside and few feet away from the side of the hut. The device does hang up there alright, but turned out it had problems when trying to face the hut.

Setting up the IR

Not even the camera, when trying to make it stable on the rocks that were firmly secured with the tape on top of the signpole. In the end, icezzwan had suggested why not we used one of the bicycles as a support for both devices. So we give it a try. We had the bicycle to lean against the sidepole. The camcorder shall be mounted onto the rear section of the bicycle while the IR shall be mounted onto the seat. Both facing the hut’s roof.

It does take some effort, especially for the IR to balance on the seat and making sure it aims directly at the roof. Following in accordance to the camera’s direction. Once both are in place, we will secured them firmly with lots of tape.

Camera and IR IR light

A while later, skylian3001, hay4busa, icezzwan, xXxIntelxXx and Azri went to explore the abandoned kampong where we had recce the place out on the previous night. The location was just nearby. Since icezzwan, xXxIntelxXx and Azli had not yet seen it, cause they were not there on the previous night, skylian3001 decided to show them the place and its nearby vicinity. Both koolad and I will remained behind to guard the stuff.

Half an hour past. Five of our members were still not back yet. Both koolad and myself were left in this total darkness of the night. Once every several minutes, we could hear things falling down on the roof. Obviously, grains of small rocks, leaves, branches from the trees above. By the sounds they make, we can tell for sure, that they were not those “tappings.” Besides, as far as I can remember, those tappings sounds had occured somewhere after 0200hrs. However, the night is still young….

A quarter to 2100hrs, the rest of the gang were back. During this period of time, we spare the moment to relax ourselves, eat some of the food and snacks that we had brought along, and share some stories about the insights of paranormal. Elsewhere in the darkness, loud music was blaring. We could heard it from our side, and it was the same Malay pop music that we had heard during our recce here.

The music lasted for about 10 to 15 minutes. Everything turned silence once again, except for those creatures hooting in the night every once in a while. Not to mention, the barking of dogs somewhere.

Then about half an hour later, we heard a howled. In the first place, I thought the music was starting again. But a few of us had pointed out, that it was a woman’s howl. I strained my ears and listen carefully.

It was, indeed…..the unexpected. It was a distant away – somewhere in the woods. It seems to give the night a sinister feeling. It was hollow, rather tormented. Sounded in distress at the same time, and seems to withdrawn. The thought of it had me to froze on the spot. It was alone. All alone. A distance memory of lost, helplessness and sorrow.

The cries soon turned faint, till its completely vanished.

Silence felled once again….


Day 2
Stardate: 62642.9 (Feb 22th, 2009)

Time: Midnight

I’ve mentioned earlier, that the tapping sounds were heard somewhere after two. But koolad had suggested we had better start the experiment earlier. Doesn’t sounds convincing enough, cause we might ended up losing battery power from the IR. That device doesn’t really last long. I do agreed that sometimes time, doesn’t really pull out the catch. However, I found this somewhat in particular, and to insist with the same timing. But koolad still finds it, rather reluctant, and so decided we should try it out randomly at most. If nothing comes out, we proceed for the final one, and to start exactly at 0200hrs.

Time: 0200hrs

We had run the experiment even before two. So far, no paranormal activity had occur except for the same sounds of falling branches, leaves and even grains of rocks hitting onto the roof. Both skylian3002 and hay4busa had positioned themselves next to the bicycle, and will be standing by for our signal to activate both the camera and IR. The rest of us will remained inside the hut.

Then, the clock strikes two. This is where, as far as I can remember had it all begin. The assimilation of further investigation seems to matters a lot more than we had accounted for. Let alone the content and concern that we are about to justified.

All completely silent for now. Minutes passed. Icezzwan, who seem to have the ability to “sense” things started pacing all around the hut. Despite in the dark, I could see the tension looked on his face. His eyes just looked dead ahead. I wondered, if he had detected some unknown presence before the camcorder does. Or perhaps, wouldn’t expect anything less than he could have ever imagined….

We spare for another 10 minutes. In the end, there was nothingless within the hut. No tapping sounds by whatever or whoever that causes it. Perhaps, we weren’t so lucky on that night.

Then, it was time to move on. Our next destination will be the Pekakak Hut, where the unclaimed graveyard was located. We had to get there in time, before the early dawn of the Muslim, Subuh prayers broke in. By then, the spirits were said to be wandered off, and we are left with nothing to investigate.

Once we had packed our stuff, and clear any mess we’ve made from the hut, we began to cycle towards our next destination. For all my life, I had never before cycle at night. Never felt this good, especially when you are on a remote island, and seeing the tall, towering trees shadowing over you. Been envelope in such a surrounding does gave a sense of shuddering thoughts and within. And especially when there’s the wind passing through, the thoughts will grew darker. And by each passing moment, you can just sense that, something is out there – waiting.

We stopped at Kelichap Hut, which was situated a mile between Murai and Pekakak Hut. Once everybody says they are here, safe in one piece, we moved on – with icezzwan leading the way.

After facing numerous obstacles with uneven terrains, discovered more hidden tombstones, and even ended up in the wrong direction, we soon made it there. Overall, it was situated within the boundaries of Pekakak Hut.

The unclaimed graveyard The unclaimed graveyard The unclaimed graveyard The unclaimed graveyard

Our arrival there once again had caught me to shudder again all of a sudden. It was a great feeling, and some would say, an occupational hazard of the situation. The same question as to why, there’s no ownership to claim this very grave pounded in my head. And why was it, the only one been built close to the roots of that big tree? Were there more hidden deep into the woods?

As to right now, this is not the only thing we had come this far. We left our bicycles, bring the necessary equipments needed and to proceed towards the bamboo tree which is just a few meters away.

Bamboo Tree

Our mindset was fixed upon it, cause this is where we had come to witness the lost souls wandering ahead of us on that previous night. And what was that we heard, directly above our heads? Hidden between those bamboo stalks. Our dear friend, skylian3001 was at a sudden shock when she heard that =o Or so I pressume….

We stood beneath it, and observed the surroundings for a few minutes. Something scurried behind the bushes. We seemed to be “immune” by this sudden calls behind those thick bushes. The animal “wildboar” seems right about it, cause obviously there’s quite a number of them roaming around Ubin. As long as they don’t came charging at us, that is.

Next, we gonna play this little ghost game. We’ve entered on one side of the woods, where it faces the view of the sea. We gonna seat down on the ground, and let the darkness swallowed in on us.

Yes, we’ve try this before. We will all seat close together. All our torches must be switched off. During this period of time, we will adapt to the darkness. Your eyes will stay focus on the surrounding circulating you. What’s more, both the camcorder and IR will stay active in capturing the scene.

One of us happened to find an old plant pot that can be used to support the camcorder. The flat surface of the pot appeared to be uneven, and we had to use rocks for additional support so that the camcorder can be balance at the appropriate angle.

Due to its night shot ability, it does reminds me of the Blair Witch project when viewed through the LED screen =)

Camera rolling

Just as we were about to begin, the waking call from the chickens somewhere was heard. Oh man!

That means to say, the Subuh prayers had just been announced. Therefore, we had to abort our final investigation as the spirits themselves “knew what to expect.”

So, there you go. Talk about how disappointed we are that we happened to be late. But on the contrary, even speaking that it wasn’t a complete success, we managed to pull out the bait; to say the least that we managed to jigsaw the pieces together.

So that’s it for the night, I guess.


We soon reached back the jetty. Our bicycles were parked at the bicycle shop where we had rent them from. The shop is still closed, but we were instructed by the owner just to leave the bikes outside the shop and he shall collect them once he opened his shop for business.

We spend the next few hours to relax ourselves at the jetty before we disembarked from there. The sea was calm and peaceful in the night. The moon on the sky was a crescent, a distant gleam to the eyes that captured.

Relax at jetty Night view Night scene

Of course, there’s always the story to tell =D

SPI Agents
Once again, we had made it through. We might not have a complete success due to the last stage of the investigation. But we managed to riddle out the mystery, and to jigsaw in the uncertainties. Now, its time for a good long rest once we’ve reached home =)

Ariffin, signing off.


Trekkies Gathering At PastaMania

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Captain’s log                             Stardate: 62634.3 (Feb 19th, 2009)

There’s always the excitement when our local Star Trek fans were called upon for a special gathering. Yesterday, on stardate 62631.9 (Feb 18th, 2009), trekkies who were participating for the recent Chingay Event were to meet at PastaMania restaurant, located at Funan IT Mall at 1830hrs, where our local founder, James Lee shall be given out the Chingay Certificate of Appreciation as well as a CD-ROM each, as promise through our emails. The CD shows every pictures of us taken; from the first rehearsal, the preview and the actual day. All thanks to both trekkie Richard and Hee Seng, as they had decided to be our minders and had done a wonderful job! =)

So far, seven of our members were unable to turn up yesterday. Well, couldn’t blame them when they were really caught up in their own schedule. As such, their certificates and CDs shall be kept safe.

In addition, I finally get to taste the mouth-watering delight at PastaMania. The truth is, the restaurant was not Halal (simply edible…) in the beginning. I don’t know there’s been a change to it, until my mum told me about it when I told her that I was going to meet the members at the restaurant. Now been approved “Halal”, all Muslims can stormed in to grab a taste!

Excitement from our table there is, where we joked and laughed, checking out the insights and highlights from the Star Trek magazines been brought by trekkie Hee Seng, while we ate our dinner. At the same time, discuss for our upcoming trekkie events and so forth.

A while later, James wants us to have each of us a photo taken showing our cert. He will be the host, standing beside us with the cert been represent between us while a photo was taken. Like a graduation ceremony if you asked me =D

The only photos that I knew. Testing my camera actually, cause its just been repair.. =)


Say what!?

Somewhere a quarter to 2000hrs, we decided to call it a night. We really had a good time, and it has always been this good =)

=/\= Live Long And Prosper =/\=

Andddd….that’s me! =D

Certificate of Appreciation

Chingay Parade 09 Begins!

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Captain’s log                                Stardate: 62591.2 (Feb 3rd, 2009)

The last time I had participate for something big was four years ago, where I was one of the police officers within the police contingent been represent to take part for the National Day 05. On top of that, I was still serving my National Service.

Then, four years later, 2009. This time, the experience was beyond the limit. If I have not joined the club, I wouldn’t get to feel this excitement that I always wanted. The thrill and perhaps, suspense that keeps you pumping that you thought you gonna explode at any moment! =D

Its Chingay Parade 2009!!!

Local Star Trek members or trekkies who were participating were all ready for the big day. The wait is over. The planning, the rehearsal, is all been accounted for. The audience are waiting anxiously for this grandest event to take action! As before, the event comes in two separate days. One is the preview, and the other one is the actual. Therefore, I will start off in two folds =)

Stardate: 62581.1
(Jan 30th, 2009)
Day: Friday

The Preview

In the first place, we thought its going to rain when we were told to perform the last practice when we were still at People Association Headquarters. The sky had turned grey, and drops of rain had started hitting our heads. Oh man….please come another day…=(  As such, we were to immediately ushered back inside the HQ. Last minute preparation were made for us who were participating before the next instructions from the organizers were announced. On that day, only eight of us were present, with one of them, a trekkie named Richard who had volunteered to be our minder for that day. The other four who were also participating, named Fatimah, Vera, Stephanie and Benedict couldn’t make it as they were caught up in their own schedule. But they will be back for the actual event.

Chingay 09

Chingay 09

Surprisingly, my character as the Borg-assimilate Starfleet officer held a different point of view on that day. If you are a Star Trek fan, then tell me this. Since when was the last time you saw a Borg been equipped with a Starfleet standard phaser rifle and a beacon light that were scrapped around the wrist? Well, this one does =) Reason? Because from those absents, there is still some spare of the items left, and local Star Trek founder James had me to use them only for the day. Well, this is something new of the Borg…=o

Our prayers had been answered. The rain had stopped, and the sky shines once again. We had our last practice before we set off towards the Padang by bus.

Of course, anyone could have noticed how the kids from a primary school who were participating began to stare unblinking at a hideous creature who boarded the same bus with them……

Chingay 09 Chingay 09

A moment later, we arrived. I’ve forgotten the name of the street where we had disembarked, but I know its located near to Dhoby Ghaut MRT station. And viewers out there who are reading this, this is where we felt like Hollywood stars! =)

Sure, there’s numbers of contingents out there. Dress beautifully, with the intriguing displays of patterns that came in many forms of shapes and sizes. But members of public were just so surprised to see Star Trek characters came alive on the streets! And their eyes went wide opened upon seeing the Borg and Klingon Starfleet officer, whose character name is Lt Commander Worf, and that the mask was wore by James himself. Cameras kept snapping from all directions. Excited faces from the public rushed to take picture with us. Even from the other contingents as well. Man! I’m telling you, its like the Walk of Fame!

Chingay 09 Chingay 09 Walk of Fame

Moments later, we were told to proceed towards the Padang. Ushers were there to guide us along. Once again, the eyes of the many went unblink when both Borg and Klingon were caught sighted! =o

The magnificent floats were all there, standing by near the side of the Padang. If I’m not mistaken, the time was somewhere at 1800hrs. The grandstand, which was constructed infront and opposite the Supreme Court had started to fill with the excited spectators. The excitement were just about to sky-rocket!

But before everything went wild, we had to endure a longgggggggggggg wait for the show to start. Our minder for the day, trekkie Richard had started giving out spare water bottles that were taken from the HQ. Damn, we do felt thirsty!

Of course, this is where the fun starts, even despite the long wait. Passerby taking photos of us as we posed behind the fences that were set up all the way across. They rushed towards us, requesting to take a picture with them. Well, who would avoid this, especially when you had the hideous one, while the other, a grave and boldly look species, that seems to get most of the attention =D

Chingay 09 Chingay 09 Chingay 09

Soon, the sky turns dark. I had yawned many times. (A Borg seen yawning???) Come on, stay still! I had reminded myself. This is the time to enjoy yourself!

Chingay 09

Moments later, fireworks erupted into the night sky. Meaning to say, the parade were just about to get started! The crowd seated at the grandstand, and the participants cheered wildly as the fireworks dazzle magnificently. Balloons started flying high into the air. The contingents were ready to move in. The spectators awaits anxiously, for the moment to arrive. From the other side of the Padang, we could see a wave of Dragon Dance taking place. A ball of fire could be seen whizzing.

Then, here we go! Music booms throughout the air. Star Trek contingent in formation! We move in at slow pace. We had to stop by every minute because of the contingents infront, as following their rows. My heart was pounding excitedly as we get closer to the crowd seated at the grandstand.

The ushers of the event screamed wildly when we passes them. Once again, we’ve entered the Walk of Fame! Cameras flashes everywhere! Man! Feels so good to posed infront of them! =D Its snap after snap after snap! =D Then, we’ve entered where the grandstand is. Bright lights cast upon the contingents. They dance to the beat as they step up across the street. And this is where the crowd roared. Streamers and confetti were shot into the cool night. Here was the chance to create an infestation of littering =) The spectators were amazed when we passed through. I even heard one of them cried out: “Hei look! Its a Borg!” And: “Guys! Its Star Trek!”

Pictures here were taken by trekkie Richard =)

Chingay 09 Chingay 09 Chingay 09

News cameras began to focus in on us. Here’s our opportunity to see ourselves live on TV. A few of us even dance to the music. We posed, as we wave. I even had my Borg pincer raised, and pretend to aim directly at few of the camera lenses as to “assimilate.”

We pass the grandstand, following the big U-turn that takes us to the other side of the Padang. And along the way, people cheered wildly. Extending their hands to shake or even a high-five. At the same time, greeted “Happy New Year!”

We were too involved with the spectators as they snap photos of us. So engrossed however, that we ended up far behind from the previous contingent. Fortunately, we have our minder, Richard to deal that out by pushing us to move on as the parade rolls towards the end. Well, what can I say? Once the cameras were aiming at you, and people started cheering like as though you are their number one biggest fan, you simply just can’t resist the moment 😉

Chingay 09 Chingay 09 Chingay 09 Chingay 09 Chingay 09

Not to mention, heard that a kid started crying upon seeing “Lt Commander Worf” =D And of course, I do had my fun “assimilating” people along the way =D

The Padang ends. Now proceeding along Raffles Ave, where there will be more crowd awaits. It just seems unstoppable. The parade appeared more dazzling than ever at this time of the night. We had pulled out the strings and let loose of the excitement that was unforgettable!

We soon reached the end of the line where it was at the junction of Tamasek Ave and Raffles Boulevard. The ushers were there to guide us back to our buses, even despite the huge crowd. Surprisingly, one of the ushers happened to be a trekkie member of ours, named Johnathan. Its been quite a while seen we’ve last saw him. I only met him twice so far, with the last time somewhere in August last year.

We managed to found our bus that we had taken previously, and were soon on our way back to HQ.

Finally! The preview’s all done. The first one is a success to all! We congratulate ourselves in doing an excellent job entertaining the crowd. Well done, Singapore Trekkies!

Man! We are entirely worn out, do we? =D We’ve reached the HQ at a quarter before 2230hrs. We clean ourselves up, had our dinner which was been provided, before embark on a quest for home.

One more day to go! All ready for the actual day of Chingay =D

Stardate: 62583.4
(Jan 31th, 2009)
Day: Saturday

The Actual Day

It was like a runway ready road for us. You can already smell the excitement even before the action takes place right at the heart of town. And there we were, all gear up for the big day’s event!

And that day, our contingent was in full force. Benedict, Vera and Stephanie were present. Unfortunately, Fatimah couldn’t make it for that day as well….=( Well, what to do if you were been caught up in something else. Wish she was there though…

Furthermore, two more members will be joining us. Ultimately, they were also members of the local Star Wars fanclub, that works under the organization known as Movie Mania. They are involved in organizing costume club, fantasy roleplaying, fan film-making, movie reviews like Star Wars, Predator, Ironman, Batman, Hellboy; you named it. All the best movies that has ever appeared on the big screen. And our local Star Trek happens to be one of their alliance =D

Belvick Lee a.k.a Reno who was the Talent Scout in-charge of Movie Mania, and together with one of his members were been invited to beam over. And on that day, me, as the Borg-assimilated Starfleet officer will have a competitor.

As promise by James, there will be a full Borg Drone joining in the event. And this is the first time ever, and will be a massive great eye-opener for many Star Trek fans out there, if there’s gonna be a handful of them coming for the Chingay. Reno shall be the Borg Drone. He had constructed a Borg outfit taken from a Batman suit, and had chunk all sorts of accessories and spare parts he could find that was useful enough for the suit. Much like the actual Borg seen in the shows. Unlike mine, which was only half-mask, Reno’s was a full-mask, like many of the characters here available. Reno’s friend on the other hand, will dress up as Captain James T.Kirk where he had wore the Starfleet uniform which was a red and white tunic been first seen in the 2nd Star Trek movie.

Full Borg Drone

Man! He does appeared more scary as a full Borg Drone. You can considered mine, as a Starfleet officer just happened to be assimilated. That’s why I’m still in my uniform =)

What impressed me the most was the Borg arm. As according to Reno, this is the simplest one he had constructed. He had attached some tubes, as well as some sort of a claw which was literally a child’s toy, which can be found at any toys department. From inside the arm, there’s a level, where it was part of the claw. With your hand inside the arm, you can pressed and released the level. This causes the claw to open and close. Like the pincer of a crab. While Reno was busy eating his lunch that was been provided, I started putting it on and kept playing with the lever. The claw went snapping open and close. It wasn’t long before I realized that I was totally engrossed with it!

Me with the Borg arm. Now I looked even more daring! =D

Locutus of Borg

Cool toy, I’ll say. Must get me one of those.

Moments later, announcement was made that it was time to leave the HQ and to proceed towards the Padang. Before that, a group photo was taken.

Full Force
Here we are! Once again, facing the excited spectators that awaits the action that has yet to unfold. The actual day will be a sight to behold. Now we have a full Borg Drone with us, the attention we get was thrilling than ever! =D

Then, another longggggggggg wait like the day before. While doing that, most of us stands near the fences where snap shots after another were taken from the public. Well, talk about another day down the stretch of Walk of Fame!

Moments later, the sky turns dark. The floats were lighted up. Another moment to spare, before the fireworks rocketed into the night sky. The crowd at the grandstand, as well as we participants roared with much enthusiasm. The excitement had started rolling in. Each contingents began to form up in their rows. One looked at our Borg Drone, and you will be amazed as not only by the suit. Reno even add in some lights to it. Very much like the actual Borg. Indeed, one hell of a cybernecic creature…=o

Full Borg Drone

The music blast! The parade was in motion. Once again, hearing the crows roared and seeing the streamers and confetti been launched were just truly spectacular. Cameras flashes! From all directions! Then, what we thought could never have happened, come alive! The announcement made by the Dj came loud and clear. It was never been mentioned during the preview. Now on live, it seem significantly heart pounding!

“Ladies and gentleman! Here they are, fans of the Singapore Star Trek!!”

Unbelievable! The crowd roared were like a tide wave of tsunami. You can heard many of them shouting “Star Trek!” And no, we are not dreaming it =D After all that from several members of public thought we are Star Wars characters; at least the Dj’s got it right =)

We followed the same route taken. More cameras flashes. More pose taken. More greetings were taken. The excitement were just never ending. Once again, too engrossed with the public that our minder for that day, trekkie Hee Seng has to push us to kept on moving =) Everywhere you see, everywhere you turned, the spectators went wild. Calling you out. The children, especially them, were ever so delighted by the colourful lighrs and dances.

And of course, speaking of children, I ended up making one of them cry. Well, its not my fault anyway. He just happened to look at my hideous appearance before crying out for Mommy… Looks to me I’m the next one after James had gotten a kid cried the day before.

We soon reached the end of the line. This is where the contingents were crammed near to the junction. On top of that, the bus we had taken earlier seems nowhere in sight. So we wait, watching each of the few buses filled with the contingents moving off. Minutes later, few empty buses starts rolling in. We rushed towards one of them; and only to find out from the bus driver that his bus has been reserved for a primary school students who were taking part in the event.

Oh crap! Talk about settling down on the seat and to feel the aircon cool you down. Then only seconds later, it came true, as one of the ushers were yelling out: “Star Trek! Star Trek! Your bus is here!” Like as though grabbing a million dollar jackpot, we rushed for it!

Finally! Paradise at last!

We were soon on our way back to HQ.

We reached there near half an hour. It surprised me though, that it actually ends here. The excitement, the laughter, the crowd roared still rang in my ears. All of us had did a pretty good job out there. We congratulate each other for the success of it all. And I wished the rest of us would be here, especially Fatimah. It would have been better if our contingent were in the actual full force =)

Also, like to say our thanks to both our minders, trekkie Richard and Hee Seng. You guys had done a great job (seriously) in taking photos as well as urging us to move on as  not to be left behind while in the parade. Couldn’t have done it without you guys! =D

All of us return home with a happy smile all the way. And I’m sure the forum would be flooded with comments about the event =) It was all worth it, and really held a momentous time for us to remember. Once again, a success to all of us! We’ve made Gene Roddenberry proud!


I”ve taken the liberty to set up photos of the characters involved. Pictures were taken, and compliments from both Richard and Hee Seng. Thanks guys! =D

JarJar as Captain Archer
“You talking to me? And where the hell is T’pol!?”

CptJamesCptJames as Lt Cmdr La Forge
“A warp core breach? Nahh…maybe later. I got some chicks who need my cool look.” =D

Dr EMHDr EMH as Lt Cmdr Worf
“Its a good day to……..enjoy!”

captainphoton24Cptphoton24 as Borg-Assimilated Starfleet officer (That’s me)
“I’m Locutus of Borg. Resistance has always been, and will be, Futile!”

BryanBryan as both Commander Chakotay and Lt Cmdr Data
“Had a tattoo on for one day, and being an Android for another day. Yeah, that’s me!” =D

VeraVera as Seven-of-Nine

SuperstarSuperstar as Neelix
“In the end, I prefer Neelix. Cause I can cook!” =D

SharkieSharkie as both a Vulcan and Commander Chakotay (Only picture found…)
“Oh man! My pointed ears had shrunk! And now, I even had a tattoo!”

“Three-In-One. Instant me!”

RobinRobin as Ferengi
“You kidding me? I ain’t Quark!”

StephanieStephanie as both Neelix and a hybrid species between Vulcan and Bajoran (Sorry about the blur picture, as this is the only one I can find…)
“Come to think of it, I looked more dashing as a Bajoran) =D

RenoReno as Full Borg Drone
“Don’t come near me, cause I’m now well adapted! If not, you will ended up like Cptphoton24!”

James KirkReno’s friend as Capt James Kirk (Don’t know his name…)
“Captain’s log, Stardate 67334.5. Today, will be the…oh, why should I bothered?” =D