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Captain’s log                           Stardate: 63494.0 (June 29th, 2009)

Two days ago (Saturday, the 27th), was a blast! And its certainly reminds me of the recent Chingay Event 09! =D

On that day, stardate 63488.0, itself was the Asia Mascot Parade, been held at the Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza, Orchard Road. Furthermore, this is the first that Singapore will host as one of the most biggest event that will be the talk of the town!

Those who are into costume play will come about to dress up as their favourite superheroes, anime characters and sci-fiction characters. And first timers will have their chance to showcase their creativity and talent. At the same time, to have fun, get to know more friends and show the world a piece of popular youth culture! =D We are invited to take part into it, as well as our Star Wars counterpart from MoviaMania. And before that day even arrived, I already feel the adrenaline rushes on me. On top of that, I can finally put on my Borg Arm that I had created!

Borg Arm

I had this idea after I wear one during the Chingay Parade, whom it came from Reno, the boss of MoviaMania and who had dress up as a full Borg Drone on that day. I couldn’t help playing with it, especially when come in closing and opening the “claw” area. Hah! =D I was so engrossed into it, and so I approached Reno for some specification into it. Took me almost a week to get it done. And when it was completed, I just couldn’t believe my eyes! =o

Next, was bringing it with me for the event. I had to borrow my uncle’s badminton sack as the length is found to be suitable for the arm. And for that matter, I will not take the train like I usually did when going to Orchard Road. Because of its bulky length, let alone the crowd in the train, the Borg arm will most likely get collided with the crowd. I hate to see it gets damage. So I had no choice I had to take a cab. That’s the safest way possible.

The Civic Plaza of Ngee Ann City was already filled with activity when I arrived. Participants, majority of them had already put on their costumes. And they looked fantasic! The atmosphere here was in high spirits. Never mind about the hot weather, cause everyone down here is looking forward for the fun of it all! And I can’t wait to put on my uniform. And not to mention, the Borg arm. Hehe…=)

From our side, we are supposed to have eleven members participating. But at the very last call, four couldn’t make it, with two of them not feeling well. They had better stay at home, as given by the doctor’s strict orders due to the H1N1 flu virus that were currently spreading. So left only seven of us. Trekkie James Wong will also be there, as our minder and photographer =)

All of us were told to wear the starfleet uniform that were seen in the Star Trek movie: First Contact. Our founder, James Lee wanted this to be standardized for all of us on that day.

And now, I give you three guesses as to which character I’ve played.

That’s right. The relentless, cybernectic species who goes around assimilating other beings to be part of the Collective, due to perfection. And some of you might have guess it immediately right after seeing the Borg arm.

Well, the name is there. The Borg.

Basically, founder James Lee had two sets of Borg masks. One is the full mask and the other one is the half-mask, which requires make-up. That’s the one I had on during the Chingay Parade. But for the Asia Mascot, I’ve decided to go with the full mask. Reason?

Firstly, the weather is damn hot on that day. And if I were to put on make-up, I wouldn’t be sweating. But I will be melting instead! It was actually a joke from James. Hah! =D

Second, it will take Janice (James’s wife) nearly an hour to apply make-up on me and stick that Borg eye-patch onto my right eye.

Third, it will be troublesome for me, cause once this is over, I have to search for the nearest toilet in order to wash away the make-up. It wasn’t easy.

Overall, time can be wasted because of that. I’ve decided that the half-mask will go for events like the Chingay Parade, whereby majority of the participants had make-up on. For a short one like the Asia Mascot, its better for me to go for a full mask where I just have to wear it on like the way I did when wearing the Vulcan-Commander Spock mask. Besides, I’m still Borg, and better still, had the Borg arm ready for the kill. Haha! =D

A glimpse of the changing room. Hah! =D

Asia Mascot

And soon, it time for some fun!!! All photos were taken by Trekkie James Wong. Many compliments from him. Thanks dude! =D

Asia Mascot

One of the best group photo ever taken.
(From left: Trekkie Franklin, Richard, Md.Ariffin (That’s me!) James, Bryan, Janice and Liow)

Asia Mascot

Once again, we are back to experience what its like to be in the Hall of Fame. Cameras everywhere flashes. Posing here and there. And indeed, I was quite surprised to see there’s even Batman, as well as the Joker that were seen in Dark Knight. The way the participant had dressed up as one does resemblances much like the actual one seen in the movie. Impressive!

Asia Mascot

And my Borg arm does trilled many! The kids, especially, with few of them even try to “shake hands” with it. Some of them, do get terrifyied as well. Hehe..=)

And even more surprises, cause Ironman was there! And the one wearing that full body armor was Reno himself! =D He created the suit from his workshop. And I couldn’t say anything more cause the suit was damn MARVELOUS!!! It was just like the real thing seen in the movie!

Asia Mascot

We entertained the excited crowd around the vicinity for nearly an hour before heading back to the changing room. Even the Star Wars characters had done their job, as well as Ironman himself. Hah! =D

Well, I guess that’s it then. Doesn’t really stretches the whole day as I thought it might be. Anyway, we had our fun, and it was memorable! =D And yes, there’s more to come, and we are all eager for it! This year 2009 sure has a lot of action-packed events waiting for us =D

Captain’s log                         Stardate: 63474.0 (June 22nd, 2009)

Before I begin, sorry about the late posting. Was busy in my own schedule so I had to delay this for some time. Ok, here’s goes….its a long story..

Day 1
Last Friday
Stardate: 63447.0 (June 12th, 2009)

That day finally arrived. Right after my schedule ends, I proceed down to Coasta Sand, Pasir Ris chalet. That’s right folks. Cause that day, its our local trekkies (Star Trek fans) mid-year chalet gathering. Been highly organized by our trekkie Fahmi. Apart from that, he mostly organized for our fansite chalet every year without fail. Our founder James Lee couldn’t agreed more to it and let him be the organizer for this. Its well-planned and well-orientated. I therefore assist him in getting the food, the items for barbequing and utensils.

I had mentioned this before on my previous log entry, which falls on stardate 62800.9 (April 19th). That’s where both Fahmi and I had recce Pasir Ris Park. As in conjunction with the chalet. Like we had did last year at East Coast Park before the chalet gathering arrived =)

Anyway, for this one will be a four day, three night chalet gathering. Dated was from the 12th to 15 of June. Friday the 12th, will just be some minor preparation. Saturday will be the day where we will have our barbeque. And Sunday itself, Fahmi had given us a special treat, as there will be a catering serve at our doorstep. How delightful! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to participate for this one. As well as James, as both of us will be leaving for Jakarta the following day (I will explained this in further details later on). Monday, will be packing up. Obviously, its back to the office….

Fahmi and another trekkie named Franklin were already there when I arrived at late noon. Around 1800hrs, we head towards the NTUC Supermarket to buy some food, snacks, drinks and utensils for the barbeque. For the food, we only need to buy a few. The rest will be brought on the following day itself. Of course, I will be staying overnight – just one night to be exact which is on Friday itself. If not due for Jakarta, I’ll be staying another night with two of them.Coasta Sand, Pasir Ris

Accomodating. Isn’t it? =)

The smell of barbeque from our neighbours filled our nostrils, and my mouth waters. But I got to hold on to it until tomorrow arrived. We will have ours to feel the aroma =D

Another trekkie, names James Ng a.k.a CptJames as what many of us had always called him based on the nick he had used in the forum had dropped by for a sneak preview. Hah! =D He spend with us for only less than 5 minutes, grabbed a snack, before moving off. Reason? Because he had to attend for some general issue later on. Well, at least he had dropped by. Haha! =D However, he will certainly attend for the barbeque the next day =)

Some minor preparation. Hehe….=)

Coasta Sand, Pasir Ris

Both Franklin and myself have brought along our laptops. Looks like we can spare the rest of the evening facing the screen just to kill the boredom when we know there will be no activity on that day.

Our personal LCARS! =D


Then, at about 2230hrs, both Fahmi and myself embarked on our night hunt as promise. The same thing as what we had did for last year at East Coast Park. Log entry, on stardate 62804.1 (April 20th) had the explanation as to why =) Well, besides being a trekkie, both of us were also paranormal thrill seekers, and I’m sure those readers who had read my previous logs were aware that I’m one of the agents from the Singapore Paranormal Investigators, or SPI for short. So does Fahmi, but he’s only freelance. So his status was considered as SPI Friend. We had promised before, that we shall explored the Pasir Ris Mangroove Swamp when darkness fall. Initial reports from the local paranormal group had indicate there’s been some sightings of paranormal activity been recorded there years ago (And in case any SPI members were reading this, please take note that we are NOT doing this in the name of SPI!). Apart from that, Fahmi had brought along his night vision goggles that he had brought some time ago at a store alled Black Technology. He was thrilled into it, and couldn’t wait to try it out when we entered the swamp. Franklin will stay behind to look after our chalet while we are gone.

Compare to East Coast Park where we had noticed an endless stretch of tents been set up along the beach during the night, Pasir Ris Park on the other hand……..appeared dead silent….

Coasta Sand, Pasir Ris Coasta Sand, Pasir Ris Coasta Sand, Pasir Ris

We soon find ourselves staring at the entrance of the swamp. It appeared like a black hole as what I can picture it. Waiting. Waiting to swallow you into the unknown…..

Coasta Sand, Pasir Ris

The hairs at the back of my neck stands. Goosebumps again!

Coasta Sand, Pasir Ris Coasta Sand, Pasir Ris Coasta Sand, Pasir Ris Coasta Sand, Pasir Ris Coasta Sand, Pasir Ris Coasta Sand, Pasir Ris

We had completed within 15 minutes. Fahmi’s personal EMF doesn’t picked up anything unusual, and his night vision goggles doesn’t detect any traces either. Oh well, not much luck I supposed….=(

We head back to our chalet. We lights out somewhere at 0100hrs, and that’s it for the night! =D

Day 2
Stardate: 63450.0 (June 13th, 2009)
Time: Between 1000hrs to 1100hrs (Roughly….)

Morning came. Once we had freshen ourselves up, we head down to nearby Downtown East resort, where we had breakfast at Burger King. Once done, we head to Cheers minimart which was just nearby to get the rest of the food, two bags of charcoal, more drinks and the rest of the utensils. A big pile of heap if you asked me! Hah! =D

Back of chalet, we managed to get the barbeque pit and two tables for the food. And so, the rest of the afternoon, we just lazed around…. =D

Coasta Sand, Pasir Ris

Coasta Sand, Pasir Ris

Care for one?

Coasta Sand, Pasir Ris

Coasta Sand, Pasir Ris

Then, at about 1620hrs, both Franklin and myself will beam aboard….err, I mean head down to Marine Parade Community Center where there will be a one-hour Star Trek Talk on Astrochallenge, as been invited by the NUS Astronomical Society. This are the headlines quoted from the forum:

To Boldly Go Where No Astronomer Has Gone Before

Space, the final frontier. This one-hour presentation will illustrate the complete atlas of Star Trek Universe, created by the “Great Bird of theGalaxy” – the late Gene Roddenberry.

Presented by avid Trekkies from the Singapore Star Trek Fansite (, the largest and most active Star Trek community in the region, this talk will cover galactic astronomy, planetary science and astrochemistry appeared in 726 TV episodes and 11 movies of Star Trek in the last 4 decades, and identify which is science vs science-fictional.

Contrary to many people’s belief, the speakers will show you that “Warp Drive” is not the only FTL (faster-than-light) propulsion system for space travels mentioned in Star Trek. The audience may even have a chance to see how a future Stella Cartography Lab would look like.

Is there any intelligent life in the universe? Is there a starship called “Enterprise”? Well, you will find out soon from this class. Make it so!

It clashes with the chalet, yeah I know. But founder James Lee still give the green light to go ahead, and will certainly up for the chalet and still had plenty of time for it. He was in-charge of the games that he had planned, but still needs to be present for the Astrochallenge as he was the presenter for this.

Its fortunate that I had agreed to attend to this. Its really educational, and that it also reveal there’s both science and science fiction in Star Trek. There’s even a quiz, where you can stand a chance to win a prize if you answer the questions correctly. So, for those who are present there, not everything in Star Trek is science fiction. And indeed, science fiction can also be science one day =)

Star Trek Astrochallenge

Now, check this out. Some few notable trekkies, and one of them happened to be the current US President, Mr Barack Obama! =)

Star Trek Astrochallenge

The presentation ended a quarter to 1800hrs. Few photos taken, congratulations here and there before we trekkies embarked for the chalet =)

I will fast forward with the photos here. Looks like our side had the grill running hot! =D

Here’s a collection of it =D

Coasta Sand Pasir Ris

And yes, James had finally brought in the props that were seen in the latest Star Trek movie. The phaser, communicator and tricoder. He had managed to get them from a flea market that operates at Chinatown Square, and the supplier named Jeremy Goh is happy in doing business with James in ordering the props for us. James had posted this inside the forum some time ago, that he will arranged a mass order to any one of us who was interested in owing the props. I had swept all three props. Overall prize: $120. Its worth it! =D

They were taken at my house once I arrived back =)

All three props

However, there’s still one left, which was the utility belt where all three devices shall be attached to it. According to James, our s0-called personal supplier shall see to it and will therefore contact James when the time comes. Not just any utility belt, but its the actual belt that were used in the movie. Cool isn’t it? =D I’ve already own the uniform and all three props. Once I had the belt, then I can considered myself to be fully geared up and ready to roll! =D Just anybody with a taste of Star Trek can own them! =D

In addition, all items that comes along with it =D

All In One

One of our female trekkies named Fiona, who had only order the phaser was so envy that I had ordered all three that she instantly requested James for the other two props. Haha! =D

Then, at 2030hrs, its game time! Here are the prizes to be won!

Coasta Sand Pasir Ris

I couldn’t resist that all new Star Trek watch, and I’m aiming for that one =) The game starts off with a quiz. And surprisingly, one of the quiz happened to be from the Astrochallenge! Its fortunate that I’ve attended the seminar. If not, I won’t be able to answer most of the questions correctly. There’s also from the recent Chingay event, as to who wore the mask, in which date and when was that. I’m one of the participants there, and should know about it. Well, not really. Do get some of the questions wrong, especially the dates in when is the preview and so on. Hah! =D

Coasta Sand Pasir Ris

Then, the final one. Its Bingo! Star Trek version! Last year’s Bingo I was almost close to winning. So close! Now let’s see about this year……

Unbelievable. So unbelievable. Again, I ended up so close, and yet so far in winning. Looks like I have to say goodbye to that precious Star Trek watch…..=( However, I did win a prize, during the quiz contest. 4 Borg pins and one Deep Space 9 pin =) Including for participating in the recent Chingay Parade 2009, Star Trek movie premieres, cosplay competition @ License2Play and recent newspaper features! =D

The Winners!
(Some even win more than once! Congrats!)











Its always been a lot of fun when comes to play the games. Its a strike to the finish! =D

And here’s one where all of us shall be remembered =)

Group Photo

We soon called it a night. Happy as I was, as I couldn’t wait to show my family my prizes and the props =) The following day, there will be a catering serve at the chalet. But I will be departing for Jakarta with James. So we had to give it a missed, and hopefully the rest of the trekkies will turned up and gobbled up the food as many as they can! =D


Captain’s log                                                                     Supplemental

Date: June 14th, 2009

I had to meet up with James at Changi Airport Terminal 1 before 0630hrs. To get there in time, my mom had decided to send me there by car =)

Ok, here’s the catch. Based on the forum, our Indonesia Trekkies counterparts have invited us to join them at the Star Trek movie in IMAX, which was located at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, at Jakarta. It appears that the new movie is late by a month to be shown in that country. However, we now have a chance to watch it there at IMAX!

And the most incredible thing which I thought this is too good to be true, when James told me that all Indonesia newspapers, radio and TV reporters were been told that two trekkies from Singapore will be coming down to Jakarta! I was like……..YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Pinch me man, I must be dreaming! =o

We were….what was it called? Special guests appearance? =D If I had known any better, I’ll say we were! =D James was right about this, that I couldn’t afford to miss this opportunity. Its not about been invited to watch the movie (even despite watching it many times), but to be given a change to meet up with the local trekkies there. I had been introduced to one of them before by the named of Syaiful when he was in Singapore to take photos of us participating in the recent Chingay Parade. There, I will be able to meet more of them =)

We will be flying there by budget. Taking the JetStar flight. A one day trip, and James had subsidize 50% of my $128 flight, so I just had to return him back $60. For the past 25 years of my life, I had never been to Indonesia. Apart from that, I don’t even know how to handle their currently which comes in thousands. Well, I’m about to learn something new when I’m there.

Also, James had wanted me to bring along this Starfleet uniform to used it when we were there.

Starfleet Uniform

It was first seen in Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Then followed by the movie First Contact, and so forth. And I will also be wearing that Commander Spock mask, while James will be wearing the Klingon mask, whose character happened to be Lt Commander Worf. This is where, you can get the fans 100% attention to gaze a wide-eyed at you =D

Initially, we wanted to wear the new Starfleet uniform, but somehow or rather, our Indo trekkies had requested us to beam down a Klingon besides a Vulcan. So James had reckon Lt Cmdr Worf looks better in the Star Trek:First Contact uniform. Besides, the character was fitted that way as been seen in the movie itself =)

Surprisingly, James had worn the inner clothing of the uniform when I meet up with him at the airport. Mine as well, but I had worn a jacket over it. I had expected James to done the same thing as well. But I had to admit, it looks good actually =)

Once we get our tickets, we proceed to the upper level where James invited me for breakfast at this Changi Kopi Tiam. Our flight were schedule to disembarked at 0740hrs. We are still too early, so better make use of the spare time available.

To Indonesia

Time’s up, and we soon make our way towards the checkpoint.

A photo taken along the way. A special thanks to the person who agreed to take a picture of this small away team. Hehe =)

To Indonesia

So far, I’ve never fly budget before. And that day, I had my chance. In Singapore, there are three types. AirAsia, JetStar and Tiger Airways. As been mentioned before, ours is JetStar. James found it as the cheapest one, and apart from that, there’s no morning flight from both Tiger Airways and AirAsia. Here are the airlines available as James had found out:

S’p – Jakarta: 4.00pm-4.30pm
Jakarta – S’p: 6.00pm-8.35pm
Remarks: No morning flight to Jakarta on 14 Jun 09.

Tiger Airways
S’p – Jakarta: 4.35pm-5.10pm
Jakarta – S’p: 5.45pm-8.30pm
Remarks: No morning flight to Jakarta on 14 Jun 09.

S’p – Jakarta: 7.40am-8.30am (VF501)
Jakarta – S’p: 5.05pm-7.30pm (VF504) / 9.55pm-0.23am (VF506)

Remarks: 2-way flight at $128/pax (cheapest!)


Just for the fun of it. Haha! =D

From here, I will fast forward >>>>>>>>>>

“Helmsman, set a coarse towards Jakarta, Indonesia. Warp 5.” =)

………..And we were soon soaring through the sky. We were given a cupcake and plain water each as to accomodate us during the flight. Yeah, its plain water. Not the usual orange juice…..

Well, nothing much along the way except for some turbulence rocking the plane every now and then. And I had to admit, that this is my biggest fear when traveling on air…=(

Our designation estimated to about one hour and a half. So let’s skip it from here >>>>>>>>>>


Damn it! I should have taken a few shots of the airport!

We are to head towards the IMAX Cinema in a cab. One of the Indo trekkies had recommended to James to go for Sliver Bird or Blue Bird…or whatever bird is that, taxi company (As long as it doesn’t have anything to do with the Klingon Bird-Of-Prey or the Romulan Warbird…) where it was directly from the airport. I didn’t really asked why. Probably its reliable when comes to the prizing. On top of that, we are also running late in meeting up with the local trekkies, and that the movie has already started. Fortunately, the cute girl manning the front desk managed to get one in a perfect timing, and we were soon cruising along the country’s highway =)

It was roughly estimated as a one-hour ride towards the designated location. So we just relax on this smooth journey ahead. And at the same time, to catch the scenery outside at Indonesia as first timers like me on what its like =)

James calling one of the Indonesia trekkies =)

To Indonesia

Some few interesting photos taken.

To Indonesia

And I wonder if this CFC a competitor of KFC…=s

To Indonesia

Roughly an hour later, we arrived at our destination. The IMAX Cinema reminds me of the Singapore Science Center because of its dynamic structural design and shape. The front portion of it does looked like a cap, doesn’t it? Hehe…=)

To Indonesia

The movie already started. We were given the two tickets that was reserved for us before been guided to the upper level where the big screen was located.

The scene played was somewhere at the center of the movie when we entered the hall of darkness =D We managed to locate some empty seats at the back. A perfect view, indeed! =D While watching, we put on the outer shirt of our starfleet uniform as to get ready =)

Now here’s what I like about the atmosphere down here. Whenever there’s something heroic happens been seen in the movie, the audience started clapping and even cheering. Especially when both James Kirk and Hikaru Sulu instantly landed on the transporter pad after been beamed while falling from the sky. This is so amazing! Its not just laughter when comes to the hilarious scene. But its the aderaline that excite the fans here. And I even thought there’s gonna be a tsunami of hands spreading across the cinema. Like the Kallang Wave from the National Stadium =D

And when I relay this in comparison, it doesn’t mean I offended. I have NO intention of whatsoever. When I was watching the preview in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the audience began to clap when the two words “STAR TREK” began to materialized on the big screen. And they also clapped when the show ends.

Back in Singapore, when watching the preview at Great World City, Golden Village, the audience doesn’t clapped at all. But they do laughed when the funny appeared (This is so obvious… ). Even when the movie arrived on the actual day where it was officially opened for the public.

We actually joked about this one, that the audience watching Star Trek from Singapore were so serious-Vulcan type. Haha! =D

Anyway, its really surprising by how the fans of Indonesia would react upon seeing the interesting, not to mention, the most action scenes from the movie. They were really into this, and the excitement there was just right.


The movie ended with applause and were accompanied with cheers =D We were surprised to notice that many of the audience had worn different types of starfleet uniforms when we viewed them from above. Took me a second to realize that, they were the trekkies representing for this movie! Yeah!!! =D

Now, for the breaking of ice. Singapore Trekkies once again establishing First Contact with the Indonesia Trekkies =)

At the main lobby, was a carpet of cheers and excitement from the fans. Announcement at different length were made by few of the trekkies. Local reporters and cameramen were already present to spotlight this highly anticipated event of the year! =D

Now, here comes the most exciting part, where the fans can go WOW!! Both James and myself will put on our masks! Yah!


Trekkie James Lee — Lt Commander Worf (Klingon)

Trekkie Md.Ariffin — Commander Spock (Vulcan)

Told you that the fans will go wild upon seeing both all-time famous characters =D Once again, the experience of being like as though we are part of the Hall of Fame arises again! Everywhere we turned, they rushed towards us for photo-taking. Indeed, two special appearance of trekkies from Singapore =)

Below were the rest of the Star Trek madness! =D

And I couldn’t resist this one. Yeah, that’s me! =D Love this photo lots and lots!! =D

Spock with chicks

Why I’m so “emotionally” in love….

We are also being interviewed. Well, James do most of the talking. Haha!


Moments later, we removed the masks. Whew! That was hell! Haha! =D But still couldn’t get enough of the excitement outside! =D And we never leave our “friend” behind. Hehe…=)


Later, we were invited for lunch at this nearby restaurant by three of the local trekkies, named Erianto, Syaiful and Akhmad. Its only a few minutes drive from IMAX.

Lunch time

Check it out. The classic!

Lunch time

Food we ate (I’m starting to become like one of our trekkies by the named of Jeremy who just can’t resist taking pictures of food…) =D

Lunch Time

We spend about half-hour there before moving off again. Both Erianto and Akhmad decided to bring us to a shopping mall located at the heart of Jakarta. However, Syaiful had to return home.

It was a long road and I ended up sleeping like a baby. Must have been pretty tired the day before due to the chalet that I ended up reaching home a quarter to 2330hrs. Then had to wake up at 0500hrs for this one day trip to Indonesia.

We finally arrived. Once again, I have forgotten to take photos of the mall….

Everywhere I looked, catches me to resemblances the entire place like the shopping malls back home, and the feeling of it had me thought that I was in Singapore! =o

After what seems like a roundabout, we soon stopped by at Starbucks for a delighted caffeine and cake =)


There, we chat, in what seems like endless. Topic was not only on Star Trek, but to share the so-called common discussion as to what we did for a living. In life. Our work. Overall, its really been a pleasure getting to know more about our overseas counterparts. We can share our different ideas, motivations in how we can contribute within our region. To improve the benefits, the image, while remaining bonded in this rapport of ours =) I’ve never felt this happy, and never in my life, to pursue such a friendship with them. How lucky I am to tag along with James, even despite just one day. And it even be much better if few more of us would tagged along as well! Hah! =D


Soon, it was time for both of us to leave. We had to get back to the airport before 2155hrs cause we need to get the tickets early. Both Erianto and Akhmad thank us for dropping by to show the extra support and we hope they too, will dropped by to Singapore in the near future.

We managed to get a cab from outside the mall, and were soon on the way towards the airport. Even for a day, I already started to miss the fun here…….

Tickets were soon in hand, but the departure flight was about two hours away. Still too early. So we did a little shopping and had our dinner just to kill some time.


Fast forward >>>>>

We were soon onboard the JetStar Airliner. Someday in the future, I would be back again to meet the trekkies there. I mean, if it were meant to be a Star Trek trip. Hehe…=)

“Helmsman, set a course for Singapore. Warp 5. Engage.” =D

Once again, I ended up sleeping like a baby…..zzzZZZzzz…..


Monday, June 15th

Stardate: 63455.0

The sudden impact of the jetliner tires touching the runway jolted me up from my dreamland. Took me a second to realize that we are back in Singapore. The time was a few minutes before 0100hrs. And guess what, I’ll be sleeping only for a few hours. Cause I need to wake up at 0530hrs for work. Its morning shift for me. Yeah….most likely I’ll be tired by then. Oh well, still had to move on =)


Captain’s log                             Stardate: 63439.0 (June 9th, 2009)

Seriously, I just don’t seem to understand from SOME people nowadays. Especially when you are working as a law enforcement officer. Some kind-heart souls out there would have objected me vehemently not to tell the whole world about what I’m going to write. But wasn’t that a BLOG meant to be. And I can’t help the fact that I AM, after what seem to be “wrongfully accused” from those idiots. I was advised to be patient. But how long does the advice gonna last? Especially when they say you are rude, when you are actually trying to be nice to them!

Just my previous morning shift, a male customer came to my post with his young son to make a report. He didn’t even returned my greeting when I greeted him with a smile. Well, some people wouldn’t be bothered, and we ought to expect that. But the way he had come in, was like as if my post was a lobby of some budget hotel. It so happens when I began to ask him more question regarding to his case. In case any blogger reading this thought I might be talkative, I am NOT. His case is a more serious type and questions that I had asked is considerable. I could tell by the looked of his change in expression by each questions that were laid out to him. Once again, I just had to ask this questions! Its a must and very important before I relay this to the investigating officer in-charge of the case. If there’s nothing much to concern about, you think I would babbled on like as if there’s no tomorrow?

Yet, this guy claimed that I had waste his “precious time” and even objected that his case wasn’t that complicated.

HELLO!!!??? Who’s the police officer here!? (And I’m NOT trying to be arrogant here!) What makes he think that his case wasn’t that complicated!? And how much does he know about this case!? If he was indeed a smart alec, then why don’t he lodged the report himself!? Call me crazy if you wished in what I’ve just mentioned!

Pardon me, but I’m not used to be so vulgar. But in this kind of situation – What the F_ _ _!

In the wake to control my anger, I explained to him carefully. Emphasize the prerequisite of the scenario regarding to the issue. But he seems like…..I don’t know…..hearing problems!? He thinks he’s right, and what I did was like, shaking legs?? Excuse me, customers are not right most of the time! There’s a saying to this; To be able to catch a ball, is not as easy as it appears.

Worse come to worse (as I considered this as one of the most “interesting expression” from people like him), he even says I’m rude!

That really got into me! If this is how he behaves, this is how he addresses me, then I will reveal my true colours.

“Ok fine! If you think I’m rude, then go ahead! I have been very patience, but you gave me no choice! I’m trying my best to help you, and yet you thought I had waste your stupid “precious time!” Then why come here in the first place!? If you want to complain against me, by ALL MEANS! Because Singaporeans like you, love to complain! Go ahead, tell the whole world! Complain to the newspaper! I don’t care! You want my pass!? Go ahead, take my name, take my ID, my rank! And perhaps, you better take a look inside the dictionary! Cause I don’t think you know what the word “rude” means!”

That really got him to stood up from the seat, grabbed his son, and stormed out from the place. And muttering….”sickening…”

What a jerk! Man, how I wished I could yelled back at him! But on the other hand, good riddance of him! Eventually, the report that idiot wanted was call off. He had rejected it anyway. Damn! His attitude really sucks! To be frank, I have encountered such behavior in my line of duty, but this is the most ridiculous one, especially when the person accused that you are rude when you are being polite! Doesn’t they know what “rude” means.

And complains? Ah…yes, the so-called “blah….blah….blah…..blah…..blah….blah….” Sometimes, they can get over the edge over a minor issue, and this is what they did. I admit, some members of public had ever lodged complains against me before. But seriously, its all minor issue, but they tend to make a big whoo-ahh about it. Its a wonder why many police officer resigned.

I settled back on my chair. Trying to ease my mind away from the troubling thoughts. In times like this, I can say that I really hate my job. But all saying goes, that you still need to go with the flow as what life and parcel is all about. You had chosen the job, and you better lived up to it. If you think you can’t handle anything like this, then you might as well broke out from there. Its now or never. But during this recession period (let alone the H1N1 flu virus….), you think you want to?

Just think, focus as you eased yourself. If you are the one who treated your customer like some monster, then its practically your fault. But you are NOT, and you DON’T even dare! Cause you know what you are doing through the protocols of a Good Customer Service. With a smile, that is… =)

This is something I wish to share. Not to offend others……

Captain’s log                             Stardate: 63422.0 (June 3rd, 2009)

I woke up first thing in the morning to find the sky raining down tears. Weather like this is usually perfect, when you are still in dreamland – as what many will concur. And will ended up going back to dreamland again, when you just woke up and noticed that it rains. Noticing it, I remember someone of that certain individual mentioning about the beauty of rain. Quite touching, a warm heart-feeling that kept you embrace to the depth of this very nature itself. It tells how beautiful the sound were made when the rain patters against the glass window. The gentle wind brushes against your skin, that let your mind to wander and think nothing at all. Just completely ease the thoughts as you drifted away by nature. Its truly remarkable, that you felt like floating through the clouds……

Ok, enough said. Now I suddenly sounded too soft into this….

Since today was my official off day, I thought of waking up early so that I could spend around the clock when I knew I gonna rot at home the whole day! =D Need to surf the net due to some ghost investigation that I was linked to anyway. Well, you know that I was a member of the local paranormal group as been mentioned before. Thought of spending part of the day seeking out for any information that I could dig out from the local internet. Its seeking thrillers, I tell ya. Reminds me more of like a police investigations as I thought more about it =D

Without wasting any precious moment, I immediately dragged myself out of bed. My eyes fell upon on a particular novel left on my computer desk.

Ah yes, its the new Star Trek novel, which was based upon the new movie that I’ve brought the day before (June the 2nd). I’ve already mentioned about it from my previous log just yesterday also. Hehe…=D

I had continued reading it right after I had posted yesterday’s log entry. The same goes when I was on the train heading for home right after I had purchase the book. Suddenly find myself so engrossed into it that I almost missed my stop. Despite knowing how the new chapter turns out, I just couldn’t stopped turning the pages. I was so lost into it! Its dramatic, truly remarkable, tells the whole story through in-depth. Just like many other Star Trek novels I’ve read. But this ain’t non-canon. Its already taking place on the big screen, and the novel had retold the tale in a much more stretchy version.

Page after page ended as I turned them after another when I read it the night before. I didn’t realized how far I have gone, until I happened to caught the time on the wall.


Talk about that timing! And talk about reading it till somewhere in the middle of the book! Well, I had better called it a night. Or else I ended up waking up late today.

And so, the entire time was facing the computer before me. Spend some few hours paranormal hunting through the internet, before proceeding opening up those common websites that I was hooked on. Two fan forums, a social webpage and a music site, just to add on some relaxation as I clicked away on the mouse. By then, the rain has already stopped, and the rays of sunlight started streaming through the gaps of my bedroom window.

Birds chirping was heard, and soon company by a resident living on a level just below mine, singing his heart out while taking a shower.

Not bad. Can opt for an audition for the upcoming Singapore Idol 3, I supposed….


Star Trek, The Novel

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Captain’s log                           Stardate: 63420.0 (June 02nd, 2009)

After going hibernating for several hours due to the previous night shift that was completed, I washed up and get all dressed up before heading towards Ngee Ann Shopping Mall, which was located at the heart of Orchard Road. I remember one of our female trekkies (Star Trek fans) saying that she had brought a new Star Trek novel some time ago, which was literally based on the new Star Trek movie. (She was a Star Trek novel collector, for your info =) It was sold in the Kinokuniya bookstore, located on the 3rd level of the building. Despite of watching the movie a few times, why not get the book also? =D Its a reflection of what goes beyond on the same path, though there may be a slight difference in words when comes to the book. Its common like many others, as they are meant to show the in-depth part of the story. But the entire storyboard and characters were still intact, having no effect to reconcile.

It was already late afternoon by the time I woke up. Well, its better actually, since the weather had cool down; compared during the day earlier when it was a blazing heat!


Soon, I was out soaring from the bookstore, with the new Star Trek novel that I’ve just brought. Believe it or not, I started reading it once I boarded the train home. I just happened to find the urge to read it, despite knowing how the story goes by. I suddenly turned engrossed into it. So engrossed that I almost missed the station where I’m supposed to disembarked! =D

Once I arrived at home, I picture this:

Model and Book
A perfect delicate collection 😉