3 Hot Spots

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Captain’s log                          Stardate: 62565.1 (Jan 24th, 2009)

Just last week, stardate 62545.8 ( Jan 17th, 2009), the local ghost hunters had gone recce with another paranormal group to three haunting locations at Pulau Ubin. And just two days ago, on stardate 62559.5 ( Jan 22th, 2009), we set off for another recce at mainland. Indeed, the planning was fast! =o

Here’s the full report:

Stardate: 62559.5
22th January 2009

Members involved: (Nicknames based that were used in the forum)

icezzwan, sponge123, captain_24 (Me), skylian3001, pureformew, qR1985 and mikemyers2006

The plan was to meet at Serangoon MRT control station by 1830hrs on that day. Been established by pureformew, yesterday’s recce was towards the heart of Chuan Hoe Ave residential estate, where held the Japanese Cemetery. Frankly speaking, I never really knew there’s one in such a place. It is in conjunction during the Japanese Occupation?

As according to pureformew, one of his classmates has been possessed there. This happens when she was playing hide and seek with her friends, and was at that time she was hiding behind a tree. The gate was still opened, and believe the closing time is 1900hrs. It left me to wonder, why would anyone wanted to play hide and seek inside a cemetery? =o

But this is not the only place we gonna recce. We shall also recce at two more different locations within Serangoon New Town. One is at Sunshine Park which was located along Serangoon Ave. And the other one……let’s just say, I never knew that this would turned out to be so surprising. On the second thought, I had long forgotten about the place. Yes, a few of us had been here before. And that was one week ago. I never knew we would be back again. I never knew we would be back until skylian3001 told me once we’ve left Sunshine Park.

Its the abandoned Woodleigh MRT station which was built over a cemetery =o

Surprised, surprised. But I shall get to that part later.

We had our dinner first at KFC, which was surprisingly, a small outlet with only two counters and links to a coffee shop. While eating our meal, icezzwan also introduced to us the GPS device which he recently just brought. He planned to use it for all our ghost hunts, as so to mark where we had traveled. An excellent choice, in addition to his collection of ghost devices =)

And what a surprised to see that mikemyers2006 shows up! We never even thought he would be joining us. He’s the dude who loves to crack up for some reason. Well, he’s here though. Looks like we gonna have to adapt to his “natural environment” of lame jokes and crappy talks for that night. Hah! =D

Once we had our dinner, we set off towards the Japanese Cemetery as our first location. By then, the sky is already dark. The night, is full of thrills and chills for the ghost hunters…=)

Its quite a considerable distance if you asked me. Cause we are traveling on foot, that’s for sure. Hah! =D

Along the way

About ten minutes by estimation, we reached Chuan Hoe Ave. In the first place, we thought we are lost or either missed out the location. Here’s where the GPS comes in. On trial! Hah! =D

The map of the location been printed out by pureformew does comes in handy when work-along side with the GPS =)


We’ve hit the spot! We are right where we are. Got to get myself one of those toys. Hah! =D

Seconds later, mikemyers2006 pointed out a frame, been almost hidden by bushes located on one side of the road.


Looks like we are here…..

The cemetery is been surrounded behind this line of bushes. As such, pureformew had started scanning the perimeter by using the EMF for any sign of paranormal activity. However, readings indicate negative.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s behind the bushes.


We continued walking along the path till we come to the entrance of the cemetery.


Unfortunately, it was closed for the night. Well, that’s too bad. Unexpectedly, for us =(

But here’s some photos taken where we had our cameras slip between the grills of the gate =D

Gate Japanese Cemetery Japanese Cemetery Japanese Cemetery


Seems to me that the whole cemetery had the perimeter been lined with bushes, as what we had observed when we followed the trail all around it.

Well, guess that’s it for the first one. Nothing much to speculate. If only the gates were opened, then we would be most likely to spend a lot of time down there =D Of course, nearby residents would most likely turned suspicious upon seeing us, and sooner or later we’ll be seeing those red and blue lights flashing. Get it? =D


Our next stop, was Sunshine Park, where we took the bus from our current position. Along the way, I was wondering, what was the history behind Sunshine Park? For some reason, I had to ask pureformew about it, since he happened to know more about it from the past news been published from the newspapers and the local internet. He explained that, a coffin was been found when construction workers were digging up the ground for the new landscape to take shape. Soon discovered by the authorities after learning more about it, that the place was once used to be a cemetery =o

So another hot spot was uncovered. Sunshine Park was formerly, Sunshine Grave……….

Wasn’t sure if the park held any possible grim side effect due to its previous roots. But pureformew had suggested that we should check the place out. We might came across something out of the unexpected…..

We soon reached the location.

Sunshine Park

A spacious landscape. A luxurious botanical design. A perfect romantic spot for dating couples…hehe 😉

Sunshine Park

This bridge below, where the coffin was believed to be found….

Sunshine Park Sunshine Park

We recce the rest of the park. And the only “out of the unexpected” we’ve came across is this…..

Sunshine Park


Well, another fast game. Nothing much to discover about this park though. Just a splendid view been illuminated with lights when the sky turns dark =)

Pureformew soon informed us that he won’t be able to join us to recce the last location, as he had promised he be back home in time. Once he had left, the rest of us proceed on our way by foot. To the familiar place where a few of us had been. And this is where I began to realize, just by seeing the familiar route taken. Only then, skylian3001 began to tell me; yes, we are going there. Reason: Cause qR1985, icezzwan and mikemyers2006 had not been there before.

Ohh…its a wonder……

We stopped by a coffeshop to get a drink before moving off. There’s this lush of green circulating a field up ahead across the junction from the opposite side of the road. There’s a narrow road, that links with the main road leading all the way in towards the dark forest up ahead. A “No Entry” barricade were placed at the entrance of the narrow road. According to skylian3001, as she had found out, this particulr area use to be the bidadari or a Malay cemetery. The problem is, we had avoid to recce this area and just proceed straight towards the abandoned Woodleigh MRT terminal.

Well, on that night itself, we are going in…

Dark Entry Dark Entry Dark Entry

Even despite from the dark, I could tell from the looks of qR1985, that she had already sense something strong here. Even for icezzwan, as he can “feel” them when he strike his hand infront of him. Also, in such a way as to whether the spirits were nearby. From the looks if both, there’s a sinister feeling within this surrounding darkness. Something, seemingly that has drawn forward when comes to our presence. Even as one of those “non-feelers” I could already sense the taste of it. The fear that gripped you cold, that leaves your stomach tied in knots. Your heart raced. Your mind spin. That cold sweat that flowed down your face…

Dark Entry

Moments later, skylian3001 suggested that we should switch off our lights and to adapt to this natural environment in total darkness. Following the tactics that the ghost watch team had performed when we had our recce at Pulau Ubin.

Dark Entry Dark Entry Dark Entry

In less than five minutes, we turned back to where we came from. I was walking beside icezzwan, and watching him using one hand to strike infront of him as to feel for any paranormal activity while the other hand holding his camcorder. At the same time, he kept telling him that he could feel some strong vibes coming from his left side. This lead me to snap photos from where he had indicate; to the trees especially. And that’s where I came to a standstill!

I was aiming my camera to one of the trees. The camera had emitted a red light to auto focus when I pressed the shutter button. And it was at this time, from the red light itself, I saw a face!

The Tree

Where I had circle in red, is where I saw the face. And it was white. I’m telling you I’m not kidding! Seems to me like the camera only captured a “fragment” of it; cause it was only a split second before the camera flashes. Upon seeing it had left me to shudder with fear. Icezzwan advised me not to say anything cause he had already sense what I just saw. He just pulled me out of there and signal the group to quicken our pace.

We managed to head out, where I related my encounter. Just as I suspected, qR1985 had see the look on me and could tell for sure. I was nearly out of breath for a minute there. I’m telling you; what I saw is REALLY what I saw! =o

We moved on, towards the same place. The abandoned Woodleight MRT terminal located next to a field that was once a cemetery. Let alone been built over a cemetery…


EMF readings were normal. Nothing much to discover. Might as well call it a night.

To add it, I was been advised not to think too much over what I’ve just witness earlier. Leave as it is and to move on with my everyday life.

Written below are the additional facts from icezzwan, been quoted from his “EveryTrail” blog page.

“9.31pm: We reached our 3rd location..The Infamous Bidadari Cemetery!! As we went in, I could feel strong vibes coming from my left side and I was on my guard through out this recce. Sis qR and Bro Sponge already have this weird look on they faces!! I kept quiet as I didn’t want to scare the rest and also since there were Bro Mike and Bro Captain the none “Feelers” in the group I wanted to see their reactions.

Somewhere at the end of the tracks we were greeted with a gust of cool wind!! I could tell something’s not right..I look at Sis qR and Sis Sky. Sis qR said we are not welcome and should go..Sis Sky agreed with her.

Bro Mike the “Iron man” didn’t feel anything!! Right to the end of the track, we broke into smaller group..2 by 2. Each group about 20 meters in between. The ladies, Sis Sky and Sis qR ,1st group. Myself and Bro Captain, 2nd Group( I purposely wanted to be in the middle just in case). And Bro Mike and Bro Sponge forms the 3rd group.

The ladies were the first to go fore. They were hold each others’ hands tightly. At one point they stopped and turned looking at me. I signal them to go ahead. As the vibes I was getting was stationery and not moving towards them.

The vibes were coming from this weird tree or should I say something on the tree branches. Bro Captain wanted to take photos and ask me where to take. I told him that tree. So he position himself and shot the pictures. Then he turned and I could tell he saw something. I told him not to say anything. I just pulled him out of there and quicken our pace.

I signaled Bro Mike and Bro Sponge to do the same. Out of there beside the road, Bro Captain relate his encounter. As he was pressing the shoot button..his camera emitted 2 red light to auto focus..it was during this time he saw a figure in white!! It was a split second thing and immediately after the camera flashed and took the pictures. I do hope he managed to capture the thing in pictures!!

Next proceed to Woodleigh MRT, abandoned sitting there like a white elephant!! We took some photos and decided to continue on to the Christian Cemetery. Sis qR was tired so Bro Sponge accompanied her sitting at the bus stop infront of the MRT Station.

There was nothing at the christian cemetery..EMF readings normal. Towards the end of the track we were greeted by a military like facilities. Bro Mike said it could be a NCC Corp Camp.

Then we turned and went back to meet up with Bro Sponge and Sis qR. I capture a video of a man entering the abandoned MRT..maybe a maintainence technician.

Ended the recce at about 10.30pm.”

  1. nur says:

    Cool and detailed blog…u can even remember the street name..
    lol…if me nvr!

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