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Thor: The God Of Thunder

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Captain’s log                               Stardate: 64828.8 (Apr 29th, 2011)

When Mathias suggested that we should watch the movie Thor, I was left clueless. What is Thor? He told me that he’s some powerful warrior, and also happens to be a God which is based on Marvel Comics. So I did some research regarding to it. I’m not much of a big fan to Marvel, as I was more towards the DC Comic.

Based on info from Wikipedia, it appears that “Thor” is a hammer-wielding God who is associated with thunder, lighting and storms. In short, the God of Thunder. Also, associated with oak trees (???), strength, destruction, fertility, healing and the protection of mankind. He’s the son of Odin, who is the the ruler of this extra dimensional realm of Asgard, and the Elder Goddess Geas, Goddess of the Earth and personification of Mother Nature. Raised in Asgard by Odin and his wife, the Goddess Frigga, who was Thor’s mother, Thor grew up alongside his stepbrother, Loki. Contrary to Thor, Loki was proved to be a mischievous child, and was often jealous of the affection that Odin had showed to his older brother. That explains why Loki was regard as the Asgardian God of Mischief. Jealously strikes really cold when you are in his shoes….

His weapon of defense, is the Hammer. Known as Mjolnir, which means “That Which Smashes” the hammer was craved from this mystical ore, which happens to be a highly immalleable metal that stores a natural affinity for magic. Like the sword seen in King’s Arthur, this hammer is meant for the Chosen One or those who are deemed “worthy.” When it was finished, Odin first used it to defeat the leader of this so-called Frost Giants. Later, Thor received the hammer after proving himself worthy after going through Odin’s trials. It grants him many of his powers and abilities, can only be wielded by those that are deemed “worthy.”

“Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”

Seen in the movie, the hammer appears to be weight an unbearable and extremely amount of ton! To Thor, was nothing more but light as a feather, cause he was chosen.

Now, here’s something interesting I came across. Not only Thor, but other well-known greatest superheroes that was deemed worthy to wield the Mjolnir which based on alternate universe. Such as Superman, Wonderwoman, Captain America, Hulk, Conan the Barbarian, even Spiderman! Hmm…I wonder if Hercules or Zena was deemed worthy too…..

Those info I’ve studied were enough to make me understand who is Thor. The rest I just have to watch it on the big screen. It first open on this island just yesterday the 28th, and also which happens to be my off day. Well, if it isn’t for Mathias, I would have rot all day at home! Also, I had no idea what to do, and where to go. Its gonna be damn bored! I just had to make good used of my off days whenever necessary and whenever possible. So that was a good chance to run around the clock before the fun ends.

One thing I’m impressed about the movie is the teleportation between worlds. The place where Thor lives, Asgard, was actually a dimensional realm that is inhabited by the Asgardians or Norse Gods. Literally the world of Gods. Its physically different from Earth or any other planets. Asgard is not a sphere-like shape, does not spin on its axis, but a piece of land floated in space. Some might think of it as heaven.

The first part where Thor, four of his closest companions and stepbrother had teleport was a cold world that was been inhabited by this so-called Frost Giants. There, they wage a fierce battle. Next, Thor was been dumped to Earth by his father, Odin, as a punishment for reigniting a reckless war. The hammer, goes along with him. This teleporter, which reminds me of the Mount Palomar Observatory, was been guarded by this Gatekeeper. He can actually see what’s been happening. No matter how millions of lights years away you were.

On Earth, he ended up mingle around with three scientists, whom one is guy and two ladies. They stumbled into him when he came crashing down from this tornado look-alike, which is actually the teleporter vortex from Asgard. Subsequently one of the ladies had fallen for him, who later, share the same love for her…

And at the end of the day, it was actually the stepbrother who was responsible for all this mess. He had secretly make a deal with the Frost Giants, leading them into the gates of Asgard. Deliberately trying t0 take over this father’s place as King. Not allowing his brother to reclaim what’s right. He even send down his terrifying beast to Earth to eliminate Thor.

This kind of movie which shown the teleportation of worlds really thrills me to the max! I really love it when they showed how this new worlds or dimensional realm look like. Humanoids, creatures that inhabited those worlds. Their own cities, with amazing design. Mountains, rocks that floats, something like in the movie Avatar. And at most, the planet Earth always happens to be on the list. Reminds me of Star Trek actually. Haha!

Overall, the movie was a MUST to watch! It got all the suspense, the unpredictable rage, the chills, the thrills that will keep you to the edge of your seat. You are seeing a world populated with Norse Gods, with each worthy to stand at their place, until the time comes when one is worthy to be King and worthy to wield the might of the Mjolnir.


Captain’s log                         Stardate: 64804.8 (Apr 21st, 2011)

Damn, the unbearable weather earlier seems to drive some of us crazy till we go sick! I began to develop a bad sore throat and this coughing just won’t go away! Hopefully I won’t fall sick the next day. Seems like a mild one, but had tested myself by swallowing 2 tables of panadol to see how the result goes…

Anyway, just to let you know that I recently order this white ninja hood, or balaclava as some would say, from ebay. This is regards to my Red Ranger white balaclava that is to be worn before putting on the helmet. I carelessly left it inside the toilet of Ngee Ann Polytechnic when I was changing after an event that was held there. I didn’t realize it until I reach home. That’s where I notice something is missing. That’s where I realize it. Damn it! So heartbreaking! I shouldn’t have rush! And also, I had another cosplay event the following day, which was held at Funan IT Mall! Without it, I don’t think I can morphed as the Red Ranger.

Time for desperate measures!! So ended up I had to use this long white cloth, which I urgently had to ask my mum to help sew the sides together. So it looks more like a sock, and good enough to cover my neck. Also, as a substitute while I go placed an order for the ninja hood. I find it suitable enough to replace for my lost balaclava. I brought two pairs. One is for my friend, who also happens to be a Red Ranger. Season 1 Red Ranger, to be exact. Its true as what many would say, that the Red Ranger has always been everybody’s favourite Power Ranger! =D

Anyway, my friend’s balaclava happens to be a black one. So when he wears the helmet, you can still see part of it, which doesn’t seem at all match to the white collar which was been mended to his suit. Unlike mine, which was not been mend together with the suit. Ours comes from different tailor. So I decided its best I brought for him too, since the prize is quite affordable.

Here’s the items, which landed on my doorstep today =)

Suitable enough as a replacement isn’t it? I mean to me, of course. Its fits most. And its stretchable.

Also, had to remind myself, not to rush when changing after the event ends. Who knows that one day I might ended up carelessly leaving behind my Blade Blaster. That sure gonna make me cry like a demanding child when his parents refuse to buy him a toy…..

Captain’s log                        Stardate: 64797.3 (April 17th, 2011)

In one hour’s time, I will leave the house and will be on my way to work. Which I just find it so reluctant to leave! Especially when the clouds are rolling in.

Thunder booms among the clouds. There’s a storm over the horizon. Man, I just love the sky. At times like this really makes you wanna buried yourself back into your comfort zone and just slumber peacefully into dreamland. But not for me. Duty calls….

This temporary assignment was killing every part in me. Feels like as though I’m about to break apart at any moment. Bones shattering. Two months grounded at this so-called demanding post felt like as though I’ve been sentence to prison for two years! Sorry if I were been too nonsensical nonsense, but this is what I feeling like as though I am!

Oh well, guess have to wait for the time where we won’t be needed anymore and kick us back to where we originally belong, which we are dying for! 


Funan Engage 2011

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Captain’s log                      Stardate: 64777.2 (Apr 10th, 2011)

There’s happening taken place at the Funan IT Mall Atrium. Costume Talent, Movie Mania had organized a cosplay competition known as Funan Engage 2011 which is in conjunction with Funan Digital Sale. It’s a free event, and free for all for those who is not participating for the competition but just to have a whole lot of fun cosplaying in their character. There’s also a special guest appearance by Japanese Idol, Chiroru Hoshino who will be performing on stage. Her fans were there, ready to scream their lungs out when her most enthusiastic cheers came.

As for the competition, I was been encouraged to took part into it. According to the list I saw, there’s not much people signing up for the competition. There’s still a lot of available slots left. You just have to give your name, the character you are in and from which series or movies they came from. Due to the encouragement given, I ended up facing a dilemma. Should I, or should not sign for it at this very last moment. The competition will be held in 2 hours time, and I got that spare moment to decide! Besides, this is not my first time performing on stage for cosplaying. The current one, being as my favourite Star Trek character, the Borg was a pure epic one. Unforgettable. And that was 2 years ago. So, should I, or should not? As Red Ranger. At the back of my mind tells me to go for it. I always love getting the attention, the admiration when comes to cosplaying. Acting on stage will give be a bigger one. I had experience it before, and I know how the adrenaline is!

So I made up my mind. I’m in! Thanks Wilson for the encouragement! =)

The adrenaline pumps hard into me when its my turn. Armed with my Red Ranger Power Sword and the Blade Blaster, I began to swing around into action. Performing the moves made by the Red Ranger himself, with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme song playing in the background. That’s what makes me to stay alive up there, and to clear any doubts. The song is like my medicine, while I showcase my moves infront of the judges and tons of hundreds of people watching from the Atrium and from the levels of the shopping mall.

The judges had soon decide who will be up for the Top 10. Needless to say, I did not make it. But I’m not all entirely disappointed. Its worth be on stage, and to showcase your skills and talents as the character you are in. Its a fun experience! Its all about cosplaying. To have fun characterizing yourself as your favourite character. Be loved and amazed by the people as they rush to take photos with you! =)

At least I get a goodie bag from all that hard work on stage! HAHA!

So once that’s over, I’m back with my pals to take some photos with the public. The part where I enjoyed the most till I don’t even want to remove my ranger helmet just to get back some fresh ventilation! Haha!

What a day! Its been a whole of fun, and its great that this event falls on my off day! Perfect time to make the best used of it to spend the day cosplaying =)

Now my Red Ranger deserves a good break. Awaiting for the day where I need to morph again… =P

Zoo Outing

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Captain’s log                          Stardate: 64757.7 (Mar 03th, 2011)

Initially thought of having fun at Universal Studios Singapore, since I long planning to visit there. Was damn itching on taking that Battlestar Galatica ride, especially. But a friend of ours had wanting to go to the zoo, since he had some of his best friends there that he had so long haven’t met. Furthermore, his favourite place to visit, as what he had claims.

Well, why not then? Even for myself, its been quite a while since I’ve last visited the zoo. As I would expect, they might be some changes there. Upgrading, and possibly bringing in more animals. Heard that they are planning to house in Pandas by next year. Awesome!! =)) Those bears gonna be loved!

So its confirm then; we are heading towards the zoo. The trip to Universal Studios Singapore will be planned on a later date. Too bad two of our gang couldn’t make it. So ended up only two of us, me and Mathias. But at least its better than being going there alone! Haha! Besides, I was given off for that day. I wouldn’t want to rot at home doing absolutely nothing but rot! I need something to do! Exploring! Going out with friends! Make used of the day before it ends! I hate wasting my time around the clock when the opportunity is there.

So there we were! At the zoo, exploring the nature and wildlife that Singapore can offered at its best. It was drizzling when we arrived that. Not much rain though, but we were praying that it wouldn’t rain. This little rain is good enough!

There’s quite a lot of changes in the zoo, as I would have expected. Those usual paths, where I remember walking along them some ages ago was no longer in sight. The paths were shifted, and new facilities had taken place. As we walked in further, the sound and cries from those animals does brings me memories of the place. Especially the time when I was in primary school doing those excursion and educational trips. Ahh….the nostalgia….

So, here are the photos taken on the wild! =)

Glad that I managed to spend the day exploring at the zoo with my friend rather than just sitting ducks at home. Its worth every of that quality hours spend! =D

Ok guys, let’s now planned for another trip. Universal Studios Singapore, perhaps? =D