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Captain’s log                            Stardate: 64992.7 (Jun 28th, 2011)

This yearly happy event is back again for more fun, excitement, surprises, thrills and chills and to make more new friends! So far, this is one of my most favourite cosplay event, as I would normally get to know new friends while putting up a show just for the public’s entertainment purposes. So last weekend, which takes place at Pasir Ris, Downtown East, was a battlefield of cosplayers from different era. The usual sights of large numbers of anime fans. Then follow by fans of sci-fict, games, even military, police/SWATs, you named it! Just about everything down here all seems related.

There will also be a cosplay competition, as one of the biggest anticipation that can never be missed out on event like this. Whether it will be a solo or group, only one will emerged as the champion on stage.

If anyone of you is guessing what will I cosplay as, and had guess what you think is right, then you are.


The Red Ranger from the Mighty Morphin era had set foot on the battlefield of cosplayers. He will join forces together with Ultraman, Chun-Li from Street Fighter, Green Hornet and an elite team of Kamen Riders. All prep and ready to unleash the fun and brings out the joy and happiness for all! This time, its to save the fun and excitement, not just to save the world! Even superheroes need a break.

Its fortunate that the event falls on my off days. It was a usual two-day event, but I can’t make it on Saturday due to some personal commitments. So that last day is my only chance to be there. One day is worth enough for me to fulfill my time and to enjoy the fun around the clock. At least I get to spend it, and this is something that I hate to miss out!

Well, here goes for the day. All this best photos were taken by my friends as I had forgotten to bring my camera due to my excitement as I just couldn’t wait to be there. Many credits to you guys! =D

All fun things soon come to end and its time to call it a day. We all had our fun. And how pleasantly and touching the day was been fulfill. Not only been loved by many kids, two of them even ask me for my autograph! Like as if I’m the actual actor, wearing the suit.

Most embarrassing, if not the awkward moment of all when this group of young girls rush towards me and surrounded me with their big cuddly hugs. I feel like a stuff toy to them. Let alone been surrounded by a platoon of photographers, snapping their shots at every angle while I’m there been squashed so tight by the girls till I almost ran out of air…..

Well, that’s what one of them had promise me, that she will “hug me till death!” everytime she see me on events. Well, I do expected this afterall, since this is not the first time she and her pals of anime fans had hug me so damn tight. She’s a big fan of Power Ranger. Who could blame her? =D Power Ranger can be so cuddly when they are not saving the world. Hahaha! Not to mention, they even chased me across the field, cause they just couldn’t resist hugging me more! You never know how much my heart really melts seeing how cute and compassionate they were just by hugging me. I was all red behind that red helmet of mine. THEY LOVED ME!!!!!!!!

To my Red Ranger, you never failed to make me proud. Its time for you to rest. To be fully energize so you can be ready for the next round of events. Till then, stay tune my friends. I’ll be back for more! =)

As What I Wanted To Be…….

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Captain’s log                                    Stardate: 64981.7 (Jun 24th, 2011)

Looking back at my photos as the Red Power Ranger which I had posted in my Facebook account reminds me of the time where some of my cousins and myself kept urging who shall be which Power Ranger. We were playful kids back then, and so obsessed into it. That time, its during the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers era. The girls had it easy, as there are only two of them. The Yellow and the Pink Ranger. Its us, the guys, who always had it so loud and choosy. We all wanted to be the Red Ranger. It never fails, as the Red Ranger still remains the strongest, still popular, still loved by many, still kick-ass, a legend till now. It has always been everybody’s favourite.

In the end, I was force to choose as the Blue Ranger. Its not that I don’t want to. I mean no offense to the Ranger who commands the Triceratops Dinozord, then later commands the Unicorn Thunderzord which forms from Triceratops. Then later the Wolf Ninjazord, and followed by the Blue Shogunzord. He may be a stereotypical “nerd”, as what many would dubbed when he wasn’t a Ranger. But he was considered the brains of the team, creating many gadgets to solve problems that not even Zordon foresaw. Amazingly, he even invented the first team’s wrist communication devices, that allows them to communicate among the team and via the Command Center. If not for him, wouldn’t be the chosen five.

Definitely the Blue Ranger is cool, seriously. But I was a big fan of the Red Ranger. So does everybody! Almost all! I then requested for Black Ranger or Green Ranger. But sorry, already taken. That lucky one gets to be Red.

I remember how upset I was. Cause me, as the Blue Ranger, feels like a nerd. They kept saying Blue Ranger is lame, and he wasn’t strong enough compare to the rest of the Power Rangers. But they did not see the perspective and genius side of him. His contribution and intelligence that he can provide to the team, as well as to better aid Zordon and Alpha 5. I know its just a show, and you guys don’t see a reason why there’s a need to be upset. But when you are kid, and believe into all this, you will also ended up believing that you are one of them. Since you choose to be. Always had this imaginary thoughts that if only you were like one of them. But I did not choose the Blue Ranger. Its just that I have no choice but to choose it. But I don’t actually expect them to gave some negative comments about it. Actually, I felt kinda demoralized. Can you believe it!? I can still remember clearly, of how upset I become. And believe it, I was almost in tears too. Seriously, I nearly cry. They had me to choose the Blue Ranger. Then they make fun of it. So it does felt like they are making fun of me as well. I was been mocked!

Oh well. You know, kids! I really laughed to myself by those fond memories when they floated in my mind =D

Soon, as time passes by, and the more mature we become, its all been forgotten. Each one of us had focus on other stuff, and we no longer had any interest in this Power Ranger stuff. Those are meant for kids, and we had not kids anymore.

It turns out, for me, I WAS SOOOOO WRONG!!!!! Hahaha! Many years later, I’m back to my childhood days. If not for my friend who was the Green Ranger, I wouldn’t have become a favourite to the kids. He had help to bring back those fond memories that I had locked away after so many years to be unlocked, and to become that character as I had always to be when I was a child.

I couldn’t have done it without him. And I’m fortunate that I was there during the Airshow event which is last year February. Cosplay talent MoviaMania, as well as our Star Trek fansite were invited to add in the surprises and thrills and be the limelight for that extravaganza event. That’s how I gotten to know him. Its true, that dreams do come true. As long as you put your mind into it, really serious about it, it can be achieve. But of course, like my case, its all depends on your budget. It was never cheap when comes to custom-made, especially when it was done overseas. Patience is the essence. I’ve waited for 6 months for this. It’s worth the spend. Cause its just what you really wanted to be, ever since childhood.

Broken dreams are glued. I’m now bringing it all that is forgotten. Those fond memories……and what its like to be a Power Ranger. To dedicate it for the kids, cause everybody knows that this colour-custom superheroes will brighten them with the happiness, the fun-loving, and being user-friendly! =P

To Barry (Green Ranger) and Shawn (Red Ranger/My predecessor), you guys are definitely right! Being a Power Ranger, just about any kind, can never seem to get enough! =D

So, guess who’s the Red Ranger now? Hehe… =P


Captain’s log                             Stardate: 64949.3 (Jun 12th, 2011)

While having our dinner right after the Haru Bazaar event last weekend, a friend of mine explain to me about this WCS event and whether I’m interested to join in for another round of fun. According to her, its somewhat similar to Haru Bazaar, as there will be a series of line-up booths selling cute stuffs, mostly anime merchandises and also a showcase of hand-made costumes, props and weapons. This includes a range of exhibition display of animation drawings. Except for the fact that there will be a competition among cosplayers, as this is what the event is all about, and which is based on world summit. An extravaganza one, I should say.

Sounds thrilling! I’ll be happy to go for another round of morphing. But I happened to be working on that day, which is today, where the event is held at Orchard Central. However, the urge of cosplaying in me really kicks in hard and without realizing it, I just gamble my way by applying leave, even though I wasn’t allowed to, due to this temporary post I was attached to. I was certain my leave will be rejected. It happened before. And for some reason, by no doubt, it will happened again. But like I say, I just give a shot.

Just my luck. I was SOOOO WRONG!!! My leave was been approve!! =D I just couldn’t believe it! Maybe for this time around. The next one won’t probably be, until the end of June, where my temporary assignment will end.

But I’m relief to be given this chance. So I happily contact my friend who had invited me for this event and told her that I will be free like a bird for the event. Thereafter, I invited some few others to see if they were keen into it. Looks like my Red Ranger gets another round of pure excitement and probably more hugs, and its only a week away! =)

Well, here I go again. Its morphin time! Alright kids, its time to kick in some fun and action! =)

The cosplay competition will not only for the competitors to compete as the best dressed, but also to perform as the character they were in. They are 4 groups, and only 1 will merged as the champion. But surprisingly, it seems to be appeared that, based on the judges calculations, all the 4 groups markings were tally! Hmm…….seems like their acting on stage was a marvelous one that had the judges to go unfigured. To tell which is which is the best. Seems like all of them are the best! So there is no telling who will merged as the champion. So the next round for this, or so a recount will be shifted at the upcoming Cosfest which will be held at Pasir Ris Downtown East in two weeks time. This one is yearly, and I hope I can make it for this one too!

Nevertheless, its been a fun and fulfilling time for cosplayers like myself to mingle with the crowd and get into the spotlights after spotlights. Red Ranger done it again! =D

Captain’s log                                Stardate: 64931.9 (June 06th, 2011)

I just couldn’t believe it when we landed at Bukit Batok Civil Club Sector for the 2-day Comifest 2 event. There’s nothing to see! Just some representatives and their people exhibiting some of their comics, toys and fancy shirts. Cosplaying? Yes, but only a few!! Me and my friend were like………is that it? We had come for the 2nd day, which is yesterday the 05th. Imagine the exasperate look posted on 0ur face when we notice how little the event had turned out. Where are all the cosplayers?? Based on the photos that were taken on the event which was been posted in Facebook, there appears to be a lot of cosplayers been shown. But yesterday appears to be like a ghost town. Look so dead! No cosplayers were seen roaming, posing for the cameras within the beautiful landscape of the club. Those few held can only be spotted either by the entrance and within the hallway where the people involved were exhibiting their stuffs. What a waste! Believe me, I was from work, and had drag myself here just for this! Tired as it may seems, but I had force myself to stay alert and focus on the upcoming fun. What a major disappointment this was! All the way here just for nothing!

But my adrenaline returns when my friend who had accompany me told me there’s another event taking place at SCAPE. Known as Haru Bazaar. I do heard about it been discuss in Facebook but had dismiss it, since I was aiming for Comifest only. As what I know, its more on exhibiting a range and series of Japanese subculture fashion, hobby collections, toys and that includes cosplay. One could tell for sure right after seeing the name. She told me if I’m willing to opt it, we can forget about Comifest and go for Haru Bazaar instead.

However, I was in doubt, as to whether this cosplay for that event is only meant for Japanese side, those anime, you name it or was it a “one for all, all for one?” Luckily she had a friend who was currently having a booth there to get in touch with, who later informs that whatever you are cosplaying can just dropped by. Also, there’s a lot of people there cosplaying. Both of us were becoming to suspect that some of the cosplayers might have come to Comifest first, before heading their way to Haru Bazaar. Might be probably due to lack of fun at Comifest, so that’s why they go for the alternative.

Well, I wouldn’t want to waste my time here and rot! I had nearly given up and willing to turn around and head back home, if not for my friend here. So, forget about Comifest! Haru Bazaar, here we come!

True enough, the sensation, the thrill, the excitement was a blast to keep those people on their feet! There’s alot of cosplayers there. So what the hell am I waiting for!


Ok guys, I will skipped what is needed to be skip and showcase the best photos taken. Many credits given to Fatimah who had volunteered to by my minder for the day. Many many thanks! =)

What a relief to hear there’s an alternative event other than Comifest. For Comifest, its really a major disappointment of how it had turned out to be on the second day. It wasn’t that bad when Comifest was first started few months back, though despite some few negative feedback by some because of it merged together with the Wedding Planner thingy. It had causes some disruptions and the space, especially. Anyway, NO offense!

Good thing that my friend is there to accompany me, and also tell me about the Haru Bazaar event. If we had known how lacked Comifest had turned out on the second day, we could have already spend the whole day at SCAPE!

Overall, its been one hell of a fun event! Get so many hugs this time. Been overwhelmed by photographers and kids. Paparazzi!! HAHA! Just the thing to keep me on the edge as the Red Ranger! =D