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Are You Game?

Posted: April 29, 2018 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                        Stardate: 92904.8 (Apr 29, 2018)                      

Many of you are aware that most games has been technologically advance to Virtual Reality (VR), from the computer, console or platform, hand-held devices, and finally to something to almost real. Infact it was already been introduced way back to its origins before the 1950s. 

You can program it via a live camera feed that connects into a headset, a tablet device or even a smart phone. In the artificial world, the user is able to look around, move around, even touch and interact with virtual features or items. There will be a head-mounted display, or the visor that covers the eyes where the user will be interacting in the virtual world.

But what happened if you are too absorbed into the game, that you soon realized its becoming more than just a virtual reality. That’s how it happened for this 18-year old orphanage. Taken place in the year 2045, where much of Earth’s population have turned into slum-like cities. People here were seen hooked into their virtual world where they can engage in numerous activities for work, education and entertainment. Seems like its the only option to escape the desolation of the real world.

Users find themselves into this virtual reality world known as the OASIS (Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation). In their avatar form, users can did all wonders where they can interact with other players. Not just that, you can partner with iconic or epic characters that you find in your favourite movies or games. Wouldn’t you want to partner with Batman?

They can go solo or form a team. Especially when you are engaged in a battlefield. You can even be that character that you like. Ever dreamed of becoming one?

And in every games, each time you win, you will score points or credits. Giving you the advantage to upgrade your character. Increasing your health. Or getting extra ammo.

And if you keep failing to attempt to the next level, you can try to “cheat” your way through…

 And before you realized it, you are actually playing it with your life. Its more than just an ordinary VR, cause you not only level up. You need to find the smartest and quickest way to win. And you need your allies. Even the world’s greatest detective Batman himself couldn’t work alone.



Just watch the movie with my wife recently and found it pretty amazing! The movie was filled with tons of familiar characters from both movies and games. Some would say, tons of easter eggs. Each 
familiar characters I saw, I was like…”Look, I saw Robocop,” “Its Batman,” “Robin,” “Halo”, etc… =D

But among all this, what excites me the most is when the user climbs into one of the most iconic cars coming from my favourite movie: Back to the Future. That’s right! Its the Delorean Time Machine! This is heavy!

I am already thrilled when I first saw it in the trailer. I really squealed upon seeing the Delorean as the user climbs into it. That nostalgic remembrance of the movie really clouds your mind just as soon as you saw the iconic Flux Capacitor, Time Circuit, just about everything in the car. I would definitely choose that car too if I were in that game. How I wished… 

Ok enough of that. Ready Player One ultimately attracts the attention, let alone highly recommended, for gamers alike and more to teenager-oriented. If you are into games, then you are definitely game for this awesome movie. You’ll be surprised by the overwhelming amount of characters that you will recognised.

I rate this as one of the most thrilling, sky-rocketing and massive science fiction adventure film ever directed by one of the most popular Hollywood director, Steven Spielberg. No doubt, most of the easter eggs were been planted into the movie, which were his films. The movie is also based on novelist, Ernest Cline who wrote the novel of the same name.

Now that I see how awesome it is, I wish I had that visor. OASIS is unlike any virtual reality ever played! And if I were in the game and were given a choice to choose a vehicle, I would definitely take that one car I like. Hehe…=)

So game on and see how many easter eggs you can find in this extravagant action adventure movie. NO SPOILERS REVEALED! Let those of you who have yet to watch experience this chaotic visual world!