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Online Shopping…

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Captain’s log                           Stardate: 62583.4 (Jan 31th, 2009)

What they say is true, that you are most likely to get addicted if you are a frequent online user when comes to eBay. Well, that’s if when you are loaded with cash. The things that you always wanted, couldn’t be located in your local shopping mall or elsewhere. But on eBay itself, there seem to have several of them. And those that were so-called “no-longer-in-production” seem to hold up there until someone claims it as one of their own. Rather unique, I might add. But judging by the way it looked, does tell us something.

In case you are wondering, whether I’m one of those so engrossed type when comes to eBay; let’s just say, I’m always had my eyes glued to the monitor screen for a long period of time. But seriously, I try not to get so overwhelmed into it. And most of the time when I was there, I always on the look-out for Star Trek items. I never knew this in the first place until local Star Trek founder James Lee, introduced to me that majority of the Star Trek merchandise he brought were from eBay. Frankly speaking, there is limited items of Star Trek been sold here in Singapore. There’s not much sponsor around to get those toys. Even if there’s the items been sold, it can be a tough one searching for the location.

So if you are a Star Trek fan, and really wanted to collect many of their toys, the only way to get them was to go online shopping. That’s when only you had a credit card and sufficient cash. Long ago, I do heard about eBay, but wasn’t that interested about it. Not until years later I came to realize about it from James himself =) Sure, there’s more online shopping where Star Trek items been sold, like and Intergalactic Trading Company when I had purchase the starfleet commbadge and rank pips for my starfleet uniform.

Seriously, I only purchase those that I really wanted. I always target those Federation starships. The action figures will be the later part =D So far, its been my third time I had purchase Star Trek toys from eBay. The first one was a collection of eleven mini sets of nine Federation starship, one Jem’Hadar attack ship and one Ferengi ship from Furuta company. The second one, was another ten, also from Furuta which I had brought about one month later. The current one, was the starship Enterprise NX-01 self-assembly model kit.

For that matter, I always go for the cheapest prize available. Furthermore, I prefer those with the tag “Buy it now!” instead of those that requires bidding. Unless, if I really needed that particular item. Once, I had successfully managed to bid a large scale model of the U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701-E from the starting prize of US$15.00. I managed to increase it till US$25.00, and had to wait one more day where the bidding will ends. And this is where it gets crucial, as there will be another user who will increase the prize. If all goes well, with the prize remains at 25 till the period ends, the model will be mine.

But in the end, the least I can expected, another user had bid the prize to 40 bucks! Talk about the shipping and handling to Singapore if I were to accept the prize. Oh, just forget it!

I’m also on the lookout for other goodies as well. Mostly those that I’m interested in. Recently I had check upon scale models of the Delorean Time Machine from the movie, Back to the Future. Yeah, you could say I’m also a big fan of it. Its sci-fiction right? And didn’t once I’ve mentioned that I’m a sci-fiction freak? =D

Overall, online shopping at eBay is always been a breeze. But of course, I try not to be so caught up into it =)