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Captain’s log                                                                          Stardate: 70711.6 (Oct 28th, 2013)

A dream finally came true for me and my Power Rangers buddies as we finally managed to accomplish our very own Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. After that recent photoshoot, we have declared ourselves as the first MMPR in Singapore. After all the years of patience, right up from our childhood history, the wait is over. If not for our tailors who had made it possible, we wouldn’t be where we stand now.

Now that our newly form Singapore’s MMPR has been successfully accomplished, the next target will be something similar. But however comes from only one particular ranger among the team. In each Power Rangers series, there’s one significant colour, and he usually stands as the leader of the team.

Yes, you guess it. The Red Ranger. It has always been this ranger which dons in that striking bold colour to lead his team in battle. This future team gonna be something that I personally wanted to achieve ever since I cosplay as the Red Ranger. This was even when our MMPR was in progress. This is specially for Red Rangers only. Project named: Forever Red.

The term “Forever Red” was used in episode 34 of Power Rangers Wild Force. As the title stated, it involves all the Red Rangers starting from Mighty Morphin till the current. All the Red Rangers that you’ve seen in those previous series were call back for a special mission. For those of you Power Rangers fans who keep up with the series, I’m pretty sure you guys have seen this episode. And its one of my favourites, especially seeing the legendary Jason from Mighty Morphin makes a comeback. The first Red Ranger and he still kickass! This episode is also commemorating as the tenth anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise.

All ten Red Rangers, all leaders from their respective teams been lead by one leader been reunite to come forth. To stop an incoming destruction that was capable of destroying a whole planet. 

This is my future plan. I wanted to have this Forever Red league of our own. In our group, we have currently four reds. Including myself, five. So apparently we are still insufficient of reds. My aim is to have a max of ten Red Rangers. You can say that I followed just like in the episode. Cause once I have all the nine reds plus myself, I can start to have our very first Singapore’s Forever Red photoshoot. It will be as epic like the Mighty Morphin Power Ranger photoshoot itself.

Also for me, it doesn’t have to be the same exact Red Rangers from that episode. It can be from the Japanese version of Super Sentai. Meaning those reds before Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger was created. This was the first Sentai series to be adapted into an installment of the American Power Rangers series, and used for the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

I had made it simple. As long they were Red Rangers, I’m happy with it. Regardless whether they came from Super Sentai (before Zyuranger) or Power Rangers. And all I need is ten as the max. If there’s more, even better still. I welcome as many reds as possible. Like in Japanese version of their own Forever Red. Theirs is a lot more since America only start off from Zyuranger.

But for photoshoot wise, I only need to start off with ten. Some of our guys were awaiting for their Red Ranger suits to arrive. It will be a long wait. I had my experience when my costume was in progress. So I know how one’s feel. But hopefully it won’t ended up being dragged for too long….=.=…..

My pals who were part of this future Forever Red were as anxious as I am to kick start this. Let’s just hope we can achieve this epic dream of a Power Rangers special group together.


Sample photo taken from Forever Red. Soon will be our turn. We can do this guys. We can make this a reality come true! =)

Captain’s log                                                                     Stardate: 77954.1 (Oct 23rd, 2013)

The movie is good, they say. Is recommended to watch, they say. And damn right my friends were after they watch Gravity. So buckle your seatbelt and prepared for launch. We are leaving gravity.


Space, the final frontier…..

Space had always been a fascinating large vast of emptiness playground for science-fiction series and movies. It has capture that moment of thrill and mystery of what goes beyond out of there. Are we alone? They asked. Billions and billions of countless of stars out there. Space has always been a mysterious place to seek with. Seeing all this, we will start to imagine what is like living in a universe of science fiction.

Imagine yourself as a creator of a science fiction movie, what do you want to see in your universe? What do you want to achieve? Most notably like Star Trek, Star Wars and Battlestar Galatica. These trio of the best have came a long way to plant those wild ideas of space craziness and imaginations in your mind. To them, the universe is a dangerous place. Never in life ever come close to grasp that attention that will sometime leaves you breathless at the edge of your seat as you watch most of their epic stunts and evasive moves.

Anyway, back to where I had start off. Starring George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, Gravity is about a medical engineer and an astronaut who work together to survive after an accident leaves them adrift in space. I saw its trailer when watching The Purge, and gotten all thrill about it. I’m a big fan of science-fiction. Seems like a “must-see” type of movies. And for sure, it turns out a big hit. Some of my pals who had watch it had given thumbs about it. Its worth the watch! =)

So me and two of my pals were rooted by the full gravity when we watched the movie. The story begins where these two and their crew were working aboard the space shuttle named Explorer. Moments later, Mission Control warns the team about a space debris, which comes from a Russian missile strike on a defunct satellite. It had caused a chain reaction of destruction and that they must abort the mission. Shortly afterward, communications with Mission Control are lost, though both continue to transmit in hope that the ground crew can still hear them.

More chaos soon strike from the rain of debris. Here’s where I decided to stop, so that those who haven’t watch were not spoiled by the spoilers! =D

But overall the movie was great. I give it a 8 out of 10. The start of the movie had already reminds me of Star Trek. The entire pace and story was definitely well engaging. Really makes you focus and leaving you breathless at the edge of your seat. The makers of the movie had done an outstanding job in making it so realistic. Especially in capturing of what its like to do a spacewalk. Its just too real, like as if it was been film up there in zero gravity.

The film taken will flies about and around from the start till somewhere at the center of the movie as you watched. Like as though you are performing a spacewalk with the crew. Not really for those who are suffering from a bad headache. Too tipsy turby. Other than that, only two well-known actors were use. So for some, they may think the movie had came out as rather cheap since only two of them acted in it. For George Clooney himself, he had acted in another similar science-fiction movie like this. So I guess he was pretty much adapted to take up the role to experience another weightlessness environment. Indeed, both celebrities suited quite well for this movie.

Throughout the movie was one hell of a ride up there, before the last sole survivor finally landed back on the full gravity of Earth. Gravity, at last!

So if you are a fan of science fiction or love the work of astronauts, this movie is recommended for you. Its breathtaking and indeed, fascinating when you are just floating up there endlessly…….

Captain’s log                                                                                Stardate: 75510.8 (Oct 20th, 2013)

We have been waiting patience for quite a long time. Especially me. Ever since I cosplay as the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger, I had always hope to achieve the original full crew. In full suits. We have done while in our Power Rangers hoodies. But it will be more epic when in full spandex!

That dream came true eventually. Right after two of our friends got their yellow and pink ranger suits. Before that there were only myself as red, black, blue, green and white ranger. Yellow and pink were like so rare if you asked me. But the wait is over as we managed to fulfill it eventually. And so as such, one of us had decided that we should have a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers photoshoot. All seven of us. Infact, we have been itching for this kind of photoshoot for a very long time. In full spandex of course.

For location wise will be at Gardens by the Bay. We have all agreed to use that beautiful lush botanical field for the photoshoot. Its perfect at every inch and corners. Infact, we be expecting the members of public to come rushing to take photos with us. The kids especially. I mean, who would resist superheroes like the Power Rangers? Kids just can’t take away their eyes from these types. It will be huge surprise for them! =D

We are all looking forward for that big day. We had invited the best photographers that we know of.

But however earlier, the sky doesn’t look too promising. It had rain from my side by the time I left my house. There, the dark clouds is coming in. Like as if something mysterious is about to happen. So before it started crying, the photographers decided to give their best and took shots after shots of us. As many of the best they can. Not only that, the locations within the gardens. To choose the best ones, and make it quick.

Expected for sure, the crowd just ran to us like a mob of paparazzi. Nothing much to say for this, cause you all know what’s behind the obvious reason =)

Well, this is it! The best photos taken by our photographers. Many credits to them! =)

Frame 1 mbs shoot

Even though we had to cut short due to the rain, we still managed to achieve all the shots needed. Also, ended up mingle with the crowd like real celebrities. As Power Rangers ourselves, what can we expect? Haha! And not forgetting, we also have a friend who cosplay as Masked Rider Ichigo! We regard him as a “special guest appearance” to our Mighty Morphin debut =)

We had finally achieve the full team of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. In addition, this will be the 1st of our kind in Singapore. And we might gonna do more photoshoots like this in the future. Perhaps, with a fighting scene next. Thanks to all who had attended the photoshoot. And not forgetting, our photographers who had made us the best in their works. You guys are awesome! Couldn’t have done it without you guys! =)


Captain’s log                                                             Stardate: 79021.8 (Oct 10th, 2013)

Another interesting topic that I’m willing to share. A lot of people, mostly cosplayers had asked me at times why I’m not like many of my Power Rangers and Kamen Riders pals where they have more than one or two suits. So I guess its better for me to be elaborate about it.

1st of all, you need a lot of money. Suits like this NEVER comes cheap. Types like this were consider to be mainstream. It will cost you from $500 – $800, depending. Also, you have to be really SERIOUS before considering getting one. Not only you ended up burning a hole in your wallet. But also be prepared to wait for a very long time for the suit to be deliver to your doorstep, especially when you brought it overseas. Could take several months. Or worse, a year. Yes, I’ve read from many that they had to endure that hectic one year and patience for their suits to arrive. That sounds like an eternity!  

2nd, why I only owned 2 suits? Cuz these 2 attracts me alot. Red Ranger or Tyranno Ranger as being my longtime childhood superhero. So that’s pretty much obvious that it will suits me alot. Felt like as if I’m born to become one….

Next is my Kyoryuger Red, from the latest Super Sentai. Not just because of its Tyrannosaurus appearance. But the fact that I ended up falling in love with it, does kicks me in to become on. Seriously, I was soooo into it. Learn a lot from it. And I LOVE IT!

I even had share a part of it in Facebook. Many like to switch to multiple characters. Cause to them, to cosplay as the same character over and over can be boring. Yes, that I do agreed. I switch too. But how many times have I switch? Cosplaying as the Red Ranger has always been my kind. Honestly, I didn’t really get bored with it. Infact it gets me going more excited. The badass character that I ever cosplay and close enough to hit the spotlight like my Red Ranger was becoming Sub Zero or Ghost Rider. Even though I cosplay once from both, I will cosplay as them again in the future. Ghost Rider especially, doesn’t have to be for Halloween, as what I had did last year. It fits well for normal cosplay events.

So yeah, that’s about it. Though I’m impressed by my friends for owning so many suits, I still stick to my kind of taste. No, its not because I’m choosy. 2 Power Ranger suits is enough for me. I ain’t gonna buy another. You can bet on it that my Kyoryuger Red is the last.

The Fun Of Photoshooting Toys

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Captain’s log                                                                   Stardate: 79091.5 (Oct 1st, 2013)

Its been quite some time since I’ve planned to join few of my buddies for their toy photoshoot. Within our fan based group of Power Rangers and Kamen Riders, there’s these pockets of us who were quite enthusiastic to take photos of toys. Mainly Power Rangers and Kamen Riders. From action figures, the zords, mechs, you named it!

So finally I got the chance to join with three of them for the toy photoshoot. We went to two places before the sun set. Sengkang Riverside Park and Pasir Ris beach. Reason being was that its perfect for my Megazord especially. Cause in the series, as everybody knows, before Megazord was formed, the zords were seen moving across the sandy terrain. So the sand at Pasir Ris beach makes a good idea to reenact. Best comes with the ocean at the background =D

Here’s are the best photos taken from us! =)

Frame 1 photoshoot

Though its just the start for me, its really quite fun. Adjusting and positioning the toys as the way we want them to. That several hours spend playing while taking photos of them was really worth. I’m starting to enjoy it. Kinda reminds me when I was a kid playing with action figures. Heehe….

We will do more soon. Also, we are hoping to search for any rocky terrain. Something that comes with bumps and hills and rocks which can make one hell of an epic frame for our toys. Power Rangers and Kamen Riders are meant for something extreme! =D