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Captain’s log                                  Stardate: 61991.5 (June 25th, 2012)

Recently 7 members including myself from the Singapore Paranormal Investigators had set on a quest for MacRitchie Reservoir for a mission. We are to embark on a search for the ruins of this Syonan Jinja, a Japanese Shinto Shrine dating back to WWII, and which is located deep within the dense jungles of MacRitchie.

This was been planned some time back, right after few of the members had completed a trip in regards about the reservoir. So I had decided to take this opportunity to set up this event, as this could be an experience where some of us may be looking forward to. At the same time, this could be my next adventure trip in finding a lost relic dating back during those hardship and suffering period.

Based on history, the Shinto Shrine was built to commemorate the Japanese soldiers who died fighting during the invasion of Singapore. This is where many Japanese religious and cultural ceremonies took place. The shrine was been destroyed when the British forces re-occupied Singapore. Now what remains were ruins of the shrine been covered by jungle vegetation. The crumbling steps that leads up to the temple, still visible to those who willing to look for it. As well as the stone fountain, and some remnants of the low stone wall that was believe to be part of the building.

Now, the shrine can only be best seen through archives. Those old photographs and drawing by the Japanese Imperial Army as well as the POWs who helped built the shrine.

I’ve read, many treasure hunters and so-called thrill seekers had come in search for this shrine. Some of them even came from other countries. Mostly historians. Willingly to do whatever it takes to find the shrine. It such a unique and extraordinary relic been abandoned as ruins. Such people, like historians wouldn’t want to miss this chance. An opportunity for them while it still there. The anticipation, that passion that drives them to find this place and to write up in their report, blog or even news once they got back.

Even for us. Not only we were paranormal investigators, but we are also being as explorers as we do came about to seek and explore such places when it came to our interest. Also, this ain’t the first time for SPI to discover the ruins. The first team had embark on the search back in 2004. So right now we are next team to set foot into the dense jungle of MacRitchie to rediscover the shrine. By no doubt, more members of ours who are yet to explore the place will embark there when their time comes.

So we are all prep for the expedition. We had study the map that we had dig out from a few blogs. The people who had explore the shrine were kind enough to mark out the location of the shrine and the possible routes for future explorers.

I had enlarge the portion of the area as an inset, as to where the
shrine is believed to be found. Most of the explorers who been there had actually make used of the so-called blown up bridge to travel across to the other side to get to the shrine. Like the shrine, even the bridge was been destroyed. What’s left now were just remnants of its pillars.

But instead, we took the alternative by starting off from this Terepong Trail, as suggested by one of our agents, who also lead us in as a navigator.

Map below where I had circle in red as our starting point.

So at the given time of 1430hrs, we began our expedition. All looking forward and spirits are high. But little do we know, we will soon faced the worst experience in our history as explorers…

We are fortunate to notice that previous explorers had actually tied ribbons onto some of the trees. As to guide new explorers like us in getting to the shrine easily. What luck indeed! But we still had to hook up with the map and compass. The ribbons will therefore serve as a guide to see whether are we on the right track.

As excepted, we will face some heavy obstacles along the way. Fallen trees, muddy path, overgrown grasses that will hinder your vision, uneven paths. Branches with scary sharp thorns! That’s the most annoying discovery we ever had to face! Besides this, we had to do a lot of bashing. Our objective is not only to locate the shrine. Cause the only way to find it was to lookout for its “landmark.” Its the crumbling granite steps that leads up to the shrine. That had gotten many past explorers to grew excited over it once found. The steps, as seen through photos can still be seen. Once you found the steps, you’ll know you are about to visit the ruins of Syonan Jinja.

We soon came across some kind of a bunker of some sort. Some of us assume this could be some kind of a water tank, because of the huge well below and some concrete pipes that was been connected to large sewer, which I think it is, outside. But other than that, we believe that it could be link with the shrine.

We came across more ribbons. Then link them to where we are on the map and by compass. Keep bashing and bashing, and soon came to set foot on a clear path that faced the reservoir. By then its already around 3plus. From the map shown, we just have to make one big semi circle in order to get to the shrine. That means to say the ruins were somewhere close. Our excitement grew as we kept on bashing through. But staying close to one path as possible. The vegetation were thicker at this point. But we got to carry on with our objective.

And soon, there it is! We found the landmark. The crumbling granite steps! We finally made it! Its like finally reaching home sweet home! Excitedly, we pose for the camera at the foot of the steps before climbing up the towering flight of steps. The 2nd badge of SPI Agents had successfully made it after going through all that bashing and endure those obstacles!

From up there, we began to explore the ruins. Photos taken below were the ruin sites, and also where we had start off and bashing through the jungle.

There’s actually a 3rd flight of steps, where it leads to the temple itself. But after many attempts searching for the steps, we decided to call it quits. We believe that the rest of the steps were been heavily covered by those thick clumps of vegetation. From where we are, this is the least we can explore. Besides, we wouldn’t want to stay too late as it is getting dark soon. By then, the time is 1645hrs as far as I can remembered. Its time to call it a day and return back to civilization.

And this is where we had face our worst experience ever! Before our biggest worry starts to took over our minds, we do found a way out. That leads to the blown up bridge, which were now left only with 5 pillars. Seems like impossible to move across it. However, I’ve seen through photos from those previous explorers. They actually move across the water. I was told it was knee deep. You can roll up your pants if you want to.

But the problem is, none of us wants to get wet. So is either we moved across the water. Or try moving across the battered bridge by making used of the pillars, the planks that was seen in-between the first 2 pillars that were facing us and those huge carbon pipes that were floating on the water.

And of course, alternatively we can try going back in the jungle and find another route out. Which we did, and turns out to be the biggest mistake we ever made. We should have try to walk across the blown up bridge or water in the 1st place. Cause there’s absolutely no other way out. All were jungle. We kept going up and down this endless terrain. Backtracking a couple of times. Even used the GPS to determine how close we are to any nearest exit.

We are running out of time! The sun was starting to set. We are hopelessy lost! And imagine the number of scars we get from those thorns! And seriously I feel like wanna pass out anytime soon. I was totally exhausted! Fear just took over me. We wouldn’t want to stay in the dark. Just imagine when darkness falls. No matter how tired we are, we got to keep on finding the way out.

At that point of time, the GPS shows that we are near to a trail. There’s still hope. We keep on moving, telling ourselves to stay together as one. But soon later we were shocked to find out that we are back again to the path where it leads us to the blown up bridge! Imagine the horror!

This is so devastating! Unbelievable! No way we going back from the way we came in. Can take an hour or two. And by then its already dark! Hell no! So, we made a final decision. To use the bridge. No choice, we just have to get half wet. That’s our only way out!

So here’s where the dedication through teamwork kicks in at the very last resort. So far, only 2 agents and myself dares to moves across the water. True, it was knee deep. But halfway across, we felt that the seabed below was a bit deep and the water reaches up to our stomachs. But its only for awhile before we felt some steps and we are back on knee level again.

And the rest, preferring to stay dry and decided to go for the toughest one. To move across the bridge by using the planks and the carbon pipes. The three of us who were soaked had to hold on to the pipes as the rest moved across. One slip and that’s it! We wouldn’t want to rush. We had to ensure to them to move one step at a time, and also make use of the pillars as support.

One of our 2 female agents somehow doesn’t feel any confidence of crossing the bridge like how the rest did. So the three of us had to somehow, carefully carried her from our backs. Starting from the first agent, he will move with her on his back and to the next agent, and then to me. Believe me. It wasn’t that easy when the person is screaming and panicking…..

And finally we made it through! What a nightmare that had been earlier when we were stuck in the jungle. All of us had reach the other side safe and sound. And wet, for the three of us. But its worth it all from all that teamwork and dedication! From all that walking, bashing, enduring every obstacles we had came across, we made it out in one piece.

Our mission is complete! A success! We may not be able to find that flight of steps that will take us to the temple. But nevertheless, we managed to discover the ruins. We had made it through. That is as far as we can go and we are truly satisfied of our quest.

Well done guys! Its truly an unforgettable experience! =)


Mount Pleasant Cemetery

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Captain’s log                                   Stardate: 60919.8 (June 17th, 2012)

Together with a small team of our paranormal group, we set off to recce this Mount Pleasant cemetery which is near to the old Police Academy. This is for a special guest who will be come down to Singapore to meet us, and that we shall intro him one of the most hotspots places here which falls under the paranormal category. And Mt Pleasant seems like a perfect choice.

I have gathered as much info I could find across the internet. On the history side, Mt Pleasant cemetery share the same path with Bukit Brown cemetery. Both used to be one whole massive grave before they were split due to a construction of an expressway. Both does share the same similarities. However, unlike Bukit Brown where there are still people paying their respects to their buried loved ones, Mt Pleasant seems like all forgotten. Abandoned, somehow or rather. Not only that, the cemetery had become more eerie than others. Totally distinguished by the vast wilderness and untouched nature. Drivers passing by may not realized there’s a cemetery. There’s no signboards or any landmarks to indicate this burial ground.

Another story was there this place was once a home of a local Javanese village in medieval times. It was said that place was been dominated by Malay Bomohs or shamans who were practitioners of the black arts. One popular black art during that time was to “create” and control Pontianaks as servants. Some even as assassins. The Javanese village vanished in time and the land turned into a cemetery in the last century.


On the paranormal side. There’s been hearsay that the cemetery was a hotspot for the Pontianak. A Malay version of a female vampire. In the past, people had claimed to have spotted sightings of this blood sucking demon lurking among the bushes. Not to mention, that spine-chilling laughter as she flew over the trees at night. I’ve read that cases of Pontianak attacks have been reported to the police. However they were classified only as brutal murders.

You think the cops would believe such craps!?

The surrounding wilderness there was just peaceful. There’s some few old bungalows located nearby. I wonder if the residents living there had seen such things….

The 1st thing we came across was this old sentry post. Like the cemetery itself, the post were left there to rot. And how bad it had turned out to be and let alone judging from the surroundings, no security officers would ever want to be stationed here!

We walked along the dirt path. Taking photos along the way. Even at board daylight, it does appeared kinda eerie. Imagine when darkness falls, and when there’s no headlights around.

About half a mile from where we had start off, we came across this hut. Its more of like those makeshift temple. We soon realized that its owned by the cemetery undertaker, as there’s a sign next to it. We saw a car parked beside it. So obviously he’s around. We found him cleaning his place. Thankfully he’s a friendly chap who agreed for us to interview him about the place.

We also asked him whether he had came across any such paranormal encounters. Or even heard such things while working alone. For such a person like him who come to a place like this frequently, I guess you could say he’s already immune to such. He’s the undertaker here anyway. He’s yet to see one and even heard such stories about the place. But other than, he’s gotten used to the surroundings and all.

He even volunteer to be our tour guide. To show us some of the interesting and largest tomb ever found here. He showed us one of them which is the largest of all, the size of a soccer field. Cause the tombstones were all arrange in a such pattern to form like a family tree. At the end of the day, he even lead us a shorter route back to where we had started.

Now, back to the point where the series of rumours started because of the so-called Pontianak attacks. From what I’ve gathered, some concluded it as merely just gang fights or criminal slaughter done by humans themselves. Been dragged into the deepest part of the jungle were no one will hear you scream as these thugs slashed you brutally. Then again, from the skeptic’s point of view, the so-called sightings of Pontianak could be just sightings of monkeys. I was told there’s quite a lot of monkeys in Mt Pleasant area.

Even as we speak, its up to each individual to believe it or not as to whether such demons prove to exists. If you ask me, true or not, I just find it really interesting. Its really worth the research. Let it be from a folklore or in reality =)

Captain’s log                                 Stardate: 60679.9 (June 10th, 2012)

I was been told by a friend about this cosplay event, title as Asia Cosplay Meet Thailand, which takes place at the main atrium of Funan IT Mall. Soon its poster was been spread across from Facebook. And its just only a week after I attended that Japanese Arts Fiesta event. Since I’m free, I go for it.

The event was actually held the whole of 1 week, from 4th – 10th June. There’s the exclusive screening of the world cosplay summit and asia cosplay meet. A workshop where you will learn how to make costume, craft an armour and learn to connect basic LED installation. Lastly a cosplay competition. There will also be a wide range of booths that sells toys, posters, games and other collectibles. Obviously as I speak, most of us will be there just for the fun of cosplaying as roving cosplayers. I will only come on the 9th, as the following day I will be busy.

And once again, just like during JAF event, I will morph as the never before seen Red Ranger Hoodie. Still quite rare and which dons on a streetwise appearance of nowadays trend. Recently I got feedbacks from many that they seem to like my Red Ranger Hoodie appearance. I can say this rare outfit its a success! A few even ask me to wear it often.

Well, speaking of which, I had to balance on that. Honestly speaking, the hoodie is more of a casual wear. So what I had actually considered, I could cosplay as this for certain smaller events. But its all depends on my mood. Hahaha! =D And also, whether my gang is available on such of this events. If so, I will morph as full Red Ranger when they are around cosplaying as to their main character.

But for bigger events, I will definitely full morph! =)

Then halfway throughout the event, I was told by a friend that he and his gang will be going to Fort Canning Park, where they will having photoshoot. So I was thinking, should I? Cause to be honest with you, there’s nothing else for us roving cosplayers to move around, other than posing for the photographers. So some of my friends who were with me might get pretty bored.

So after spending much time debating in my own head, I decided to go for it. So does the rest. Fort Canning Hill is just a 5 – 10 min walk from Funan. Never realized that its quite near actually……

We’re glad we choose the alternative. We can roam and run around freely in the gardens besides photoshooting. I wouldn’t want to feel so cramped up at Funan and ended up feeling bored. Unless that’s the only place I was been rooted and never was told there’s gonna be something more fun.

These photos were taken both at Funan and Fort Canning Park. Thanks Aizul for the shots taken! =)

The remaining minutes left were just jokes and laughter before we call it a day. I really must get my guys to come here for a photoshoot one day. Fort Canning Park was one of the most popular hotspot for a cosplay photoshoot. And especially, best for newly wed couples.

Overall, the day has been fun. Another success for my Red Ranger Hoodie! Now looking forward for more upcoming events! =)

Japanese Arts Fiesta 2012

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Captain’s log                                       Stardate: 61113.9 (June 4th, 2012)

I was been invited for this Japanese Arts Fiesta which takes place at Dunman High School. As the name stated, its all about promoting Japanese culture. Bringing in the different aspects that make Japan a country lush with culture and introduce them to Singapore. From music, TV, anime, games, comics, working life, the community, all there just to help you gain a better understanding and insights about Japan. And not forgetting, one of its most popular theme, which is cosplay. One that can never resist if you are a super big fan of Japanese anime =)

Fortunately the event landed on my off day, which is 2 days ago. According to its website, they invited all cosplayers. Regardless. But this time, I ain’t gonna put on my suit. I’m gonna try something different. Yes, I will still be a Power Ranger. But a rare type of trend, as what I would call it. It may appear odd. But hei, I’ve seen odd cosplayers before! For Power Ranger fans, you’ve guys seen Power Rangers Ninjetti and the metallic armor suit. But have you guys seen Power Rangers Hoodies? Yes, that’s what I will morphed into as. All I need was to wear my Red Ranger hoodie, red pants, the gloves, the boots and the helmet. Simple as that! Never before seen! =D

This “trend” is worth a shot! Imagine a Power Ranger morph into something streetwise. Not like some gang though, but held a more flexible look like a teenage appearance in hoodies. Swift, more cunning and super awesome. How cool was that? Even though I made it up! =D

I expect that will those who will ask me, as to how come I cosplay as Red Ranger in a funky sort of way. And there might be those who might ask, may I cosplaying or just casual. I am cosplaying. As Red Ranger hoodie of course.

But its turn out, that my Red Ranger hoodie was a success! There are however, a few did found my appearance somewha awkward. But majority find it pretty awesome, despite the hood been pulled over the helmet. Some even asked, it is somekind of a new trend for the Power Ranger here. That is something which I be very happy to elaborate =)

This new “trend” does catches a lot of attention like the way how I had don on my full suit. I had to admit, I feel really carefree just by simply donning into this outfit. But still, morphing as a full Red Ranger still beat the odds! Still power up as always! =)

Here’s are some few of the best photos of me and my pals. Many credits for the photographers who had taken this shots! =)

The day soon end. We all had our fun. Now that I’m happy how successful my Red Ranger hoodie turn out to be, I’m now to intend to set up this “trend” to the next level. My intention, was to establish a Power Ranger hoodie gang. I had a few of my friends who already gotten their hoodie. But yet to get their helmet and the rest. These are the people who will join me to become the original league of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in soon to come. Once they gotten theirs, a new generation of Power Rangers will be born as part of the league. Power Rangers Hoodies! =D

A Hidden Mystery…..

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Captain’s log                             Stardate: 69902.9 (June 1st, 2012)

Some time back, one of our agents of Singapore Paranormal Investigators had shared with us that her sister’s home which was located in Clementi was believe to be haunted. According to her sister, she had seen this black shadow figure moving around in her house. This happens when she was alone at home. But on certain nights, she will see this shadowy figure passing through the toilet when she was alone in the master bedrorom while her husband was watching TV in the living room. Even at daytime where she was cooking dinner alone, she will encountered this hair-raising experience where she had claimed that this thing suddenly appears behind her. And when she turn to look, this shadow suddenly disappeared. This has been going on only when she’s alone.

However, she will be shifted to a new house soon. So her sis, which is our SPI Agent was hoping if she can allowed SPI Agents to investigate the unit before returning back the keys to the authorities. Thankfully, with the sister’s permission, we are granted access to investigate the unit. So our agent were given the keys during that period of time.

*The unit apartment and the level of the unit shall be kept confidential. SPI respect the owner’s rights not to reveal the exact location as to prevent any forms of trouble.

Before investigation starts, a small team of SPI Agents including herself when to check out the apartment. They report back later on, informing the rest of us that they had pick up, what is believe to be more than one presence in that house. They had pick up the readings through their ghost meters while conducting the EVP session at the same time. Though unexpected, but yet they gotten themselves some interesting results. What happened next was, as according to them, something had shock one of them that causes the entire team to flee from the unit…..

So 3 nights ago on May 29th, the actual investigation commence. We had start from 2100hrs and complete it before 2300hrs. Its because the investigation starts on a weekday, and the following day some of us had to go to work. Also the keys had to be return by 5 June. So most likely we won’t do it the 2nd round as we had no time for that. So you can say that its kinda of a last minute preparation.

According to the 1st team that had explore the unit, they had picked up the readings that happens all together from the living room, kitchen and the toilet master bedroom. They had placed their ghost meters devices in each of those locations. Simultaneously, the meters had beep all at once, for some apparent reasons. Totally stunned the team rooted on the spot. And seems like, when each question were asked, the meters will blink. Once and twice, as to indicate like a yes and no. So that leaves us, is there really something there as to what the owner had claimed?

We start off with the master bedroom. We experiment by pouring some flour on a poster, and with four lighted candles surrounding the flour. We had that place it near the foot of the toilet. The CCTV, a ghost meter, camera, camcorder and a voice recorder all focus on the items. The purpose of this was to see if there’s any writing the spirit could have made on the flour. For the candles, to see whether any one of them, or all of them were been blown.

It was been said when that happens, the spirit is there. But before doing so, make sure there’s no gesture of any wind and that the doors and the windows from that particular room were closed. This experiment was one of the most common uses as another means to communicate with the spirit, as what I was told. And I find it worth the use of future investigations.

We had used the room opposite as our base. From there, we had spend about 15 minutes monitoring for any sign of paranormal activity through the CCTV monitor. At the same time, bear with the stuffiness of the room..

15 minutes is up. No sign of any paranormal activity been detected. So we proceed with the next stage, which is the EVP session. Me and one of the agents will conduct it while the rest of the agents will monitor us through the CCTV.

Seated cross-legged on the floor, with our backs facing one another, we began the process. We wait for the ghost meter to stop scanning before we ask some basic questions.

And that’s where I felt it. I don’t know why, but there’s this coldspot suddenly appeared during the questioning part. It occurs when we asked something like…“Is there only one person or more than one here? Please do give us your response. (From the ghost meter) Blink once if you are here alone. Blink twice if there’s more of you.”

Seconds later, the ghost meter will lighted up either once or twice. And that’s where the coldspot appeared. I suddenly felt it. The cold hit me so suddenly that I felt like as if it was blanketing me! My heart started beating faster. But I remain calm and proceed to ask more questions. My friend however, didn’t feel anything. I was been blanket by this coldness until the end of the EVP. It suddenly disappeared like it suddenly appeared.

Was something in there with us? Are we alone? Was that coldness somekind of a response to show that the spirit had make presence? I was stumbled upon wondering about this! Worse of all, as to why it remains on me until the end of the EVP?

I update the rest of the guys before proceeding to the living room. We placed the experiment near the foot of the kitchen. This time, we can focus on both the living room and the kitchen just by sitting in the living room. So once again, me and another agent continued to perform the EVP session.

1st few questions doesn’t give us any kind of response. We still proceed. And there’s where I got another round of cold! Seriously speaking, just like how it happened in the master bedroom, its unlike any kind of cold. No ordinary wind would have that kind of feeling when it will blanket you and randomly freezes your every cell of your body. I even felt like as if I’ve been pressure! Yes, you could say hair-raising. My friend did not feel anything. So why me then? Twice!

We continued asking questions. The cold I felt wouldn’t quit! I had to remain calm, eyes looking at every angle of both rooms to see whether anything had appeared out of the ordinary. Inside me, I recite some prayers…..

Then, right at the time where we had concluded the EVP, the cold went away. I was really puzzled. It comes at me, and disappeared once we ended the session. What was…this thing…trying to tell me? Why the rest don’t feel it except me? Is there a connection? Normally, from all the past investigations, there will be at least 2 or more members will feel the cold. I don’t know if anyone of them experience the same way as I had felt. The only agent getting the cold.

Photos taken on that night.

At the end of the investigation, I began to wonder. Are we really receiving a response from whoever is inside the house with us? Was the cold which I had felt, another way of responding to us? But why only I had felt but not the rest? Its stumbles me to the very point, that there’s something within the house. The owner might be telling the truth. But what’s the story behind it, no one knows.

Its a mystery……