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Captain’s log                Stardate: 64083.6 (July 31st, 2010)

I’ve just completed playing StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty yesterday (July 30th), and which I had brought it last Tuesday, the 27th where it was officially released. And I was quite surprised from the end of the game, as which I thought I would be expecting, wasn’t exactly what I w0uld have expected it would be like. Its not entirely like when I first played the original StarCraft back in 1998, where it was been released.

I realize that StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty focus only on the Terran campaign. Cause so happened that the screen began to roll in the credits, indicating that I successfully completed all its 26 missions. So I was like……that’s it? What about the other two campaigns? The Zerg and the Protoss? I browse through its menu and search every tabs that was there. Hoping to find the path that leads me to the next campaign. However, there was none. All the missions that I had save were all based on the Terran campaign, and surprisingly, there’s only one campaign for that matter! And subsequently, it only reveal to me that I successfully completed Wings of Liberty. All 26 missions in just 4 days!

Well, you know what they say. Once you get hooked into it, you can never stop! =P

As such, I make a check through its official website, and discovered that both the Zerg and Protoss campaigns were separated into expansion packs! Oh great! I wonder if those StarCraft fans that brought the game last Tuesday knew about it before they purchase. However, you can still get to try out the other two campaigns in multiplayer mode.

According to its video game developer, Blizzard Entertainment, StarCraft II its split into 3 installments, and Wings of Liberty was deemed as the base game, which entirely focus on the Terran. The expansion packs, title as the Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void will focus on the Zerg and Protoss respectively, and which is currently under development.

Oookk….so I guess, I had done for Wings of Liberty then, without even realizing it. Seriously, I didn’t know that this Liberty thingy is primarily about the Terrans. The game starts off on one of the central characters, as well as primary protagonists since the original game, named Jim Raynor and together with his Raiders. Apparently, its all about him and his forces, battling their guts out once again. The game is set four years after the events of StarCraft: Brood War, and it was been established to follow the exploits of Jim Raynor as he leads his raiders to deal against the autocratic Terran Dominion. The game includes old and new characters, and players will revisit the colonies from the original game, as well as new worlds.

But nevertheless, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty really hits the scoreboard! As what I notice, some of the same characters/units were been feature with new upgrades and abilities that comes with a greater range in firepower. Incredibly, you were also been given mercenaries to aid you in your quest. Of course, there always a price before you devise and deployed them. Other units were been replaced with more advance ones, or been taken out entirely like as though they never exist. And there’s a few, though appeared the same, but was been renamed as to suit to its change of attributes and unique abilities.

Besides continuing its predecessor’s use of pre-rendered cinematic cut-scenes, StarCraft II also let players explore the interactive version, rather than just the battlefield itself. For example, before each mission begins, players can explore certain areas inside the Battlecruiser, which primarily focus on Raynor’s ship, the Hyperion. This is where you are given the chance to take a look how the ship looks like from the inside. But bear in mind though, only limited areas that allows you to gain access to, and which is at your command and disposal.

On top of that, few of the missions were indeed, unique. Players have to beat the time in order to get things done. Like forcing their units to move to higher ground to prevent any certain risks, or watching them get burned. Or given the time where you were commanded to move to another location and set up a new perimeter, leaving your original base abandoned for some specific reasons. Might be havoc for some, but its really challenging once you quickly adapt to it.

Overall, with all those upgrades and abilities, its really one hell- blazing of a tough-breaking game to reckon with. You will call down the thunder, primed those weapons, before mastering your destiny to bring down to those who stands in your way. And by no doubt, the expansion packs will have the same unrelenting war to be control at the finger tips, and I can’t wait for them to be announced =)

Note to self: The legions of given veterans, mercenaries that comes with unique abilities are at your best disposal. Use them often, as it makes a great difference in a time of crisis. Waste them not. Bid higher than your enemy, and victory is yours.


Have It Your Way

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Captain’s log                         Stardate: 64059.2 (July 22th, 2010)

I was reading some jokes and hilarious articles from the internet when I came across this entertaining article. It was been written by Singaporean author, David Leo, and I find it quite amusing =) So let me share his humour with your guys here. See how you would react before judging his flavour of stock! =D

“The story goes that a strange animal was been discovered by a party comprising an American, a Britisher, a Frenchman, a Japanese and a Chinese. The Frenchman was concerned about naming the animal. The Britisher was interested to study about its habitat, while the American was concern about protecting it from extinction. The Japanese whipped out his camera to photograph it, while the Chinese was thinking ways of cooking it.

Then along came a Singaporean.

He had no objection to the Frenchman about naming the animal although he would have preferred the name in hanyu pinyin. He was prepared to learn from the Britisher but the myth of the Loch Ness Monster loomed large in his mind. He supported the American endeavour to protect the animal from extinction although he couldn’t understand the President’s penchant for shooting wild ducks. Like the Japanese, he would have liked a photograph of the animal so long as he was in the photograph too. While accepting the Chinese man’s invitation to an exotic feast, he would make sure that when the party was over, he would return home with some souvenir. A tooth maybe, or, better still, a wishbone.”

I’ll say, how thoughtful from the curious party that comprises of different nations from their bright ideas. Not all it may seem when the Singaporean arrived, where he juggle everything up and inclined to agree from each.

So, the moral of the story? Singaporeans will prove to the sceptics that you can have your cake and eat it.


Captain’s log                        Stardate: 64050.6 (July 19th, 2010)

There’s happening taking place yesterday (July 18th, Sunday) and the day before (July 17th, Saturday) at the Marina Bay Promenade. Known as the Big Carnival, its dedicated for families to be entertained by the attractive line of energetic performances, engaging activities, mouth-watering food and endless games. Those participate for the contest and competitions will stand to walk away with exciting prizes if they won! =P

Our costume partner, Reno from Movia Mania had coordinally invited members 0f the Singapore Star Trek for the cosplay side. For this one, its only available yesterday, starting from 1800hrs to 2000hrs. Unfortunately, not many of us were able to attend. Our founder, James Lee is still due to medical reasons and that I can understand. So its only me and one of them, named Franklin, who had decided to worn a Battlestar Galatica uniform. Yes, he had become one of the Commanders seen in that sci-fiction series. For me, I had decided to go for SWAT! That’s right. SWAT again =)

Since none of the trekkies shows up except for the both of us, I decided to go for SWAT. That’s my alternate character to go along with. Besides, I’m starting to get the hang of it ever since that previous cosfest at Downtown East – Pasir Ris. One of Reno’s guys ever told me, that I really SERIOUSLY need to bring out my SWAT outfit more. He really like the vest, and even considered to become one. Haha! That’s really thoughtful. I got no problem with that, but that matters only when there’s no handful of the Star Trek members coming down for the event. Other than that, most of the props belongs to James, and he was still on medical grounds. But once a fan, always a fan. I never leave Star Trek behind =)

It was drizzling yesterday, and quite surprise to notice that there’s not much crowd around. Probably because of the rain. But the event still goes on. A despite of that, we still want to be in our costume. We wouldn’t want to waste our time coming down here, do we? Haha! =D There were booths been set up, lined around the promenade. One of them is ours, where the word, COSPLAY DRESSUP was been display. A stage was been set up, meant for the performances, and also for us in costume who will later lined up on the stage and to be photograph! This is the thrilling part! =) Not to mention, to get attracted by the crowd who will rushed to pose a photo with us =D

Its been another exciting day. There’s more to come! =)

SPI Dinner Anniversary

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Captain’s log                   Stardate: 64027.5 (July 10th, 2010)

It had been a wonderful dinner gathering with members and friends of the Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI) at Lau Pa Sat. Furthermore, its our SPI Anniversary, and therefore two of our senior members, Desmond and Uncle Chua decided to welcome this opportunity to invite the members and friends for this wonderful, and meaningful dinner gathering. More like a reunion dinner, as I would considered =)

So we spend the entire evening sharing endless jokes while enjoying the food and the open environment. Also, our good friend Uncle Chua were been tease about bringing some garlic with him which he had kept inside his bag. He say that those were for his protection. Weren’t they used to repel against vampires, as according to the folklore? Hahaha! =D

Most of the photos were taken by Desmond. Credits given to him =)

Nevertheless, it was a meaningful dinner gathering also. It teaches us what its means as a SPI family, as what our founder, Dr Kenny Fong wants it to be. To treasure the true meaning of its values, and the success that has been achieved. When there’s time to be serious, we are serious. When there’s time to enjoy, we will enjoyed. Its just a hobby, not a career. And each contribute our part to keep it strong and active. Like a member of ours had quoted:


Yes, its not the club itself. Its the people within the club. Nothing can succeed without the contribution, motivation and teambuilding =)

Captain’s log                         Stardate: 64012.4 (July 5th, 2010)

There’s been a lot of fun and excitement yesterday (July 4th) at the D’Marquee, which is located at Downtown East – Pasir Ris. The biggest event that combines from anime, games and cosplay competition is back by popular demand to entertain the people from all walks of life to come forth and be thrill by the dedicated participants who dressed up as their favourite characters and the spectacular performance been put up on stage. It has been a success run over the past few years and by no doubt, this year will hit that record!

Welcome to Cosfest! An Happy Event for the fun and loving, and a great opportunity to make new friends. As previously done in the past, Costfest will be a memorable event, that is packed full with surprises and delight =)

And so, me and my two friends Fahmi and Franklin had decided to be part of this exciting event. It was been held for two days, Saturday and Sunday. Since we are quite busy on Saturday, we decided to go along for Sunday.

You will think that I will dressed up as my favourite Star Trek character right? Well, guess what? Not for that day.

It is something that I always wanted to become. May not be in actual life, but it can be a thrilling experience. To feel what its like to become one of them. I seen them on TV, movies, from books, magazines, and I always find them thrilling and full of action when its time to get the ball rolling. That great demand, the opportunity to be in their shoes, which give you that certain level of command that reaches greater heights.

In actual life, they were part of a tactical unit. They are trained to perform high-risk operations and their abilities are a much more advantage than the regular officers. Their match is highly skilled, and they were given the superior firepower and specialized equipment when things were just as worse than been caught in the hot soup.

So yesterday, I go….

(Special Weapons and Tactics)

Wouldn’t it be great to dress up like one of these guys? So I took that opportunity to try something new, something that I always wanted to become. Once you are a big fan of them, you just can’t help dreaming to be like them, imagine that you are one of them and getting into all the action that you would have never experienced.

My first reaction was the vest itself, which I had brought it at ChinaTown Square. This was, about four years ago. And better believe it, ever since I brought it, I never actually try it on. I only had it as a display on the wall of my room. I was, intend to wear it. But the vest alone wasn’t enough to meet the requirements when you want to become a SWAT trooper. And at that time, I didn’t know where to get the rest of the items needed, especially the inner clothing where the vest will cover over it. I like to think of that as a jumpsuit. And so, it was left hanging on the wall….until yesterday.

Since I already have the vest, I just need to get the rest of the stuff needed. I managed to get them from these Black Tactical shop, which sells replica weapons, field gear and wear (And when comes to weapons, even replicas, they have to be approved by the Singapore Police Force before been sold). My brother is the one who had introduced me to these shop. Best of all, its only about two blocks away from where I lived =)

Whether you are in for a SWAT or even a combat soldier, Black Tactical have the necessary field gears for you. But that doesn’t mean it have everything. Like the jumpsuit that I want. Fortunately, my brother knows where to get one, which its located at a shopping complex at Beach Road. That’s where he get many of his police T-shirt and stuff there because its cheap =)

Thanks to his help, I’m quite relief that I managed to get the rest of the stuff I needed =)

And I’m not the only one becoming a SWAT trooper. Even Fahmi himself, since he already planning for this some time ago. He too, wanna try something different. For Star Trek, he always dress up as “Lieutenant Commander Worf”, who was a Klingon in Starfleet. But not yesterday.

For Franklin, he will become one of the characters seen in Battlestar Galatica (BSG). I don’t really know much about BSG, but according to Franklin, his character will appeared “off-duty.” So its just simple clothing seen in the shows.

There will be a few more other participants as SWAT and soldiers, which were from MoviaMania, our costuming partner group. So you can say that the three will us will tag along with them for this one =)

So here we go. Its time to LOCK AND LOAD!

Cameras flashes at every corner as we posed. Its always feel so thrill when you are in the line of attraction. And it does feel a whole lot daring as being one of those special police tactical unit. It was so close to being real. Even when by cosplaying =D

Overall, the anticipation was never a doubt, skyrocketing. I had to admit, the anime characters were fascinating, bright, colourful, adorable and all the good, cute stuff you can think of. They have always been. The competition held, were amazing! And the lucky winners will be in for an ultimate reward.

I’m greatly satisfied that I managed to be what I always wanted to become. Its a great achievement for me as well. Looks like some wishes can come true if you put some effort and your mind into it. =)

And bear in mind though. Just because I dress up as SWAT, doesn’t mean I stop loving Star Trek!