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News From The Past

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Captain’s log                      Stardate: 63489.2 (Dec 27th, 2009)

Through the internet, I had stumbled across some old articles of the Straits Times from the past, which dates back to year 1994 and 1995. And I had picked these two topics that I found them interesting. Other than that, it started to remind me of how Singaporeans used to express in terms between in how they deal with their situations, just to escape the consequences, obviously.

As quoted:
Straits Times (June 24th, 1994)

“It was reported that a Princeton graduate lecturer at a Polytechnic flew a kite and cut fruit to teach calculus to her student. Unfortunately the report did not say how but quoted the astrophysics major as saying: ‘I think the sight of their lecturer running around with a kite was too much for them’.”

It suddenly whacked my mind, of the not-so pleasant “Go fly kite.” As what I came to know, although kite flying is one of those popular activities in Singapore, the expression “go fly kite” (I wonder if it was equivalent to the American-version which was “take a hike” or “go jump in the lake”) is not Singaporean as what some people seem to think. And…..goodness me! There will be those, who prefer a more profound that some would ended up feel threatened, even fear if been shot at: “Go and die!”

As quoted:
Straits Times (March 15th, 1995)

“It carried the story of how a bogus lawyer charged an insurance manager of $13,000 in legal fees after advising him to plead guilty to charge of molest, apparently so that he would get away with only a fine. The sentence turned out to be stiffer than expected. Eight months jail and three strokes of the cane.”

This come to the part where, some would say, there are all too often many people who are more than ready to offer advice. Whether invited or not. You agreed? But was it out of goodness of the heart, or such as the case reported, with that bad intentions to exploit a victim’s vulnerability for pecuniary gain. If you asked me, I prefer to use the term as “cheating.”

As what I know about lawyers, especially those in our multilingual society, good and truly qualified lawyers are much respected, let alone top income earners.

Then what about those, who portrayed to be what they are actually not? To think they know everything, and who think they can offer good, but unqualified advice that will most likely caused harm than help. Or a simple advice. This people are better known as lawyer buruk. It probably makes sense when referring to the “empty vessels that makes the most noise.” Buruk, is a Malay word which means ugly, or could even be, hideous.

From the context as what I’ve stated, really kills me the though when I recall a rude incident when I was on-duty. About to summon a car for parking on a double zig-zag line, when the driver appeared. He snapped at me, saying: “Hei officer, I know the law lah! I just give something to my friend and then I go, ok!?”

If he hadn’t close the door immediately right after he climbed behind the wheel, I could already snapped back at him. What he mentioned, I take it as he’s lying. I’m sure he had seen me before I approached his car. Cause he appeared to be rushing towards it, knowing that he will get a love letter from me. If I hadn’t been there, he would have left his car there the entire time.

Its true as what a colleague of mine used to say, that Singapore had many “lawyers.” Yeah, for sure, nothing but a bunch of lawyer buruk!

Trekkies Year-End Gathering 09

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Captain’s log                  Stardate: 63478.6 (Dec 23th, 2009)

Its another year-end gathering for the local Star Trek fans. From the 18th to 20th December, we have a chalet been organized at Coastal Sand Resort Pasir Ris. A few of us, including myself who had assist to organize will stay overnight. Previously, on last July, we also had one at the same location. But for this one, our chalet comes with an extra room, also known as the studio room. Thanks to our trekkie Fahmi, who mostly organized chalets for the fansite, its really accommodating to had our place come with the studio room that will filled our senses as we relax the time off =)

Day 1
Friday, the 18th
Stardate: 63465.3

I reached the place about a quarter before 1630hrs. Fahmi had notified to us that he will be there first to open the doors. But in the end, he was at Downtown eHub, having a back massage when I called him up. So I had to wait………..until somewhere 1700hrs, where he shows up.

Anyway, we settled down, and viewed the interior. One TV in the studio room, while there’s another at the sleeping area. There’s even two toilets located from both. Cool! =D

In addition, and to spice up our time here, all of us had bring our laptops. Considered this, as we intend to make this chalet of ours like as though its our temporary Starfleet command post. Get the idea? haha! Such imagination eh? hehe…=D

About 1730hrs, both of us left the chalet and proceed to eHub to buy some of the food and stuff needed for the barbecue. We don’t intend to buy much food this time around, as much of them were left wasted during the previous few gatherings. Unless, if you are talking about a large group of our members or fans, and those who had bring their families and friends along, and were most likely to show up.

Another trekkie, named Franklin managed to tag along just as soon as we finished our shopping. He had sms me earlier, to inform that he’s about to reach. In response, I sms that both Fahmi and I were shopping and that he have to wait if we haven’t returned. Never expected to see him at eHub, right after we’ve done our shopping. Talk about perfect timing! =D

The sky soon turns dark. Time to set up the barbecue pit for the first stay-in. Fahmi had also called Canadian Pizza, and had ordered four large packs of different kind. As expected, we normally had pizza during our first stay-in. Yummy! =P

So the whole night was grabbing on the food, while watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on CD, which Franklin had brought along, and Terminator 4: Salvation, from Fahmi’s. Two more trekkies shows up, named Sofyan and James (Not the founder), and the conversation plus jokes had turned like as though there’s no end to it =D

Somewhere at 2300hrs, another trekkie, named Jeremy joins in. He will also be staying in for the two nights, together with myself, Fahmi and Franklin.

Both Fahmi and myself will later be going for our little spooky walk inside the mangrove swamp which was located within Pasir Ris Park. We did some exploration last July, where we had our chalet within the same location. Being paranormal enthusiasts besides sci-fiction, we normally had this during the first night. Fahmi had purchased his own EMF, and some few other gadgets meant for paranormal and for his own use.

This, I had to say. In case any of my friends from the Singapore Paranormal Investigators (SPI) were reading this, I can assure you that, we will NOT misuse the name of SPI when comes in doing our own little spooky walk. This has got nothing to do with SPI, though I’m aware there’s been some few reports about this swamp, about those haunting rumors been taken place, posted in the SPI website. Also, I do believe that there’s no harm done when comes to thrill seeking by myself, as long as I don’t misuse and abusing the name of SPI. Fahmi was also a member of the SPI, but only based as a user forum member. Nicknamed as “fahmi85”, and considered him as a freelance type of member in which he prefers, as he seldom goes into the forum.

At the stroke of midnight, we went for the hunt. We used the same entrance like we did previously. The same creepy, chill-to-the-bone feeling had crept on me just by staring at the mouth of the entrance. It was damn dark in there. No lights at all! I always wonder, as to why the swamp wasn’t brightly lit? It wasn’t really some swamp from the jungle. There’s a wooden path been built, not to mention, the Bird-Watching Tower. I also wonder, whether couples would dared to commence their hanky-panky thingy at the top level when the moon is up. Imagine, what lies up there within those dark hours, reminding them that they are not alone…..

Anyway, we ventured through. Our lights up, cameras ready to snap. At the same time, trying to ignore the goosebumps that were biting at the back of the neck.

We planned to complete the entire swamp. But then, it started to drizzle, so we have to abort our little spooky walk and to immediately head back to the chalet before it started raining heavily.

Both Sofyan and James had left the chalet when we arrived back. So, the four of us, who are staying overnight, will took the first flight to dreamland…=)


Day 2
Saturday, the 19th
Stardate: 63467.1

Somewhere 1000hrs

Fahmi, Franklin and myself headed out for breakfast at the KFC, while Jeremy, as I been told, headed out to get food for lunch. After breakfast, the three of us headed to Cheers to get a few more stuff. I even get myself a sunglasses, after my first one had broke.

FAST FORWARD >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

So the whole day we just laze around, watching the videos and surf the internet from our laptops. Nothing much to be done, but can only wait for the time where we had the food to be barbecue! =D

For this year-end gathering, there’s no party games involved, as what we normally did on the second day. Reason was, our founder, James Lee, who mostly organized the games is currently at overseas. As such, he had cancel it for this one, and let the fun be as what it had supposed to be. Just laughter, jokes, as we feast on the food. There’s always another chalet to commence the next party games. So its never too late =)

Around 1700hrs, we set up the barbecue pit. Within the surrounding vicinity, the activity had grown with much more excitement. The sounds, the smell of grill, seems never-ending when you had this kind of gathering. I think for the next one, one of us should bring a radio. Just to put more fun into the fun! =D

More pictures taken =)

Time passed, and the sky soon turns dark. James turns up again, followed by another trekkie, named Fatimah. James stayed with us for about an hour and a half before he make his move. So the entire time was just laze around as we joked about, talk about Star Trek and surf the internet at the same time. Fatimah had also brought her own laptop. Its pretty obvious to note, that she can’t leave anywhere without her lappy. Haha! =D

Its pity to note that, not much of our members attend to this year-end gathering. Including the four of us who are staying in, its only less than ten. Understand though, that founder James Lee were overseas, and the rest of our members were perhaps caught in their tight schedule or had personal commitments. But still, I wished more would turned up. For the next one, perhaps.

Fatimah left the chalet about half an hour before midnight. The four of us spend the rest of the night continuing to goof off, before we lights out somewhere after midnight.

Day 3
Sunday, the 20th
Stardate: 63469.8

We had Burger King for breakfast. Once done, we head back to the chalet to pack our stuff, clean up any mess, and returned back the barbecue pit to its rightful owner.

The 3 days had gone, and even though not much had come, we still enjoyed ourselves like many of our previous gatherings. And now, all looking forward for the next one =)

Live Long And Prosper!

When She Doesn’t Care…..

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Captain’s log                   Stardate: 63463.2 (Dec 18th, 2009)

Its been a while since I’ve last log in. Well, you know, nowadays work as a law enforcement can be exhausting by every minute, and every minute there seems like rush hour. Hope you don’t mind me saying this, but things are getting more wild lately…..

Anyway, here’s what I’ve got to say. Seems funny though, and seemingly somewhat defiant, when a person snapped repeatedly: “I don’t care!” It was like as though he or she had borrowed a line from a pop song that doesn’t mean much. Nevertheless, they are really tantrum words of annoyance and rather helplessness. Literally to let out steam or vent one’s anger.

I experience it myself recently. I bumped into a woman after turning around a corner, and her make-up powder she was holding dropped to the ground. The mirror part came loose, but didn’t shattered. I was shocked when she barks: “You broke my make-up! I don’t care! I don’t care!”

My goodness! She sounded like as though I had did it on purpose. I volunteered to fix it back for her, as I came to notice that the mirror section can be snapped back into place. However, she scream her head off again. This time, even change her tune. “You destroyed it! I don’t care!”

That’s it! I told myself, and really told her off!

“Ok fine! If that’s what you think I am! No point saying sorry to you!”

I walked off. What a moron! Apart from that, why the hell she apply make-up while on the move!? Doesn’t that sound ridiculous!? Its like as though her beauty have to maintain from time to time every minute and cannot leave without her make-up!

So, what do you do when someone like her scream? Let’s say you knock over her vase by accident. “You broke my vase! I don’t care! I don’t care!”

Well, come to think of it, I supposed, if you are the cause of the commotion, you care enough. But when she doesn’t care, you wonder if you should be bothered at all! Let alone being accused as “destroyer!” That woman really need to look into the dictionary and get the meaning right for the word “destroyed!” (And who the hell asked you to apply make-up while on the move!? Doesn’t that looked stupid!?)

Soon after the nasty incident, I relate this incident to a friend of mine whom I was meeting. He told me, people like her are either disinterested, indifferent or couldn’t care less. On the contrary, she cares enough to be screaming her head off. Despite even, if some of them knew it was an accident.

Other than that, the incident reminds him, that the best historical example will have to be the Roman Emperor named Nero, who fiddled away while Rome burnt. Though I wasn’t quite sure, what’s this incident of mine got to do with Nero……….

Places Near And Far

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Captain’s log                          Stardate: 63429.5 (Dec 5th, 2009)

I had a friend of mine, who live next door to a child care center. While having coffee one day, he began to relate to me how much he had learn as much as the children who are left in the care of a team of some four to five women whose voices, which he claimed, was his morning alarm clock.

His story as stated, one day, the children were raising a din. One of the woman screamed: “You’re making so much noise like the market people!” Sure, no doubt about it. The bustling local marked is a noisy place!

Another morning, one of the woman in charge threatened a wailing child. And it surprise my friend even more that he even thought its for real. The woman barked: “If you don’t stop crying, I’ll send you to Iraq!” Do had doubts though, whether the child knows anything about Iraq. Hearing the country been mentioned, do remind my friend, that when he was a child, the threat was Timbuktu. Others preferred Siberia. He also stated, in the UK, it was probably Coventry, whose according to his findings, that the subject would be left abandoned to some social solitary. For the Chinese in Beijing, it would be Tianya Haijiao in Hainan Island. But for the folks on Christmas Island, it was Singapore. You believe? Well, don’t asked me. My friend was the one who happened to had this mindset about “send to places” thingy. Does surprised me that he actually knows much about them.

Speaking of which, he also told me, that one of his cousins, who used to stay on that beautifully named island in the Indian Ocean for some enrichment program, was taught a poem. That in the 60s, there’s a child who would habitually not shut the door. Thus letting in the cold wind. Because of this, his parents threatened to deport him to Singapore.

And in comes to my conclusion, in Singapore, however, no one likes to be called a candidate for Woodbridge, an old title of the Institution of Mental Health.

The Hole Of Opportunities

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Captain’s log                           Stardate: 63418.9 (Dec 01st, 2009)

Let me share with you about another local topic. Two friends meet on the street and one says to the other: “I’m currently looking for a job. Got any lubangs?

Sounds familiar? Lubang is a Malay word for hole. Nowadays, you heard it everywhere.

The way I see it, its amazing how we seek opportunities in holes. Its not like how we aimed to achieve our goals. Its like treasure been hidden in the most unsuspected locations. Give a dog a bone, and it will happily dig a hole in the garden to hide it. From here, under the same category were ants, squirrels, moles or mice and any type of rodents. Talk about a rat race indeed!

Apart from that, Lubang can also represent connections or contacts, even tunnels that give an entry that stretches till the end. Also, came about to know when a concerned parent seeks the assistance of some eminent person when comes to admit his child into a good school. Wow! Imagine the holes of rings in a chain!

However, it doesn’t have to be necessarily that holes can offer opportunities. Imagine yourself been caught in a tight situations. That’s when you will need some escape route. From there, you looked for a Lubang as the way out.

There’s also, interestingly, when someone pecah lubang (break a hole), he or she is said to have let the cat out of the bag!

Sounds familiar to you?