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Christopher Robin

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Captain’s log                                       Stardate: 93108.8 (Aug 31st, 2018)

Many of our favourite cartoons had marvellously become a live action movie, or even CGI extension. They turned out more realistic, so much better, so upclose. Some of us had hope or imagine it would be great if our favourite cartoon or animation would spring out from the cartoon world. And yes, some of them indeed came true. Like Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, X-Men, you’ll named it.

And now, there’s Disney’s live-action reboot of Winnie-The-Pooh. Yes, many of us grow up watching this heart-warming cartoon series by Disney. Featuring Pooh Bear, that lovable teddy who loves honey. 


Together with his friends, Piglet the pig, Eeyore the donkey, Kanga the Kangaroo, Koo, Kanja’s Son, Rabbit the..well rabbit, Tigger the tiger and Owl….the Owl =D They all lived in the Hundred Acre Woods. Other than that, Pooh also have a human best friend. A 10-year old boy by the named of Christopher Robin.

And this movie tells the tale of Christoper Robin. He had grown up and was soon leaving for boarding school. And before he left, Pooh bear and his friends throw him a farewell party.

Especially Pooh, he felt the most sadness knowing that his good friend were leaving them. However Christopher comforts Pooh and tells him that he will never forget him.

Or so did he…??

Indeed, its a heart-warming sentimental tale that will lead you tear jerking. I’m not gonna lie. I couldn’t help myself when my eyes started to develop tears on few of the scenes. Its just very touching seeing how Christopher Robin grew up going to boarding school, and after which he meets and marries a wonderful lady. He was soon enlisted to serve his nation while his wife still carrying his child. 

Out there, he participated in World War II. He return home, wounded, but still in one piece. And thankfully get to see his daughter who finally get to see her father.

Over the years passed by, he had stopped thinking about this childhood friends back in the Hundred Acre Woods. Not only that he had neglects his family due to his demanding job. He was stuck between work and family commitments, until the presence of his good lovable Pooh came into this life again after sooo many forgotten years. He was brought back to his old playground at the Hundred Acre Woods and was soon reunited with his furry and cuddly stuffed animals. Not to mention, felt like his usual 9-year old again…

Pooh the bear had teaches us, no matter how many years had passed, he will always remember his good friend, though he had forgotten him for so many years. Pooh still love and treasure his buddy. Its a wake-up call to Christopher, even as an adult, he should at least remember they are still his friends and always look up to him and won’t let him down.

Its really a sentimental story that really touches the heart. At the same time really brings back that childhood memory in me, as I remember watching it on every weekend. Its just adorable seeing both Christopher and Pooh seated at their favourite spot and looking over the hills and valleys. Like the good old days.

Who wouldn’t want that cozy, cuddly and sweet bear with a forever rumbling tummy? His friends were as funny and lovable as he is, especially the hyper-active tiger. Missed his “WOO-HOO-HOO HOOO!!!” as his jumps on his springy tail! =D

Kids will adore this movie as much as us adults, who grew up watching the cartoon. Do prepare to standby lots of tissue paper if you are the emotional type. But you will love it and its worth the watch.


A very touching scene and will tell a thousand words….
Ohh you silly old bear…










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Captain’s log                             Stardate: 91814.7 (Aug 14th, 2018)

If you are good into dinosaurs or love studying about prehistoric creatures, then you are familiar with the Megalodon Shark. Also known as “Big Tooth”, its much larger, much terrifying than your typical great white shark. Nearly reaches the length of the Blue Whale.

A movie title as “Meg” which tells the story of this prehistoric 75-foot Megalodon Shark and based on the 1997 novel, Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror. Thought to be extinct, this magnificent killing machine suddenly rises from the depths of the ocean and attacks a research submersible which carries a small group of scientists. This Big Tooth leaving it disable and the crew was trapped at the bottom of the ocean.


I find the poster really amusing somehow…=D

With time running out, the team who was monitoring them from an underwater research facility had to engage a well known-experience rescue diver to assist them in attempting to rescue the stranded crew. He was reluctant at first, after going through what happened five years ago where he attempted a rescue mission to save a group of scientist from a massive shark attack.

Given no choice, and the fact that his ex-wife is one of the stranded crew, he agreed to the mission.

Once they realised that the prehistoric shark was out into the open and en-route to a local beach, they must immediately strike it down.

The movie was filled with tons of trills and suspense at every corner of the deep sea. And comes with a lot of humour. As the shark gets unclose and personal, I became too focus on it. The size was really unbelievable. Sharks are one of the few prehistoric living things who survived the big extinction. Everything was huge back then. The largest animal ever to have lived today was the blue whale.

Studies of this fossilized teeth have shown it had jaws large enough to exert a bite force, even on a whale. Two or three Megs can take down a blue whale for that matter, perhaps so….

The Megalodon is really an interesting shark. Such a humongous meaty carnivore that takes itself surprisingly seriously. Its like telling, “Finally, I’m out into the fresh   open sea after like thousands of years buried in the depths! Thanks to you, humans!” And there he go, splashing its massive weight out of the water. Scaring the shit out of everybody, even the sharks.

Its a pretty intense movie, inviting you to watch the main lead character rampaging against a Megalodon. And that rampage is worth the watch.

So if you love sharks or fans of Jaws or fans of Shark Week, then you might wanna try catching this monster shark. For those who love Jaws, if you think you have seen those crazy sharks, wait till you see their great great great Grandfather!

Get into your swimming gear and swim out there to the movies to find out.