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Anime Festival Asia 2012

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Captain’s log                                Stardate: 63901.5 (Nov 12th, 2012)

Anime Festival Asia: Its back again this year with new stunning performances, showcases, live acting, music, all straight from Japan! Basically, AFA is everything about Japan! Anime, music, manga, games, toys, you named it. Even maid and butler cafes that comes with cute Japanese girls in their cute maid outfits. This one can never be missed! =D

Not to mention, cosplaying! =D So if you are into Japanese merchandises, a fan of Japan, love the popular culture of Japan, this event is just right for you! AFA with its unlimited package of Japanese culture will once again take centre stage to bring the fans what’s in store for this year’s latest trends! =)

The event is held for 3 days, from 9th till 11th November at the Singapore Expo. Used to be held at Suntec. Best recommended for cosplayers to come on the weekends, as 9th, which is a Friday is mostly for the media to come down and get a story about the event. Unless you want to see a concert which takes place on that day. But of course, there’s no stopping for cosplayers who still want to cosplay on Friday. But its always best recommended to come down on the weekends as the attraction will be more wider and captures more attention.

I notice that this year there’s quite a number of tourists coming down for the event. Most of them are from Japan. Let alone the Japanese representatives who was part of AFA. And also, a surprise for me as well! Can say its unexpected too. When they saw me, they just go “Zyuranger!!” “Tyranno Ranger!!” “Super Sentai!” And most of them were Japanese citizens! =D

Yes, for those who are yet to know, Power Rangers were adapted for the original Super Sentai series. Tyranno Ranger is what were known down there, but to many of us who were born watching American version simply learned it as Red Ranger from that old school Power Rangers. And “Zyuranger” is from its full title known as Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger series which is extensively used for the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

There’s even this Japanese lady, who wanted my autograph to be signed on a photo she had taken with me. We had taken from one of the booths that developed instant photos. She wanted to show it to her daughter who was a big fan of the Kyro… Sentai Zyuranger or Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, as what she told me. She could have bring her daughter along. That would be more exciting and a surprise for her! I was so touched into it. A big thank you and a respectful bow for her! =D

These are some of the best photos of me and gang taken on both days! =)

AFA has ended for now. The whole of two days has been an awesome event. Me and my gang truly enjoyed it! Mission accomplished guys! =D

And especially me. The Japanese people there, where they were amazed of seeing the old school Tyranno Ranger roaming around the hall. GANBATTE!!! =D

Dream Of Time Traveling…..

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Captain’s log                                    Stardate: 69864.7 (Nov 8th, 2012)

I decided to share this in my blog. Really interesting to me….

Its about a dream that I was having yesterday night, the 7th. Its a strange dream I have. I dreamt I took Doc Brown’s Delorean Time Machine. I activate the time circuits and keyed in the destination year: 1992. I decided to travel 20 years back for a good reason. As instructed, I speed up till the car reaches up to 88 mph where it will activate the flux capacitor to enable time traveling.

The year where I was been mostly bullied by classmates. I’m timid and never at all talk! Probably that’s why I was been bulled. At most I whisper. I’m….just too shy. Usually at recess I was alone.

Like how Marty McFly did, I hide the Delorean behind some thick clumps of bushes. No one can see the time machine. I then walked towards my old primary school. Its a long way though, but from where I hide the time machine its the only best hiding place so far.

I saw my old school. Still looks so brand new back then. Memories flooded in. Especially the bad ones. That’s the reason why I’m here, for a purpose.

It was recess. There, I met my younger self. I was only 8 back then. On that particular day, I saw him (me), been surrounded by few of the classmates who always pick on me. They mocked, calling me names, before one of them push me hard to the ground.

I saw myself in tears. Despite how hurtful I felt, they still laugh and mocked at me. Calling me dumb, cause I don’t talk at all. I’m weak. I had no confidence in standing up for myself. This is where I had enough. I vividly remember this. Anger builds in fast. I approached them and roughly grabbed that bully who push me.

I dare him to challenge me! He thinks he so tough!  I dare all of them to challenge me! I claimed that I’m his (my younger self) older brother! I was so angry! I just couldn’t stand it no more! He pleaded to let go, and even promised he won’t bully my younger self anymore. “You better not..”I warned. “This will be my last warning!” I push him off, and all of them scurried away like frightened rabbits…

I help my younger self up. The thought of seeing yourself 20 yrs back was unbelievable. Psychological speaking, that timid look, lack of confidence and bravery, it has been the worst time during my childhood. Surely, he didn’t recognized me. He just stood there, wiping his tears.

“Are you ok?” I asked. He try to speak. But he just can’t. I know myself. I understand him. “Its ok. I seen other kids like you too. You are not alone. Take me as your friend, and I’m here to help.”

He looked at me. That sad look…and for the moment there I thought he’s going to burst into tears again. From there, he uttered. “But….how?”

I teach him all what he needed to know. He may be immature. But there’s some things he need to understand. Learn to stand up for himself. If someone ever bully him, I advise him to inform his teacher. Cuz back then, I had no courage to tell my teacher. Or the school principal. Its only when one day I came back home crying. My parents found out, and visit the school to speak with my principal and teacher. They didn’t know this.. Cuz I’m just too afraid…

At the end of the day, I make sure he understands. The more he isolated himself, the more those guys are coming for him. But I believe due to my sudden presence, I don’t think they will ever bully him again. They might think I be watching them from afar! =D And also he needs to learn to speak up too. I don’t want him to ended up like me. Impress the teachers, I told him. You are not born as someone mute. You can speak. It takes time to built up that confidence. But I’m sure he can do it. And for the 1st time ever, my younger self smile.

I was about to leave, when he grab my hand. “So when can I see you again?” he asked softly. Somehow, that touches me. But of course, I can’t be there for long. I got my own life back in 2012. I told him, “You may not see me again. I’m just passing by, and happen to saw you. You need help just now. But I promise you in 20 yrs time, you will realize.”

He look confused. But I assured him, he will. He just have to wait. The school bell rang. Recess is over. He smile, and said, “Thank you for helping me,” He wave goodbye and hurried back to class. I stood there, watch, till I no longer see him.

Satisfied, I walked back to the Delorean which I had hide it behind some thick clumps of bushes. Its a long walk from my old school though. Good thing that the machine was installed with Mr Fusion instead of relying on plutonium just to produce that 1.21 gigawatts =D

Destination year: November 7, 2012. Back to the future, here I go!

That’s where I woke up. Whoa….

GOOD OLD 2012! =D

How I wish that would happened for real…..

Yeah, time traveling has never fail to impress me. I’m sure there are others too, who find time traveling fascinating. Though its just sci-fiction, many of us had always dream of time traveling. Its either the past or the future. Especially the future. To see the progress of mankind. Some, to see their own life in the future. Their wedding, their generations! Grandchildren!  

But, there’s always the dangerous side of time traveling too. What if you encounter something bad when you are in the future? Something bad that may caused an alternate change. This may effects you, when you travel back to your present time. Because of it happens in the future due to something misfortune or disastrous event that you had cause (either intentionally or unintentionally) or someone with evil intentions, the timeline will be corrupted when you head back to the present. Therefore, time traveling can be a risk, if not use carefully. Worse come to worse, the time traveler will have to destroy the time machine.

Just like in Back to the Future 2, where the old Biff from 2015 stole the Delorean and head back to 1955 to met his younger self. There, he gave him a sports book, that tells the exact scores of the future which makes him a millionaire instantly just by betting the correct numbers. He turn things into Hell, even the town of Hill Valley when he, Marty McFly and Doc Brown came from, into hell. He had become a supreme power, owning all that he could!

And when Marty McFly and Doc Brown returns from 2015, everything what they thought would be in place were no longer what it seems. Its…hell everywhere. History has been altered. The timeline has been corrupted because of multi-millionaire Biff. In order to restore the timeline, they have to go back to the past. Back to 1955, to find the younger Biff and to destroy that book.

Fascinating movie, I’ll say. All three BTTF movies. Even the 2000 movie, Time Machine, which is based on a sci-fiction novella and written by H.G. Wells also impressed many sci-fiction fans about the concept of time traveling. Truly remarkable!

Indeed, most time traveling series or movies does catches that plot to attract the viewers as to how the future might be like. As mentioned, it never fails to draw the attention of such imaginary and wonders of how the future might hold.

Flying cars, holographic beings, robots, flying skateboard or hoverboards, sports shoes, jackets that fits you automatically once you put on….what else? =D There’s too much to learn for!