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Captain’s log                         Stardate: 62486.4 (Dec 26th, 2008)

Another set of Star Trek collection from Furuta that I’ve ordered a week ago from eBay had just arrived at my doorstep. It consists of four Federation Starships, a Borg Cube, a Kazon Raider, the Phoenix (Warp test ship), the Galileo (U.S.S Enterprise’s shuttlecraft), U.S.S Rio Grande NCC-72452 (Federation Runabout) and even a Spock Bust. The ships especially, were slightly smaller, compare to the previous collection which I had brought a month ago, also from Furuta. But altogether appeared really intriguing, and fits nicely with my previous collection. Seems to me I was getting kinda hooked on eBay every now and then. Hah! =D Seriously, its really tough being a Star Trek fan in Singapore. There’s hardly anywhere you can get the toys and other of their items. It’s quite limited down here.

And when comes in ordering Star Trek collections on eBay, I do take some cautions when do it online, and only by those I wanted.

Star Trek - Furuta Collection Spock Bust and Borg Cube The Phoenix


Captain’s log                         Stardate: 62456.2 (Dec 15th, 2008)

Three days ago, on stardate 62447.1 (Dec 12th, 2008 / Friday) was the start of our local trekkies year-end chalet, which was mostly organized at the end of each year. It was a three-day, two night stay at East Coast Goldkist Beach Resort. As for me, this year will be my first chalet with the local trekkies, as I had never been to any of their previous chalets held in the past. The days were Friday till Sunday, and as such I had to apply my leave for Saturday to grab this opportunity. I cannot afford to miss this one, as I am looking forward to it ever since the news has been posted in the forum.

Since it was a three-day chalet, I will start off at the very first day in order.

Stardate: 62447.1 (Dec 12th, 2008)

Right after I reached home from work in the afternoon, I straightaway packed all my things needed for the chalet. I double-checked and re-checked the things, especially my digital camera and camcorder; to be sure they were in the bag before I left. I want to the chalet by car, where my mum had decided to send me there. Based on the forum, the chalet starts at 1800hrs, where the barbeque was held. But one of the trekkies named Fahmi, needed to book in early as he needed to get the rented barbeque pit ready. He also be expecting me to be there early also, as I had promised him that I’ll be there after my working hours ended. Another trekkie, by the named of Jeremy had also arrived early. But he needed to go for his afternoon shift where he was working, and had leave his bag behind and be back about 2200hrs. So far, those staying-in will be Fahmi, Jeremy and myself. But Jeremy will be staying for one night only, as he needed to report back for his night shift the very next day.

Front View The inside Opposite view

At around 1600hrs, the next early trekkie named Dave arrives. Aged 18, he was currently staying in Malaysia, but had joined in as the next newest member in the local Star Trek forum. According to him, he had some relatives staying in Singapore, so that’s the reason why he could spare the time to join us for this event =)

Then, at about 1700hrs, Fahmi decided its time to set up the barbeque. I had to admit, I never set up a barbeque before, so its best for me to learn how Fahmi does it. Because of the wind kept blowing every now and then, it gave us a lot of difficulty in setting up the fire, that we ended up wasting all the firestarters. Eventually, another batch had to be brought in. And by the time we had managed to heat up the barbeque within few hours time, another trekkie named Joran, been accompanied by his girlfriend has landed. That was one hell of a set up if you asked me!

The food were been brought in. Talk about the first barbeque night, and the most common food, which was the sausages meant to be barbeque were already wrecked! But all goes well in the end. However, not bad after getting a taste of its “crispy” feeling =D

Grill time! This one's ready Not bad...


The sky had turned dark. A trekkie named Fatimah soon shows up, and the last happened to arrive was the founder himself, James Lee. He just came back from a cruise trip, so he does appeared rather “shack” for the moment =D Surprisingly, a Star Wars fanatic happened to drop in, who was accompanied by his girlfriend. Its good to be introduce to someone from another “clan.” =D

A Star Wars fan
That night was filled with much activity. Not only from ours, but from the neighbours as well. The moon was full tonight. Because of the glow taken from the sun, illuminating it, the moon appears like a gold coin rested high up in the night sky. We share stories, joked, laughed, as we gobbled down the food. And 0f course, my camcorder had began filming the action taking place. And my camera were snapping away shots after shots =D

At around 2200hrs, we decided to call it a night. But before the rest leave the chalet, excluding both Fahmi and me who shall be staying overnight, a group photo was taken. And on top of that, that night was our ghost hunt that were planned by Fahmi and me. We had already make preparations for it, due to last week, where both of us had conducted a 15km trekking across East Coast Park, whereby we managed to discover the Yellow Tower and the infamous underpass that links from Bayshore to East Coast Park. This time, we are gonna checked this two places at night. To see whether, the paranormal takes place, as to what many had spoken. That night is ours….

Once the rest of the trekkies had left the chalet grounds, both of us proceed on our way towards the Yellow Tower. I never knew, that could be so many campers spending the night near the beach along the way. Their tents were a stretched along the coast! There’s even some campers, who had established their tents next to the roadside. Indeed, I’m surprised….. =O

Nearly half an hour, we could make out the solid structure of the Yellow Tower. Compare during in board daylight, it appeared more larger, and seems “alive” at night. Just by staring at it does give me the creeps……

While Fahmi started scanning the base of the Tower with his EMF, I began to take the shot of the whole tower front view from the coastline. Seen through the screen of the camera, there appeared to be only one of the so-called “orb” been detected at the top right next to the tower. But, when been viewed in full definition through my computer, this is what I came across!

Yellow Tower taken at night

There appears to be more than just one orb! I was taken back by surprise when discovered this! I swear, there is none of the orbs flying around before this photo was taken. It so happened, that the tower does held a suspense, somewhere…..

The EMF was going crazy when comes to these two particular spots. My camcorder was rolling much film at these spots. Not to mention, those sudden drops of temperature, and that shivers felt at the back of our neck! Dudes, I ain’t kidding!

Here’s more where it came from…

More Orbs Upper deck Other end of the deck

We spend about 10 to 15 minutes investigating the tower. And during that time, its always the same two spots (above last two photos) that kept the EMF going almost berserk! Not to mention, how “cold” it is everytime we landed on that spot. I’m telling you, its not the weather I’m talking about!

Soon, we leave the place. Our next one, was the all time, infamous underpass. But before we ventured there, we had to head back to the chalet, where the trekkie named Jeremy had called up Fahmi, saying that he’s on the way back from his workplace. So we had decided to bring him along to investigate the underpass. Furthermore, another trekkie also by the named of James were coming over with Jeremy. But just for a little visit, and gobbled up any left overs.

James stays about half an hour before he left. Once Jeremy had freshen himself up, we proceed for the underpass. The time, was already somewhere, midnight.

The underpass appeared more alive at night. Even at a distance, the entry of the underpass where like the jaws of a monster. Like as though its waiting for its victim. Luring them in. Luring them into the unknown.

Well…..I guess I was involved in too much paranormal on that night. Hah! =D

Underpass Orbs detected Entry End of pass Intensive readings

Fahmi’s EMF doesn’t picked up much readings when moving through the underpass, until when we reaches the end of it. Presence of a sudden “cold” and at the same time, the EMF detects certain areas to be “cold.” Compare from last week where both Fahmi and I had investigate the pass during board daylight, our second visit on the night had taken a much stronger presence…..=o

Furthermore, we also investigate the Bird Sanctuary a.k.a “Devil’s Playground” as what the local ghost hunters calls it, that circulars near the underpass. Few of the photos were seen to have those orbs detected. Once again, I’m certain they are NOT there before the photos were taken.

Scanning.... Green... Scanning.... Devil's Hideout Deep within... Tracking....

20 minutes is all we had taken the time to spare. Although we have not encountered any sign of paranormal activity that would “spook” us out, we do picked up some traces, especially those orbs and some “cold spots” that we can at least expected. Even from the Yellow Tower. From these two places, there is the stories to tell. To conclude, both still remains, a mystery….

It was half an hour before 0200hrs, where we end the ghost hunt. We also had to head back quickly towards the chalet because the gate we are entering closes at 0200hrs.

Another day gone, and couldn’t wait for the next big day =)

Stardate: 62450.5 (Dec 13th, 2008)

Both Jeremy and Fahmi were still in dreamland when I woke up early morning. (And I though “Klingons” who was Fahmi’s alter ego used to woke up early in the morning to exercise for the “Challenge of Spirit” which consists of meditation and bathing which signifies purification of both mind and body. Hah! =D) Yesterday’s pizza which Fahmi had ordered two sets from Canadian Pizza, and left only one piece still in the box when I opened one of them. Well, it could be a waste of not eating a left over good food that still appeared fresh from the box =D

Jeremy soon woke up and head for the toilet when I was watching television. A while later, I head upstairs to grab my towel. That’s where I caught sight of Fahmi opened his eyes sharp. Like an android which was been activated after all the systems were set to go =D

Surprisingly, at about 1000hrs, newest trekkie named Dave, arrives at our doorstep. He’s early to spend the whole day with us. Right after Fahmi, Jeremy and myself had freshen up, we head down towards Mcdonalds for our breakfast, which was located at the heart of Marine Cove.

Here’s some snapshots I took along the way.

The ocean

By the lake

We’ve entered the fast food restaurant and only to find that breakfast is over =( Let alone the numbers of hungry people that had accomodate the restaurant. Oh well, lunch is lunch =D

Marine Cove At the fountain Lunch

Once done, we proceed to the 7-11 store just around the corner, where Fahmi needs to buy some 1.5 litres of water bottle for that second day of barbeque. On top of that, Jeremy and I needed to head down to Parkway Parade in the afternoon, whereby we need to buy more food for the barbeque, as that night we’ll be expecting more trekkies to show up.

Along the way back to the chalet, Fahmi receives a call from a trekkie. I might spell his name incorrectly, so I used his nickame that were used in the forum instead, which was “lhs1701.” He informs that he’s coming over to the chalet to hand over some sci-fiction CDs to Fahmi. Fahmi responded that he needed to wait at the chalet for a few minutes as we are on our way back from lunch.

“lhs17o1” said that he won’t be staying for the barbeque, as he need to wake up early morning the next day to accompany his wife to walk along the Western Ridges. He just dropped by to hand over the CDs to Fahmi. At least, he had taken a good look at the chalet and within its vicinity =) And before he left, a group photo was taken.


For the next afternoon, the four of us challenge ourselves in a game of Monopoly – Star Wars edition, that were brought in by the Star Wars fan the day before. There’s also the game of Risk, also Star Wars edition. But we never play the game, as none of us knew how.

Its been a long time since I last played Monopoly. Playing it once again does refresh my mind in those that I have forgotten. Of course, I ended up going bankrupt after within an hour when my piece landed on one of Dave’s property, and ended up paying all. And I don’ think getting mortage would do any good. Oh well, its only a game =D

The game begins Cards Feel my wrath! Base is growing

By late afternoon, both Jeremy and I head down towards Parkway Parade to buy the extra food needed. Jeremy even brought a warp packet of squids. I had doubt, anyone of us will eat those. But Jeremy just added that to the shopping list. Just in case, he claims…

Once the groceries were brought back to the chalet, we began to prepared the food. With Jeremy does all the cutting on the carrots, corns and potatoes, he does appeared like a good chef to start off with… =D

Chef All ready Preparation

Once Fahmi gets the rented barbeque pit, I’ve decided to set up the fire once Fahmi gets the barbeque pit on its stand. Its time for me to learn how to set one, since I had gotten the idea from Fahmi.

Well, not bad for first starters. Hah! =D Not much of a wind blowing on the second day. The fire did went out several times, however. But that was something common to be encountered for during any barbeque. Jeremy soon joins in and help to pile up several of the charcoals over the fire. In the meantime, the food were all prepared and those needed to be barbeque were placed on the grill once the heat were on the level.

Moments later, James and his wife, also a trekkie named Janice shows up. About half an hour later, another trekkie whose named I’ve forgotten, but nickname as “daleth” from the local forum landed. Minutes pass and the activity began to fill with much excitement from ours. At the same time, from the neighbours as well. The barbeque grill were refilled with those needed to be grill, and more people came over at the same time to join in the fun. And just before the sky turns dark, another trekkie named Simon, (I think that’s his name) shows up together with this wife and son. An hour later, Fatimah arrives. And once again, both of my camcorder and digital camera were rolling and snapping picture away as we enjoyed the evening =)

Mouth waters More butter Grill The smoke Ready to be serve

The atmosphere was a breeze. Each time you passes across the chalet grounds, there will be the familiar sounds of joy and excitement from one chalet after another. I’m just glad that I managed to join in as my first time, year-end chalet with the local trekkies. Never do I felt so excited, as to compare from other chalets that I’ve attended. To me, joining in the fun for the trekkies chalet is something new, and always, awaiting surprises =)

Messy scene Fanning Wanna bite?

Cause once the clock hits 2100hrs, James began to make the announcement that its…..GAME TIME!!!! There’s prizes to be won, and one of them attracts us the most. It was a Star Trek, The Next Generation chess set. Its a grand prize to those who win the final round. Really an eye-opener and everyone just felt the urge to grab it.

Prizes to be won

The game start off with a quiz. Before that, James wants us to team up in pairs. Once done, each team should have a name. I paired up with Jeremy, whose team named is “Anything.” Is Jeremy’s idea to give such a name for our team. Hah! =D

Taken from a Star Trek book who James had, the first guessing game was to identify which species and character’s names, who had worn certain uniforms seen in the episodes and movies. Whoever answer it correctly will get one Star Trek customized card game as a token. This game is to test how knowledgable you are in Star Trek. Looks like I had to do more study on Star Trek, cause even the simplest ones I ended up confused! And during the game, another trekkie named Hameed shows up, and joined in with Janice and Fatimah whose team named is “Whatever.” Haha! =D

The game ends with the team who had the number of cards win. And this goes to both Fahmi and Dave, whose team named is “Spartans.” Each won a set of Star Trek bookmarks. Congrats!


Next game, was related from our own. This one is to identify which of us trekkies, who wore the mask or half-mask of Star Trek characters, and to which costume event he or she participates. Including the year as well. This one does appeared tough, cause to me, the only event I ever attended was the Toys and Comic Convention held in June. And that was the day where I had decided to be a member of this fan club. So I had totally no idea who was behind those make-up or masks, or which year and event held. Unless, they looked kinda familiar or their faces were seen. But I just took a guess anyway to see if I’m right.

While during the game, another trekkie named Sofyan shows up, and both Jeremy and I immediately dragged him to join our team. Hah! =D

And the winner for this round goes to, team named “Whatever!” And all three were awarded with a complete set of Star Trek door knots. Congrats! =D


Now, the final round. This time, its even more exciting. Its from the classic game of Bingo. But James had created a Star Trek version of it. And instead of the usual columns and rows filled with numbers, James had type in our names that was used in the forum. He had a bag with him, that was filled with small cut-out papers that has our names printed on them. Exactly like Bingo, when a name has been called out, each one of us had to search for it from the given slip of paper that has different set of names printed on them. When a name has been found, the players will used a toothpick that was been given each to poke on the box, as to indicate that the name were called.

And while the game was running, trekkie Franklin arrived on the spot, as the last man.

Ohhhhhh..anything lah! Cool game! Outnumbered!!

We really had a lot of fun playing this. The last remaining prizes were the Star Trek Encyclopedia, Deep Space Technical Manual and the making of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. And of course, the Star Trek chess set as the grand prize. The winners for this goes to Sofyan, Franklin, Hameed, Fatimah, Dave and Janice. And the chess set goes to Sofyan after winning the final round. I was eyeing that Encyclopedia actually, and was hoping if I can win that. There’s a few runs during the game that I was almost close to winning. Oh well, better luck next time… =)

The game ends right after the grand prize were handed out. And here comes the group photo:

Group photo

Jeremy had already left for his night shift duty, since he had only stayed for a single night. Now only both Fahmi and myself, as we had decided to stay in for two nights. James and the rest of the trekkies spend about another hour in the chalet, with most of us helping in clearing the place out, before they called it a night.

The last trekkie leaves, and both Fahmi and myself had the chalet once again to ourselves.

Moments later, we are on a maiden voyage to dreamland…..Zzzzzzzzzzz…=)

Day 3 – Sunday
Stardate: 62453.3 (Dec 14th, 2008)

Its time to disembarked =D Once both of us had freshen up, we head towards Macdonalds for breakfast.

The three day chalet does start off pretty well. I had told myself that when we were packing up our things. I really enjoyed a good time, and especially yesterday’s game of Bingo. I really wished the rest of the trekkies who were unable to attend were here for the chalet. Like they used to say, the more, the merrier =)

Furthermore, I’m looking forward for the next year round; if there’s nothing clashes on me due to my work. I wouldn’t want to miss out the next big happening =)

Live long and prosper
Md.Ariffin a.k.a captainphoton24

Captain’s log                       Stardate: 62439.5 (Dec 09, 2008)

Yesterday, on stardate 62437.2, (Dec 08, 2008) one of the local Star Trek member, named Fahmi and myself had decided to trek along East Coast Park as planned by him somewhere last month. Situated on the south-eastern part of the island, size measuring by 185 Ha and stretching over 15km, East Coast Park is the largest and the most popular park in Singapore. It is built entirely on reclaimed land with a man-made beach, where swimming is possible. Ultimately, this park offers a wide range of facilities – be it food, recreation, entertainment and sports. Bowling alleys, golf driving range, chalets, restaurants and hawker center can all be found in this park. Furthermore, the part is currently undergoing upgrading works, as to improve its image in attracting more visitors.

There is also, the grim side of East Coast Park, where it was heard by many. Even seen in local channels. Is East Coast Park really haunted? Reports from the Singapore Paranormal Investigations (SPI) came in, when a dead body was found at low tide. Frightening possession happened at night. Plus, the infamous underpass that makes the area a hot bed of paranormal tales. Such as the Yellow Tower, where many considered, the most haunted. Few years ago, a couple met a group of rapists while they were on a date at the top of the tower. In his desperate bid to protect his girlfriend, the guy was badly beaten up and dragged to the base of the tower, while his girlfriend was brutally gang-raped and killed. After that incident, it was rumored that the girl’s spirit still wanders around the tower. Cyclists who cycle past there at night, including joggers going on their night jog have heard a series of tormented cries, and even claimed to have seen a white ghostly figure floating around the tower.

Then, there’s this underground pass leading to East Coast Park from Bay Shore. There stories about this pass, which was believed to be haunted. Even in the day, the other end of the pass is always known to be dark. One such story, where a female student was going home alone late at night after a BBQ, and had decided to use the pass as a short cut. There, she saw “children” playing near the pass. And ever since that day, she never use that pass again. Another, was a man using the short cut there, and happened to saw a young girl kneeling on the floor. She appeared to be crying, and had her hands buried in her face. The man approached her to see if she needed any help. And that’s where, she simply vanished…

Next, is the Bedok Jetty. This structure is one of the best spots for fishing and also, many drowned near it. There have been several cases of people drowning near this jetty. This happens usually late at night, and happened to those who swims near it. Stories are that the jetty has “intruded” the privacy of the sea and the dark forces had befallen on some of its users. Also, youngsters are strongly advised not to swim near the jetty at night.

And so, for a person who was fond of the paranormal besides Star Trek, Fahmi had decided to take this opportunity and to seek out the truth behind all this. Furthermore, he had recently brought two devices that were commonly used for ghost hunts. One of them, is the Electronic Magnetic Field (EMF), which is considered the most important tool for every ghost hunts. He was eager to try this out, and had invited me along since he knows that I was too, on the paranormal side.

On top of that, this is also to prepare for the night tour that was part of our upcoming trekkies year-end chalet, that happens every end of each year. The chalet for this year takes place at East Coast’s Goldkist Beach Resort, which was a three-day, two-night stay from 12 Dec to 13 Dec 2008. Fahmi, myself and few others will be staying overnight. To be frank, this year will be my first chalet with the local trekkies, and I will be eager to go for the next year event and so on as long as I’m free.

Anyway, both of us had agreed to meet up at Bedok MRT control station at 1200hrs. From there, we proceed to Bedok Interchange and took bus service no.104, which operates only on weekends and public holidatys for destination towards East Coast Service Park. We disembarked at a bus stop which is located near to the chalet ground. The weather was drizzling, ever since morning. From there, we began our trekking, moving west. Our main objective, is to locate the Yellow Tower. In the first place, I never knew there’s such a tower located along this coast, despite of being here many times. Until I saw the pictures of the tower been posted in the SPI website because of its haunting presence been witness by many. Well, we would be lucky if we spotted it. I remember one of the SPI agents ever told me through the SPI forum, that the shortest route to get towards the tower was to take bus service no.197 or 196 from Bedok Interchange, and disembarked at Parkway Parade. From there, walk straight until the NTUC Fairprice came into view. From behind the building, there will be an underpass that was linked towards East Coast Park. Once exit from there, just followed the footpath before turning left. Depending how fast you walk, you can reached the tower roughly within 10 minutes. From where both of us had started, it took us less then 15 minutes before the tower came into view.


I never thought I actually seen one. Thought that we might had trouble finding it. Or never even find it at all! But there it was. Standing tall, about three stories in height. Been built near the coast, and been envelope within the shadows of the trees. The colour of it says it all. Some even called it, the Yellow Lighthouse, because of the huge bulb located at its peak. In my own observation, it doesn’t appeared that tall, for a standard lighthouse…

We proceed to the upper deck of the tower. This is where, it was believed, that the young dating couple were on, before the rape incident takes place. Without waiting for any moment to spare, Fahmi brought out two of his devices. The EMF and the one which normally detects “cold spots.” But the EMF shall be used throughout the day as the common tool. As for me, I will kept myself busy taking photographs of the area.

Then, the seeing, is just believing. The EMF began to detects some unusual readings as Fahmi surveys from one point to another across the deck. But as every ghost agents must take note, the EMF was also design to detect electronic readings through wiring and cables, especially from exposed wires. So when it sense something, that doesn’t mean it detects paranormal. But could be exposed wires that could be within its radius. So its very important that we survey the deck of the tower for any exposed wires along the cracks on the walls if any.

Across the deck, the area much closer to the spiral staircase seems rather intense. This is the spot, where the rape incident occurs in which the helpless girl was brutally gang-raped before those monsters killed her. Including, where the wandering spirit of the girl was seen by many. The readings on the meter was at the rate – continuosly going high and low. But when scan on that particular spot, the readings were nearly at the rise! This might be proven all true, as to what witnesses had described. But based from them, the actual paranormal mostly happens at night. So what both of us were suggesting, that when night falls, the readings can be hot at stake!

yellow-tower-11 yellow-tower-21 yellow-tower-53 yellow-tower-61 yellow-tower-41

We spend about 10 to 15 minutes scanning the area before we proceed on. We continued heading west, where we decided to check out this underpass. Not the infamous underpass, but one, which we might considered to held some mystery. Sorry, but I happened to forgot the name of that underpass.

It was a long walk from where we started. The wind had started to pick up. So does the rain. In less than 15 minutes, we reached the underpass. Based on observation, the distance held from one point to the end of the pass was roughly about 50 meters. The EMF doesn’t detects anything unusual at the moment when we moved across the pass. However, it started to show some signs when we are at the other end. But quickly retains back to normal readings. We just assumed it could be any one of the exposed wires found within this vicinity. As such, we tracked back to the entry. Still, nothing interesting to detect. Don’t know if such a thing will occurs when night falls….

The rain turns heavy. Fortunately, there’s a nearby shelter and we ran for it. While waiting for the ran to settle down, I took a few shot of the surroundings that lies before us.

Once the rain settles in less than 10 minutes, we make our move. This time, heading towards East. And right now, we gonna investigate the infamous underpass that leads from Bay Shore via East Coast Park. Another long walk – we pass the surrounding that we have seen when heading west. Once again, the Yellow Tower caught our attention when it came into viewed. Somehow or rather, even at this board daylight, the tower does behaved in such a manner. Twisted, as what I calls it. Is it because of what happened to that poor girl? From my point of view, it does held some sense of mystery, apparently drew in much attention that could be worth waiting for. Well, anyone could just simply stated, that “it’s just and old building, but sure does have a great view from the upper deck.” =D

Furthermore, more shots of interesting spots were taken along the way.

We soon came across the Marine Cove, formerly known as the East Coast Recreation Center. It was a building complex in the park where many cafes, restaurants and bars are located. It also contains a bowling alley and billiards saloon. There’s also the McDonalds, where we had our lunch. It is the only one in East Coast Park and features a drive thru and even a “skate-thru” counter.


Once we gobble down our appetite, we continued in our quest. The rest of the way was quite windy, and the weather just keeps getting dull. We soon came across a signboard, that indicates we are close to the Bay Shore underpass towards east. This is it, I told myself. Time to see how “spooky” this underpass is.

For some reason, we seem to having trouble locating the underpass. As far as I’m concerned, we had walked quite a considerable distance and I don’t think the underpass should be further than that, does it? We soon came to another signboard.. This time, it pointed that the direction of the underpass was facing west That means, we had just missed it! But even so, where was this underpass? Wasn’t it near that Bird Sanctuary, that was nearby Bedok Jetty? Nevertheless, we track back. We passes Bedok Jetty. Next to us on the right side, was the Bird Sanctuary, and next to it, heavy constuction was taking place. Then, there’s another sideboard. This one doesn’t stated the exact spot of the underpass. But not until, Fahmi pointed out a footpath that trails between the construction side and the Bird Sanctuary. Is this it? I wondered, as we followed the trail. And right at the distance, came a familiar structure. It was seen from the photos been posted in the SPI website. And that’s where it hit me like a hammer falls! The Bird Sanctuary…. the surrouding…. that eerie feeling I once knew when came to this spot from the past; all came back now. The underpass is located within the vicinity of the Bird Sanctuary. That means, from the signboard itself, the underpass is located at that current location.

Without waiting any moment, we hurried towards the underpass. As what many of those who had commented about the underpass, that it was always dark at the end, even in board daylight. One such frightening incident occurs, a man had taken the pass as a short cut late one night. In his report, the lights down there suddenly flickers, before it plunges into darkness. But he only assumed that it was a technical fault and just proceed on his way. That’s where he felt a hand, grabbed his shoulder that causes him to blast the hell out towards the exit. By a distance away, he stop to catch his breath. At the same time, his eyes on the underpass. To his disbelief, the lights there, had been switched on!

There’s not much readings from the EMF when we stepped in. But along the way, the device detects some unusual readings that keeps going on a considerable rate of high and low. And believe it or not, this is where suddenly, both of us  felt the goosebumps! We didn’t feel anything when we were at the tower and inside the other underground pass. There is certainly, a strong presence around here. Especially at the foot of the staircase at the end of the pass, where the readings was at the intense! But as always, the perfect moment is when night falls. But that is, if you are “lucky” to find one…..

to-bayshore-underpass bayshore-underpass1 bayshore-underpass-23 bayshore-underpass-31 bayshore-underpass-4 bayshore-underpass-5

Two snapshots of the Bird Sanctuary, where was known to the SPI as, “Devil’s Playground.” One of the photo, had the s0-called orb been captured. I SWEAR it wasn’t there before I took the picture!

forested-area-2 forested-area

At last, its all worth it! We  had trekked about 15km from one point to another. Happy to note that, we had managed to locate the Yellow Tower especially. Despite getting some clues from those hotspots, this areas of the park; by no doubt, will come “alive” when night falls. Depending how “lucky” you were, and whether the paranormal does appeared at the right time.