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Captain’s log                                   Stardate: 60091.6 (Aug 27th, 2012)

I was been invited to join one of this anticipated event known as International Cosplay Day Singapore. ICDS for short. Heard that this year will be the 1st to be held in Singapore. Like most events, its celebrates both Cosplay & Pop-Culture Diversity. Its totally an all time super duper fan-driven convention that transcends barriers by immersing convention goers from the best of both worlds. Everyone from around the world is welcome! Kinda like the annual Singapore Toys Games Comic Conversation to me. But of course, most cosplay events nowadays were to be connected for the very best. So fans from both sides can have a taste  of what’s in store for them from those pop-culture exhibitors and various vendors galore!

The first ICDS for this year shall take place at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, which is held yesterday the 26th. Good thing that I’m currently on a long leave. Other than introducing a cosplay competition (starting to become like an important trend for most events nowadays), there is also a cosplay catwalk! How interesting! I was been encourage to take part into this, which I did before the registration closes in 2 days time.

Honestly I was reluctant at first. But then again, after much encouragement, why not give it a go? I try cosplay competition before. So why now try something new? I can say I did had fun on stage afterall. There’s a quite a bunch of us taking part into it. Kinda rare to have a Power Ranger to go catwalking up there. Hahaha! But its not like those ordinary catwalk platform where the models have to catwalk in a straight pattern. Ours will be from the starting point to the center of stage, then to the side. Then back to centerstage, then to the side, before exiting. While doing so, we still display our fashion into cosplaying and the poses we normally did.

Seriously, if only I can do somersaults or flips. A character like me is definitely a must! Especially when performing on stage. But too bad I can’t….. But still wanna learn though…..

Most anticipating of all was this Cosplay Chess. This year will be the country’s 2nd Annual Cosplay Chess. Its a 2-hour long cosplay stage show. There’s a large chessboard been spread onto the stage for the cosplayers that were involved.

It was really awesome! With me in my suit, I just stand there watching as the chessgame proceeds. I really envy those cosplayers. Cause seriously speaking guys, I was interested to be part of it. However, its due to my work schedule. I was told that the training was held every Saturday. And I’m working shift, and sometimes I do work on Saturday. So I doubt I can make it. I dunno if I can for next year. Just have to wait and see how. But really, I was interested. I still go for Red Ranger! Its damn fun!

These are some of the best photos taken. Not from me, but from various photographers. Many credits to them! =)

Although I can’t be part of the coschess, I’m still glad I had taken part for the catwalk. At least I get to perform something interesting other than posing for the cameras. hehe.. =) Nevertheless, its a great event! Truly enjoyed it!

Now looking forward for this coming weekend. Its the big one! Singapore Toys Games Comic Convention 2012! Stay tuned!! =)

Another Red Ranger: Gokai Red!

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Captain’s log                                   Stardate: 67790.9 (Aug 21st, 2012)

Another Red Power Ranger joins in with my Forever Red collection. Its Gokai Red from the Japanese version of Power Rangers. Its the Super Sentai series known as Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Literally so-called Pirate Rangers. Its the 35th entry in its long running Super Sentai.

I got this at one of the toy shops in China Square Central located at Chinatown for just 10 bucks. Too bad this is the only vinyl-made Red Ranger in stock. Other than that were Kamen Riders and other action figures been crowded in one shelf.

Perhaps there’s more when I go there again. =)

Captain’s log                                   Stardate: 60019.4 (Aug 19th, 2012)

Well, this is it. For us Muslims, this marks the end of the one month of the holy Ramadhan. I hereby wish all my family, friends, colleagues, loved ones a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Maaf Zahir Dan Batin! For this day onwards, let the spirit of raya show us the way to seek forgiveness and respect. This to allow harmony and peace to return to our lives. Let’s all have a prosper and a great festive season to enjoy with your friends and loved ones!

To every Muslims, and everybody around the world! Once again, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! =D