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Captain’s log                                                               Stardate: 77132.0 (Sept 25, 2014)

Remember the 2013 film movie, The Purge? Now its back again. Named as The Purge: Anarchy, the mayhem were set in the distance future of 2023.

Hours before the annual Purge begins, people across the country are preparing either to commit crime or to lock themselves indoors against the upcoming violence. What will you do if you were to leave in such a country, where it was set up by the Government. Would you Purge? Or would you stay indoors to protect yourself and your family? Can you survive for that 12 hours, and praying that no low-life scumbags banging on your door?


Unlike the 1st movie which takes place in the residential estate, the 2nd movie takes place in the city of Los Angeles. The story involves a police sergeant, a mother and her daughter, and a young couple. This time there’s also this anti-Purge resistance group that hacks into television programs to broadcast their own messages. To them, what’s done needs to be done and they dare challenge the system. This part kinda reminds me of that movie V for Vendetta. 

Knowing the consequences, the police sergeant had prepare an arsenal of weapons at his disposal. With that, he appeared heavily armed and quite skilful in combat.

The couple, while driving along the highway before the Purge commence, their car suddenly broke down. They were shocked to discover that their fuel line were cut. More shocking when a gang shows up, forcing them to flee on foot.

The mother rushes home to the daughter to prepare for that unforgiving night. As they did that, her father who was terminally ill had slip out of the apartment and into a waiting limo. He had leave behind a note explaining that he sold himself to a wealthy family as a Purge offering in exchange for $100,000 which will be transferred to her daughter’s and granddaughter’s bank accounts.

While the couple and both mother and daughter struggle to survive, the police sergeant bravely goes out into the streets for one purpose: Revenge. Subsequently all of them met and had to work together to survive the terrifying night.

Now here’s my opinion. After watching it, I find that the Anarchy doesn’t seem to bring much suspense and heart-pounding feeling like the 1st movie. It looks more like a battlefield with huge trucks and an army of look-alike SWAT team causing mayhem. Perhaps since it takes place in the city area, where it was much more open. Every corner you will hear screams. Even snipers were deployed. Smart move. There’s just no escape!

But what I notice other than that, the movie also focus on who’s the rich and who’s the poor. The rich being the rich. The poor being the poor. Such a society! 

I let those who haven’t watch to feel what its like and straight to your opinion. I’ve said enough =D

Its still an interesting movie though. You can bet I will watch if there’s another annual Purge! =D


Captain’s log                                                           Stardate: 78810.9 (Sept 7, 2014)

1st, was participating for the ICDS cosplay talent which falls on Aug 24th, Sunday. Another weekend later, I took part for this Gaza Aid with cosplayers from Pause For A Cause community. Then, another weekend later, me rolling in for one of the most anticipate pop culture and exciting event ever. 

Singapore Toy, Game & Comic Convention (STGCC) bring you from both worlds of toys, games, comics, anime, manga and all sorts and range of collectibles. Each year represent the fanboys and fangirls with what’s new and what’s in store along those booths, and what juices up within the pop culture universe. Get ready to fill your time up with the awesome weekend packed with autograph sessions, stage performances, and exciting exhibitors. Live Sketching, Screenings and Sneak Peeks, Walk of Fame, Artist Alley, just to name a few as what you can expect at STGCC!

The 3 weekends I took part was like as if its part of everyday work. Like as though its all connected like a back-to-back event. 3 straight weekends, and I’m still pumped as ever! Hahaha!

STGCC was held from 6th – 7th August at Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center. I can only attend on the 1st day as the last day I had to get back to work. One day is enough for me to fulfill my time as much as I can. Yes, as always, I be morphing up as the morphenomenal Red Ranger. Seriously, I can never get bored donning as my favourite childhood character! =D

Before this, we had to went through a lot of trouble in finding a damn parking lot. The open carpark which is near to MBS was full. So we got no choice but to park at the MBS parking basement itself, even if it had to cost me. When comes to MBS, parking rates can be expensive. But oh well, this is once in a lifetime. There’s a free parking lot at Marina Barrage. But it was a 15 – 20 min walk from there to MBS. No way we gonna walk that far!

Anyway, these are some of the awesome photos taken by a friend. Thanks! =D



The day is well spend. Having a great time with my Toku buddies as well as other cosplayers. At the some time, getting to know more of them, both newcomers and veterans. Those who are coming today, the 7th, do enjoy the time ok. Have fun till the end of the day.

And be advice, do take care of your belongings. Some cosplayers have lost their stuff in the past and recently. Be careful where and how you placed them. 

Till then! Power up! =D

Captain’s log                                                                  Stardate: 77142.9 (Sept 1st, 2014)

Like as though its a back-to-back event, its only a week after where me and few of my Toku buddies were participating for a cosplay talent competition for ICDS (International Cosplay Day Singapore). Then like a blink of an eye, I’m back together with some of the cosplayers from our fun-loving volunteer community known as Pause For A Cause (PFAC) for another charity event.

This time is regards on the Gaza Aid, that has been happening in Palestine. I don’t need to tell much since the whole world was aware about this crisis. Most important is how we can help to contribute in the donation. Much like we did for the Philippines Haiyan Relief on last year’s November, its up to us cosplayers, working alongside with the people from Humanitarian aid group Mercy Relief to do what we can. 

Our part is simple. Be there as to attract the members of public, as we are also doing this for a good cause. Each photo taken from us, they can contribute to any amount.

People will see that this is unlike any ordinary flag day, cause you’ll get to see your favourite superheroes and anime characters helping out in this street collection along Orchard Road. Spreading the joy and happiness while providing the support needed. For humanity! 

The event was held on the weekends, 30th – 31st August. But for me, I can only turned up on the 31st cause yesterday was my off  day. One day is considered enough for me to spend the time doing something extraordinary while in costume =)

These were taken on the 1st day.

mercy relief 1

These were taken on the 2nd day. Credits goes to our good friend Firdaus for being our photographer for that day. Thanks bro! =)

relief 2


Shagged and tired we are indeed. But nevertheless, we all had a good time together posing with the crowd. With that generosity amount of contribution made along the way. At the end of the day it was worth it! Cosplayers joining us can make a difference by bringing out to society, that we can make this happen. Its not just about cosplaying. Its about providing the aid, support and happiness for those who are in need. Bridging the gaps and to expand the hope needed. This way we can make a difference, cause we care =)