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Captain’s log                                    Stardate: 65331.2 (Oct 30th, 2011)

At long last, the wait is over. 29 Oct: The ghoulish and ghosties, and other nightmares of long leggety beasties will go bump in the night. Rising up to fear the living. Fearful shapes and shadows lurking under the pale moonlight, and giving that ghastly glare that terrorize the night. Fearing those and everything in the blind darkness! Halloween returns once again, where the lurkers from the Singapore Paranormal Investigators will haunt the living daylights within every corner and hallways of the Asian Civilization Museum. They have been warned!!

Yes! We are back to terrorize the museum! No doubt, the population of visitors coming in will be a swarm of bees like before. For this year’s Halloween, we will also be given a table, where we will have the opportunity to display some of our gadgets used. Also, its where some of us who volunteer to be photographers will be there to upload all the photos taken through the laptops and send it through our SPI Facebook right in an instance!

And within the dark corners and hallways of the museum, lurking its way on all fours, there lies the werewolf. Which is ME! HAHA! That’s right. As planned, I’ll be turning into one of the well-known and most terrifying creatures ever known to men, as the half man half wolf: The Werewolf. I so truly enjoy my time scaring the wits out of everybody that I was lost in my own world. I jump, I crawl, I stalk, I scale, I prowl, I lunged, I creep, I BITE!! And I HOWLED!!! Also, the fact that I become one make it easier for me too. I just had to put on the mask and gloves while still in my sweater. Nothing else! It goes to show like as though this guy had just shapeshift into one once he sees the full moon. Some would c0me with the entire body fur as in one package. But I rather make it simpler. Besides, it does terrified most people just by one look with that hideous mask and terrifying claws! =D

Man, just couldn’t stopped howling, especially. HAHAHA! Nevertheless, we all really had a good time scaring the wits out of everybody. Especially in one of the galleries located on the 2nd level. The lights there were turned down really dimmed. It gives us the opportunity to envelop ourselves within those dark corners, especially those Pontianaks or female version of the Malay vampire, to jump at any of our unsuspecting victims. What a good way to scare those folks. Be advise though, NOT for the faint hearted! =P

Fright Night soon ends and its time for the creepy crawlers to crawl back to their hiding places. For me, the curse of the werewolf ends and I now retain back to human form. Guess it wasn’t meant to be permanent as mine can only be active during Halloween…. =P Also, a big thank you to all of our participants who make this year’s Halloween with us a terrifying and fruitful one. Its been one hell of a unforgettable night and looking forward of next year’s creepy month! A night to remember….



Gonna Be A Werewolf!

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Captain’s log                             Stardate: 65322.6 (Oct 27th, 2011)

For this year’s Halloween with my members from the Singapore Paranormal Investigators, I’ll gonna be the werewolf. Yes, the werewolf mask that comes with the gloves that I’ve ordered from ebay just arrived. Finally, my planned of becoming one of the well-known terrifying half-man half-beast is all set to terrorize the Asian Civilization Museum where we will have our event. Its the same as last year. No doubt this year the place will be packed with thousands of visitors celebrating at the place. Last year was a grand hit! Every level of the museum was damn packed! Hardly a space to squeeze through. HAHA!! We could already smell the excitement before the night comes, which is 2 days from now…..

Saturday, the 29th will be the night where my skin will shred… Awaiting for the full moon…..

Stay tuned!!

Captain’s log                            Stardate: 65286.7 (Oct 14th, 2011)

This topic had interest me ever since I came to know about this. Also, from where I had experience during my time as a paranormal investigator. Many people were confused between the terms of paranormal investigator and ghost hunters. Some say they were related. In a way, yes. But not all seem to conclude with the same point of view and judgement. They work differently, though both sides used the same paranormal devices. But as a matter of fact, there’s always the major points to look out for when referring this two. Some ghost hunters claimed that what they do, is how a paranormal investigators does their work. But still, by watching and reading tons of how ghost hunters deal in their paranormal scope, not all of them actually goes by the book.

Now, let me share the difference between paranormal investigators and ghost hunters. This is where, as I had stated earlier, had learn and experience during my time as a paranormal investigator for SPI. To make it simple and understandable, I’ve decided to elaborate it into point forms.


– Taken certain steps, specific protocols and measures to ensure balance and time frame.

– Once a place that was rumour or deemed to be haunted, they would start off by recce the place. That way is to familiarize with the surroundings and to mark out those areas where they shall be conducting the experiment.

– Taken steps to determine whether or not activity can be replicated.

– Going through research. This involves history as well, as one of the toughest homework for paranormal investigators.

– Seek inquires if there’s a need to. When refer to a place as to how, when and why. Its like how a police officer were been task to investigate a scene of crime.

– Collate evidences during the investigation, before producing the final evidence. Typically, they will attempt to collect evidence to see if those supports paranormal activity.

– Once evidences were been gathered and the results are proven positive, they will publish it inside their website, if any, or articles to share with the readers. That way, it will opened up a wider range to attract the attention from the public, especially paranormal enthusiastic. Also, to educate them as in the things they do based by the book.

– If possible, they will debunk the case.


– Simply define as thrill seekers.

– They just want to experience of seeing a ghost.

– Some would simply bashed through.

– To expect the paranormal to happen as what they want it to be.

– Unlike paranormal investigators, they do not have the time to sit around waiting for something to happen and to set up a base for their equipments.

– Equipments were limited. At most were the common tools, EMP, EVP and cameras.

– For most, they would rely on the Ouija board to communicate with the spirits rather than the safest way which is the EVP.

– Don’t rely much when comes to system checks or balances.

So in short, the difference between paranormal investigators and ghost hunters is that both had their own ways of dealing with the paranormal world.

So, is there a difference between paranormal investigators and ghost hunters? It depends on who you ask.

Paranormal investigators for most would go based by the book. To investigate in a scientific method and logical means hoping to get positive results. At most, based on experience, we had to buried into research if that particular place we are investigating is in need of one.

For ghost hunters would simply cast their way through without getting to know the place well, which can be a risk. Sure, they did used the tools like any other paranormal groups. But what they did was just to expect the paranormal to happen. Like demanding it. Ignoring the steps. That’s why it was said that ghost hunters were free from all the encumbrances that might requires system check and balances.

Now, I’m not saying that its wrong for ghost hunting. Its all up to the individual to see which category he or she would fit in. There’s always the positive and negative ways from both parties. What I wrote is what I know, and what I had learn. I believe there’s more into it than what I know. But the main point is, to do some reading before deciding which group you wanna be in.

Forever Red Planned

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Captain’s log                                 Stardate: 65258.1 (Oct 03rd, 2011)

This 6.5 inch Red Ranger or Tyranno Ranger action figure that I had brought from ebay finally teleport at my doorstep! =)

Looks cool eh? This is so morphenomenal! Cost at US$15.99, its a perfect collection for those hardcore fans of Power Rangers who are into action figure collectibles. Was itching to get one of this ever since. However, this is not the first of its class that I had brought. I recently purchase this Gosei Red action figure from Tensou Sentai Goseiger series from Takashima shopping mall, where they were having a Great Toy Sale. 5 bucks each for this cool ones.

As so you know, my next intention was to purchase the Green Ranger once my next payday were been deposit to my bank account. And I hope the owner still keep his sale opened for the Green Ranger. But my most intention of all was to collect, if possible, every Red Rangers from different series. All the same inch in height. I’ve planned to achieve my “Forever Red” or “Super Sentai” in its original Japanese version as my future collection. I will be, of course collection other colours too. As well as other collections from all Power Ranger series. But my biggest intention was to recruit every red ones. There will be the day! =D