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Starfleet (Star Trek) Uniform

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Captain’s log                       Stardate: 62831.5 (April 30th, 2009)

Went to meet one of the trekkies (Star Trek fans) named Fahmi today as he had decided to give me his Starfleet uniform which he doesn’t want it anymore as it had outgrown him. He’s been putting on weight, as far as I can tell. But at the same time, been going to the gym during his free time. He’s the type of a workout dude, like many other fit people who will considered the gym as their personal battlefield. So there’s a balance to it. But not his uniform =D And of course, I’m willing to pay the prize, which was $150.

I actually had asked him about it, when we recce Pasir Ris Park some time ago. Previously heard from the others, that the uniform could no longer fit him due to his change of body built over the years. He couldn’t agreed more to it, as he himself had nearly ripped the uniform when he try to put it on. Guess he have to tailor-made another one just to suit him nicely. On top of that, he’s planning to clear his wardrobe, as according to him. Probably make way for some branded new clothes. Hehe..=D

As planned, I meet him at the designated point within the area where I lived earlier that late afternoon. Before long, I had him to compromised, that I will only pay him if the uniform fits me, which I believe most likely, it will. I’m not much of a built size, compare to him. Furthermore, its similar to what I have, except in the change of colour. While mine top half of the suit is red-in-colour, Fahmi’s one is gray, and added with some stroking pattern drawn to it. This type has been featured in Star Trek, Deep Space Nine series. As well as the previous Star Trek movies, which is First Contact, Insurrection and Nemesis. For mine, was first been featured in the seventh movie, which is Generations. Then followed by Deep Space Nine series, as well as Voyager series.

Frankly speaking, I was actually intend to tailor-made the gray-coloured type somewhere in the future. With two Starfleet uniforms, I can switched one after another for any future events. So it wouldn’t be kind of boring for me. Besides that, it can be a little tight on the budget, so I was currently saving up for it.

And guess what? The uniform fits me nicely. Yes!! =D Looks like I don’t have to tailor-made another one, since this one has already been given, and that I only have to pay Fahmi the right prize. Thanks dude!

starfleet uniform

But this two ain’t be my last collection. Cause majority of us were still expecting the new Star Trek uniform that were seen in the upcoming and all-new Star Trek movie that shall be hitting the cinemas here very soon. It was been established in our forum some time ago, and the orders had been piled up. I’ll be keeping on the update for this very soon =D


Two Types Of Drivers

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Captain’s log                      Stardate: 62828.4 (April 29th, 2009)

I came across this content from an article I picked up from the nearby library and decided to share it with you all. Written by local author, David Leo, this got something to do with two types of drivers. And I find it really catchy, in my own point of view =D


Some people seem to think that there are only two broad categories of drivers on our roads. The speedster and the road hog.

Portrait of a speedster: Impatient, pretentious, grumbles often, swears easily and prone to violence. He suffers from the illusion that he is king of the road. Nickname: Road Bully. Likely quote from him: “The road so wide and yet you anyhow drive. If you can’t drive, sell your car and take MRT.”

Portrait of a road hog: Naturally slow, nervous, timid and a pessimist. He suffers from claustrophobia (even out in the open road) and the illusion that the road is always too narrow for too many cars. Nickname: Slow Coach. Likely quote from him: “Please don’t make me kan cheong, or I will surely bang the tree!” (Kan Cheong is nervous in Cantonese)

Interesting concept, I must add. Seemingly obvious, that once you had pass your driving test, the nervous will still be inside you once you had taken your first ride on the real road. (Feel that hot seat?) That’s where, frequently practice comes in, in order to get used to it.

And that doesn’t mean you have to be a racer once you get used to it! Accident may prone to happened if safety is not compromised within one self judgement. It’s a serious message though; “Drive with care and caution.”

And I’m NOT here to offend F1 Racers!!

Boy Or Girl..Make A Guess..

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Captain’s log                       Stardate: 62806.9 (April 21th, 2009)

Yo peeps! When you travel in a bus or the train, sometimes you just can’t help eavesdropping. Its just so happened, and that you can’t seem to let those ears go loose =D Heard this from a dude, when I was in Perth, Australia on a family vacation and thought of bring it forward to my log. And so happened it does have a ring to this topic. “There is nothing like an interesting piece of news or conversation to accomodate you as you waste away in the heat.” Or somesort like that…..

A colleague of mine ever told me, traveling on the subway when he was in New York, he was treated to some raw drama, that it was like living in a city overcrowded with actors (Reminds me of the hilarious movie: Joe’s Apartment). In Singapore, there is perhaps not so much drama, but our antenna can picked up some interesting quips.

I overheard this on the bus, just few days ago while heading home after reporting off-duty. This exchange between two excitable women seated behind me.

Lady 1: “Eh guess what? Mrs Tan just give birth leh.”

Lady 2: “Wah! Really ah? Boy or girl?”

Lady 1: “Make a guess?”

Lady 2: “Boy.”

Lady 1: “Wrong! Make another guess.”

Lady 2: “Girl.”

Lady 1: “Right! Eh, how come you’re so clever at guessing.”

Silly indeed…..perhaps. So how often do we consciously listen to the stuff that spills from the mouth? As to my topic, was like as though there’s been a “third party” besides the boy and the girl…

Where The Sun Never Sets….

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Captain’s log                           Stardate: 62804.1 (April 20th, 2009)

The local Singapore Star Trek fans, or refer as “trekkies” will be having a chalet this coming June, from the 12th to the 15th. Organized by trekkie Fahmi, the upcoming one will be held at Costa Sands Resort, Pasir Ris Park. There are two of them. One is CSR Downtown East which lies between Escape Theme Park and Wild Wild Wet. The other is CSR Pasir Ris. Fahmi had chosen the Pasir Ris side. Sometime ago, he had posted the website link of Downtown East through our Star Trek forum where it shows how the chalet looks like from inside-out. Quite accomodating and comfy, I must say =) Apart from that, this will be my second chalet with the local trekkies, after enjoyed my first one which was at East Coast Park somewhere last year December 08. The games especially, and I hope our founder James Lee will set up another round of Bingo – Star Trek version. Really love that game! I was so close to winning somewhere at the last round. Despite that, I just have to rely on this, it’s not about winning or losing. Its all about having a good time and enjoy yourself! =D

As expected, Fahmi had decided to recce the park before the day arrives. I just knew he gonna plan to do this. The same as what we had did at East Coast.


Yup, you guess it right.

Seeking thrillers in sightings of paranormal activities.

Before I begin, in case any of my friends from our local paranormal group were reading this, I assure you guys that this has NOTHING to do with our type of recce or investigation or whatsoever. We are NOT doing in the name of our paranormal group. Furthermore, I am aware that there’s been a report within our paranormal file, that certain areas of the park were refer as “hot spots.” We had also done this when we recce East Coast Park. Once again, this has NOTHING to do with our paranormal group. We just love to seek the thrills and chills to ourselves. Hehe…=D

Anyway, I knew Fahmi would wanted me to tag along. Well, since I had nothing much to do, why not joined in for a little adventure across Downtown East? Apart from that, I’m always keen for the outdoors, and it’s been quite for some time since my last visit here…

This one happened yesterday, stardate 62800.9 (April 19th, 2009). We planned to meet at Pasir Ris MRT station before 1400hrs. From there, we boarded a bus towards our destination. I’m quite surprised that its only a mile away, and that we can actually proceed there on foot. One stop ahead, that is.

Pasir Ris Park

Some time ago, I had checked through the local paranormal website which stated the “hot spots” within the vicinity of the park. If you ever observed it carefully, Pasir Ris Park was divided into 3 sections. The middle area, as according from the report made, was the “hot spot.” But not just any middle area. Based from the pictures been posted, there appears to be a wooded area. Somewhere inside there, was the Bird Watching Tower. So far, I have never came across that wooded area nor the tower itself. And rumor has it, that the tower and its surrounding vicinity had came about to have sightings of paranormal activities….

Exact location been edited from the map….

Pasir Ris Park

Sounds too good to be true, apart from the so-called Red House that everybody is talking about. Nevertheless, we gonna checked the place out.

To my friends from the local paranormal group……..should I need to repeat the same sentence again?

In the first place, we ended up going around like as though the place was one hell of a maze! But sooner or later, we managed to find the exit. Hah! =D At the same time, Fahmi decided to show where our chalet was located.

Our route taken….

Pasir Ris Park

I grabbed this along the way..hehe

Pasir Ris Park

Soon, we came across a boardwalk that leads in on what appears to be, the woods.

Pasir Ris Park

So far, I never seen this side of the park before. Not even Fahmi himself. And as according to the information board that were placed at the entry, the Bird Watching Tower was somewhere inside…

Well, there’s only way to find out. Took a minute to realized that the path had lead us into somekind of a mangrove forest. Perhaps to bring visitors closer to the inhabitants of this mangrove community. How intriguing! =D

There’s a T-junction up ahead, and we followed right.

Caught sight of this along the way.

Pasir Ris

Then, what it seems to be, something came out kind of familiar from up ahead. The location is not that far from where we had started. And just as I thought, the view of the Bird Watching Tower came into focus.

Pasir Ris Park

As the name dictates, the tower is a perfect spot for the bird enthusiastic. As such, Fahmi bring out his personal EMF and started scanning the ground level. We doubt we will picked up something out of the ordinary at this time of day.

Pasir Ris Park

We proceed up the steps towards the top. The EMF surveying on Fahmi’s hand along the way.

View from the top….

Pasir Ris Park

Well, to be the least expected, there’s nothing unusual to concern about. Perhaps, when darkness falls, as to what I had suggested. Fahmi couldn’t agreed more to that, as to what we had observed from the so-called Yellow Tower located at East Coast. Whatever means, we ought to try it out! =D

Some pictures taken as we ventured deeper into the mangrove…

Pasir Ris Park Pasir Ris Park Pasir Ris Park Pasir Ris Park

The next one will be at Sungei Api Api Park, which was located within a residential compound and that is off the track from Pasir Ris Park. Obviously, there’s never been such paranormal activity going on here. We just spend the rest of the day recce the place out =)

Route taken…..

Pasir Ris Park

Well, I guess that’s it then. Both of us back track to where we had started, and from there we proceed to White Sands shopping mall for dinner. This time, by foot =)

Before I conclude, Fahmi had suddenly felt goosebumps at the back of his neck right after we exit from under this passageway that were linked with Sungei Api Api Park. But I didn’t feel anything. And he doesn’t like the way how he had felt it…

Pasir Ris Park

Now then, our recce here is completed. All ready for the next trekkie chalet! =D

Places Of Interest

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Captain’s log                            Stardate: 62787.7 (April 14th, 2009)

Yesterday, on stardate 62784.4 (April 13th, 2009) was a solo-ventured to Fort Canning. Not just to breathe in and get a taste of mother nature, but also to ease my mind after what I’ve been going through a week ago. Well, you know, the usual stuff. Stress at work. One that is considered as your life and parcel. One that is most likely to be expected by no doubt. The ups and downs, and the throwing here and there. The same story over and over.

But for that week…you wouldn’t even want to know

For the benefit, I thought of going there as to put it as a perfect place to stretch myself away from the city life. Take a leisurely stroll back in time, to the era of the five kings and the golden age of 14th century Singapore. Of course, it wouldn’t be a good one without a camera in hand. Hehe..=D

Besides, its been quite for some time since I last visited here. Hmm….seven years…to be exact =O Must have change a lot ever since. Not to mention that it had turned into a popular venue for the arts. Including sculpture exhibitions, plays and open-air ballet. How intriguing was that! =D

Of course, once hear something that was been heard before, the person can go excited. Cause rumors has it, that Fort Canning is haunted. Not trying to be skeptic here, but many said that they had seen ghostly figure of kings wandering about on the hills at night. Including many other ghosts and spirits. Despite its located in the middle of the city and tends to be very peaceful, there’s majority of these residents living nearby will stay away in the belief that the park is haunted.

Well, one thing for sure, I find it hard to believe myself. And I am aware, that the local paranormal team, where I was one of their members had came here before at night…

Andddddddd…..just to ensure if anyone of you were reading this. I’m NOT there for some self-recce or investigation. And I am aware that our historical department is handling this project regarding about the tombs found in Fort Canning. I’m just there for a nice stroll, and to take some pictures at the same time. Not to mention that I haven’t been there for quite a l0ng time. I say this because I’m afraid some of you might get the wrong impression and that I also belong to the same paranormal group. No offense here, but I’m there, cause I find the place as a perfect spot to relax my mind. Thanks.

Anyway, here I am. As history dictates, Fort Canning Park is the most historic part of Singapore. Formerly known as “Forbidden Hill” as this is because Malays in the 19th century believed that it was the seat of royalty for rules of Temasek, or “Sea Town”, an old name for Singapore in the 1300s. Some time later, Singapore’s colonial leaders made their residences there, and the hill became a military base during the Second World War. Today, ancient relics dating back to the 14th century have been unearthed and the Fort Gate, remnant of the fortress built in the 1860s, is a reminder of Singapore’s colonial past.. (The list goes on and on. What I had wrote down was the vital one. More of them can be dig out from the local website)…=)

Surprisingly, there’s even the “Welcome to the Legends of Fort Canning Park.” The wording so big, it catches the attention of many tourists to join in the fun and soon finding a hard time to leave the spot! =D It was actually a centrally-located town club catering to businessmen, executives and their families. It has the distinction of being the only town club in Singapore set within a hill top, city park.

As for the meantime, I let the pictures do all the talking. But with the little caption to go along with. I mean, if there’s any. Hehe..=D

Fort Canning

Fort Canning

Hmmm…wonder why the other one had its mouth closed….

Fort Canning

Going along the path. It was a cloudless afternoon. The sun was exposed, but the trees were countless as they had kept the place cool and mist. The scenery here were just everlasting =)

Fort Canning

First assignment: Go check out the ancient Fort Gate and the Battle Box =D

Save my typing for now. Hah! =D

Fort Canning

Fort Canning Fort Canning Fort Canning

Just within range, was the Old Married Soldiers Quaters (OMSQ) Hmm…don’t think I ever heard of this one before…

Fort Canning

Fort Canning

Resume my journey, where soon my destination will took me…….

Fort Canning

In addition, Sir Stamford Raffles had chose to build his castle…err, I mean..his bungalow here during his third and last visit to Singapore for the beautiful view in commanded, and where the site served as residence for a long line of Governors. From this vantage point, visitors will be able to see the well known landmarks in the civic district. Ex, the dome of the Supreme Court.

Fort Canning

Fort Canning Fort Canning Fort Canning

And moments later…..


Fort Canning

Fort Canning

Down ahead, was the Archaeological Excavation Site, where the research at the park began in 1984 (The year I was born). Thousands of artifacts have since been uncovered, confirming the very historical significance of Fort Canning even before the arrival of the British in 1819. Most likely an area used by palace craftsmen manufacturing items of glass and gold in the past, the Archaeological Dig showcases an actual archaeological excavation site, the only such exhibition in modern Singapore. Oooo…how intriguing was that! =D

Fort Canning

Fort Canning

I proceed on, moving along this 14th Century Walk down towards the Keramat Iskandar Syah.

As legend dictates, meaning a sacred place in Malay, a Keramat is the traditional burial ground of a revered leader. It is uncertain who was buried here, though some people believed this to be the resting place of Iskandar Syah, a ruler of Temasek. A 14th century-styled Malay roof called a pendopo, supported by twenty wooden pillars carved in fighting cock motif of Javanese origin, shelters this structure.

Fort Canning

Upon seeing it closer, I started feeling like as though there’s a bunch of butterflies flying around in my stomach. Where was that feeling coming from? I had wondered. Why was there suddenly a tremor of tension?

After a few minutes of observing the place, I moved on. Came across one of the two Gothic Gates, that leads through Fort Canning Green.

Fort Canning

Fort Canning Green: An entire field of green refuge, a verdant oasis set in the heart of the civic and cultural district. The park provides a haven for those seeking communion with nature. Apart from that, a romantic spot for lovers on a date. Hehe…=D

Fort Canning

Also, the frequent outdoor concerts and carnivals now held at Fort Canning Green belie the fact that the area was once a graveyard for some 600 Christian graves. The only graves left are at the far end of the Green. Some tombstones that were removed were set into the walls surrounding Fort Canning Green.

Fort Canning

Then, this is where I came to know about the graves which was left at the far end of the Green.

Fort Canning

Ok, once again, if any one of my friends from our paranormal group were reading this, please DON’T get the wrong impression that you think I had intend to conduct solo-investigation. Currently, there appeared to be a missing tombstone from out of the twelve tombs, and that our historical dept are on the research library. My case has got nothing to do with it, and like I said, I’m just here for a peaceful stroll to ease the mind and to enjoy the scenery and tranquility down memory lane. Please, I’m here just for that!

Fort Canning

Fort Canning

Once done, I trace back to where I had started.

Had these interesting pictures taken along the way =)

Fort Canning Fort Canning Fort Canning Fort Canning Fort Canning

And here’s some heritage trees I had bumped into. Interesting plantation, really.

Fort Canning

Fort Canning


Fort Canning

Fort Canning

Fort Canning

I returned back to where the Fort Gate is, and took my rest at one of the benches there. Lilting birdsong greeted among the trees. Ever so peaceful down here. Away from the buzz of city life. Away from all the trouble that was been pounding in my head. And yes, there is a lot to discover and much to behold, compare to the time when I was here seven years ago. The carpet of green and flowers were just sparkling from every corner.

In less than 10 mins, I make my move. Back towards Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station where I took a train back home. I didn’t really completed the whole circumference of the park. But at least I had capture the interesting stuff, and able to enjoy my time of relaxation and to breathe in mother nature. Its worth a visit at any time of the day! =D

Here’s a friend I had bumped into. Hehe…=)

Fort Canning

Cheers! =D

Hearing It

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Captain’s log                            Stardate: 62771.3 (April 08th, 2009)

Before the needle hit the stroke of 12 noon, I left my house and proceed towards the Bedok MRT station where a colleague of mine is waiting for me there. He had promise me the day before, that he had decided to introduce me to this so-called Musician Jamming Studio located at Tampines. Not so much of a high-class like one of those “branded” studios in town, but one that use your own time own target in accomodating in whichever you prefer. As fancy as you want it to be. A make-your-own music studio in your residential area of course. My colleague had a friend there, who can give us access so that we can ROCK THE HOUSE DOWN!!!! Was itching for the drums actually. Hehe..=D



But before we embark for the music world, we first destinated towards Changi Airport. Reason? Cause my colleague had just brought a Nikon D700 Digital SLR Camera, and was tempted to take photos of the aeroplanes. He had fall in love with planes ever since at the young age, and had a showcase of them at home. Believe me, it was like a museum.

We were soon at Terminal Two. Moments later, I told him that I’ll be heading towards a bookstore, while he can carried on taking photos of the planes behind those towering glasses. He had managed to get a good view though, where a few A380s and some Boeing 747 was spotted. I therefore, see if there’s any of my favourite Calvin and Hobbies comic book, the latest one in store.

I pass by somekind of a small control room as I make way towards the escalator. There, I happened to catch a glimpse of an engineer, which I overheard him explaining some procedure to his staff. “……aircraft engine is running, the operator will not allowed to mate the aerobridge…..”

Does caught me a little bit of surprise there. An interesting and boldly vivid use of the word mate to mean join or dock, I thought. Can’t blame the fact that he had ended up using the word. Cause once, I used to hear how we “marry” things – in a sense. Now, we’ve gone a step ahead to mate them!

That reminds me, when I was on a family vacation in Australia three years ago. Get to know this downunder dude. Nice chap, and really fond of Star Trek like the way I am. Then came when we just stepped out from a comic book store, and he asked, “So, what’s next, mate?”

Back Online..

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Captain’s log                            Stardate: 62765.6 (April 06th, 2009)

Actually, I should have stated this some time ago, cause our local Star Trek forum is back online!


I wasn’t aware about this, until one of the trekkies, named Fahmi sms me, saying that the forum were now accessible. And that was about two weeks ago. Eventually, the message were been spread like wildfire, and all fingers are ready to scramble across the keyboard. Especially me, always been the enthusiastic type when comes to this. Can’t help the fact that, as what my local founder of Star Trek use to refer me as, one of the most talkative trekkie in the forum. Yeah, had to admit. That’s me =D

However, due to the reset, it appears that the forum seem to be running slow. Can take at least less than 30 seconds, or for some less than a minute to open up or response to a topic. But on the other hand, the moderators/admins had did what they could in bringing it back online. Thanks guys!

Surprisingly, new topics were freshly posted, and the process of assimilation was scrambling. Despite how slowed it turned out to be. But of course, the response to how efficient the server could never be a compromise. Technical fault is mainly the expression as what we can figured it out. At a stand point, it does leaves the interpretation field open for that matter. Nevertheless, we can now looked forward for any future events and topics that were yet to be posted =)

Come And Go….

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Captain’s log                           Stardate: 62757.6 (April 03th, 2009)

After seeing one of the members from the local paranormal group, as I had to return back my ID pass used for the group for endorsement and to talk about some stuff, I straightaway went home.

I passed by the playground nearby to my flat, and that’s where my handphone ring an SMS tune. So I stop next to a bench that was part of the playground to check out the message received. And while I was texting a response from it, my ears ended up collecting a list of amusing come and go expressions from the people referring to their kids within the playground.

“I tell you to take him go there.”

“Do you want to bring your child come here?”

“Take come here my things, won’t you?”

“Bring him go there and played.”

“I say, why did you push him go there on the sand?”

“You go there – wait, you come here first.”

Well, let’s just say, we let them go as they come. We know well enough that its come here and go there. But on reflection, I hesitate. Do we really?