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Happy 30th Me!

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Captain’s log                                                            Stardate: 73418.2 (Mar 25th, 2014)

The years of being in my 20s had ended yesterday the 24th, where I had finally turned 30 years old. The time flies so fast that I’m beginning to miss those years. Feeling so old now. Well, not really. Hahaha! Not offense intended. Just kidding about that. Ya, I know. I might probably say the same thing once I reach 40. Even said so, there’s still more to accomplish ahead of me. At the same time, hoping for a brighter future ahead.

Aside from that, my birthday yesterday was a blast! Ever since I turned 27, I had been inviting friends over to celebrate with me. But for this year, I had decided to invite all my Red Rangers buddies. I had proposed it as a “Forever Red” theme birthday bash.

Like always, it wasn’t much of a party. Just a simple gathering with a table filled with mouth-watering food that my mum had cooked (Thanks mum!). And with the birthday cake of course. It may be small. But the comfort of having my friends coming over to celebrate with me is enough for me to feel contented. We will enjoy the celebration as much as we can with equanimity and joy while the night is still young =)

One of them even brought along a Monopoly boardgame as promise. But this is no ordinary Monopoly. Its an awesome Power Rangers version which actually commemorates as part of the Power Rangers franchise 20th anniversary. And best of all, the cover of the boardgame features all the Red Rangers from the beginning till the latest. Perfect for us Red Rangers to roll in the dice! =D

photo 2-4

It has been an whole night of fun and laughter. The gifts are awesome! But its just not only about the gifts. Its the friendship that you had with the friends that you had invite over. The people that you had bonded with. To me, they are the best gifts! Not to mention, a family of Red Rangers like myself =D

And just because I proposed this Forever Red theme doesn’t mean I won’t invite the rest of my friends. There will always be next year and so forth. We only get to celebrate our birthday once. So I will try my best to invite more if possible. I might even hold a chalet for my future birthday so that more people can come. Who knows? =)

And lastly, I would like to thank those who had flooded my Facebook wall for all your birthday wishes and greetings. Every each one of them really means a lot to me and I appreciate them all deep down in my heart. Thank you friends, brothers and sisters! =) 

And before we call it a night, there’s always an epic group photo to be treasured =)

photo 1-3



Captain’s log                                                 Stardate: 79111.3 (Mar 18th, 2014)

I thought I never make it. But however, I won in the end. I had accept the challenge in taken part in this Power Rangers Zord Builder contest. Participants were to use 3 Megazords from 3 different series. Mighty Morphin, Samurai and the latest Megaforce. All we have to do is to used any parts of it and attached with another. Using your creativity and imagination to create your own Megazord from different combinations from each of the zords. Really fun! =) 

Here’s how mine look:


Mine looks kinda simple. But yet packs a punch if you know what I’m saying. Hahaha! Other participants had their own Megazords in a much more meaner, fiercer and bulkier way. One even look like as if its about to go overload! But I still say its does pack some ultimate power. Its your own dream Megazord. You can do whatever you want with it!

In order to win, your Zord must obtain a lot of “likes” in Facebook. The more “likes” you get, the chances you could win. So I send a mass spam to all my friends to “like” the photo of my Zord. Even ask a few to share it around.

Mine eventually stops at 60 “likes.” There’s one with 200 “likes.” The highest so far cause his Megazord looks like as if all 3 combinations were there! The second was 170 “likes.” At that moment of time, I knew that I had lost. That participant with an “outgunned” type of Megazord had conquer the Zord Builder contest. With that ultimate number of “likes” sure gets him a 1st prize.

Couldn’t go anymore further to get more “likes.” Can’t force people anyway. Oh well, its only a contest. There might be more, and be willing to take part if it interest me.

As mentioned earlier, I thought I never win. Until I receive an email by the Bandai South East Asia company which organizer this Zord Builder that I had won 3rd prize! It turns out that my prize is a Gosei Great Megazord…..

…which I actually already have…. 


On crap…I mean, its nothing wrong owing two identical Megazords. Some collectors even owned a crazy numbers of identical ones! Some friends of mine, especially my Rangers even wants me to give it to anyone of them since I already have one when I post a status about this in Facebook. Hahaha! They just teasing, I know.

But after much thinking, I decided to nominate it to my younger brother. He sometimes wants to play with Zords. He really loves them.

So earlier in the afternoon, I went to collect my prize right after work ends. And came a shocking discovery when I got the toy.


So apparently it wasn’t that deluxe Megazord I had in mind, but a mini one. So this is for those who had won 3rd prize. Still, better than nothing. Have to appreciate after going through trying to win my luck! And this mini one is just right for my younger brother. He sure be happy once he got this. 

He’s lucky to have a big brother like me. hehe!

Captain’s log                                                   Stardate: 70119.4 (Mar 17th, 2014)

It all started when a friend of ours tagged us to this page in Facebook, which involves cats. So, another friend of ours become interested to it and began asking around. Asking us, the cosplayers, His aim, to see if we, as cosplayers could help out for this Cat Welfare Society (CWS) while in costume.

Me and him, and many of us were under this happy community known as Pause for a Cause. We are a community of cosplayers wanting to use the appeal of our ‘Cosplays’ to give back to society. Meaning to say we will get involved in charity events, reaching out to places like the orphanage homes. We also recently support the Phillippines Haiyan Relief in their donation drive. That day was really a huge success for us.

Even hospitals, where we had visit a children’s hospital before. And you could say our presence as cosplayers did bring the patients and caretakers the joy and happiness. Especially the kids there, despite being ill. This is to show how much we care, and feel for them. To cheer them up and tell them they are not always alone. Not to mention, for a Power Ranger like myself to surprise them. Well, you know what I mean =P

Most importantly for this community, is how we cosplayers can make a difference in society. What is more awesome than using our cosplay hobby in a positive and meaningful way? By simply volunteering, whenever we are free. There will be no obligation. Its all from the goodness of our hearts, to commit something special as much as we can. We won’t be expecting much in return. Its what we do best, to give back to society while supporting for a cause.

There were 4 locations. But the organizers had given us 2 locations only. SMU (Singapore Management University) to Orchard Road, and the other one will be at Woodlands Causeway Point.

There will be 2 shifts. 0900 – 1300pm, and the other will be from 1400pm – 1800pm. Most of my gang involved were usually not the morning type of person, so they prefer afternoon shift. So eventually everybody go for afternoon shift.

13 of us were involved. 8 of us were in suit. They rest were our volunteers in our group only. They will act as minders and photographers at the same time. All of us were based on registration. Six of us will be at SMU, while the remaining 7 will be at Woodlands. I will be at Woodlands side.

So we were there yesterday the 16th. And turned out there’s no cats at all as what most of us expected there would be….


Ok, so its a normal donative drive. Thought there’s gonna be real cats around…. =(

But anyway at the end of the day, though there aren’t any cute kitties around we did enjoy ourselves. It was raining yesterday. But we brave in and successfully ended the donation drive with a big thank you! As expected, the crowd will definitely acted like paparazzi. With Power Rangers around especially, who can’t resist? =D

From left: Photo is taken from SMU side, while the rest were from Woodlands Causeway Point.

A big thank you to all of you who had taken part for this donation drive. And once again, also a big thank you to the people of CWS to have us collaborated into this event. Its great knowing all of you! =)


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Captain’s log                                           Stardate: 79981.2 (Mar 9th, 2014)

2 more hrs before I take my flight to dreamland. And wondering what to do now. Already listen to a bunch of music that I normally listen to. I don’t know what music to listen to after that…..

And while doing so, the boredom interrupts and I left to wonder again. What to do now? Facebook? Yeah..sure. Nothing much anyway.

Earlier in the day, when to Tampines Mall to meet a friend who wanted to pass me a roll of eva foam. After that, purchase a Power Rangers Megaforce action figure just to update my collection. Once done I just return home. Nothing to do after that, so I took a nap before waking up for dinner.

Oh well, its soon to lights out. I even bothered to write this. I don’t know. I just feel like writing it….