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The Day’s Ahead…

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Captain’s log                            Stardate: 62748.3 (Mar 30th, 2009)

What a crap day today! As I had expected, (and never knew that my doubts would have come true…) things had turned in to the worse circumstances in my line of duty. One incident after another popped out, not even giving us a minute to settle down. Majority of them were the same story after another.

Well, what’s the use of grumbling, complaining, and getting on each other’s nerves. They had posted me in this sector, so I might as well better lived up to it.

“Yeah, I’ll bet….”

How irony that sounds, and seems rather far-fetched. Not to mention, how I came to such a spot, upon seeing a woman allowed her 2 year old (I think…) child to pee on the grass patch, when the toilet was only a few feet away…

The day comes and go. Closed book, closed chapter, and you are ready to settle in till the next day.


Finally Landed!

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Captain’s log                         Stardate: 62740.2 (Mar 27th, 2009)

Seems like nowadays I’ve been blogging into my log pretty often then before. And I do had good reasons for that. Cause nowadays, I seem to witness the change of aspects and environment surrounding me. Like a deck of cards that was been shuffle over and over. Like a shape and substances forming and molding. All the events that I had poured out, seems eager for me to share with the rest. I was completely drawn out into something significant. Something that I had put my mind into it. But of course, I had to be careful on certain things before I note down. I might gamble my way through as I write all the way across the wall. But I might affect others in certain things and might have not realized it. Responsibility comes from the writer themselves.

Ok, ok, enough already. Don’t wanna hit hard about that. Just to wind up that, the Star Trek starship model, the U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701 which I had ordered it from eBay a week ago had finally landed at my doorstep! It was an 16-inch electronic starship, that comes with the authentic Star Trek sound effects. As well as light-up engines, bridge and sensor array. Surprisingly, the seller had even installed the batteries into the ship =)

Taken from the package itself =)

Forty years after its debut, the Starship Enterprise has become synonymous with Star Trek. Launched in 2245, the Constitution-class U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701 is perhaps the most famous starship in Federation history. Under the command of Captains Robert April, Christopher Pike and most notably James T.Kirk, the Enterprise was responsible for making first contact with a variety of intelligent species, making scientific discoveries and even defending the entire Galaxy against hostile forces. Whether traveling through time or engaging Klingon battlecruisers, the crew of the U.S.S Enterprise exceeded expectations and 40 years later, continues to boldly go where no man has gone before!


And yes, I finally had it hooked up with the U.S.S Enterprise NCC-1701-A. Her refitted counterpart =D In addition, I also had the Enterprise NX-01, the Enterprise-D (this one was given by one of the members from the local Star Trek fansite as his clearance sale) and the Enterprise-E, which was a “damage version.” The Enterprise-E was the current starship to bear the name in the Star Trek universe. I had only two more Enterprises left, which was the “B” and the “C.” These two seems complicated to get, as majority of them were not meant to be shipped to Singapore, as based from their sellers. Other than that, the bidding they get, was quite high, and I might lose out if I was to be the last to bid. If I can get those too, my collection of Enterprises will be complete =D




And basically, I’m not really rushing for it. Hehe…=)

=/\= Live Long And Prosper =/\=

Star Trek Gift Set

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Captain’s log                             Stardate: 62734.7 (Mar 25th, 2009)

Head towards United Square shopping mall after I had finished my work, where I shall be meeting my local Star Trek founder James Lee, as he had with him an amazing Star Trek gift for me. Not just any gift. But a birthday gift for me =)

Yesterday, Mar 24th was my birthday, and now had turned 25. He planned to give me the gift on that day itself, but eventually was been caught up in his own schedule at the last minute.

Well, had turned 25 in a blink of an eye. I had never been this greatful to reach this age limit. Its like reaching towards the center of time, where one’s great responsibility would exude confidence. To see the other side of the reflection. Not just from the mirror, but something that was earned over the past course of days and months and years.

Wait a minute, why am I bragging about the number “25”? Yeah, you might objected – “Big deal! Next year you’ll be turning 26. What’s being so greatful about that? Age increases by each passing year. You can tell the big difference from it, and don’t tell me you gonna bragged about it once more when the time comes.”

Ok, enough already. Err…where was I? Oh yes, in meeting James at United Square.

Along the way there by train, I had wondered, what kind of Star Trek gift that James wanted to give me? It is a starship? Which I had always been excited upon. In other words, according to him, is an amazing gift not available in the market yet. Strange though, cause how it ended up in his hands? Haha! =D Which is why left me to be tingle all over. Like as though gotten goosebumps boiling against the skin. How amazing it is, I just have to find out once I reached my destination.

Soon, he calls me up, and requested that we should meet at Toys’R’us. There, he handed me the gift, which turned out to be a giant poster of the upcoming Star Trek movie, which shall be hitting in Singapore in May. The poster shows the actress, Zoe Saldana who stars as Lieutenant Uhura. The character “Uhura” was originally played by Nichelle Nichols during the Star Trek Original Series and the first six Star Trek films. In the 2009 prequel film, a so-called re-run where the characters were seen during their younger version, the younger Uhura will be portrayed by Zoe Saldana herself.

Star Trek 2009

And as according to James, this poster is not yet available in the market, and I was one of the few trekkies who had received this as a special gift and the first. Thanks James! This is the best birthday gift ever! =D

Star Trek 2009


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Captain’s log                          Stardate: 62729.1 (Mar 23th, 2009)

Two days ago, on stardate 62722.6 (Mar 21st, 2oo9), the well-known local paranormal investigators were invited for a workshop that was been organized by the founder himself. If I had known any better, I think this is the first time the founder himself had put up such an event, as in to introduce the fresh hot topics that many of us were bargain for =D

Frankly speaking, it wasn’t easy for me to come down for this in the first place. I had already apply my leave in-advance when I had came to know about it. Everything turned out fine, until my boss informed us that we were required to standby for the Global Security…whatever that was, that stretches out until Saturday. So whoever had apply leave on that day, will have to be terminated. As a law enforcement officer, there’s no escape to this. They won’t buy any story you make. Even my boss had taken leave for that day, and he have to say farewell to it if our team were to be activated. For the meantime, we were required to standby, and the deadline for further updates will be on Friday, the 20th.

Perhaps, I should have expected this. We are aware of this global issue currently taking place. But been informed at the last minute seems inappropriate for us many. Seems unlikely in the first place. Eventually, you get to witness the doubtful, worried expression all around you, and just wished this will end soon.

Ok, enough already. Cause our wished is granted! =)

Now, here I am, inside a room where the size is perfect enough to be a music studio. And that day, was well earned for. The topic spoken was great, informative, understandable and all in great accounts. Changes made, even certain promotions, new departments been set up, recent issues that needs to be resolves were all in hand and be accounted for. Its fortunate for me, like many others on that day, to come down for the workshop. I’ll be damned if I had missed every single piece of it.

SPI Workshop SPI Workshop SPI Workshop SPI Workshop

At the end of the day, there’s always a story to remember.

A group photo of course! =D

SPI Workshop

The program lasted the whole day, from 1000hrs to 17oohrs. But seriously spoken, its all worth it. We enjoyed it pretty much, and were looking forward if there’s gonna be the next one in the future. Later, several of us head down towards the KFC located within Bedok Central to had our dinner. The whole meal was a combination between stupid jokes and rather some “compliments” made by one of the members.


Talk Of The Day

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Captain’s log                          Stardate: 62715.6 (Mar 18th, 2009)

The day was one hell of a crap. Members of public coming in to lodge their report. Answering calls. Making calls. Going from recent reports after another. All seems endless!


Ok, I shouldn’t have been complaining about this, cause the station where I was posted to was always a stampede. I mean, almost. Yeah, time move fast – I can see that, to be obvious. Manning counterduty inside the main station was also known to be the counterpoint of the “unexpected.” Yeah, for sure, I really buy that one out. Let alone, even getting one “wrong number” at the end of the line.

Caller: “Err hello, sir? Can I checked with you? Am I calling the right number for the Visa application in visiting Germany?”


Funny how it may seems, cause I had greeted the caller and add up with the name of the police station as always…


Well, enough said. Its my turned to take a break. I flopped down on the cushion, which was been placed inside the pantry nearby the counter. Bone tired, and my back really ached. Then, it hit me like a hammer falls. What had really worn me out was the wondering. Wondering why am I so damn tired nowadays. Been working pretty hard? I wondered again. Lacked of sleep? Probably so. No doubt, but it still baffles me. Probably lacked of exercise? When was the last time I had trained myself? All this really wind up in my head like some tape recorder that goes rewind over and over again. Well, for that matter, I still had some strength to pull myself up together.

I close my eyes, trying to ease my mind. Then, it flashes me back last Saturday, the 14th where I and several members of the paranormal team had went to KFC for our dinner after participating in the latest Spooky Walk. Remember how one of the members, by the named of Justin had made a moustache out of those cooked potato, and started talking crap that “burping” can be a “compliment” for some. Even without an “excuse.” Hah! I really laughed to that one! =D

At least, I didn’t ended up like a colleague of mine, who goes to work still half-asleep, and didn’t realized he had worn his trousers inside-out. He only happened to realized it when he couldn’t locate the pockets……

Sony Digital Photo Printer =)

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Captain’s log                             Stardate: 62712.2 (Mar 17th, 2009)

My uncle recently brought a Sony digital camera when it was up for grabs during the IT show that ended last Sunday, the 15th. Amazingly, he received a Sony Digital Photo Printer for free! Quite portable, and can be carried at anywhere, anytime. Seeing it, I remember that my local Star Trek founder James Lee, also had one of these cool gadgets. He had used it for last year’s Toys and Comics Connection as a photo-taking session for members of public. All for free! =D


Funny to notice that the colour print pack, which was the ink ribbon designed for the printer was not been supplied together with the package. As well as the print paper. Thought we might get somesort of like a sample, so we can try it out to see how it looks like.

But anyway, my uncle wants me to try it out first, since he was preoccupied with his own stuff and seem to have no time for it. Of course, before operating the device, I had to read the manual first. At the same time, practically testing the device.

DPP Manual

Seems complicated at first, and need to go by each certain steps in order to get familiarize with the basic settings. Certain categories I will avoid for the meantime, as I need to identify the important illustrations first. None of the paper and ink was been provided, so I just have to learn the basic steps. Like how to select or move the pictures taken from the memory stick. Adjust selected components. Checking about the red-eye correction, especially. Making layout prints – all the simple ones for beginners =)

Looks like I don’t have to visit the photo shop studio, when we already have one of our own =D

Yesterday And Today =D

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Captain’s log                           Stardate: 62709.6 (Mar 15th, 2009)

I woke up with a start. How did that happened? And what a dumb question that was! =D

Next, my mind triggers me to look at the time from my watch. Its 15 mins before 1300hrs. Whoa! Really knock off pretty bad. Must have been the night before…

Oh yes! How obvious that was! =D The night before had went out with the well-known local paranormal investigators on their popular phenomenon, especially best suited for paranormal enthusiast. That means, it was dedicated for the members of public who wanted to discovered more about the insights of paranormal. Known as Spooky Walk, its aim is to explore interesting places in Singapore as a team. How hard can you really missed this one if you are soooooo engrossed to it =D

Yesterday’s Spooky Walk was a foot-exploration to take a look at the Marsiling Crescent Shrine, before proceeding towards Admiralty Park where rumours of the area was said to have paranormal activity. Before this, few members, including myself had went to recce this about a month ago. One of the members, whom we called through his forum nick as “textbook” had came to know about this when he happened to heard rumours about the place from the radio, as been spoken from members of public who went there. So, he established a plan, and see whoever’s interested to go with him. I for one sure want to count on it, since I’m not that busy on that day =D

And at the end of the day, he decided that both places should be perfect for another Spooky Walk. It was just right, for the public’s view. This one, I sure not gonna missed it. Besides, it was my first Spooky Walk, and can’t afford to miss this unforgettable event.

Well, more or less, I should say….

The night before. Stardate: 62704.4 (Mar 14th,2009)

This were some of the photos I’ve managed to scrap off…=)

Marsiling Crescent Shrine
(Quite a number of people involved, together with us)

Marsiling Crescent Shrine Marsiling Crescent Shrine Marsiling Crescent Shrine

Yes….rained again that night. But only drizzing…

Next stop..Admiralty Park
(Resemblances much of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve)

Admiralty Park Admiralty Park Admiralty Park

Along the trekking, we stumbled across a blockage that forces us to detour. Well, better be safe than sorry…

Admiralty Park

Admiralty Park

Soon after which, a group photo was taken (seems “compulsory” nowadays) before we called it a night. My first one was a success and I’ll be looking forward for the next one! =D

Now, it was the next day…I mean, today. Sunday the 15th. The time display was 15 mins before 1300hrs. Took me a second to realized that today I’m supposed to meet two of my colleagues as the three of us are gonna recce..err..I mean checking out the latest gadgets and gizmo at the IT Show 2009 at Suntec City. Today is the last day, and see if there’s any of those cool toys that we might be itching on buying it. And yes, we are a big fan when comes to IT =D

I’m supposed to meet them at 143ohrs as planned. Well, enough said, and immediately dragged myself out of bed.

Fast forward >>>>>>>>

And there we were. Like a warehouse, been infested by all sorts of gadgets that reminds me lot like one of those military underground bases that stores thousands of ammo. We first passed by where the latest plasma TV was up for grabs. One of the big screen was showing this American variety show, known as Maximum Exposure where we are very fond of it. We stopped for a while to watch. The show was presenting a dude..I mean a freelancer teenager riding on one of those desert motorcycle, and was ramming up a desert hill in the middle of nowhere. The cool narrator was heard babbling, as the guy drive on, saying that the dude was trying to act cool just to impress the chicks watching at the bottom of the hill.

Well, so much of his “cool act” when he happened to lost control of the bike, before both rider and vehicle rolled down the hill. Almost reaching the ground, the bike rolled beneath him, (OUCH!!!) nearly crushing him! But he survived! However, one leg badly injured. When been interviewed, this is what he says: “Call me a damn fool if we wish – cause I should have remember some safety. My leg’s badly hurt, and now I’ve got to paid for the f**(beep)*** medical bills!”

And so much for that, when the narrator speaks:

“So you folks out there, listen up yo! Next time, before you take the plunge, better gear up and put those safety instruction into that thick skull of yours. Its better be safe than sorry. Cause you never know the time, where you got to pay for the f**(beep)*** medical bills.”


Bright Side Of Things

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Captain’s log                            Stardate: 62698.5 (Mar 12th, 2009)

Here I was, thinking about what the log should have been, and how to put it in words. My mind racked and spin for answers, clues, even hints if there’s any. (I doubt hints, would appeared for sure)

Outside…..well, its dull again I supposed. A gentle breeze blew past every once in a while. Kids laughing and screaming could be heard from down below as they enjoyed the freedom that they can spare within hours of their time. Somewhere near, a dog barked. Probably felt hungry or been pissed off when seeing a stranger at its doorstep. Birds chirping…….do I need to mention that as well? Circulating around us, the sounds were there. Just to expect what comes after another.

I turned back to face the monitor screen. Took a deep breath, and my fingers were soon running across the keyboard like a professional pianist. Pouring out all the contents that is mentioned above and the later part. The thousand and one other matters that had been cropping up in my head, and does felt the urge to discharge them all into my log.

Morning came and when. I woke up early indeed, and had been gluing myself to the computer ever since breakfast. Use to wake up early these days, even during my offs. I prefer to spend more time this way, so I don’t have to waste it all. I start off by challenging myself in one of the racing computer games I own. Eventually, it started to get boring after that. So I browse the internet, and soon got carried away to come face-to-face with my blog. Also, check my mail……nothing new appeared. Just some junk, even a spam.

An hour or so, I ended up turning engrossed to the forums I frequently visit, that I didn’t care about the time. Until I realized it, when I saw the time superimposed at the bottom right end corner of the computer. It was 5 mins before 1600hrs. Yes, and that’s where my favourite sci-fiction movie is about to commence! I had seen the running schedule from the StarHub TV guide the day before, and was looking forward to it. Damn! I almost missed it!

And yes, is a Star Trek movie, if that’s what you are thinking. It’s the ninth movie, and despite watching it many times, I still watch it again! Once a fan, always a fan =D

Duty Shift

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Captain’s log                          Stardate: 62695.7 (Mar 11th, 2009)

The night before, still lay in the shrubs at the same duty post. Night shift….oh well. There’s always the happening when darkness falls. And so, here I was. Continously running the same place like the previous day. Except that night, the working hours is shorten at the duty post. Taking over from the previous officer from his morning shift at 2000hrs, and handle the rest of the game till 2200hrs. Thereafter, went out on a hunting game to save another day from pesky crimes till the next day, early morning.

Thought I saw something from a cabinet on my right when I was establishing a report from the computer. Oh my goodness! There’s a portable playstation been left behind. Must have been belong to that previous officer manning the post before I take over duty. Good thing I had his number kept, so I rang him up. “No wonder something’s not right,” he said. “Ok, I be right there. Thanks pal.”

Must have been pretty boring when the post was suddenly awfully quiet, and there’s nothing much else to do, but to get your hands on the PSP just to beat the clock.

Outside, the trees were caught in the wind and were damn strong in the way I see it. Curious, I leave my desk and went out to take a look. What a windy night that was! There’s clouds forming in the night sky. Oh boy, was it going to rain again? Looks pretty heavy to me. And why am I talking about the “beauty of rain” since the day when the sky started shredding tears? Monsoon fever, I’ll bet. Doesn’t get pretty heavy for the matter than it looks like. Or sounds like. Damn, what am I saying?

And it gets a little chilly again when I went back in. Probably the breeze from the aircon, as what “I assume, as to be obvious in the way it looks.” I resume my work. I didn’t noticed how I had turned so engrossed when reviewing those recent incidents been stored from the previous team during their morning shift. Even had one in particular, that can ended up in “Just For Laugh.”

“Man found dead rat under the bed. Don’t know what to do, and as such called for police.”


The phone rang. I jumped at the sound. Yeah, too engrossed to what I’ve been monitoring. One of my colleagues who was my partner for that night had called, saying that he had the patrol car assigned to us ready, and on the way to my post to pick me up before we commence patrol. Now? I looked at my watch.

That surprised me! Its 10 mins to 2200hrs. Probably was hooked to what I’ve been doing that I didn’t even see the time. Apart from that, not even a single soul came knocking on my door to lodge a report…….

Gloomy And Dull…

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Captain’s log                          Stardate: 62693.1 (Mar 10th, 2009)

“Maw!!” my cat screamed. Took me to realize that I had stepped onto her long tail by accident! I quickly cuddled her in my arms like a child and smoothed out her tail. At the same time, repeatedly say “sorry” to her. Must have hurt pretty bad… I supposed, she would have raised her claws at me if I had wear my shoes.

Anyway, the day before was a series of twist and turns while manning at my duty post. There’s even some strange events from few of the reports and “Ahem!” believe me, I really gotten that one out in disbelief! Captured me straight to the point whereby how busy it will turned out to be when been placed in such a place. A busy one, as a matter of factly. A colleague of mine even had this commented when he visited me during his break. “Well, even so – the time moves fast, isn’t it?”

I would gladly agreed on that one. No comment =)

The battle from one report to another, answering calls that seem to weight upon your shoulders, serving customers that had few of them, were like as though dealing in a stock exchange rates and that all of the above seem to be running like a full power generator ever since I opened the gates had came to a settle. At least, for the moment, before expecting another stampede.

Seems funny though that the room suddenly felt quiet. Yeah, supposed to be quiet when there’s no one else in here except me. But seemingly, in such a way; and strangely…..chilly. Probably just the aircon. How obvious! =D

My eyes looked out the glass door and windows before me, at the freedom held outside. The weather still held that grim side of look. Been days, and the expression it gave was still gloomy. So gloomy that I thought I saw shadows hanging from above. Its seems dark out there, like as though some phantom is about to crawl out from the mist.

Soon came the rumble echoing in the sky that punctuated by brilliant flashes of burning white and rolling thunder, before the pounding was heard – splattering all over. Oh, how wonderful! It rained again. As heavy as it is. Not to mention, how cold it had turned out to be, that I needed to put on my jacket this time.

I leaned back against the soft padding of the chair, and at the same time, taking a sip of my cup of coffee that my colleague had brought it for me. My eyes still looking out the glass. Days like this were a vibrant cold to the touch. Some, would prefer to say the same old phrase, that days like this would be the perfect time to sleep like a baby. That’s if, when you are stranded at home and got nothing else to do. The shadows, which I thought they were, seems to lowered. So low, that I had this craziest feeling that its going to come crawling into my post.

Quoted this from a sci-fiction novel, that “Some days were gray, hung with leaden clouds…….” Yeah well, guess that was the words for it. Does brings out some sense if you asked me…