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Into The Abyss….

Posted: September 22, 2018 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                        Stardate: 90228.9 (Sep 22nd, 2018)

I came across this horror movie known as The Nun and decided to watch it with my wife. We both are into horror movies and this one seems interesting.

This story takes place in 1952, showing two Roman Catholic nuns living in a monastery. As they entered a tunnel to retrieve an ancient Christian relic, they were suddenly attacked by an unseen force. This unseen force turns out to be a demon disguise as a nun.


This horrifying incident has led Father Burke 
and Sister Irene, where they were accompanied by a young villager to investigate the monastery. Hell has broken loose when the demon escapes from a portal, and the only way is to get this demon back to where it came from. To end it, they have to find that ancient tool hidden somewhere in the abyss.

At the start, the demon basically knows the first tools to scare the hell out of everyone before unleashing the final terror. Slowly turning the crosses upside-down, casting shadows, switching on vintage radios and creating running footsteps around the place. If that’s not scary enough, it will emerged from the walls and try to grab you from behind.

This is enough to give you that worrying expression that something terrifying is about to happen. As usual, you will hear those unearthly growls and screaming which is unlike anything from the Amityville Horror.

Making the fifth instalment of the Conjuring Universe, The Nun takes you to a deeper and whole new level of conjuring where the people involved were armed with nothing more than their inner strength, confidence and faith. Though risking their lives just to put an end to this horrifying demon.

Other than all those jump-scares, high and low pitched gothic noises and so forth, the movie isn’t at all that…as you may expected. I warned you first though. But still, its noticeably interesting and enjoyable, especially for those who just wanna sit back and just enjoyed watching it. I will leave it that to you to be the judge. Me? I still find it interesting, also the darkest and bloodiest Conjuring ever.

Also, you will be surprised when the movie ends. If you have been following the Conjuring Universe, you will know where the last scene came from. As a matter of fact, you will know how the Nun came to be…=P





World Of Glamping!

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Captain’s log                                    Stardate: 90189.8 (Sep 18, 2018)

When my wife introduced me how beautiful this Canopi Resort is, I was thrilled. I came to know that it was a relatively new establishment in Bintan’s resorts, having opened in 2015.

The resort is set within Chill Cove @ Treasure Bay Bintan, a vibrant adventure playground that spans over 90 hectares. The exotic galleries of that luxurious and fabulous resort had me drooling, especially the lagoon. This crystal lagoon was the region’s largest man-made seawater, spawning over 800 in length. Seemingly present the best that as to offer. For some reason, the resort also referred as “Glamping.” Once you stepped inside, they will welcome you to the World of Glamping.

How intriguing…=)

Other than the crystalline lagoon, what trills me the most was the UTV (Utility task vehicle). I had my experience riding the ATV during my honeymoon vacation in Krabi, Thailand. This time, I wanna take a ride on the more wilder side and experience the exhilaration of speed and the roar of the engine.

Via a travel agent from Weekend Go Where Singapore travel group, me and my wife had booked for a 4 days – 3 nights (12 Sep- 15 Sep 2018) stay at the resort. Its about 1 hour ferry ride from Tanah Merah Ferry terminal to Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal. We are so excited!


There, we are greeted by the friendly staff who worked for the resort. Once our names were checked in the list, we hopped onto the bus that will bring us to the resort.


Look how happy my wife is! =D

Me and my wife squealed 
with excitement when we saw the largest man-made Crystal Lagoon. So trilled that we feel like wanna run towards it and dipped our aching feet inside! 


So awesome!!! 

Our place of stay was the Garden Tent, one of the 5 rooms or tents available there. They are clustered around a scenic and beautiful garden pavilions. It offers a lush outdoor space to enjoy this greenery landscape. Very open and spacious!


They even comes with a private patio. Perfect for those who wanted to have a BBQ. Sweet!


Check this out! The furnitures are very vintage looking. Even the toilets. The interior reminds me in the scene of Indiana Jones! =P



Loved the hut. Gonna loved the place soon! =D


After we have a good rest, we proceed to the activities centre which was located at the lobby area to 
check on the activities available. There are various to choose from that we are lost! =D

Eventually we had choose a few and the first activity we had for the first day was the Mangrove Adventure Night Tour. It commenced at 1900hrs and to meet at the lobby.

But before that, we had decided to explore Lagoi Bay. Its another resort which is about 20 mins drive from Canopi. A friendly tour guide had arranged for us to get there.



We brought a few clothes and had dinner at the place itself. We roamed there for quite some time before our tour guide came to fetch us.


A good worthy dinner!


There, we joined in the group that had signed up for the Mangrove night tour.


We will be on a boat where it will moved slowly across the mangrove swamp. Its very dark, and you could see hundreds of stars glowing in the night sky. 
Speaking of glowing, you could see the fireflies glowing within the darkness. It is part of the tour, for those who interested to see some fireflies. 

Too bad I wasn’t able to take photos as it is too dark. But really interesting and educational though.



Its looks even more stunning and glowing at night…..


After a good breakfast, we headed to the lobby. We hoped onto a buggy where the staff will transport us to the other side of the lagoon where the Chill Cove is. This is where you want to participate in those water activities or land activities. Or both! We began off with their X-treme adventure. You can choose either the ATV or UTV to explore and engaged with nature through off-roads adventure! Or even both!

This is where I looked forward to. Its the UTV! Here at Bintan, I got my chance! And since its operate like a car, my wife doesn’t need to worry so much as she will be seated beside me.


Its much easier to operate than the ATV, and less tiring. I really had fun driving through the jungle, the dirt road and the rocky terrains. Feels like wanna go for another round!



We were told they will be having this out soon. Hmm…true? An amphibious ride! How cool!

After that extreme off-road adventure, we hoped on the Bumper Boat. I had trouble 
navigating the boat to keep it steady. Cause if not, as one of the staff had advised us, the boat will just keep spinning and spinning if we did not control it. Seriously its not easy! Initially wanted to try the Water Tricycle. However my wife turned it down as she doesn’t want to feel tired of cycling too much. Still, first time for such and worth the experience though =D

Once done, we decided to walk along the side of the crystal lagoon. Feels really good as we soaked our feet into the cooling water.





We didn’t know that our burgers were this small….until we saw the menu once we sat down on the benches provided. The menu says “mini burgers.” Oh well….


No activity for today as we decided to try out one of the tour packages available. We will do some window shopping at Tanjung Pinang. Three places we will visit while we are there: The local market or common market, Matahari Shopping Mall and Batik Shop. My wife was looking forward for this day.

A friendly tour guide was arranged for us to take us there. Its a one-hour plus journey from the Canopi. We had a good chat with our tour guide along the way. Other than sharing about the place, he also share some of his experience of work, life and such.

The wet market really reminds me of Old Geylang Serai. Really let you soak in the local hustle and bustle while you browsed through those dried food, electronics, clothes, etc. Nostalgic!



We had spend about 4 hours at this main town of Bintan. The prices here were so pleasantly affordable! There are good offers where you can buy three shirts for IDR100,000! So many colourful variety of goods at a value-for-money bargains.

Its already around 1900hrs by the time we reached back to the resort. But its worth the day spent! And really appreciate for our tour guide who had waited for us throughout the day. Couldn’t thank him enough to be there for us! =)


Checkout the awesome loots that we had brought! Some for us, some for our family and close friends. Worth the shop!



Our last dinner…


This is where we will say goodbye to Bintan as we will be heading back to sunny Singapore. Wish we could have stayed longer though. Gonna missed this wonderful place. But there’s always another day where we can come back here again. And to try out other activities and tours.


One last selfie of me with the beautiful scenery before leaving the place… =(

Overall, me and my wife would like to say a big thank you to the staff of The Canopi for their excellent service and hospitality. Each one of them had response with great courtesy and friendliness, assisted us in every way they could to make us 
feel comfortable during our stay. Indeed, we had a lot of fun and glamping! =D

We will back again, hopefully. Awesome resort with awesome people within! =D