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Captain’s log                        Stardate: 64240.2 (Sept 27th, 2010)

Its the Monday blues for many. The day seems dull and grey, and before you know it, the sky started raining cats and dogs. To me, it just feel so calm, relaxed, as I sat behind the desk in the office, staring out through the window. Not to mention how many would describe it as “the best weather for sleeping.”

Its break time. In about 15 minutes time, both me and my partner will continue on our schedule. The time shown earlier during my break, was 1640hrs. My mind started to flood with thoughts as I stared out at the showering sky. One of them in mind, seems rather impossible to erase. Day after day, as time passed away, I find it hard to get her off my mind. I tried to preoccupied my mind by focusing on my work, and by listening to the pitter patter of raindrops crashing heavily and noisily against the window earlier. No matter what, it keeps coming back. She appeared in my mind, like as though following me around like a shadow from the past. Sometimes I wonder, does she? All those conversations through MSN chatline, exchange of postings and comments through our facebook…… they all gave me that answer. The answer I want. Does she?

At times like this I just didn’t know what to think about myself. I hate to feel being paranoid for such a slightest matter. But all seems to appear unraveling. Its like as though the weight of the world had crashed upon me and that it seems hard to get by. Yes, I admit that deep down inside me, I do care for her. She ever do tell me how much she like me because of my characteristic wise. But……there’s others who is after her too.

I don’t really understand why this keeps happening to me time and time again. All I need, is this. Nothing else. I was told to go for it, and yes I did as I was told to. But then again, there’s always the same problem that others was reaching for the same girl. Honestly speaking, I will NEVER treated her like as though she’s some prize to be won. Its just so wrong! I will NEVER. Its just that, I really fall for her……

Nevertheless, she will always spare that time to chat with me whenever she’s online. And that always makes me feel happy. But that feeling just wouldn’t fade away. Nothing ever comes close to this. Adorable…..sweet…..gentle……caring…..she’s all of the above. What more is there, that suits her? She was really loved by many…..

My eyes still stared out through the window. The rain had picked up, till I could feel the gust of wind slipping through the gaps located at the sides of the window. At times like this does makes you wonder, as you settled back comfortably, what will the day bring when comes to the end of it? What was the moral of it? What does it teaches you? Especially when been trusted in the eyes of the public. Good things don’t always go as what you may think it might be always. At most, its unlikely. Most importantly, its how you lived to see it, and how you played your part.


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Captain’s log                      Stardate: 64229.4 (Sept 23rd, 2010)

It was a dull day in September. But something went horribly wrong when they turned back the clocks, and now it seems like as though it was the month of July…

Yes, that month was a hectic. Imagine, some off days were burn, just to cover up the shift from another team because of the deployment they were assigned with. There were doubts clouded from many of us. As to when our next spare time will be killed. Even as I speak, this is something that we should be at least expecting. We are playing an important major role here. So worse come to worse, we just have to face the music.

Not only that, cases that rises up like a tide of tsunami. Flying over our heads, making us running back and forth that seems endless. Those bad hang-over. Such intense activity. Yeah, its really one hell of a tough call. Each day does brings new surprises. What a month!

Now, five months later; it was like as though its been repeated itself. Somewhere at the back of my head, I had to wonder. Was it just me? Or was it all seems to paranoid? Paranoid…..Too strong to bundle an issue. Surely, these are the kind of things. The expected; even to expect the unexpected. The same old crap, like there’s no stop to it. But it was this feeling, that keep nagging at the back of my mind that I just couldn’t put my finger on it! All seems too familiar……right from the start of the day. Strangely, even for the first incident that each of us were dispatch to, all seem to running back like madness! I know for some reason this may sounds silly. Even I myself found this hard to believe. That’s the reason why, it feels like as though someone had really turned back the clocks. Rewinding the event back to July……


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Captain’s log                          Stardate: 64212.9 (Sept 17, 2o10)

Night shift (Sept 16, 2010): I’m writing this down during that particular shift on draft, before conveying my thoughts here. It was the night like any other night. The last incident seems tough, even though its just a dispute. But no matter what, we will try to resolve it before the unthinkable occurs. Our resolve, is what we had try to do best. Other that that, its secondary and its up to the two parties in how they are going to settle it.

Two hours later: I was seated behind the desk in the office, writing this down on paper just to spare the time. My mind started to drift away and soon found myself looking out through the window at the night sky.

It was raining earlier. Red clouds still floated high and it looks like its gonna rain again at any moment. Beyond that, few stars twinkling, and I wonder what planets they were within the solar system and away from Earth. One of them appeared red. Mars? Staring at them suddenly reminds me of my all-time favourite Star Trek.

Space….The Final Frontier….

If only Starfleet is real. A lot of our fan members always wish for one, and I couldn’t agreed more cause I’m one of them that always dream of it. Dream about traveling among the stars. Explore the galaxy, searching for new life – in an attempt to make first contact. Imagine having a starship that you were tasked to take command. Having this dynamic career that allows you to set your sights upon to be amazed by the sheer beauty and wonders of the galaxy. Countless of stars out there – expanding many more. I firmly believe that somewhere out there, there’s life. I wouldn’t say that we are alone. But even as I speak, only God knows. He’s the creator of life great and small, the universe, and He knows all.

After for quite sometime, my eyes tore to what’s beyond a mile away. Colourful bright lights illuminating at a distance. That night, was the seventh day of the Hari Raya festival, and yet down there was like as though someone had turned back the clock to the first day of the festival. If I had Superman’s ears, I’ll be hearing the excited commotions and shouts from those sellers and buyers. The anticipated crowds – just seems like endless.

I gazed at my watch. 23:35hrs. Yeah, seems like endless – an eternity for this festive period. The activity was just too appealing for some. The night is still young for them. For us, its a matter of protecting life and property. Sooner or later, there will be calls about things getting rob. A brawl. The curiosity, the suspicious, and indeed, we were train to be mentally prepared for that. Its inevitable. Can’t take things for granted, let alone to be compromise.

I lay back against the soft padding of the chair and stared up at the ceiling. My mind clouded with thoughts. Doubts, about n0w and the future; about what’s going to happen next. Running like mad machism. I was been advice, not to think too much on certain stuff. Hard to avoid though, even if I try. Still, had to avoid that. Try not to take it too hard. But still find it too complicated to refrain from all that. Wonder if…….all that makes sense. Questions keep popping out from every cells in my brain, like as though there’s no end to it all. Wonder what makes…..

My handphone rings. My supervisor called. Its time to save the world again…..

Well, guess some things are not meant what they are used to. Guess I just have to wait what feels right for me.

Hari Raya 2010

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Captain’s log                  Stardate: 64196.5 (Sept 11th, 2010)

Its the end of the Ramadan period and we’re now looking forward to this exciting month of the Hari Raya festival. Also the time where we Muslims are encouraged to seek forgiveness and to forget any differences or past animosities that may have occurred with others during the year. Followed up next was where we will feast upon the luxurious traditional Hari Raya cuisines and spend that quality moment with family, relatives and friends. Upon returning from the mosque, I could already smell that delicious aroma from the kitchen before even reaching the doorstep =P

Anyway, here’s a quick one, and these are some of the best photos taken on the first day.

I wish you all a Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Maaf Zahir Dan Batin!! =)

Slipped Off The Tongue

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Captain’s log                         Stardate: 64187.8 (Sept 07th, 2010)

Starting from today’s date, it will be four more days before Hari Raya which falls on Friday the 11th. Really looking forward into it after enduring this one month of fasting. So around this time, me and my family will be busy cleaning and extinguishing the dust around the house. Also, setting up the decorations such as the lights and bringing up new curtains. The kitchen will be like open 24hrs, as my mom, grandma and younger sister will be making and baking the cakes for the big day.

Anyway, here’s something that I wanna share with you. And also, I just couldn’t resist writing it down. Around this period of time, I kept hearing a lot of these weird stuff from people. I don’t know…was it just me? Or was it that I’ve been seeing weird people nowadays? This is what I’ve collected so far.

The first one I made in contact when I was on duty for the Singapore Youth Olympic Games (SYOG) which I happened to befriend this Caucasian guy, who pleasantly shared with me how “pang sai” the day was, which actually turns out to be an unpleasant one, and which also leads him to some serious “shit” due to believing into something which ain’t true. Yes, I had share this “biodegradable” topic before, and I believe some of you had read it. So I just have to contribute part of it for this latest entry.

This happens somewhere last week. I was having a bored day of my life in the office when my handphone rings. From the LED, the number appeared to be anonymous. I answer it anyway. And what I get next was an unexpected call from a female caller who sounded depressed:

Hearing that, I was been stumped momentarily. I felt frozen to my chair, like as though I were been paralyzed! It really buzzed through my ears like a swarm of angry bees. This has got to be a mistake. So I responded: “Errr….excuse me, I think you have the wrong number….”

There was a 3 second pause at the other line of the line, before she hang up. Not even a simple “sorry” was heard by her. Just a continuous empty dial tone…

Well, that’s sad news for her. I mean, if that’s what she…or whoever she is, is currently facing. So depressed that she ended up dialing the wrong number. Funny of how one would love her yesterday, and decided not to love her today. Some unfaithful guy! Honestly, it took me some time to get it over with. But at least, she provided me with a wake up call that get me out from my boredom. And upon returning home, I posted up a link through my facebook to share it with the rest. Within a minute, I get tons of interesting comments…..

Recently, on my way home after meeting a friend, this guy whom I believe to be a foreigner came running to me and asked: “Hello, excuse me, can you please give me the number for 999? I need the police help.”

I froze on the spot. Turned to him, baffled, and asked: “You mean, the police hotline for this country?” He nodded, and I corrected him, that he already said the number. He become confused, and I had to repeat again, that the state police emergency hotline is 999.

He stared blankly at me, before saying “Oh….thank you,” and walk away. Blushing in embarrassment.