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Trekkies Chalet Gathering

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Captain’s log                        Stardate: 64409.8 (Nov 28th, 2010)

Its that time of the year again, where we local trekkies will once again gathered for our chalet gathering for a night of fun, laughter and games. But most attractable of all, was always those mouth-watering food been lay across the barbecue pit. Bon Appetit!

It was been organized as 4-day 3-night (25th Nov – 28th Nov). But the main event will be held on the 27th, which is a Saturday. And its good to see our founder, James Lee back again. Its been quite for some time since we last saw him, due to his leg been badly injured and which needed surgery. Now that he’s fully recovered, he’ll be happy to host the games that comes with exciting prizes. And the game that we gonna play will be the classic Bingo! Normally when comes to Bingo, James will set up as our very own Star Trek Bingo. But on that night, it will be just the night of classic Bingo!

Surprisingly, all players involved win a prize each at the end of the game! =)

Its time to call it a night. But the day’s spend couldn’t be worth a piece of a memorable treasure without a memorable group photo taken =)

Live Long and Prosper!


To Be Remembered……

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Captain’s log                         Stardate: 64387.9 (Nov 20th, 2010)

Its been a week since grandpa had passed away. I know that I have to cope with it and that life has to move on. But sometimes thinking back about him does makes my eyes watered. As what many would say, that as long as you remember your loved ones who has depart from this world, they would never be far away from you. Cherish that every moment, the memories, that you can in your hearts, as that’s the only special place that keeps them alive. I just have to be strong, and to face this reality. Everyone on Earth will have to leave one day. Its the human process that everyone of us have to face. None can live forever.

But still, I miss him the most. Whenever I watch my favourite Star Trek series or movies, he just floated back in my mind. And sometimes I really wish he was there to watch the show with me, like he always does. Even when I was looking at my Star Trek models, the thought of him just reflects back in my mind, like those were part of his memory that were left for me to treasure. To preserve that trek family of ours. To remind myself, that without him, I would never know what Star Trek is all about. Its all that’s left for me to treasure and continue respecting it as long as I’m still alive.

I will grandpa. You have showed me what I need to know, and I will treasure that throughout the rest of my life. You are still true in our hearts, and we will never forget what you have taught us. The lessons learned, and the stories shared. We will keep your promise as what you want us to promise. To continue living as a good family, and to provide the best for everybody’s needs.

And the night before, has been a rough start. Besides, its always been a rough start on certain night shifts. And by the end of the day, we were like hordes of zombies heading back to station. All weary and especially me, feel almost into a state of lethargic. I feel like as though I’m dragging myself across the floor instead of walking. I can’t even feel my legs! Since the slashing incident occurred, we law enforcement were put on a tough call. Now, there’s the third slashing incident, and things are just about to get worse. Ordinary people suffered because of those hooligans. Its starting to become like a trend among Singaporeans now. Its just pisses us off that this things happened so rapidly, especially due to some staring incident. You stare, you get stabbed. Like as though its some “strict policy” been imply by these hooligans in order to get rid of that person who stares back. Some bullshit! In the end, others not involved will suffered. Just for nothing.

Sooner or later, we cops gonna have to nail them pretty hard. Make a judgement call if we have to. We couldn’t afford to have another slashing incident. If these madness continues, the island wouldn’t be a safe place to live in……..

Captain’s log                           Stardate: 64371.4 (Nov 14th, 2010)

Losing a loved one, and someone we treasure has always been one of the hardest and coldest feeling in life. Is like having the rug swept from under you. Like as though the whole world had collapses in on you. And its just feel so different when they are not around. Its just not the same without them.

My grandfather passed away peacefully yesterday (Nov 13th) in the hospital. Time of his death was 0035Hrs. His age was 78. He passed away due to old age. And also, he was critically ill. He was the only grandfather I ever had when he’s around. My other grandfather, which was my father’s side passed away when I was only 2 years old.

Since I was just an infant, my grandpa has been taken care of me the most. As what I can remember, I’m his first grandson to open up to him. As what my mom had told me, it was the happiest moment for him to had his first grandson to be cradle in his arms. During those times, he had taken care of me when my father had to undergo his police training and my mother was still seriously ill after giving birth to me. Also, I suffered from fits, and it was one of those scariest moment that my family were facing. Cause my grandma ever told me, that on few occasions, my body was cold and that I nearly turned blue. I was critically ill and you could only imagine the worse. My grandpa had been strong to aid me, to stay with me. Sacrificing his time, in his power to rush me to the hospital every now and then. He didn’t sleep, he didn’t eat. He prayed hard all day long, even stayed in the hospital. Watch over me through those glass window. Watching me, with tears welled in his eyes, while I was been monitored inside one of those infant care units. He just couldn’t bear to watch me with all those tubes inserted in me. It was just too….horrifying for him. He can only rely on God to save me…

Once I’ve learned how to walk, he took me to the beaches. Together with grandma. I couldn’t remember a single thing about it until I saw the photo albums taken by him. So many outings. Indeed, he had spend a lot of time with me when I’m just a young boy.

He had even taught me how to cycle. That’s one of the greatest memories that I’m willing to share. No matter how many times I fall, he will always be there to help me back on my feet. He was very patient, and he teach me one step at a time. He wants me to be able to cycle on just two wheels. No more on four. Normally he will train me at East Coast Park, choosing one of the tracks that doesn’t had many cyclists pedaling there. He watch me progress, until the time comes for him to finally let go of his hands once I learn how to balance and negotiate properly.

And if its not for him, I would never know what’s Star Trek is all about. He was an avid fan of this sci-fiction himself and had told me everything about it ever since I become totally obsessed into it back in 2003. That’s the time where I first started watching it. He had introduced to me the very first Star Trek been telecast many years ago. The legendary USS Enterprise, with the legendary Captain James T. Kirk, Commander Spock and their veterans. Slowly I’ve learned the names, the series, the past movies, the ships, so on, till now. And very time I glance at my models of Star Trek ships, it will somehow make me think about him. I know for some reason that I’ve helped to keep the trek family within us alive, knowing that this couldn’t have been accomplished without him.

That day when he was dying in hospital……..we are only told to be prepare. And before he was to breathe in through the oxygen tank, he make us to promise him, to take care of ourselves, especially me, and to move on with our lives. He always regard me as one of his beloved grandson, cause I was the closest to him ever since I was born. I myself was worth everything to him, and almost like a true son to him. He had been a great role model and a mentor for me. He had lived long enough to watch his children, his grandchildren grows. To lived as one whole. Providing us in whatever means necessary, and not even once he ever get tired of it.

Till the time comes when he knew that he have to leave us. And he’s not afraid. He knew that God loves him and he’s ready for it. “At least my suffering its over…..” as what he had whispered to us before he was unable to regain conscious because of being diagnose with low blood pressure. I just couldn’t bear the feeling, to see him in pain, the suffering, and my legs just gave away. From there onwards, we could only watch him. Into a state of coma. Lying there………just lying there….

Then, the call came in. Grandpa is now with God….

Fond memories flooded in my mind as I watched him been buried into the soil at the cemetery. Finally at rest, and at peace. I couldn’t help fighting back the tears, just watching it. I stood there, knowing that I just lost the only grandfather I ever had.

How long since I’ve last cried? Its been so long…… But its ok to cry, in times like this. Even right now. While writing this down. Every memories shared, causes me to shed those tears away, knowing how much I loved and care for the person who had showered me with so much loved when I’m just an infant. Since the beginning of time where I was brought to this world, and since the time where I had opened my eyes to the world. Raising me up. Teaching me the rights and wrong. Every day counts, and all of this were treasures that can never be replaced. I was told, that memories are what keeps a person alive. It is a blessing to be able to leave at peace with the world and in peace with love ones around him. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love. He may be gone, but he’s still in our hearts. We just have to remember the valuable lessons that he had taught in life. With that, he can never seem far away from us. We just have to move on with our lives…..

I just hope, he had forgive me for any mistakes I’ve done before he’s gone. I know I’m wrong about some things, but deep down I still care. I will never forget the times that we’ve spend…

May Allah always be with you Grandpa. I love you, and I miss you so much……=(

Captain’s log                             Stardate: 64354 (Nov 8th, 2010)

The whole day has been a tremendous event. The atmosphere in the convention hall of Suntec City were like a battlefield jam-packed with talents and cosplayers.

Yesterday the 7th was the last day of the Teenage Big Day Out, and this is where the champion will rise from the three following contests: Teenage Icon 2010, Teenage Cosplay Championship and K-Pop Dance Battle. One of my cousins had took part for the K-Pop Dance Battle. He had grouped with two of his friends, whom called themselves as BE4. The contestants have worked long and hard for this, and finally, to congrats them for making into the semi-finals for this exciting event. Only one from each group shall be crowned a winner.

While they are battling for the big prize onstage as their battlefield, me and the rest of the gang from MoviaMania had our own battle to deal with. To entertain the members of public as cosplayers of course! =) Yes, as stated from my previous log entry, I shall be deployed as SWAT trooper again. I’m still on my leave, and so happen that the last event falls on the days when I’m on leave. So why rot at home when you know you are free for it? =D

Anyway, check out these loads! =D

Now here’s the fun part from our side. To add some excitement into it, those who dressed up as SWAT and cops had decided to had our very own police drama. One of the guys will video record us through his Iphone while we act. The scene is, we “police officers” were order to apprehend a wanted “terrorist.” One of the guys there had dressed up as one. He will either run or walked, or even created a hostage situation by grabbing any one of his friends. Our mission is to move in fast, and do as what the real cops would do =D The best part is where he will ran to the back of the convention hall, which is behind the stage. This is where it was been reserved for the participants, especially those who had took part in the K-Pop Dance Battle so they can rehearse their dance before performing on stage. The people there were so surprised when we came running in just to chase our “terrorist.” Man! We are meant for real, do we? HAHA! All been record on video! And the most unexpected of all, is where our terrorist friend accidentally hit me right against my crotch once we managed to pin him down. Damn, I nearly lost my manhood…..=P

Overall, the acting was pretty good. Realistic, and you can say that it was like as though it was meant for COPS, which is America’s documentary television series that follows police officers during patrols and other police activities. “Bad boys, bad boys! Whacha gonna do, whacha goona do, when we come for you!” How I wish! HAHA!

Our side stand down at 1830hrs. The activities in the convention hall is still on until 2100hrs. But for us, its time to call it a day. We had enough fun and its time for us to deserve a good rest!

Looking forward for the next event! Stay tune! =)

STGCC 2010 Invasion @ Orchard

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Captain’s log                        Stardate: 64352.3 (Nov 6th, 2010)

If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have known about this Big Day Out: Teenage Cosplay Competition which was held for 3 days. 5th – 7th November 2010, at Suntec City Convention Hall 402. Thanks Loretta, for the info!

And as such, I check with Reno, who was the boss of the local costume company, Movia Mania (MM) to see if his side is involved. Cause as what I noticed from its website, its more of a cosplay which involves Japanese animations, where teens (as the name of the event had suggested) will dressed up as their favourite anime. And its also part of Teenage Magazine, which is the country’s FIRST Teenage magazine, which happens to be the essential companion to their growing up years. On top of that, majority of the cosplay championships finalist were Japanese characters. Well, what can you expect? Every cosfest or cosplay, there’s surely a large group of them gathered, by no doubt. Their appearance, clothes, even their movement always sparkles beautifully, and especially anime fans, just couldn’t get enough of their favourites coming alive!

Reno confirms with me that his company were involved. It was part of the participating sponsors, and he therefore gladly welcome me to take part.

And since I’m currently clearing my leave within this few days, why not take that opportunity? I wouldn’t want to laze around the whole day at home, do I? And besides, its a good thing that the event actually falls right on the days where I’m on leave! So what the hell am I waiting for!? =)


I meet up with one of the guys who also coming as SWAT. Earlier, Reno had called him, that there’s a change of plans. Instead of going to Suntec Convention where the event was held, we are to meet at *SCAPE. Once there, we were told that we shall be participating in a road show, to promote the upcoming Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention (STGCC) which will be held this coming December on the 10th – 12th. So we costumers were all in, to promote the exciting event – and to entertain members of public as we invade the retail and entertainment hub of the city-state, known as Orchard Road =D

We are only to cover from Takashimaya Shopping Centre to Ion Orchard. Never mind about the weather, cause this is the part where we will get the attention and feels like as though we are Hollywood stars! At the same time, we shall also be involved together with STGCC members, who will direct us to our designated points from Taka to Ion. And the two of us dressed in SWAT attire walking down the street of Orchard Road were like as though we were meant for real! Get what I mean? Haha!

Here’s the day spend. Some of the photos were taken by our personal photographer, Jason Trooper. Credits to him! =)

Our Hall of Fame down Orchard Road ended somewhere near 1600hrs. And just as we expected, there still pockets of them eager to take photos with us as we route back to *SCAPE. We wish we can entertained them further, but we couldn’t stay there for long. Once snap, and we better be gone.

Some of them are heading down to Suntec City to catch some of the highlights. The actual event, or the finalists will be held on the 7th. That’s where they will also announced the results, to see who will get crowned as the champion.

And yes, I’m still on leave, and it ain’t over for me yet! That’s where we tomorrow, shall get ourselves involved with the Big Day Out: Teenage Cosplay Competition =)