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Halloween Fright Night 2012

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Captain’s log                                   Stardate: 69901.2 (Oct 28th, 2012)

Its that time of the year again. Not just any time of the year. But that particular day on that very month where there will be bumps and chills that will fill with thrills that will spook your every bone.

Halloween 2012 is here. The howls are howling to the dark sky and the ghouls are rising from their tombs. So does we, members of the Singapore Paranormal Investigators where we will once again, turn into ghouls and ghosts of every kind and terrorize the walls of Asian Civilization Museum. Yes, we are back there again for Fright Night 2012! Now all restless and ready to scare the living daylight of those walking on Earth! =D

This year, ACM will featured new horror screenings, thrilling performances, some ghoulish gallery experiences, wicked activities and even a kids corner. Like last year, we were also given a booth, where we will display all our gadgets that were used during our paranormal investigation. We are now in partnership with the museum for Halloween. So from there, we will share with the members of public as to how the gadgets were used and what each were meant for.

And this year Halloween, I will be the hellblazing Ghost Rider who was played by Nicholas Cage. I had been planning this ever since my debut as the famous werewolf last year. Took me quite for some time, to learn about this hell creature. The attire he worn, the chain and the shotgun he carried was easy to find. That left me with the skull mask, which I happened to find one in one of the malls in town. His skull was ignite. Fire blazing continuously. So from there, I had use lots of yellow and orange foam to make the fire and attached to the skull. This includes lots of yellow and orange paper. To make it more stand out and realistic, I even paint it with yellow and orange colour paint. With some shades of red paint as well.

Not 100% accurate. But close enough as this is just for cosplay. I mean, who in the right mind would set their head on fire, isn’t it. There’s no way for anyone to ignite their own head! Unless you know of an efficient and safest way to do that =D Wasn’t easy though, and I had took my time slowly doing it. My efforts pays off and I’m happy with it.

So yesterday the 27th is the night. All gear up and prepped.


At the end of the night, it was all worth it! Most amazing of all, Fright night was freaking awesome this year! The anticipation from the crowd was stunning. The responses are good. More crowded than before. But its damn awesome. Also, my Ghost Rider made it through as the hellblazing mayhem! They freaking love it!

Overall, it’s been one hell of a night with my SPI gang! We did a great job guys. Epic! Looking forward for next year’s! =D

A Kids Week Program! =)

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Captain’s log                                      Stardate: 65014.9 (Oct 7th, 2012)

Last week, I had been busy entertaining the kids as it was a whole week of fun for the children. Start off from the 1st of Oct, the 2nd, the 4th and the 6th, I was been invited as part of a special appearance just to add in more surprises and excitement for the kids. And you could say that week was the most memorable and exciting week for me as Red Ranger to meet the kids! You know how much I really wanted to do something like this. Its like a kids week program been stored for me, and also my gang who I had invited to tagged along with me for few of those events.

I could have written down by per event, as how I normally did after each event ends. But since all the events were in one week, I had decided to collate everything into one page once all of it has ended.

Oct 1st: Children’s Day Celebration (Stardate: 69984.3)
Location: Mountbatten Community Center

My 1st mission takes place here. Kids were having a Children’s Day celebration and best of all, one of them had her birthday on that very day as also. The room where the event takes place, will had the lights turn off. And at the same time, the birthday cake for the birthday girl will be brought in. As Red Ranger, I will sneak in once the lights were been switch off. The kids weren’t expecting this. And once the lights were switch on…. SURPRISE!!

Most hilarious of all is how I felt like as if I’m Santa Claus giving out free shape balloons, taken out from the bag just for the kids =D Nevertheless, making those kids smiles and getting hugs from a Power Ranger like myself is truly the best gift any kid could ever had. And the birthday girl will remember this for her lifetime as she is so lucky to have a Power Ranger celebrating her birthday together. No other gifts can replace that and seeing them smile were just priceless. Best event ever!

Oct 2nd: Children’s Day Fund Raising Carnival (Stardate: 69975.1)
Location: Punggol East

Just after the 1st day of celebrating with the children, I wake up for another round of fun and excitement for the kids. This time, with few more of my awesome superheroes to add in the joy and excitement for the kids. To bring what’s good at heart and to share the happiness! And best of all, the teachers also requested us (like so badly), to put up a dance while in costume. Its that most rated and popular song that everybody’s doing. OPPA GANGNAM STYLE! =D And yes, I have been waiting to do this dance as Red Ranger. Another achievement unlocked! A video was taken. Damn hilarious and I couldn’t help myself seeing me and my gang dance! =D But it was really fun!

 Oct 4th: Children’s Day Special (Stardate: 61169.3)
Location: An-Nur Mosque

This was been invited by a secondary friend of mine, that the mosque is having their own Children’s Day event. I was told that this is the 1st time the staff of An-Nur Mosque were to conduct such events in dedicated to the kids. And with me coming down as Red Ranger, it will be a lot more fun and a big surprise for the kids. This is unexpected to me as well, as this is the 1st time for me to appear as Red Ranger inside a holy place. How exciting was that! The kids weren’t expecting this. This could be their only chance to see a Power Ranger to appear in the mosque! =)

And at the end of the day, I can say that this event is the most memorable, and perhaps the most touching for all. From previous events, I always been surrounded by kids wanting to take photos with me. But never in my life I experience such comfort, love and joy as they just ran to me and wanted so much to hug me. The feeling is just way beyond words. Its just so undescribable. Their smiles, were just priceless. They were so happy and just couldn’t get enough of me. I feel like a celebrity to them. I believe I just gave them the best gift that they wouldn’t forget. As many would say, a Power Ranger’s job is never done in giving hope and happiness to the world. And seriously, it was so touching that I actually cried behind my helmet. I can’t help it. Miss those kids…….


Oct 6th: Birthday Bash (Stardate: 63411.9)
Location: Marsiling Drive

The same secondary school of mine had invited me for her kids birthday party. This has been planned some time back, after seeing that I cosplay a lot as Red Ranger through my photos in Facebook. Of course, this is something that I always wanted to do! Perfect for birthday bash! =D So, I managed to gather some of my superheroes to tag me along for the birthday bash.

And to add in more surprises, we also put up a superheroes performance. A skit. The children and the people there really love it! At least they get to see something eye-catching! So much of it that we actually attracts more people who are not part of the invitation list. What can you expect when we are doing out on an open environment? Hahaha! Obvious as what we are expecting. But nevertheless, it was really fun and our performance was just awesome!

Well, looks like my Kids Week program has ended. The whole of that week has been a fun, fulfilling, full of surprises, exciting, even touching. I would like to say many thanks to my awesome superheroes who had tag along with me. I will still invite you all whenever necessary. And once again many thanks to the people who had invited us. We couldn’t have it done with you all! =)) Still, there’s more to come! =)

Credits goes to the organizers:
Hani, Siti Noryehan, Grace, Melody and Celest

Superheroes involved, other than myself:
Shaun, Zaidi, Victor, Raymond, Nadiah, Mathias and Adrian

Victoria, Jamie, Shawn, Alvin and Marcus

THANK U!!!!!!!!!