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Best Highlights Of 2012!

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Captain’s log                                                                                   Stardate: 69033.6 (Dec 31st, 2012)        

Ok folks, in less than 24hrs, we gonna say goodbye to 2012 and hello to brand new 2013! And for the folks who fell for the 2012 world end thingy, what did you know? The world did not end after all! I knew it! Those foul predictions from those predicators and Mayan calendar were just scam and craps! And you guys fell for it. Unbelievable! How many times already? Well, we are still here, ain’t we? So just look forward ahead and hope for a new era. A new beginning! So to those “experts” and who fell for it, STOP PREDICTING WORLD’S END! FOR HEAVEN SAKE! YOU GUYS ARE NOT GOD!!

Anyway, before the new dawn of 2013 emerges, let me share with you the best moments I had in 2012. Indeed, this year really worth all the fun and excitement. Especially, taking part in cosplay and all. Truly the best moments! =)

Starting with….

Cosfest X.2
Location: Downtown East, Pasir Ris
Date: 25th – 26th February 2012

The very first cosplay event for this year hits Downtown East at Pasir Ris by storm. One of the many cosplay events that cosplayers are looking forward to. So am I, as much as they were, as this is one of my favourite cosplay event ever! It drives us to built harmony, friendship, a sense of belonging within the cosplay community. A fun and fulfilling cosplay that majority of us hate to be miss.


Bukit Batok Cosplay Competition 2012
Location: Bukit Batok Community Center
Date: 6th May 2012

Me and my gang were been invited through Facebook, to come down for this Cosplay Competition which takes place at Bukit Batok Community Center. Of course, taking part in the competition is optional. So we just come and cosplay as what we normally do. Mingle with the crowd and the rest of the cosplayers. At the same time, enjoy watching the competition.

And its also just right for me to test out my Defender Vest that I had created out of evafoam. This vest was seen in Power Rangers Operational Overdrive.


Kampong Buangkok (The surviving kampong)
Location: Kampong Lorong Buangkok, off Yio Chu Kang Rd
Date: 9th May 2012

My next Book of Adventure brings me to visit this old rural part of Singapore. It was introduce by one of our SPI Agents. So therefore it got me interested. So the two of us decided to explore this last surviving kampong, in what many will thought it might have no longer exists. Hidden away from the city madness, was the remnants of a simple life of what we had known a century ago. They make no use of today’s technology, and probably had no means of communication with the outside world.

There has been no word whether this peaceful place were to be demolished. Reading from the stories through various blogs, it seems that this place has attracted tons of visitors and tourists each year. We even engage in a conversation with few of the residents there. Everything there is just nostalgia. Its just feels great to travel back 100 years through history itself =)

 About Downloads

Japanese Arts Fiesta 2012 (JAF)
Location: Dunman High School
Date: 2nd June 2012

As the name stated, its all about promoting Japanese culture. Bringing in the different aspects that make Japan a country lush with culture and introduce them to Singapore. From music, TV, anime, games, comics, working life, all there just to help you gain a better understanding and insights about Japan. Simply, all about Japan! =D And not forgetting, one of its most popular theme, which is cosplay. One that can never resist! =)


The Search of the Shinto Shrine
Location: MacRitchie Reservoir
Date: 24th June 2012

Hidden deep within the jungles of MacRitchie lies an ancient ruins that were left behind by the Japanese dating back toWWII. Known as the Shinto Shrine, it was built to commemorate the Japanese soldiers who died fighting during the invasion of Singapore. This is where many Japanese religious and cultural ceremonies took place. The shrine was been destroyed when the British forces re-occupied Singapore.

Now what remains were ruins of the shrine been covered by jungle vegetation. The crumbling steps that leads up to the temple, still visible to those who willing to look for it. So 7 SPI members including myself went on for an expedition in search of the shrine.

After countless of bashing through the thick clumps of trees and bushes, overcome those obstacles, we managed  to found the shrine. And that’s where we also faced the most horrifying experience of our time. Which is finding the way out! Everywhere was jungle and the GPS doesn’t seem to help much. Panic! And its getting dark. 

So we had no choice but to use the blown-up bridge to make our way across the reservoir to the other side. Talk about getting wet! But what choice do we have. We could have used the same trail as to where we had start off. But it could take another hour or more and its getting dark. 

Overall, we made it through. Its been a nightmare in there. Though we may not be able to find that flight of steps that will take us to the temple, we managed to discover the ruins. That is as far as we can go and we are truly satisfied of our quest. 


Cosmo Youth Parade
Location: Orchard Road
Date: 30th June 2012

Organized by Shine Youth Festival, this event is back again to line up the streets and to bring you the best of awesome public showcase of youth interest and talents to their peers and public. Thousands of avid cosplayers, youth leaders, volunteers and even students will converge in a colourful display of youth vibrancy. To inspire, encourage and motivate those of their age to take a step forward and to realize their dreams.

Cosplayers will parade from Ngee Ann City to 313 Somerset and back. Keeping the line of moving entertainment for the anticipating sight from members of public to behold! Its been an awesome day I had with my buddies! =D


Cosplay XI
Location: Downtown East, Pasir Ris
Date: 7th – 8th July 2012

A cosplay event that is everybody’s looking forward to it had once again hit Pasir Ris Downtown East again. The fun and joy, and making new friends sets in again! Also for me to try out my latest cosplay as being Sub Zero, that famous ice-ninja from the action-pack fighting movie known as Mortal Kombat. 1st day as Sub Zero and the last day as Red Ranger! =)


International Cosplay Day Singapore 2012
Location: Ngee Ann Polytechnic
Date: 26th August 2012

Its all about creating a community friendship through cosplaying for this event. Same like most events, if I were to put in. The very first to be held in Singapore. And like most cosplay events, its also celebrates both Cosplay & Pop-Culture Diversity. Its totally an all time super duper fan-driven convention that transcends barriers by immersing convention goers from the best of both worlds. Everyone from around the world is welcome!

Most anticipating of all was this Cosplay Chess been put as part of the event. Cosplayers that took part will be like the pawns, bishops, knights, castles, kings and queens on the large chessboard been held on stage. Another was this cosplay catwalk. Not like those ordinary catwalk though. Cosplayers will move across from the starting point to the center of stage, then to the side. Then back to centerstage, then to the side, before exiting. Displaying our cosplay fashion while doing so. I was one of them. Its fun! =)


Singapore Toys Games Comic Convention 2012
Location: Marina Bay Sands
Date: 1st – 2nd September 2012

The most highly anticipated event and which many of us are looking forward to is back again. With new guest appearances, highlights, programs and many more that will keep you entertain from one area to another. The location this time won’t be held at its usual place at Suntec. But inside the highly grand and majestic place, and where the rich gamble their way through at this local casino hotel known as the Marina Bay Sands. Yes, sure is exciting to be finally inside a place where I thought I would have never been! =) Also, nearby got many areas where photographers can set up a good photoshoot for the cosplayers who are keen into it.

John kwok works 2


The starting month of October was the most memorable and exciting week for me. For that particular week, I was been invited to take part in some of the kids special program, which is also part of the Children’s Day celebration. Starting from the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 6th. This is something that I really wanted to do ever since I suit up as Red Ranger. And of course, I won’t be doing it alone. As always I will invite the rest of my superheroes to see whether they are free to tag along with me. But for me, I was really free for that whole week cause I was on official leave =) 

And so, I had labeled that fun week as a Special Kids Week Program, to dedicate for the wonderful children.

Location: Mountbatten Community Center
Date: 1st October 2012

Kids were having a Children’s Day celebration and best of all, one of them had her birthday on that very day as also. The room where the event takes place, will had the lights turn off. And at the same time, the birthday cake for the birthday girl will be brought in. As Red Ranger, I will sneak in once the lights were been switch off. The kids weren’t expecting this. And once the lights were switch on…. SURPRISE!!


Location: Punggol East
Date: 2nd October 2012

Another day of fun and excitement for the kids. This time, with my awesome superheroes to add in the joy and excitement for the kids. To bring what’s good at heart and to share the happiness! And best of all, the teachers also requested us (like so badly), to put up a dance while in costume. Its that most rated and popular song that has reach over a million viewers and probably increasing again. OPPA GANGNAM STYLE! =D And yes, I have been waiting to do this dance as Red Ranger. A video was taken. Damn hilarious and I couldn’t help myself seeing me and my gang dance! =D

Location: An-Nur Mosque
Date: 4th October 2012

This was been invited by a secondary friend of mine, that the mosque is having their own Children’s Day event. I was told that this is the 1st time the staff of An-Nur Mosque were to conduct such events. And with me coming down as Red Ranger, it will be a lot more fun and a big surprise for the kids. This is unexpected to me as well, as this is the 1st time for me to appear as Red Ranger inside a holy place. The kids weren’t expecting this. This could be their only chance to see a Power Ranger to appear in the mosque! =)

And at the end of the day, I can say that this event is the most touching for all. From previous events, I always been surrounded by kids wanting to take photos with me. But never in my life I experience such comfort, love and joy as they just ran to me and wanted so much to hug me. Its just so undescribable. Their smiles, were just priceless. They were so happy and just couldn’t get enough of me. I feel like a celebrity to them. A winner to them. I just gave them the best gift that they wouldn’t forget. As many would say, a Power Ranger’s job is never done in giving hope and happiness to the world. And seriously, it was so touching that I actually cried behind my helmet. I can’t help it. Miss those kids…….


Location: Marsiling Drive
Date: 6th October 2012

Ok, this is not like the previous Children’s Day events I had mentioned cause this is a birthday party, been invited by the same secondary school friend of mine for her kids. But still, it falls on that particular week so I still considered it as part of my kids week program. And yes, this is one of the many things that I always wanted to do! Perfect for birthday bash! =D So, I managed to gather some of my superheroes to tag me along for the birthday bash.

To add in more surprises, we also put up a superheroes performance. The children and the people there really love it! At least they get to see something eye-catching! So much of it that we actually attracts more people who are not part of the invitation list. What can you expect when we are doing out on an open environment? Hahaha! Obvious as what we are expecting. But nevertheless, it was really fun and our performance was just awesome!


So there you have it. The best week ever! If not for the people who had invite me, this wouldn’t have happened. And yes, we will back for more! =)

Halloween Fright Night 2012
Location: Asian Civilization Museum
Date: 27th October 2012

Its that time of the month again. Thrills and chills, spooks everywhere. Halloween is back to haunt again! So we SPI members have to push aside our gadgets cause we ourselves be spooking the living daylights out of everybody! =D

For this year Halloween, I will be the hellblazing Ghost Rider who was played by Nicholas Cage. I had been planning this ever since my debut as the famous werewolf last year. Took me quite for some time, to learn about this hell creature. Its been hell, finally! The people there love it, shock by it, and even ran the hell out when they saw me “blazing” towards them. Yeah, its been hell! =D


Anime Festival Asia 2012
Location: Singapore Expo
Date: 9th – 11th November 2012

If you love everything about Japan, this event is just for you. Anime, music, manga, games, toys, you named it. Even maid and butler cafes that comes with cute Japanese girls in their cute maid outfits. This one can never be missed! =D Not to mention, cosplaying! So if you are into Japanese merchandises, a fan of Japan, love the popular culture of Japan, this event is just right for you! AFA with its unlimited package of Japanese culture will once again take centre stage to bring the fans what’s in store for this year’s latest trends! =)


End of the Year Event (EOY)
Location: Marina Barrage
Date: 9th December 2012

Been held in Singapore, EOY is simply to dedicate to those who love all about Japan and much more in regards to its culture. As the name stated, this is also where cosplayers will have the opportunity to fulfill the last month of the year cosplaying before tune in for more in the upcoming new year. Its like a closing ceremony for a special event. This year EOY will be much more exciting as the organizers had promise that it will be more than just a cosplay event. The place chosen was at Marina Barrage, and I say the organizers indeed had done a pretty good job in choosing the right place. The environment was just right! =)

photos credits to Fujiwara Yukino and Alvin Tak Khoo

Pre-Christmas Event
Location: Bukit Batok Community Center
Date: 23rd December 2012

Been invited by a friend of mine, where she and her staff of the community center had organized a pre-Christmas event for the residence. Its a good thing that I’m not the only one cosplaying, as some few of the staff were dressing up. Though I’m aware my presence as the old school Power Ranger will capture much attention from the public. Well, they don’t expect such character to appear, isn’t it? =D Anyway, really appreciate for the invitation. Really had fun throughout the evening. And not only being honour of meeting the MP, its too being an honour to meet Santa Claus himself! HO HO HO HO!!! 


Well, we have come to the end of year 2012. Indeed, quite a lot of activities I had participate for this year, and I hope I can do it again for more in 2013. Looking forward! So let’s all welcome this new beginning with new resolution and hopefully a brighter start of the new year’s ahead! =)



HSBC TreeTop Walk

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Captain’s log                                                                       Stardate: 69114.8 (Dec 27th, 2012)

I’ve been planning to visit this place for quite some time. So when a friend of mine decided to come sightseeing on the place as well, I might as well joined in! =)

This HSBC TreeTop walk was a free-standing suspension bridge within MacRitchie Reservoir itself. It connects from Bukit Pierce and Bukit Kalang, which is the two highest points in MacRitchie. With a total length of 250m and 25m feet above the ground, the walkway is the 1st of its kind in Singapore and in the region.  Cost to built was S$1.6M. Work began in August 2002 and completed in July 2004. From the very top, it offers the visitors a bird’s eye view of the forest canopy, and a panoramic view of Upper Peirce Reservoir at a distance. Indeed, one of the best nature parks for nature lovers, birds lovers to study the surrounding vegetation. The tall height itself provides researchers a better access to areas well off the ground.

However the walkway only allows for one-way traffic. So you might not want to stand there for too long if there’s a lot of people coming your way.

Treetop frame

Getting there from the Venus Drive carpark, which is the starting point was one hell of a walk. We followed the trail as it leads to the jungles. Took at least an hour to reach the bridge. And at least another hour to get back to the exit. Tiring, exhausting but it was a good exercise though. Not only that, I’m also glad I had finally achieve something that I should have done ages ago. Its worth a trip! =)

Pre-Christmas Event

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Captain’s log                              Stardate: 69945.7 (Dec 24th, 2012)

I was invited to take part in this pre-Christmas event which was been organized by the staff of Bukit Batok Community Center. I do know few of the staff. The event was held yesterday the 23rd. Too bad my gang can’t make it, as I always being fair to invite them as well. So I guess I have to go solo then. But not to worry guys. There’s more on the way and hope you guys can tagged along! =)

Being casual, I decided to dress up as Red Ranger hoodie. Indeed, I really had lots of fun throughout the entire evening. Few of the staff dress up as well. So I’m glad that I’m not alone, though I got the feeling that my presence there will be a shocking to everyone. You wouldn’t expect a Power Ranger to appear if you were one of the people there right? =D

Anyway, I really had so much fun mingle with the kids, the crowd there, know new friends and get to meet upclose with the Member of Parliament. Not to mention, Santa Claus himself! HO HO HO HO!!!

These are some of the best photos taken. Thanks again Tiffany! =)

Pre-christmas photos

Once again I would like to thank the staff of Bukit Batok CC for this invitation. Its been an honour to join in the fun with you guys. We shall do this again some day! =)

And to everyone reading this, wish you all a joyous days and Happy Holidays! =D

Power up!

End Of Year 2012

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Captain’s log                                      Stardate: 62078.1 (Dec 10th, 2012)

2012 is coming to an end. And so cosplayers were given this opportunity to take part in this End of Year cosplay event before coming back for more for next year. EOY is all about Japanese culture and arts event held in Singapore. From anime, comics, music, dance you named it! Cosplay competitions, definitely! =) Most importantly, just like any other cosplay events, its aim and objective is to welcome all cosplayers to develop a community of friendship. It has always been. Making new friends and enjoy as much as you can along the way =)

And this year EOY will be much more exciting as the organizers had promise that it will be more than just a cosplay event. There will be some quests for the cosplayers to took part in. The place chosen for this year was at Marina Barrage, and I say the organizers indeed had done a pretty good job in choosing the place. Its spacious, lots of good areas for photoshoots and comes with a great scenery of the Marina Bay vicinity. The environment was just right! Kudos to the organizers for making our day! =D

The event was held yesterday the 9th. I decided to suit up as Red Ranger hoodie. Just the hoodie, helmet, red pants, boots, gloves and lots of fun! Simple as that! =D

And yes indeed, me and my pals really had a lot of fun there. Get to meet new friends, exchange coscards (Should have bring more….), play with the kids, photoshoots, even sparing with a good friend, especially. From the start till sun set! Awesome fun! =)

These photos will tell you why =D

Frame 1eoy

It has been a blast! Looking forward for more again next year! =D

Captain’s log                                   Stardate: 69224.9 (Dec 05th, 2012)

Time flies pretty fast this days. And before you knew it, its already the end of the year. December. Yeah…pretty much has been going on for me for the past 11 months. There’s been those rough weeks, the bad days. But if I were to focus on the good side of things, those happiest moments, it will bring me that smile spread across my face. They say, just think of those times. Yeah….most of them were me cosplaying =D By near the end of December, I be blogging on some of the best highlights of 2012 before the new year of 2013 emerge.

And speaking of that, I don’t give a shit of what some of you keep fouling everybody’s mind that the world will end at Dec 2012! What’s the date again? 21st Dec 2012? Yeah right! You think I’m gonna believe is this so-called stupid predictions! I don’t care what those Mayans think! They and the so-called experts who predict that the world will end on this month were NOT God! For crying out loud! For the past recent years, even back to the old ancient days, how many times predictions had failed!? Seriously! Cause they are NOT God!

Yes, the world will end one day. But I ain’t gonna believe from people’s mouth! Only God knows when! Whether it be 2012, 21st Dec or whatever, only God knows! Those superstitious people are gonna ran amok, thanks to those “experts” who predict the date! Bullshit! Whatever sort of apocalypse you guys are gonna predict or questions of what would happened, I don’t give a shit! Sorry to say, but object me if you wish. I listen to the Almighty then a bunch of predictors!

And also, I rather look forward to a new hope. A new beginning 0f 2013! The future awaits! May the upcoming new year brings new light. The goodness and prosperity for all! =)