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Singapore StreetFest 2012

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Captain’s log                                Stardate: 69991.6 (July 30th, 2012)

In short, the event is organized to promote creative and artistic activities, amongst local youths. The way I see it, its like any other youth dedicated event, where it allows them to showcase their talent, skills and capabilities through various arts, fashion, music, lifestyle trends, entrepreneurship, technology, urban sports, health and environment. Besides, that’s how the name came about. Street! A youth culture thingy.

But from all of the above mention, this also includes where many of us would never want to avoid, since we are hooked to it. Which is cosplaying =)

The event itself is not something new. Its been going around ever since. Even though cosplaying was included, I did not attend back then. Cause that time I wasn’t so sure how many cosplayers were going. I got the feeling that there might be only a handful of them. Until I came to see the photos taken from the previous events. Which surprise me, there are indeed quite a number of cosplayers attend to it. Well, that convince me enough to beam down yesterday the 29th, where the event date is =) The location of the event was at Vivocity Skypark, which is the rooftop. There will be some performances on stage at the Skypark’s Amphitheatre.

But still I got to be honest here. I still got some doubts over the number of cosplayers attending for this year’s. I just have to go there and see it to believe. Since its a small event, I decided to cosplay as Red Ranger hoodie. Though its never before seen and quite rare, its 1st appearance had made quite a hit! =D Also, I will not be the only hoodie there. There shall be the Green and newly Blue Ranger hoodie! =)

My doubts are over once I landed there. There are quite a bunch of cosplayers from both inside the building and out on the open Sky Park. So there’s no hanging back and its time to hoodie up for the fun! =)

These are some of the best photos taken from friends and some of the photographers. Many credits to them! =)

Though there’s a lot of cool performances just near within our reach, many of us are there mainly for one purpose. Its obvious isn’t it? Hahaha! =D Nevertheless, I really enjoy my time there. Glad that I came by. And thanks to all who made it possible! =)


Cosplay XI – Go For It!

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Captain’s log                                 Stardate: 68445.1 (July 9th, 2012)

The wait is over. A cosplay event that is truly loved and everybody’s looking forward to it had once again hit Pasir Ris Downtown East by storm! Cosfest XI! Cosfest itself, as one of the most favorite cosplay theme event by many, and which cosplayer like myself hate to miss it! Each time I attended, I get to know new cosplayers. Its like attending to a new school and get to know more friends. As I get to know them, I discover new things about cosplaying. Especially when comes to buying the stuffs that I might need. I believe Cosfest and those that were similar to this were the best cosplay event for everyone to gather and make new friends. Its truly a remarkable and fruitful event for all ages. Sharing the friendship and bonding while enjoying the fun and excitement.

I had taken 2 days leave just to come for this 2-day event which usually held on the weekends. 7th – 8th July. Yes, I definitely will come down as Red Ranger. But for only one day, as my childhood superhero. Cause there’s another favorite character of mine which I had been planning for quite some time.

He appeared in the fighting action movie, which is based on a fighting game. He was named as Sub Zero. Originates from Mortal Kombat. I’m sure those who grew up in the 90s heard about this awesome fighting movie, its TV series and play the games. Even till now, Mortal Kombat never gets old. So now, its my chance to reveal my next level of cosplay characteristic, and to cosplay as this awesome ice ninja!

I recently purchase the suit from eBay, which is actually meant for Halloween. Initially thought of getting it tailor. But seeing how heavy the price is, I decided to drop the idea. Until I came across this Sub Zero Halloween suit for just US$18. Sounds worth the deal, though it doesn’t look much of a Sub Zero look. It does have its tabbard and waist belt. But other than that, it looks more of a njnja outfit.

Here’s where creativity comes in. Why not just modify it? My intention was to make the suit to look like the one seen in Mortal Kombat 2 – Annihilation.

For those of you who remembered, Sub Zero was been defeated by Liu Kang in the first original movie. However, the second ice ninja appeared in the second movie, who later reveals himself as the younger brother of the original Sub Zero. Unlike his elder brother, this Sub Zero chooses to be on the good side. He had a thin red scar drawn across his left eye.

I choose to cosplay as the good Sub Zero. Mainly using foam, I had spend every effort to make it look like the actual suit. It may not be 100% accurate. But at least I had put in my best effort and a lot of patience to make it look almost similar. I’m satisfied with the outcome. All the hard work finally pays off!

So, Sub Zero will appeared on the 1st day of Cosfest, while Red Ranger will appeared on the last day. Here’s the photos taken on both days. Its been great! =D

And here’s the results so far. Even though my Sub Zero doesn’t received much attention, let alone unrecognizable for some, I’m still happy that I’m able to cosplay as one. You would too if you are dying to be one for so long. I considered my 1st attempt as a testbed phase. From then onwards, I will try to improve more into it for certain future events. Its still one of my best! =)

As the morphenomenal Red Ranger. As expected. Its always a big hit! =D And also the reason why I choose to cosplay as Red Ranger on the last day. Its always the 2nd day that was really packed. I got kids want me to hug them, carry them, one even ask for my autograph! Fans of Power Rangers surrounded me like some paparazzi, even get chase by some girls….

Best of all when I was on stage with the rest after the event’s cosplay competition ended. We were all involved for a dance. Man, I feel like as if I’m on high. Dance till I couldn’t get enough. Seriously! It was fun! =D

And soon the day comes to end. Though the fun is still not over yet for some of us, the time still had to move on. But still, we all had the excitement, the laughter, the fun, the dance and all that we had came for. There will be another event soon and we hope we can see each other again. Till then! Power up! =)

Cosmo Youth Parade 2012

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Captain’s log                                   Stardate: 68814.6 (July 1st, 2012)

Yesterday June 30th, from Ngee Ann City to 313 Somerset there was a mass of colourful avid cosplayers as we parade along this busy line of Orchard Rd from one point to the next and back. Keeping the line of moving entertainment for the anticipating sight from members of public to behold!

Organized by Shine Youth Festival, this Cosmo Youth Parade is back again to line up the streets and to bring you the best of their awesome public showcase of youth interest and talents to their peers and public. Been held annually in Singapore, thousands of avid cosplayers, youth leaders, volunteers and even students will converge in a colourful display of youth vibrancy. To inspire, encourage and motivate those of their age to take a step forward and to realize their dreams.

As the name stated, its a youth-initiated parade. Dedicated for the youth to bring out the best in their talents and passion. So basically the event is mostly focus on cosplaying. A cosplay event as
many would simply describe it as. Showcasing various iconic characters, superheroes, villains from movies, games, series, comics, you named it! Its all there to keep you entertain =D

I did not go for last year’s and the year before because of my tight work schedule. But this year my schedule seems ok. So I better not miss out this year’s Cosmo Parade. I already aimed for it just as soon as I saw the event been posted on my Facebook wall page. Thankfully I got my leave approve and I’m all set to go!

And yes, it’s morphin time! =D

The parade starts at 1730hrs and ends at 1900hrs. Before that there will be some performances on stage, games and singing contest and even a lion dance troupe.

This Red Ranger with the Dragon armour is ready to put a smile on everybody’s faces, especially those excited kids. My Green Ranger buddy will be tagging along with me. At least I’m happy to know that I wasn’t alone as the only Power Ranger entertaining the public. And just as soon as we had suit up, the swarm of public started to surround us like a mob of paparazzi wanting to take photos with us. As expected! Hahaha! Can’t be help though =D

Moments later, we were to line up at the pathway alongside Ngee Ann City. This is where the real fun about to begins. All anxious, excited. The anticipation just grew by every second. I could feel the adrenaline rushes in me. All of us are looking forward for this.

Then at 1730hrs, been lead by the lion dance troupe, the colourful continents of cosplayers began to parade down the lane with the rest of the contigents. Alright!! This is where it all happens! =D

The wild scream, the cheers from members of public were like music to our ears as we parade down the streets of Orchard Rd towards 313 Somerset, and back again to Ngee Ann. It was truly enjoyable.

But just imagine, when you are in a Power Ranger suit. Or any other mainstream characters that will definitely capture the people’s attention and eventually go gaga over you. It can be so hard to keep on moving when you had them quickly rushed at you wanting to take photos with you. And you had to keep turning your head towards the direction where the parade is heading to, to see whether are you far from behind them. Its one after another, wanting to pose with you. Even though you wanted to, for the people and your fans. But your legs keep telling you to keep moving, cause the parade will not wait for you. Hahaha!

To be honest, I already expect this would happen. But can’t be help though. We just made a quick one and rush back into the contingent. No matter what, we still waves and if possible, a big hug! =D

The parade was a short due to the distance from Ngee Ann till Somerset and back. At the end of the day, we were all shag. But its worth it. I really enjoy myself. I’m glad that I be able to make it for this year’s Cosmo parade after missing out the previous two. And hopefully I can make it for the next year’s and so forth.

Well done to all! =)