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Captain’s log                                 Stardate: 64914.9 (May 30th, 2011)

I’ve decided to drop by at Suntec City Convention Hall after my work ends, where there’s this year’s License2Play event is currently taking place. It runs for 3 days, and yesterday the 29th was the last. My side let me off at 1430hrs, so decided to go there and have a look thereafter. I knew some of my cosplayers friends were there. But not for me. Won’t be cosplaying, since I had no time to rush for it. Unless if I were given off. Yes, you can say that I’m quite disappointed that I was unable to attend this event due to my work. Off days were given mostly one. If not, two. The rest, were a damn workload right from the start. Worse come to worse, we can’t even take leave. I can’t wait for this to be over and be thrown back to our original post by June.

Anyway, let’s skip that part and move on to where I had last dropped. Yes, decided to go there and have a look around. At the same time to meet my friends there who were cosplaying. There’s a lot of booths selling cool stuffs, ranging from toys to games! Not only just seat behind the console and battle against your opponents at your wits. Besides, this is what the event is all about.

Then, that’s where I caught sight of my interest. I came upon sighted of Star Trek veterans Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu and Dr Leonard “Bones” McCoy action figures! I normally collect Federation starships. But this, I just got to have it. Both comes in one package and with an offered price of $35. Ok, not so bad after all, and since its the only remaining Star Trek action figure here, might as well grab it when you had the chance! =D

Well, here it is. Finally home! =)

Reporting to Captain James Kirk for the update occurrences =)

(The Captain James Kirk action figure was a gift whom my younger brother had brought for me during a family outing in Euro. I didn’t followed, because of my work….)

Now this left me to conclude whether should I also collect Star Trek action figures as well. It sounds really thrive, that just to collect the starships. Haha! Maybe can go by stages. Start gathering the classic series first before jumping to the next series. I like the sound of that! Let’s see how it goes =)


Captain’s log                           Stardate: 64892.4 (May 22th, 2011)

I just can’t help it posting this up. Because I’m seriously fed up with all this ridiculous speculations and predictions that the world’s going to end! Really sick and tired of hearing this from the internet that keeps popping out. In a recent news, this Harold Camping predicts that the world is going to be doom on 21st May 2011 as based on his findings. What the hell! What findings!? What prove do you have in your “findings!?”

Hei Harold, who do you think you are!? God!? Who are you trying to predict this shit!? We all are trying to enjoy our lives as much as we can here before the time comes where we will depart from this Earth. To be happy and carefree. And yet you make such people believe, especially the superstitious to run amok because of your “predictions” that the world is going to end. You are making those feel PARANOID!! What’s the theory!? Its lame! Its stupid! Its pathetic! Its rubbish! What a sore head you are! A cheat! If you dares to interfere with our lives about your next world end thingy, I’ll bet its gonna be the end of the world for you!

And I supposed you are also that same idiot who had predicts that the world will end in 1994 and 2000 as well! Why, too early for you is it!?

But the most sickness and crapness of all was this so-called phenomena that the world will end in 2012! Been predict by these native Mayans, that their so-called calender had indicated that the world will end in 2012. Can you believe it!? They actually count the stars, and for whatever shit, they claims that its stop there. I don’t know what shit they are trying to prove, but stop there? What the hell that’s supposed to mean? The stars stop by 2012? Is that it!? THIS IS SO BULLSHIT!!!! There are over TRILLIONS and GAZILLIONS stars up there! How can people possibly count stars!! What kind of calender shit are they using!!?? NO ONE CAN COUNT STARS!!!

Even the 2012 movie sucks!! In the end, the world is STILL THERE!! Only that some islands sunk! I never watch it, cause I hate it! Some of my pals did, and they told me its not worth watching. Money wasted! The movie doesn’t make any sense, as according to their verdicts. I only happened to see a glimpse of the movie. I better be watching something like an alien invasion. MOVIE FAILED!!!!

I am really disgusted when news popped that some idiot like Harold Camping predicts this shit. First its 2012. Now bring forward to 2011!!?? Can you believe it!!?? What’s next? Next month? Next week? Tomorrow!!??

I may sound too paranoid into this. But I just can’t help it with all this nonsensical nonsense that some people keep predicting the world is going to end soon! Its just TOO MUCH! Why!!? Why make such speculations!? Hate living in this world!? They are better things to do than just to make such theories that caused an outrage of anger to those people like me!

Do you have anything to say now Harold!? Knowing that your “prediction” failed!? You can shove back those stupid predictions into your gut and just keep your bloody mouth shut for now on alright! You dare interfere with our lives (or the next dumb fellow) again about your next end of the world thingy, its gonna be the end of the world for you! You are just an attention seeker! Not somebody who had faith in the things they did, or to hope for the better future! Whether the world is going to end in 2012 or not, NO ONE KNOWS!!!! Only God, the Almighty Himself KNOWS ALL! In fact…


Its Endless!

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Captain’s log                         Stardate: 64877.2 (May 17th, 2011)

Despite the end of this year’s General Election just one week ago, there’s still pockets of us still gossiping, still blabbering about it. My antenna had picked this up from buses to train and to work. Unbelievable! From morning till evening. It was like as though they couldn’t wait for another five years where another GE will commenced again. The problem arises due to certain political issues that left many of us, or it seems majority of us, to feel unhappy about it. Well, its about politics anyway. What can you expect behind all this? Those talks, speeches on stages during rallies. Were they really meant it as to what been delivered to us? On the other hand, seems like “standard protocols” can never be that standardized. Promise made, ended up been compromised for some.

Where are the benefits that we are expecting? Where’s the take? Words are spoken, but there’s seems little action taken. I’m not trying to be political here nor calculative, but this is what that has been circulating from everybody’s mouth, the media, and at large through the Internet. Not to mention, getting this political signals jammed through my antenna from those who still couldn’t get enough of this GE thingy. Facebook was another best hit to populate this dramatic debates. Twitter was another chatterbox of the town. Seems like from day to dawn, my wall was been massively spam by friends commenting endlessly about this GE. I’m surprised by how extremely straightforward by some of them that left me entirely speechless. This year’s seems alot serious, let alone demanding, compare to those previous years, as what I’ve notice. Tantrums are thrown, which tells me that this is the best time to voice out what is needed to be voice out! To unveil that true colours. The people have spoken!

I’ve read too many till my eyes get sick of reading. And my brain was been overloaded with so many of this debates. Its like reading a massive crisis that left you to buried in the shadows and never dare to see the sun or the moon again. Personally, I’m not much of a fan when comes to politics. I just vote for the sake of voting! (Object me if you wish!) Just to end this headache before getting another one in five years to come. Also, despite of my saying, I sure hope the party that I’m voting would kept their promises and not to get their pockets burn unreasonably. Get my drift?

Come on guys, let’s stop all this debates. Its over! Its time to move on with our lives and let those responsible deal into this. Sure, many of us are highly concern. But if it gets too overwhelmed, there will be those who will eventually erupt. You can argue about this again 5 years later. Now let’s enjoy what we can and hope for the best in life and the future.

SPI Minutes Of Meeting

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Captain’s log                           Stardate: 64874.8 (May 15th, 2011)

During the recent SPI meeting which was been held yesterday evening the 14th, we had touch upon on the standard procedures, which comes forth about the dos and dons which had to be taken into consideration. Same rule applies, just that we have to corporate it to new members who just join the club as agents to get them familiarize, and also for us to take them into consideration. We shall also see to it if there’s any part of the rules and regulations that needs to be amended.

This includes, where we shall discuss on the upcoming projects, recces, investigations, corporal events and spooky walks for this year’s planned. Also, that day we are given our new SPI ID pass, that shall replace our existing ones which had already been expired. The ID can only be active once every year. This ID is official, and had be donned during investigations and when dealing with members of public during spooky walks, seminars and corporate events. Also when we were called upon to assist them when he or she discovered that their house or working place was been reportedly haunted. The ID itself also holds a strong restriction as it can be never be used inappropriately out of SPI. It was been trademark, and those who were found abusing the ID shall be taken into task and will have his or her status as agent been removed. We have no choice but to be strict upon this, as this had happened before in the past. The name itself, the logo was been trademark, we have been well-known by the people here, so we wouldn’t want to let the same shameless incident to resurface again. Members of public will think we are just a bunch of loose thrill-seekers behaving like some hooligans of the night. This, cannot be compromise.

Also, we shall discuss on the various departments that SPI had in store. Its main role, objectives and who were the section heads and their teams been assigned to these respective categories. Though each were assigned to perform their task, we still have to bring fourth that teamwork from all, regardless from which department you were in. Doing alone from that team doesn’t seem to gain anything out of the benefit. So its best to be equally, and to have an open-minded concept so that everyone can have a better mutual understanding. Its what best for everybody and for the club.

And last but not least, the best part is always the joke and laughter at the end of the meeting before we call it the day =)

Captain’s log                          Stardate: 64868.1 (May 13th, 2011)

I finally managed to brought a turtle-neck white sweater which is regards to my Power Ranger suit. The reason being, so that the turtle neck area covers the entire of my neck. Previously thought that my original Power Ranger balaclava (which I had carelessly left it at the toilet of Ngee Ann Polytechnic during a cosplay event, and now been replace with the white ninja mask) will cover my neck. And also thought it might blend with the white T-shirt that I had worn beneath the suit. However it turns out that part of my skin was been exposed when I moved my neck, as been spotted by some of my friends. So it can be kind of awkward for me. Also, the trouble of adjusting it while you are having fun cosplaying. Kind of restraining the fun, don’t you think? Let alone feeling worried from time to time as to whether your skin will be exposed again.

So I had to do something in order to make it as a proper image for the suit. And the only way to kill the consequences was to get a white turtle neck sweater. This one I brought was a stretchable one with an affordable price. Seems perfect enough. For the ninja white mask or balaclava, I can stuffed the bottom part of it beneath the turtle neck.

Now, the setting will take place, as I’m ready to suit up. To test the outcome.

Neat! Just the way I had hoped it would be =)

I’m now satisfied with the outcome as this is what I’m expecting for. Looks like my troubles are over! =D

Oh yah, by the way today’s Friday the 13th. Yeah I know what’s in store for this so-called conflicting day dedicated for the superstitious. No offense here, but I just can’t be bothered into it. To me, its like any other day….

Captain’s log                             Stardate: 64857.1 (May 09th, 2011)

I stop working on my computer to look up at the night sky. To my surprised, it was filled with pockets of stars twinkling up there. It was a starless night a few hours ago. Now the night sky were like gems and diamonds shining brightly from light years away. Suddenly engrossed into it, I started to held my finger into the air and draws an imaginary line to link from star to another. Just to see what shape or object it might form. What a way to spend the night eh? =D

Somehow, she flashes into my mind. Crosses my mind like a shooting star flashes across the sky. It does makes me smile by her presences. Also, at the same time makes me sad. Cause I really miss her from time to time. Badly. And I always wonder if she misses me too……=(

I know this may not be the right time for you. But at least I’ve managed to confess my feelings. At least you know now, how I feel about you, honestly speaking. I thought of you often, regardless where I am. Let it be at home, work or enjoying myself during cosplay. Its hard to let go of someone who you really cares from your mind, no matter how involved you were in your personal stuff. Somehow, it takes every bit of strength and endurance that I have right now. But I will wait, for the answer that I was longing for ever since. Take your time. Enjoy the life as it is. I have my patience……

I returned back to my computer. Typing all that I had thought into my blog, and to finish the rest of my stuff before snoozing off to dreamland.

Captain’s log                            Stardate: 64854.3 (May 08th, 2011)

So be it. The people have made their choice for the Singapore General Election 2011. No more votes. No more speeches. No more rallies. No more screaming throughout the night like some barbarians to which party should win for this year’s election. Poster, banners, flags of the respective parties were been brought down. They’ve won, and we the citizens will watch how promising they were towards us, as they had promise. To make us convince that they can do better this time around. Well guys, its gonna be another5 years before the headache starts all over again.

And now, its time to rely on the most important thing in our lives, which is to be with our loved ones. To my dear mum, Happy Mothers Day! She, who had raise me up from the start with her own flesh and blood, who have always encourage and inspired with loved and care. Who never gave up on me till I learn better and know what’s right and not to give hope on certain things! From the start, you have make me realized how important it is, to live the life as what I am, and to be strong even despite how slow I can be. What is said, can always be achieved. All I have to do was to believe in myself, that I can managed well. Nothing is perfect, but you can always be the best in yourself, as what you’ve told me. I vote you forever, cause you’re always right, and always be! LOVE YOU MUMMY!!!

A mother understands what a child does not say. When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child….



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Captain’s log                       Stardate: 64848.2 (May 06, 2011)

You know me well my dear. A girl like you can really notice the person even if he or she was from the other side of the mirror. No matter how I assure you that I’m fine, you will never take my word, until you see it for yourself. As what you had stated…..

You may not believe me. But its alright with me dear. I understand how unconvincing this may sounds to you. But in the nicest of ways, as how I explain to you now, I’m trying to let go in what is deemed unhealthy for me. What’s the used of feeling sad and hurt, when there’s no apparent reason for you to feel sad or hurt isn’t it? When we are at that stage, we usually have our reasons as to why. All we need is someone who we talk to. To be our listening ear. To listen to our problems. To feel as to what the person’s feel. To place himself or herself in that person shoes.

I admit. I do feel hurt, and sad at certain times. With a reason of course. But I just couldn’t bear the thought of sharing this with you. I just can’t! I really don’t know what’s happening inside me! I feel like I’m lacked of everything! I’m losing my grip. My heart felt like as though its been rip apart. At certain times, I feel like I just wanna cry. I feel so mentally drained and just don’t know what to do…=(

I’m so sorry my dear….I wish I could. Maybe…this is not the right time for me. There will be the day where I will share with you. We’ll just have to find a schedule spot to sit down, and I will tell you straight from my heart.

Please forgive me if what I had mentioned earlier sounds harsh to you. Its not that I’m trying to exaggerate or vent out some anger. But as honestly and sincere as I could, these are somethings that I can pour it out here. I’m only trying to honest. I hope you understand…

You were everybody’s listening ear. You hear their stories, their feelings….and I believe that’s how you are quite open to them in some sense. Reminding them time and again to have faith and be strong. To let go in what has been tormented in the cells and to think positively. Cause the more they felt that way, the more they are going to hurt yourself.

This, reflects back to me too. The pain, has been killing me. Seriously. I don’t want to give up hope. I really don’t. If I give up now, its hard for me to turn back. Wherever time goes, you follow. Giving up on hope is like losing faith and confidence in yourself, and as the result, you ended up looking down at yourself. I don’t want that to happen to me! Its just not worth it. Its unhealthy.

You want me to be happy and cheerful at times. And that is a promise, that I won’t try to compromise. I will try… to forget what’s negative, and be truthful to oneself… I will try my best…..and to look at the bright side of things.

Captain’s log                     Stardate: 64837.4 (May 02nd, 2011)

Man, this damn headache just won’t quit! Sick and tired of it pounding in my brain! I feel like a ticking bomb wanting to explode! Argghh!!!!

Its been going on like this since last week. I was sick, yes. But not really that sick. Just a mild one, you can say. So I had taken in some few tablets of panadol and cough syrup. Sure, the coughing and running nose disappeared, but this headache is giving me a headache!! Burning to the core! Should I push the blame to my work? After all the stress that I’ve been through? Those damn workload! It seems like as though it gets more exaggerating day after day! If it gets any worse, I will just have to see the doctor. Don’t care about my work when I’m really really sick. At the present moment, I’m still at my feet. And praying for the better……