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Agents In Black

Posted: June 25, 2019 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                  Stardate: 2019.5 (Jun 25th, 2019)

The fourth installment of Men In Black, known as MIB: International is out on the big screen. However the agents that we know won’t be around to stop those pesky aliens. Instead, that goofy Chris Hemsworth and witty Tessa Thompson will be the next dynamic duo to save the planet and eliminate the scums of the universe.


So both team up and played as Agent H (Henry) and Agent M (Molly) and turns out to be one of the most MIB’s top agents. Its begins when a young girl, which is Molly witness her parents being neutralysed by MIB agents about 20 years ago. Basically that’s what they do after questioning you about some alien thingy or you have witness an alien crime scene. While her parents being questioned, Molly let an alien escape.

20 years later, she track down an alien landing which led her to track the MIB agents back to their HQ.

After convincing the head of MIB that she got what it takes to be one of them and believed the existence of alien life, she was instantly hired and was given the agent status as “Agent M”. Thereafter she was send to London where the organization had set up another branch. Agent H came along and she was assigned to him. And that’s how the roller-coaster ride starts kicking in and getting the chemistry at its best.

Men In Black have expanded to cover the globe, and perhaps more branches to be added to more countries in the future other than in London.

So decorated Agent H and that confidence rookie Agent M will have to embark on this around-the-world adventure to save their homeworld and the agency from the new threats of alien invaders. With that being international, the evidence of alien life just keeps getting better and better.

My opinion on the movie: I have to admit. It will be more entertaining if Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones make a comeback. I have no objection with that Thor guy and Tessa Thompson cause they really make a good combination and an awesome pair of teamwork. I’ll give it to that! Not to mention, the chemistry from both were praised.

Even for just a cameo appearance from both old time agents or either one would be still impressive. Old but still gold. But oh well, new agents have to eventually takes over soon.

To add on, the movie is kinda cheesy. It doesn’t have much of an impact like the previous three films. Not because both Agent J and Agent K were involved in all three, not that exactly. Just that MIB: International lacks of drama and punch. Certain captivating elements is missing, honestly speaking. And little is shown on those small alien creatures or worms who love coffee, and can even be perverted. Man! They are really cool! Hahaha! On top of that, I bet most of you ladies only came to watch since that charismatic Thor guy is in with his usual goofy style. Right?

Nevertheless, it does have an interesting take on the franchise. The humour can never be missed. Heart-pounding action and superb graphics that is out of this world. It is still unexpectedly surprisingly. It was honestly, not a bad movie. Light hearted content and family fun.

Also, this is the first ever to have a female MIB agent to take on the lead. Like..finally! Witty Tessa Thompson does steal the show with her over-confidence look in getting herself bonded with the agency and her hunky partner. You can tell she is really look fighting bad aliens and dedicated to her career.

So put on your black suit, black tie and sunglasses if you ready for another epic battle with alien invaders. And make sure don’t forget to bring the Neuralyzer. Certain things are better left not to be seen or witness…