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Happy 17th Birthday Danny!!

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Captain’s log                            Stardate: 64656.2 (Feb 27th, 2011)

Yesterday (Feb 26th) was a birthday blast for our dear friend, Danny. Happy 17th Birthday!!! He had invited many of us cosplayers, together with his family, relatives and friends at Costa Sands Resort – Downtown East where he had held his birthday party. His birthday was also a shared birthday with one of his relative, if I’m not mistaken, as it falls on the same day as he is.

At the same time, we also decided to have a cosplay party as a special contribution for his birthday. But too bad many of us cosplayers were unable to attend the party. Those who had agreed to it, unfortunately, were caught up with something at the very last minute and sadly had to give it a miss =(

But Danny still urge us to continue with the cosplay. It will be more fun and exciting, especially when there’s kids around. So what’s left were myself being the Red Ranger and a friend of ours, named Mathias, as Spiderman! Unlike me, who still prefer more of us cosplayers to show up, Mathias seems perfectly ok with only just the two of us. Well, if he can handle it, why can’t I? Besides, we had agreed upon for the sake of Danny’s birthday. So why reject that idea? Other than that, I’m dying to try out my Red Ranger costume. I was waiting for that moment. And that moment will be on that night, as my first time suiting up as Red Ranger. The kids there will love it! As this is one of the reasons why I go for Red Ranger – to dedicate for the kids. Not to mention, cameras will start flashing. Take it like as though its an official cosplay. But specially dedicated for Danny’s 17th birthday! =D

So, its MORPHIN TIME for me!! Be teaming up with Spiderman!!!

However, we are not the only one in cosplay. Mathias also happened to bring a Venom costume. Venom is one of Spiderman’s archenemy, and what Mathias had was based on the first and most famous version. So one of Danny’s friend was keen enough to try it out. Surprisingly it fits him nicely. Congratulations! Now he will get to experience what’s it like to cosplay =)

Now here’s the most interesting part. And which something that I would not expected. Like as though his birthday party is not enough, one of us had suggest that we as cosplayers, should walk around the chalet grounds. Sounds kinda exaggerating? Indeed! But after a while, it was thrilling! The attention from the kids especially, was like endless! It might not be like some official cosplay. But this idea was freaking awesome as we had done something that we would never expected at all! At the start, I know for sure we gonna caught the attention of nearby patrons that were close to our chalet. But I never actually expected more than just that. Thanks to my friend because of his ideal suggestion to move around the chalet grounds =) We had also choose the entrance of the resort as our “photograph session.” It really melts my heart to hear those kids scream when they saw us! =D

We had turned Costa Sand Resort into a night of fun activity – which is somehow, unexpected for the guests!

Its been one hell of a night of fun. A birthday party, and cosplaying at the same time! Too bad the rest of our invited cosfans had to miss this out. But not to worry guys, its never too late. Cause we might have another round of this cos-birthday party and you are guys are sure to be invited! =)



A Treasure Found!

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Captain’s log                          Stardate: 64648.4 (Feb 24th, 2011)

I never thought I would discovered something which is based on my interest. Based on my passion! Something that I had! Lucky ass me! Haha!

On the way back home from work, I had decided to cut through Bedok Garden Hill Park. No apparent reason. Just that I wanna smell the nature there again. Its been quite some time since I last walked there. Then, my eye caught something on the ground a few feet away from me. Somehow, from a distance it looks kinda familiar. Heart beating, I rushed towards it. And my heart almost stopped!

I just discovered a Power Ranger Blade Blaster! Used by the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the first and the classic class of Power Rangers, this blade blaster was their primary weapon cling to their side. More of like their sidearm. But its more than just a blade itself. It can also be convert into a gun blaster. So its basically a two-in-one defensive primary weapon that the Rangers carries.

However, the one I came across is barely like the actual one seen in the series. Does appeared to be the same though, but this one is a kiddy size! Probably meant for kids below the age of 12! Still looks new, probably just brought. Some poor kid must have brought his in the park. Oh well.

May be kiddy size, but its a worth a treasure! I’m a big fan of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. So why not had this for keeps! Finders keepers! =D

Photo were been divided as to how it will appeared in both blade and gun mode. And also, you can tell how small it is from the size of my palm.

Also, I’m currently ordering the gun blaster. Adult size, that is. The must have item (weapon) for every Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! =D

SPI Corporate Trails

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Captain’s log                           Stardate: 64642.7 (Feb 22th, 2011)

Almost as close as being a spooky walk. But SPI corporate trails is mainly concentrate on 3 places. Led by SPI Advisor Desmond Wong, we will take you to the Pasir Ris Mangrove Swamp, Bukit Brown and Old Chua Chu Kang cemetery. As what I believe, these will be the same places as for the time being. Bukit Brown cemetery will be exhumed soon, as a new development, such as the new Bukit Brown MRT will make its way soon. So for those who are interested about this cemetery which is one of the oldest cemetery in Singapore, this could be your last chance to see it before its gone from the face of the Earth. And once that, the corporate trails will need to reshuffle to add in a new place. Of course, one that is known to have such stories, encounters, let it be hearsay or not. A dark history left behind, and not to mention, areas within them which is deemed very interesting and worthtelling.

Corporate trails are mainly been established when you are from a business or a government body. Even from schools, learning centers where the management will invite SPI to give them a tour of the most interesting, also been the spookiest place that were been recorded so far in our list. Set to take place when night falls, we will take them to those 3 places, where it was rich in history and popular through encounters as well as hearsay. Also, to experienced what its like walking in the dark, especially for those who are yet to experience what its like to walk in the cemetery during night time. Not only its thrilling, or some would say hair-raising, its also educational and a learning-experience. Cause by the end of the night, it will be a worth of experience. We will also introduced some of the gadgets that we investigators frequently used. Also, to share some stories, various types of ghost and demons along the way.

So yesterday night (Feb 21st), were 22 teachers from Morris Allan Study Centres participate for this corporate trails. I happened to be available for that night to assist Desmond for this trail. So far, this has been my 6th participation for the SPI corporate trails. It only depends if I’m free for it. Also, I managed to kick myself in the butt to assist Desmond to do some of the talking. Like elaborating to the participants about the Bird-watch tower that is located inside the Pasir Ris Mangrove Swamp, where it was known to be haunted by a spirit of a girl that had committed suicide there many years ago. And also, to share with them some insights in what I know about some of the ghosts and demons in the Malay folklore. Such as the Pontianak, a female version of a vampire.

Honestly speaking, I’m not much of a speech. Not used to speak infront of audience. I did lost somewhere while I was sharing with them about Pontianak. But still, I’m willing to fight that fear and learn to talk more. As Desmond and few of the other senior SPI Agents ever encourage me before, start slowly. Bit by bit and you will progress. There sure be some mistakes. None is perfect. But those mistakes is where we learn. Sooner or later, you will get more comfortable with it. You don’t have to be so elaborate into it. Share what you know and go easy with the flow. I had to promise myself that. Cause when you have the potential, why not go for it? As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Confident! =)

These are the photos taken from yesterday’s corporate trails.

We SPI would like to thank the teachers, for their participation into this corporate trails. Hope they enjoyed the night of fun and thrill, the experience and we’ll hope to catch them again in the future! =)

SPI Dinner Gathering

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Captain’s log                            Stardate: 64635.5 (Feb 20th, 2011)

Its that time of the night again where we SPI members will gathered for our reunion dinner. Yesterday’s (Feb 19th) hearty feast had taken place at Marina Square’s Seoul Garden. Its been quite a while since I last came to this buffet restaurant =)

So yesterday night was accompanied with endless jokes and laughter as we feast on those mouth-watering buffet been spread across the table. No doubt, as this is what the gathering is all about. Dedicated for the SPI family. The moment to enjoy ourselves, but still values the trademark and the name SPI rightfully.

Most exciting of all is when one of us was been arrowed just for the fun of teasing. Seems like an easy target for some! Haha! And by each joke, comes bigger laughter. Laugh till your tummy hurts. Till you cry and that’s where you feel like as though you are tearing yourself apart! =D It was endless, meaningful, spontaneous, and only us will treasure every bit of this momentous history of ours!

SPI For The Win!

Abandoned Brunei Hostel

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Captain’s log                       Stardate: 64621.4 (Feb 14th, 2011)

I was been introduced about this hostel from one of the our paranormal club members some time ago. According to him, he came across it from a blog, and therefore was rather intrigued into it. Before inviting me into this, he had actually try to contact the blogger through her message inbox. However, there’s no response till now.

So, that left us to seek into some serious study into it. We had dig out some few from the internet. Though its limited, they still provide us with some insights, not to mention, history background about the hostel. That brief part of history was sufficient to our needs, as our info guide. But it still be better if there’s more info than what we came across.

Based on information gathered, it appears that this Brunei Hostel was started around in the 60s. It was part of the Brunei’s Government to provide better education. Brunei was known to be a very poor nation during those days. They had not much in terms of an educational system back then. So every year from the beginning of 1950, they will sent a selected group of 20 students to Singapore. Starting from the age of 12 years old and up. Singapore was been suited as a better choice to establish such hostel for them.

Infact, up till today. So that’s why it was quite noticeable, and common for young Brunei students to go for their overseas study. The airport will be packed with families and friends sending them off. So its nothing new.

Somewhere in 1975, the hostel was been expanded. Subsequently adding new facilities to better aid the students. Also, for more new students as well as trainee government officers. The site was finally shutdown in 1982…..

It was quite interesting to hear that such places like this was left hidden among the midst in such an estate. It was located within a rich residential areas, where old colonial bungalows still exists. And its also a place when some of the Ambassadors and Diplomats representing for this country resides. All nestled in amongst lush green jungle. So it can be quite interesting to hear that hidden among all this lies an abandoned Brunei Hostel…..

It also appears that few of us members had check the place out before. Doesn’t always turn out to be paranormal just because its been left abandoned. But we still on the go. We might get some interesting results that we might be expecting.

So, two days ago, Saturday the 10th, few of us members went to recce the place out. Those of us who had went there will be the guide.

Its obvious to note that the entire place was a huge mess. Over the years had passed, many of the hallways, even the rooms were overgrown with leaves. Rows of lush vegetation had taken half of the space in few of the rooms! What used to be concrete along the corridor, was a carpet of mud. Damn thick. Its like walking in a swamp! Not to mention, how bad the ceiling were. Many of them seems like its going to fall apart at anytime.

Halfway throughout the recce, the sky started raining. Before that, we had already notice the storm coming from the horizon. The changes in mother nature felt like as though an eclipse had just formed. Giving the entire place the chilling effect and a more darker environment…….

Now here’s something catchy. Due to my own personal experience, I did felt something. Like a presence in one of the rooms. Other rooms seems negative, excluding the cold from the rain. But this one, seems peculiar. Its started right at the moment when we step into the room. Its like the feeling that you have been push, by an unseen force. Other than that, I felt something its not right in that room. I can’t exactly tell for sure, but there’s something in this room. It does raise the hairs at the back of my neck for that matter. And this feeling stick with me until we exit from the room. Also, the EMF readings had spike up to 01:00 plus. Remaining there and dropped back to normal range once we were out from the room.

Could it be……

The end results was catchy, as to conclude. Few areas, including that room, were been marked.

These are some of the old photos which we had came across. This is what the hostel looks like before it was left to rot. Credits to akbswe.

And check out this cool and funky graffitis! =)

Down With Boredom Fever….

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Captain’s log                             Stardate: 64613.3 (Feb 11th, 2011)

Damn, I’m so sick! Suffered from boredom fever, that’s for sure. Surfing in Facebook after a while can get pretty bored after that. Pretty jumpy if you asked me. Besides, I had no latest computer game to participate into. If not, I’ll be glued to my chair and spend hours battling like hell against my opponents. And I’m only referring to my favourite ones.

That’s where a thought hit me like a hammer drops. I remember a friend of mine, who was also into cosplaying, has taken some photos of his geeky stuff, as the way he liked to call it and had posted them inside his Facebook. They turned out to be some interesting posters and banners that he had printed out from the internet. Which he finds them interesting. An impression of his. He admit that he was bored, and so had decided to redecorate his room with those.

That gives me the bright idea to start mine too! =D Just to get cured from this damn boredom. Besides, I got nothing else to do anyway! So I spend that quality time searching for the best of my geeky stuffy across the internet. Yes, that will be from Star Trek and SWAT =)

Picture below are the most interesting ones, as to my own impression, I had uncovered.

I gonna paste some of them on the wall of my bedroom. But before doing so, I need them to be laminate. Its cleaner and neater that way. Giving it a good and polishing look. However, only two will be excluded from lamination. Won’t be necessary.

What’s before, its now after! =D

So there I go. Decorate my room with the posters, and had them stick to the areas where I want them to be =)

Once done, I settle down comfortably and admired the changes in my room. Does reminds me of my old bedroom in Tampines many years ago before we shifted to Bedok. My kiddy days! Its that time where I loved to paste my sketches on the wall. Decorating it into almost like an Art Museum! =D

Well, that satisfied me enough that I managed to kill some time. But even as I speak, there sure be another day where I’ll be down to boredom fever again……

The Wait Is Over!

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Captain’s log                                Stardate: 64602.5 (Feb 08th, 2011)

YES!!! FINALLY ITS HERE!!! Called me a kid if you wish, but my Red Power Ranger costume is finally here! I’ve been waiting for this like an eternity!

Its all started last year February, during an airshow where me and my Star Trek guys were there as costumers, and which involved together with our costuming partner, MoviaMania. One of the cosplayers was wearing a Green Ranger outfit from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. One of my greatest childhood superheroes. I’m aware there are other Power Rangers been introduced than the one I’ve mentioned. There’s Power Rangers Zeo, Turbo, Time Force, In Space, S.P.D, Lost Galaxy, just to name a few. But as what I was told, many still prefer the classic Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Including me as well. They are still the coolest bunch ever, and still kick-ass! I’m still a big fan to them!

I was immediately intrigued by him in that Green Ranger outfit and approached him to get some answers! =D He got it online through eBay, and that guy who tailor-made the costume resides in Thailand. He will send me the link, as well as the measurement through my Facebook inbox once the airshow event ends.

It wasn’t that moment of time where I had decided to tailor-made one. And yes, why I choose Red Ranger cause he’s my favourite Power Ranger. Besides, as what I know, he seem to be like everybody’s favourite ranger. Probably because of him gets to owned a Tyrannosaurus Zord and been selected as a true born leader.

(Until White Ranger comes along….)

Its only in September where I had decided its time for me to get that costume. Reason was, I need to save enough cash before I considered of getting one. From the link I notice, I know it ain’t gonna be cheap when comes to shipping to Singapore. But I’m SERIOUSLY into it! Just like my previous costumes. You have to be keen into it before getting one! I dedicated this for the kids. Make them happy! They love this colourful superheroes! =D

I managed to contact with the person who tailor-made this costume. I had given all my measurements to him. Next is to wait.

Maximum period was 45 days. But I had waited for nearly 5 months for it to show up at my doorstep! Reason being, due to some unforeseen circumstances, which I can pretty well understand. There was once where he informed me that there’s a problem with the helmet. Whatever it is, I’m sure he can get it fixed straightaway. He’s a busy man, I understand. I’m not his only customer on his waiting list. But I still have to keep in touch with him every now and then for the updates.

So yesterday it arrived. FINALLY!!! So happy to see the big parcel that I nearly screamed for joy infront of the postman! =D I become more overjoy when I had the package open. Its like as though I just found a buried treasure! And its like as if the uniform shines before my eyes!

I immediately try it out. Yes, its a little tight at first. Still no yet season. But within seconds, the suit fits nicely. Just right as the way I hope it will be. Once I donned in the helmet, I approached the mirror.


My cousin who lived next door happened to saw me trying out the outfit and wants to pose with me. Excellent! My first photoshoot in my Power Ranger outfit right at my own home! =D

The wait is over! I’m happy and satisfied with it. Now my buddy who was the Green Ranger will be happy to know that he’s now no longer the lone ranger. Haha! Now I can’t wait to try it out for any upcoming cosplay event!

And just to let you know, even though I have the Red Ranger outfit, I will still be into my SWAT, as well as Star Trek. They are still my passion, my dream, my geeky stuff and I will NEVER abandon them. I will always considered them like a part of my life and parcel.

Fun Outing With Chiroru Hoshino!

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Captain’s log                             Stardate: 64601.4 (Feb 07th, 2011)

Yesterday (Feb 06th) was a blast! I went out for an outing with a couple of friends, who also invited our pen pal friend by the named of Chiroru Hoshino. She’s a well-known singer from Japan. Currently 20 yrs old and someone who was so obsessed into, not only singing and dancing, but also to anime and games. Much expected from people who lived in Japan. We get to know her last year October, during a road show event taken place at Funan IT Mall. That’s where a handful of us were cosplaying as police and SWAT as to support for the new opening of the company Black Tactical. The place where I had brought my SWAT stuff. She was been invited to perform with other singers. Her enthusiasm and talent had draw many attention, and surprisingly she was also been made ambassador for a Japanese cafe which was located at the mall itself.

So far, we seem to be her closest of friends here. Thanks to few of us who had graciously keeping in touch with her through chatlines. So here she is, back in Singapore for another round of tour. I do heard that she’s coming back, but never do I expected that she will be invited by us for yesterday’s outing! Haha! I sure hate to miss that! She was like our VIP. A fun and outgoing VIP! And I’m glad that my friend who had invited me had pick the right date. Cause yesterday happened to be my official off day! =D

We’ll meet up at SCAPE at 14oohrs. From there, we head on to Takashimaya shopping mall, where one of us wanted to buy some books at the Kinokuniya bookstore located there. This, hit me with that urge of getting that POLICE branded watch, as to replace my current one which was damage a few days ago due to a bad fall. Also the same brand, and it wasn’t just any fall. It slipped off my wrist and fell down a flight of steps. Causing a needle to snap loose.

I can say its my fault too, cause of putting it on around my wrist while walking down the steps. It had fall a few times due to my carelessness. But the latest one was the worse of all. As you can see from the photo, the time had stopped at 1310hrs due to the fall. I felt as if the whole world had stopped too. Been wearing it for about 4 years, and it does held such a sentimental value. And things like this does broke your heart more than just the item itself. I’m into this brand alot, and its also because the name POLICE does reflects a part in my career. That’s my opinion if you asked me.

So yesterday I make that decision to buy that watch as its the same place where I purchase my first POLICE timepiece. A different model this time, and I think it cost a lot more expensive than my current one. But I’m satisfied with it, to say the least that I had my favourite timepiece finally strap around my wrist =)

Though my first one is damage, I still treasure it as my first POLICE watch been made purchase. With the new one in hand, I will try to be careful not to be negligence.

Now, back to where I had started off. So the whole day we had fun at Vivocity’s Sky park, where few of us enjoy splashing one another while wading in the pool which had been feature up there. Even a bit of dancing here and there. Thanks to Chiroru =D

The sun soon set and we head to Starbucks for some coffee before we head home. We really should do this more often when she’s in Singapore. She was really so jovial within our company! What a cute friend! =)

*Regret to inform that I was been advised by the singer as not to post any photos of her here due to safety concerns, and that they were meant to be private.

The Blur Sotong

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Captain’s log                           Stardate: 64596.4 (Feb 05th, 2011)

My antenna pick this up from a guy who was seated behind me while on the way home in a bus. He was telling his friend: “Aiyahh, why you asked him to go and do things!? He blur like sotong one!” Although its one of those “phrases” that we Singaporeans commonly used, it does left me to wonder though. Its sotongs really blur?

Sotong is a Malay word for Octopus. Also can be directed as Squid. As what I can understand among Singaporeans, including myself, we seem to have developed a taste of our brand of English fondly, which referred to as ‘Singlish.” Literally, languages from the Malay, Chinese and Indian clash together to form this juicy phrases and sentences. A combination of three races here. This topic, has been posted before some time ago where I had share some of the common tongue-tasting words that we Singaporeans used. And also, to how fast those foreigners had adapt to it when they had stay here long enough to understand the culture here. Its like as assimilation. You came, you learn, you learn to live with it.

Perhaps the phrase “blur like sotong” must have come from the creature’s emission which was a cloud of ink. You agreed? Or may be used as both a noun and adjective. Well, who knows? Who cares anyway! As long as you are born Singaporean, or those foreigners who have stay here long enough, you’ll be sure to pick up one of this quick-of-a-tongue phrases or slang in a short period of time. It does comes in handy every once in a while.

But that doesn’t mean I’m encouraged you guys to learn awful English!

So much of it had ended me to stumbled across this blogger, who named his blog as “SotongBlog.” His introduction: “Hello there peeps! My name is Sotong and I’m blur like one.” Ironic, if you asked me. Does play a part in most of his nonsensical entries….

And to make matters ridiculous, I also stumbled into what I believe its the opposite. Known as “Blur Toad.” A common variant of “Sotong.” But of uncertain origin.

Captain’s log                               Stardate: 64590.6 (Feb 03rd, 2011)

I’m so hooked into CSI: Crime City nowadays. Its one of the apps where you can play in Facebook. And I just started this last Sunday and had beat most of my friends who were somewhere above level 10. You can start guessing which level I am now! Haha! But seriously, its was damn addicted. So addicted than Treasure Isle. But I still play that game though, since I had achieved so much out of it and had gone through many levels…so why stop? Like as though it was meant to be a tedious job! HAHA!

CSI: Crime City is based on Las Vegas. I think its much related to CSI: Las Vegas, the very first CSI series to be broadcast. I’m so fond into the game that I had to log in every half an hour, an hour or a few hours just to accomplish my case. My friends who played the game were all so jealous of me when they saw my level icon been posted on their Facebook homepage every now and then. Meaning to say that I gained a level. They were jealous as to why I gained a level so fast!! When I’m only started just last Sunday!! Hahaha!

Some even had this crazy idea that I might be cheating! Oh come on, don’t be ridiculous! I don’t think you can cheat from Facebook. You think I want to cheat? That will be like so outrageous! This ain’t like those computer games where you will explore the internet for some cheat codes just to end the game quickly.

My tactics is basically simple. You just have to log in every now and then. To see if your energy level had been recharge before you start digging for clues. And to see if there’s any coffee available from your friends lab to recharge yourself before heading back to your current case. Means simply you just have to wait. I was into it like almost everyday! The game was designed so rapidly well that I wouldn’t want to sleep until I accomplished the current mission I was been assigned to! Talk about having to spend a considerable amount of time just to get the job done.

I’m making this like as though its for real, am I? =D

Most interesting in the game was the matching game, where you had to match DNA of the same kind. This only occurs when you happened to hit a spot during your investigation within the crime scene. Literally a bonus point as a means of getting free coffee. Critically, you have to be fast. Cause you are given only 12 seconds to match the DNA of the same kind. The higher you matches correctly, the better coffee you gets. Meaning to say your energy level will increase more. All this depends on how fast, how attentive and constructive your eyes is to match those.

My tip: Once you have sufficient cash, be sure to upgrade your tools and equipments. The chances are, the more advance the tools were, the less energy you will consume. And the more advance the equipments were, the lesser time it will take for you to had those clues or evidence to be analyze.