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Captain’s log                                                                   Stardate: 70012.5 (May 27th, 2014)

When I visited Punggol Point for some historical purposes 4 years ago, most of the area were covered with vegetation. Besides that, there’s a heavy development taking place as the park is undergoing a huge makeover.

Now 4 years later, Punggol Point was transformed into an idyllic waterfront destination with beautiful lily ponds, a sand-filled playground and an event plaza. Even the place was renamed as Punggol Point Park. Embrace with the atmosphere here and where you can take in shots of panoramic views of Pulau Ubin. Awesome renovations!! 

When me and my small team of SPI came visit the place just recently, we were surprised by the huge environmental changes. Part of the beach now comes with a pathway. With the newly Punggol Promenade as part of the attraction, the place is more spacious. It allows you to enjoy the greenery and flourishing scenery as you walked along its Nature Walk and Riverside Walk. Its more welcoming with a lot of spaces to enjoy your time off. And good news for those who love fishing, as the walk comes with a number of fishing platforms and shelters.

I remember back then, where all of this were just thick bushes and trees. Not to mention, the loads of construction going on for Punggol Promenade. I had to bash through those clumps of bushes in order to step into the beach. Its along that coast of line where many Chinese civilians were massacred by the Japanese when they invaded Singapore in 1942. I was there at the beach to study the place as well as its natural surroundings.

Photo credits to Kenjee! =)


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Its a far cry away back then, compare to now. Even brighter and cleaner. Feels like you just wanted to be here forever. There’s still the stretch of forested area that leads till the end of Punggol. Most likely all this jungle will soon be cleared away to make space for more housing development in the future. Population is rising rapidly here, even for such a small country.

The purpose of us going there is not mainly about the park. Ever heard of this old Punggol Zoo? In short, its first of its kind held in Singapore in 1928, and owned by wealthy Indian trader William Lawrence Soma Basapa. Entrance fee was 40 cents, and comes with an extensive array of over 200 animals and 2000 birds.

However, when the Japanese forces came to invade the land, they quickly put an end to the zoo. They took over the zoo and gave Basapa 24 hours to rehome all the animals. Those that weren’t were eventually shot. A devastated Basapa passed away in 1943.

A member of ours had done some extensive research. He found the spot where the supposed site of Punggol Zoo was previously located. And its not far from Punggol Point. In a matter of speaking, it is perhaps plausible as it somehow occupies a large portion of Punggol Promenade. Besides this, our aim is also to locate this old rusted bridge that my friend had stumbled across while researching. It was believe that the bridge got some connections with the zoo. Really interesting.

After quite some time studying around the forested area of the supposed side of Punggol Zoo, we finally locate the old bridge. Our aim is accomplished in a nick of time! =)

Photo credits to Kenjee! =)

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Another point will be along this very part Nature Walk of Punggol Promenade. Some time back, few of our guys when there after been told by a friend that he had felt some unusual disturbance while fishing with his buddies late at night. And the team brought back some interesting results.

This is where our paranormal instinct kicks in. Another reason why we are at Punggol, since one of our member is one of them who had investigate the place on that night. There’s been hearsay that Punggol beach is haunted. Its that part of the beach where the Chinese civilians were killed during the Japanese occupation. People claim to have heard screams of agony and cries of help. They believe that those cries comes from those civilians. Some even had seen their apparitions floating around that particular spot. Restless souls to say the least…

That is, only the beach. But however there’s no such haunting stories or reports to indicate that the Nature Walk is haunted. According to one of them who were part of the team on that night, readings on their EMFs and other scanning devices does appeared rather promising. They even sense strong disturbances within that very pathway. Too strong that it really freak the hell out on one of them. Another even thought he had seen someone standing on a platform not far from where they were. And when they approached the platform, there’s no one there.

So if there’s no record to indicate signs of paranormal activities, what had the team discovered then? Because of this, we shall propose to have the second investigation there in soon to come. With my friend who have been there on the 1st round, we have no issues in marking the areas. Hopefully we too can get some interesting findings. If so, then we can stated that this area does have some indication of unusual activities.

Even say so, its up to every individual to decide whether to believe it or not. I can’t say much for this part, since I myself too was left to decide once we conclude with the investigation.

Aside from all this, you should come visit Punggol Promenade. Its one of the best places to get away from all the headache and to be stress free! Relax while enjoying its beautiful natural environment =)

The King Of Kaijus!

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Captain’s log                                                                         Stardate: 70112.6 (May 20th, 2014)

Remember the epic movie, Pacific Rim? Giant monsters or refer as “Kaijus” appearing from beneath the Pacific Ocean and out to unleash hell on Earth. And the humans have to create this own kaijus. Technically speaking, constructing giant robots or better known as mechs just to kick these monsters ass! Yes, I’m pretty sure you do.

Kaiju is a Japanese word which iterally translates as giant monster. Japan will always be No.1 when comes to giant monsters, usually showcase various monsters attacking a major Japanese city or engaging another Kaiju or more. But among all the Kajius, there is one that is ever so unpredictable, and even made famous. So famous that it was referred by many as the King of Kaijus, and had gone on to become a worldwide pop culture icon. Not just in Japan. In the United States, this creature has become a star that its name were even embedded in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

And yes, you guess it correctly.



A creature so terrifying, and had rise into fame to be one of the most recognizable symbols of Japanese popular culture worldwide. Sixteen years after the 1st Godzilla had unleash hell in the United States, this newest one emerges as the successor. What I mean to say was, sixteen years after the 1st one was been fully filmed in an American studio.

This time, it held much resemblances as its original counterpart made in Japan. Except that this one seem to put on weight. Looks kinda fat, and it look like as if it had no neck. I read this from a website where some people had judged how this new Godzilla had turned out to be. But its true. Go ahead and watch the movie if you don’t believe me =P

But even said so, don’t underestimate that humongous belly appearance. This fatso kaiju does packs a punch 3 times harder than its 1998 successor. The 1st one however, looks almost like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which I was most impressed with.

It start off from this secret facility located near Tokyo, Japan, where it contain a massive chrysalis. Apparently, the whole experiment gone horribly wrong when the power supply suddenly shut down. The chrysalis started showing signs of rapid glowing within that massive shell of. And within the process of terminating it, the chrysalis hatches. A colossal winged monster was born. It destroyed the facility and files off. Ready to caused more mayhem to civilisation.

Studies reveal that this thing feeds on radiation. Nuclear effects, anything radioactive that allows it to consume and produce. Much like Godzilla itself. And speaking of which, this animal was been hunted down by a much larger animal which was been awaken during a deep sea expedition in 1954. Yes, that will be Godzilla himself. Much like a saviour. Or it is?

Went to watch with 3 of my friends yesterday the 19th. Somehow it doesn’t turn out the way I had expected it would be. Somehow he has good intentions though. Of cause I won’t say it much here. I’ll be guilty as a spoiler! Hahaha!

But anyway, the show still not so bad. Better looking and original Godzilla. Very much like its Japanese counterpart. Like good old times… =)

I’m not really much of a fan of Kaijus. But Godzilla is definitely must see! The name so terrifying, so nightmaring, so badass! It may be a terror. But at some point, this creature was seen to act like as hero as well. Godzilla is not the only monster that terrorise the city. Back then where in the various films it had appeared, some stories had portray Godzilla as a saviour when it came storming in and eliminate the other Kaijus. This beast is one of a typically kind who doesn’t get along well with other monsters. Even so defeating its enemies, its intention is still unleash hell on Earth. So nevertheless, Godzilla still posed a danger to humanity.

So if you are a big fan of Godzilla, or just ever so obsessed about Kaijus, this reboot version is recommended for you. Sure he’s fat. But as said, he does unleash hell like never before. One of a kind Kaiju that was never easily defeated. 

Captain’s log                                                                       Stardate: 70103.5 (May 11th, 2014)

Back in those days, our Singapore Star Trek Community use to have a lot of movie or video screenings viewed at home. It doesn’t always have to be Star Trek. There’s other sci-fiction shows that is worth the watch.

After some time there’s not much of it as many of us were too committed to our change of lifestyle and work. But if you asked me, there’s never too late to have it again. I understand how busy we can be nowadays. But that doesn’t mean this activity will just end there. Its just a matter of the right time and whoever is free. If not all, at least a handful. Besides, its still like any other casual gathering. Its great to organise this every once in a while where we can still meet up and share the fun and laughter.

So, earlier at one of our trekkie’s place, we watch Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Generations and StarGate SG.1. Honestly speaking, this is my 1st time I had join the gang for a video screening after being with them for 7 years. As mentioned, there use to have a lot before I join the community. So as from right now, its great to start it all over. Can even take turns to organise one. We watch the shows while munching on the delicious crackers, and share some jokes at the same time.

No matter how committed we were due to work and personal stuff, we still stand as a community as how it was formed many years ago. Some of us will still be active. Nothing can change the fact of how bonded we were. As good friends  =)

Photos credits to Jeremy! =) 


Captain’s log                                                                    Stardate: 70093.2 (May 7th, 2013)

Recently last weekend (3rd – 4th May), me and together with 7 members from SPI (Singapore Paranormal Investigators) were at Sembawang Park for a overnight paranormal investigation. We had start off from 2330hrs – 0230hrs. This was been plan some time back, where we previously had recce the place as describe in my recent blog.

Our first point of investigation was this huge tree which stands next to this carpark at the end of the park. It does looks pretty creepy at night. People claimed to have spotted countless sightings of Pontianak lurking around this tree, especially. During the investigation, we have detected no readings to indicate signs of paranormal activity. However, one of us claimed that she had felt something cold touches her hand while we were conducting a sweep with our scans. But she was uncertain as to what she had felt as her skin is quite sensitive. Or it could be the wind. There was little wind on that night.

Our next point will be the vicinity of Kampong Wak Hassan road. There’s stories about Jins, and even a dog-headed man lurking within this vicinity. And there’s this small garden which is located behind the mosque, named as the Masjid Petempatan Melayu Sembawang. 

I’ve stumbled upon a YouTube video, where this thrill seekers when exploring around that location. The garden was surrounded with lots of banana trees, and the guys actually conduct a EVP session there. Usually down here, many paranormal believers were quick to point out that once you saw a field or an area surrounded with banana plants or trees, that could be only one thing. It was believe to be the home for the Pontianak. I too, was guessing if that’s what those thrill seekers were there for.

Then, there’s this piece of land not far away from the mosque. Its located next to this bar and to the beach. There’s stories whereby people in the past had perform black magic down there. People passing by there had heard screams, even disembodied voices. Some believe there use to be a sacrificed ritual taking place there, due to the ghastly screams that was heard.

But unfortunately, the investigation on those two locations turns out to be a major disappointment. While checking out the mosque, we notice two or three people sleeping near to the entrance. They could be the staff working for the mosque. Since the garden was just behind, I decided that we should abort this one. We might disturb them if we were to conduct the investigation.

The last point was marked as protected area by the state police, as stated on the signboard been erected there. This we have no choice but to abort as well. Also, SPI had oblige by the law as to refrain from conducting any such paranormal investigation on restricted ground.

Disappointment indeed…..=(

We never expect this. But its already expected and there’s nothing we can do about it. Also, we had don the SPI shirt. It won’t look good on us and the club if we were been caught. The enforcement won’t buy this, especially when comes to restricted ground. So pretty much its better be safe than sorry….

At least we managed to did at the first point, even though we only get negative readings. Also, the stretch of Kampong Wak Hassan does sends us the chills. Probably it was since it was already in the dead of the night. But why do I get this strange feeling that we are been watched? And that sudden cold feeling that grip me at my spine.

Or was it just me?