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My Highlights Of 2011!

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Captain’s log                              Stardate: 69911.3 (Dec 31th, 2011)

From the time I start writing, it will be 8 hours before we mark the end of 2011, and say helloooo to 2012! Let the dead past bury its own dead. Old resolutions will be expired, and new resolutions will take its place.

Before long, there’s been some nonsense and stupid predictions that the world will end in 2012. You know what, to hell with those so-called Mayans people who predict that the world will end on this year! And those so-called experts who thinks they can read when the world will end. To hell with you all! You are NOT God! All of us are hoping for a new hope, new resolutions, new prosperity! Not some ridiculous claims that the world will end! Ain’t gonna fall for your stupid predictions. Only a fool like you “experts” would believe such crap. Whether the world will end in 2012 or not, only the Almighty knows!

Here, a new path will be shine for us all! Like fireworks casting its majestic glow in the night sky! A new page shall be opened for us all!

 Well, 2011 has been a fun year for me. Seriously. Its all started right after the arrival of my Red Power Ranger suit. From there, I get to meet more new friends, learn new things about cosplaying, getting up on stage, been invited for events! I couldn’t have it done without the support and all! Man, its just so morphenomenal and seriously, I just couldn’t enough of it as a Power Ranger! HAHAHA! Anyway, here’s my best highlights of 2011.

Jan 22th

This is the 1ST Spooky Walk to be held at the start of the year 2011, where we bring the excited guests to this calm and tranquility Labrador Nature Reserve or Labrador Park. Its also rich with historical relics, where it was once a British base or fort during WWII. Like the underground bunkers were still seen today. As in what remains which dates back to the 19th century. It also played a significant role in the history of Singapore. Another catchy part, it was also believe that the park is haunted. Paranormal sightings reported by passerby who went there in the night. Some claimed to have spotted apparitions wore old colonials uniforms. British army from the past? Most heard of all was about a group of 9 ITE students been possessed by unknown spirits and suddenly create a din at the park. This one happens 2 years ago. The students were there for a course which was been conducted at Labrador Park chalet-style hotel. Apparently, some of the students decided to go for a walk in the park. Then an hour plus later, all hell broke loose from those students. They created such a din and acting strangely, like jumping on tables and screaming their lungs out. Worse, one of the students were seen been strangled by unknown forces in an attempt to help a fellow classmate who was been possessed. Both police and ambulances were activate to the scene, and the place was sealed off for investigation. Its still a mystery though…

Feb 08th

That day was the happiest day of my life. After six months of wait, my Red Ranger suit finally landed on my doorstep. Finally! Since young I always dream of becoming a Power Ranger. My childhood! Those fond memories had turned into a reality! I remembered how excited I was when the suit arrived. I become tremendously excited once the package was open and bringing them out. Its like I just found a buried treasure of all time! Indeed, the costume and all shines before my very eyes!

All this wouldn’t have happened if not for my Green Ranger buddy, Barry Lo. No matter what, I still won’t forget how you had introduced me into this. You had help to bring back my childhood memory, and I thank you so much for that! And thanks to my tailor, Sushiya for making me the suit. Its a long wait, but I understand how busy you are. But its really worth the cost, since its what I always wanted. Becoming a Power Ranger was definitely the right superhero for me! POWER UP!!

Feb 26th

Its a birthday blast for one of our cosplayers, Danny where he’ll been having his birthday at the Costa Sands Resort  – Downtown East. There’s a special contribution too, where he wants to have a cosplay for his birthday. So ended up me as the Red Ranger and a friend of ours, who shall be Spiderman to be in-charge of entertaining his family and relatives. Also, that day marked as the 1st time where I had suit up as Red Ranger.

Not just the birthday only. One of our friends suggest we go entertained the entire chalet as well. Hard to say no, isn’t it? =P

Mar 5th-6th

I’ve been waiting for this. To suit up as Red Ranger for real on cosplay events. Well, this is my first. So there I go, its Morphin Time!! I won the hearts of many, especially the kids. This is what I always wanted. For the kids, especially. I dedicated this to them, as much I had dedicate for the fans of Power Rangers. That day was truly exciting, and that’s the day where I got a lot of young girls ended up becoming my fangirls. How sweet!! =D

April 10th

Costume Talent Movia Mania had organized a cosplay competition, known as Funan Engage 2011 which takes place at the Funan IT Mall Atrium itself. There’s also a special guest appearance by Japanese Idol, Chiroru Hoshino who will be performing on stage. Here, I was been encouraged to took part into it. I was reluctant at first. But then again, why not give it a shot? Me as Red Ranger will be a hit on stage! Besides, it wasn’t my first time performed as a cosplayer on stage. The last time I did was being my favourite Star Trek character, the Borg.

However, I did not make it into the Top 10. But I’m not all entirely disappointed. Its worth be on stage, and to showcase your skills and talents as the character you are in. Its a fun experience! Its all about cosplaying. To have fun characterizing yourself as your favourite character! =)

Jun 05th

This month is perhaps the most epic month for me since I attended most events for this month. Let me start with this Haru Bazaar. I attended to this event after a friend tell me about it. Since I’m free, why not join in the fun? Its basically all about Japanese pop culture. From television to music, fashion, comics, games and all. Hei, Power Ranger was originally created in Japan before America had its own. So my character is still part of its category! =P And indeed, what fun! I seem to be the most prominent one there! =D

Jun 12th

Its only about a week after that Haru Bazaar event and I go for another round. Believe me, once you cosplay as a Power Ranger, its definitely hard to quit! So, this event was been invited by a friend. Its basically set up as a cosplay competition, where only one group or cosplayer will emerged as the champion. But its free for all to come down and to entertain the public. Once again, I hit the spotlight! Not to worry my anime friends, I still respect you all! =)


Jun 28th – Jun 29th

This is one of the most well-known yearly cosplay event where its a free for all to come down and had fun and get to know new friends. I would never want to miss this. Especially when beaming down as the Power Ranger! And that is the day where I ended up getting sooooo many hugs from fangirls. The awkward moment where I feel like a stuff toy to them. Let alone been surrounded by a platoon of photographers, snapping their shots at every angle while I’m there been squashed so tight by the girls till I almost ran out of air. Ohhh the fond memories… =P


Jul 16th

There’s some haunting rumours speculating about this abandoned rifle range which was located deep in the heart of West Singapore. So we decided to investigate the place out on that very night. Though there’s no such paranormal encounters been reported, few of us did somehow detected some activity. A spike occurs on the EMF suddenly shot up in one of the rooms. Temperature within the particular room suddenly drops. A “red eye” was spotted, and that coldspot that just wouldn’t quit! We might came back here again for further investigation.


Aug 20th – 21th

Another yearly anticipated event which can’t be avoided. Also, I’m dying to try out my newly arrived Dragonshield that were meant for my Red Ranger as a means of upgrading it. DRAGONZORD POWER!!! Its been an epic fun! A whole lot of fun for me and my gang on that day! Its truly unforgettable! =D

Aug 27th

For this year Hungry Ghost festival, SPI had invited 15 guests for a special night of exclusive paranormal investigation. We had chosen the old rifle range to set up for the investigation. At the same time, we can enhance further into the investigation since we had promise we’ll be back here again. At the end of the investigation, the participants truly enjoy the time and experience with us. They now can get the feel how its like, before and during investigation. The common tools, gadgets that were used. And especially for those volunteers who took part in the EVP session. How was it like to seat there in the dark, and trying to communicate to whoever that thing is, in that room. Do they feel any presence or any sense of touch? Indeed, its really worth an experience, especially during this time of the month. And glad they were just in time to witness it before that period ends.


Sep 9th – 11th

Especially dedicated for hardcore gamers, this event is just right for you. But for some, like myself will be there for the cosplay part. There will also be a cosplay competition, where I had took part into it. Though I did not make it, I still appreciated the fact that I truly enjoy it! =D I make new more friends there, and put the smiles for the kids! They just loving it, as much as myself! =D


Sep 11th

Its the day after I had attended the TGX event. Like I say, once you are a power ranger, its hard for you to stop. Like me, especially! =D Besides, I too had promise my Green Ranger friend that I’ll be there to tag along with him. The best part for that day is where both of us roam the levels of the shopping mall of Bugis Iluma, where the event were held, with our cameraman following behind us. Doing this actually reminds me of the video I’ve watched in YouTube, whereby 5 American students were film walking around town, enter shopping malls, shops, even a club, while cosplaying as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Can you believe it!? They actually did that just to spread the entertainment around from one place to another. And they were doing it the whole day. This gang sure does put in a lot of effort and guts just to capture the attention, and we just happened to do it as well! =)

Oct 29th

The halls of the Asian Civilization Museum will be infested with all sorts of demons, ghouls, the walking dead, as they awaits to sense the shivers down the living daylight of the innocents! And within the dark corners and hallways of the museum, lurking its way on all fours, there lies the werewolf. Which is me! HAHAHA! Yes, my planned for this year’s Halloween will be the werewolf. I had order the mask, that comes with the claws from ebay. I’m truly happy to see how hideous the mask is! =D I so truly enjoy my time scaring the wits out of everybody that I was lost in my own world. I jump, I crawl, I stalk, I scale, I prowl, I lunged, I creep, I BITE!! And I HOWLED!!! Man, being a werewolf is fun!!


Nov 11th – 12th

I had missed last year 2010 AFA and I ain’t gonna missed for this year. Yes, I finally got my chance to morphin up and ready to put the smiles for everybody. Basically based on Japanese theme, but there’s no harm for other non-related cosplayers to come down and join in the fun! =D That day has been a blast! Epic like it was always has been! =)


Dec 17th

All good things will come to an end but with a good ending. Of course, there will be new things that will be refresh once again and ready for the new year. EOY is another Japanese theme that will get you what’s in store from the land of the rising sun. Mainly from cosplayers, by no doubt. So my group managed to get a booth, make some business by selling some stuff, and brings in the fun for all! =)

Dec 23rd

I was been invited for a pre-Christmas celebration. And it turns out that me, cosplaying as the Red Ranger and a friend of mine, who will be cosplaying as the Venom Symbiote from Spiderman were highlighted as special guests for the anticipated audience. That is SOOOOOOO morphenomenal! Especially when there were kids around. They were told there will be special cosplayers appearance. But other than that, were held behind curtains. Their expressions were so priceless upon seeing us entering! =D Thanks to the organizers who had invited us for this special Christmas Event. It was really amazing! Really appreciate it! =)

Well, there you go. This is my best highlights of 2011. Let there be hope, new frontiers for the upcoming 2012. 2011 had serve many of us well and we can now looked forward for a brand new beginning! Let’s ignore all that is negative, to forgive and forget what is needed to be done and let’s focus on what’s in store for us.




Captain’s log                                 Stardate: 69771.0 (Dec 29th, 2011)

Yes, finally! Two more Red Rangers from Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan and Power Ranger Wild Force (Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger) that I had purchase from Wheelock Place’s Dollz Inc is now welcome as part of my Forever Red vinyl Power Ranger figures collection! =)

Red Lion Ranger (Blazing Lion/Gao Red) from Power Rangers Wild Force (Left) and Vul Eagle from Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan. There is no Amercian version for the Vulcan group. In its original Super Sentai series, its the twenty-fifth production which was been aired in 2001.

My army of Forever Red is increasing steadily. Hope I can managed to get every single one of them in order to complete all the reds! =D

Captain’s log                                  Stardate: 67712.8 (Dec 24th, 2011)

I was been invited for a pre-Christmas celebration by a friend of mine which held yesterday the 23rd. As what I was told, the guests there were all prior to invitation. There will be some singing, dancing, small performance and games. The reason I’m there is because, as told by my friend, they will also have some cosplay event as part of the celebration. I’m fortunate to be free yesterday and agreed to be part of it, since there will be kids around and for sure they’ll be screaming when they see a Power Ranger walking in! =D And also, since it was a small event, I had decided not to put on my Dragon shield. So I will be in my original form as the Red Ranger.

So it turns out that only my friend and myself will be involved for the cosplay part. My friend will be the Venom Symbiote from Spiderman. And because there’s only two of us, the organizer decided to make us as special guest apperance for the audience. How exciting was that! Hahaha! They were not aware of the cosplay part, though they were informed there will be some performances. But won’t be expecting such character like myself and Venom to turn up until the time comes where we ready to shock them! =D

Both of us had decided to put up a fighting skit too. An eye-catching for the audience to held back to their seats. And during the skit, a friend of ours will interrupt us to stop fighting, as Christmas is around the corner as we should share the peace, joy and happiness around instead of killing one around. So as such, both of us will end this and shake hands. Peace and truce!

And it turn out perfectly as the way we want it to be! The audience were taken back by surprised when they see us running in and battle! Overall, from the starting to the end, it had been a fun celebration from those involved. Especially at the end, where the people will take their photos with us! HO!HO!HO!HO! =D

Its been a fun and exciting pre- Christmas celebration. Now I’m writing this near midnight. Soon it will be Christmas. So Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! Peace and joy and let’s share that happiness for this season greetings! ^^


EOY (End Of Year) 2011

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Captain’s log                                Stardate: 60370.1 (Dec 18th, 2011)

Just like SOY (Start of Year) event, EOY is also more into the Japanese culture of music, media, games, anime, fashion held in Singapore. And not to mention, the day of celebration for local cosplayers, performers, photographers, artists, exhibitors and talents. Something that can never be miss for such event like this. It attracts thousands of visitors each year. I had miss out the recent past events, and I had apply leave just for this. I’m really looking forward for it. Thankfully, my leave is granted and I’m ready to morph! =D

So this year’s EOY, which is held yesterday on Saturday the 17th will be my first time. Venue held will be at Republic Polytechnic. You may find this odd, cause I, as the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger will be armed with an entirely new weapon. Its not something that belongs to the Red Ranger, but one that comes from the next generation of Power Rangers. So instead of my original weapon, the Power Sword, I will armed with the Power Staff. Its a weapon that were used by the Gold Ranger in Zeo Power Rangers, which is the 2nd generation of Power Rangers after Mighty Morphin. I had made it myself using simple craft materials like foam, cardboard, paper etc. I had waited so long to try it out on the field, and yesterday’s was just right.

Sure, I’ll be expecting some people to ask me as to how come this Red Ranger from the classic series carried the Power Staff, when he himself knows that it wasn’t his original weapon. Hahahaha! Well, I just have to tell them, why not try something new? I know it may confused people, especially fans of Power Rangers. But honestly, I just wanna try something that will surprised people. If the Black Ranger from MMPR can don on the Defender Vest seen in Power Rangers Operational Overdrive, why can’t this Red Ranger try something different too? =D Besides, I only bring it for that day. The rest of the events will be back carrying my Power Sword. I decided that I only bring the Power Staff if my group requested for it as display prop. Or to lend it to those who owns the Gold Ranger suit.

Ok, here’s the best photos taken for that day. Many credits to Aizul for being the photographer, as well as minder! =)

I came to notice however, that the school’s Cultural Centre, where all the booths and event were held ended up having limited space. There’s nothing much to see or move around. So me and my gang decided to roam outside the school compound just to get more highlights and phototaking. There sure to be lots of cosplayers who prefer cosplaying outside the event hall. And the surrounding of the school is good enough for a nice photoshoot =)

But nevertheless, despite the crammed space and all that, I’m not entirely all regret coming down for the event. Like all other cosplay events, I’m there for the fun of it. At the same time, make new friends and share the happiness around! Will be looking forward for it again! =D

Captain’s log                               Stardate: 65443.1 (Dec 10th, 2011)

Some of the things are just to personal for me to admit to you. I may admit to you some. But there are some things better left untold. I may sounded like I just lie. But I lie due a good reason. I just couldn’t voice out on certain issues. Its not that I don’t want to tell you. Its just that I don’t you to feel hurt. Upset. Disappointed. I just couldn’t bear to see you that way. Please forgive me if I may have to sound this way. I just couldn’t help myself. This is for your own good. Please try to understand……..

I know how persistent you can be sometimes. But this is something that only I will know. Its my rights, for my sake. But I promise you, I would never done anything that would hurt you badly. I would NEVER! I’m trying my very best to erase those awful thoughts away. To move on. It isn’t healthy…yes, I know. No matter how distance we were, I can still feel your heart close to mine. There’s no wall, no barrier when someone is closer to you. I still care for you…. 

Please forgive me…..

Captain’s log                              Stardate: 65427.7 (Dec 04th, 2011)

I’ve decided to start my favourite comic collection of Calvin and Hobbies. This popular comic was first introduced by my mom when I was 15. Since then, I had become fond of it had started to read more.

I’m sure many of you had heard about the fun adventures of Calvin and Hobbes. Written and illustrated by Bill Watterson, its about this notorious, impulsive, creative, imaginative, energetic, curious, intelligent, hypocritical, selfish, rude and ill-tempered 6-year old Calvin and his stuff tiger named Hobbes. When no one else is around, Hobbes magically grew full adult size. He talks, he writes, he draws, he dance, he sings, and only in Calvin’s presence. This is what I thought when I first been introduced about this comic book. Until I’ve read in the internet, as according to the creator of the comic book, “it’s not Calvin’s imagination that makes him come to life when he’s around. Calvin views him as a live tiger; as best friend. To everybody else he’s a stuffed tiger.” Can’t say much when comes to having a stuff toy for a real friend when comes to kids like Calvin. Its not something like having an imaginary friend. But one who picture it as a true friend, who is wise, down-to-earth, humble and can be caring at times. Though Hobbes got this nasty habit of pouncing at Calvin upon reaching home from school, he still the type where he will show some support and be there for his pal anytime. A friendship between them ever to last, despite of quarrels and arguments.

Just like any other well-known comic book, the story had captured the hearts of many. Young and old. Dedicated for all ages, as it is richly imaginative, well-written, interestingly dramatic, and as the more you read, the more you gonna expect some trouble from that 6-year old brat! HAHAHA! =D

Well, this is currently the collection I had at the present moment.

Will be posting my collection inside my Facebook account. There’s more wonderful stories from this two wonderful characters for me to collect! =)