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Nation’s Last Hope….????….

Posted: October 8, 2018 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                               Stardate: 92018.8 (Oct 8, 2018)

The parody side of James Bond is striking again. Yes, Johnny English Strikes Again to bring out that same comical theme, but in a far more ticklishly crackpot, dumb tactics in a hilarious striking LOL method. Not to mention, that “Mr Bean” look of his never fails! Its beyond oblivious! =D


The story begins when a department in the British Directorate of Military Intelligence known as M17 receives a cyber attack from an unknown entity which exposes the data of their current agents. With the instructions from the Prime Minister, they are forced to summoned any of their older and inactive agents. And Johnny English happens to be one of them, who its currently a geography teacher.

He gets the mission, and also gets to be accompanied by his old sidekick which he requested. His tasked was to investigate these cyber attacks launched on Britain, which led to this young billionaire. And so happens that the Prime Minister is considering having a meeting with him, which also to form an agreement as part of a G12 meeting with several nations.

So Mr English is summon to take down this villain before the nation is doomed. So either he strikes fast or he ended up getting strike. A man with a few skills and analogue method, English will have to come out of retirement to save the day, yet again. He will try to attempt, ended up attempt to entertain using the same gags, same silly appeal out of the box. Even throwing a couple of his “Mr Bean” trademarks which never fails to make you laugh your ass off!

Since the first movie, Johnny English is never been a spy movie. One look and you know its gonna be one hell of a James Bond parody. As funny as the previous two movies, Rowan Atkinson does it brilliantly. Really calmed and well-made action comedy. Saving mankind with an accent of English.

Once again, he’s the nation last hope. So for those who love all about Rowan Atkinson, this movie is definitely a must to watch. If kids love Mr Bean, they sure gonna love laughing at this. Overall, its a hilarious one from start to finish. I let you be the judge to laugh!