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Best Highlights Of 2013!

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Captain’s log                                       Stardate: 70731.8 (Dec 29th, 2013)

Time flies and passes by. Sometimes we see it moving too fast that we can’t hardly catch up. Sooner or later, that will be the day. 2 more days to go before we welcome the new year 2014! Like I always wrote before the year comes to an end, let me share with you the best highlights that I had enjoyed and fulfilled in 2013! =)

Location: Boat Quay
Date: 17th February 2013

Been planning for quite some time. And soon, it came true where eight of us were at Boat Quay for a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers special photoshoot. But not entirely in full suit. Just in our ranger hoodies. Of course, with the helmets along! Yes, we managed to get a full crew for the original 6, especially for the pink and yellow. But among us one of them will suit up as the Gold Ranger hoodie from Power Rangers Zeo.

Let’s just say, we considered him as our special guest appearance. hehe…


Location: Haw Par Villa
Date: 24th February 2013

Formally known as “Tiger Balm Gardens” the park was built in 1937 by the Burmese brothers, Aw Boon Haw and Aw Book Park. Its been seven years since I’ve last visited this place. I remember how peaceful and serenity the place is. So in order to recap, I join in for another one of SPI historical tour to this once popular theme place.

Lead by our SPI historian, who was a former employee of the place, he shall share with us the history, the Chinese folklore, legends and Confucianism teachings to 11 excited participants who had join in the tour. 


Location: Jurong Point Mall
Date: 16th – 17th March 2013

The moment I read the event name, I knew for sure it got something to do with Japanese culture. All about their traditional elements and just about everything “MADE IN JAPAN.” Best for those who are into this culture. More or less like any other anime or Japanese-oriented events. Its just anime anime everywhere nowadays! =P

The event space is relatively small. With all the crowd gathered there, there’s hardly much space to move around. But nevertheless, we enjoyed our time there cosplaying, rather than rotting at home! =D


Location: Dhoby Ghaut Sakura Restaurant
Date: 6th April 2013

A day that can never be forgotten. Finally get to meet my old classmates from Ping Yi Secondary School (PYSS) all this time since we graduated 12 years old.

Time flies and time changes after all those donkey years. All of us had own lives to settle with. Some of us were married and had kids. Some still single.

But still, the bonding is why we are there together. That’s the most important part in everyone of us to maintain that friendship after so long of not seeing one another. Facebook had help us to meet back our old friends. But its always better if we were to reunite by meeting old friends once again.

We laugh, joke about, reminiscing of our schooldays. That’s just so much to talk about! So much to share! Good times good times… 


Location: Sentosa
Date: 9th June 2013

Me and my gang of superheroes took a leap forward and set foot on Singapore’s favourite tourism island, Sentosa. All of us are there for a cosplay competition, which was jointly organized by costume talent company, Movia Mania and iFly Sentosa. The competition was set for superheroes only. NO villains are welcome! =)

Initially, the competition was stage only for DC and Marvel superheroes. But it was soon change that ALL superheroes are welcome. But still, DC or Marvel superheroes are preferred.

And so, I had decided to take this opportunity and to compete as Kyoryuger Red. A character from the latest Japanese Super Sentai series. So far this is my 3rd time taking part in a cosplay competition. 

However, I did not win. But I’m not all disappointed. Cause to me, having fun with my friends there is more than enough. That’s what I’m aiming for at the most. Besides, I know myself that my new Kyoryuger Red is a success! =D


Location: Downtown East, Pasir Ris
Date: 6th – 7th July 2013

The most lovable and favourite cosplay event has finally landed again at the heart of Downtown East at Pasir Ris. An event that I really hate to miss! Everybody is looking forward for this. An event where you can get to meet new cosplayers also. Happy and be carefree while having fun cosplaying! =)

On the 1st day, I will be cosplaying as Kyoryuger Red from the latest Super Sentai series. The 2nd day, I will be the all-time favourite and veteran Red Ranger. To me, I will choose the last day to be the epic one! =)


Location: Holland Village
Date: 29th August 2013

When a friend of mine introduced me to this very old mosque which is located in the heart of Holland Village, I became very interested and wanted to plan a visit there. Its still retains its kampong appearance, and sits quietly next to a carpark within this small busy enclave of Holland Village.

Sadly, the holy place wouldn’t be there for long. After operating there for the past 40 years, it will cease operations by this year end. Initially the mosque was marked for redevelopment. But however some time later, the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore or MUIS (Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura) had make it clear that it have to make way. It has stated that it has been informed by the Housing Board that the mosque licence, which is temporary would not be extended further after the end of this year. The mosque had been under this scheme since 1991.

I’m really glad that I managed to take one last look at it before its gone. I thank one of the religious teacher for the tour and hospitality. Can’t help to say the least, that some things are never meant to be there forever…. 


Location: Marina Bay Sands
Date: 30th August – 1st September 2013

The Big Bang of all cosplay events has crash landed once again in the heart of Marina Bay Sands! There will be fresh new faces that will showcase their work of talents and special effects. A new blast with a wide range of activities and awesome collectible figures throughout the line of booths and exhibits.

Apart from that, there will be an Iron Man Hall of Armor. This is a great news for Iron Man fans here. Its shows an exact replica of the Hall of Armor from Tony Stark’s Malibu mansion. There are life-size display, just like in the movies. Seven Iron Man armours, from Mark I till Mark VI, with the Mark XLII as the centerpiece. Truly an epic exhibition from this year’s STGCC. Infact, seems like every corner there’s Iron Man. Like as though this year’s STGCC focus a lot on this epic armored character.

For this year’s event, I cosplay as the so-called American “Powerful” Ranger seen in Akibarangers. The usual me as Red Ranger, but dons the American flag collar and belt which I had custom-made. Hahaha! 

Location: Gardens By The Bay
Date: 20th October 2013
The moment we all been waiting for! That dream came true eventually. We had finally achieve the full team of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in complete full suit and weapons. In addition, this will be the 1st of our kind in Singapore. And its a great moment for me especially, as I had waited so long to have the full original crew from MMPR.
And not forgetting, our photographers who had made us the best in their works. You guys are awesome! Couldn’t have done it without you guys! =)
Location: Suntec City
Date: 8th – 10th November 2013
As the name suggested, yes! Ranging from a sensory treat of cosplaying, music, live entertainment, shopping, games, fashion, anime-related content and much more. Super and adorable merchandise up on sale at every inch of the place where you can shop at your heart’s content. Key exhibitions will lined up to capture your attention. Fans can look forward to a combination of familiar favourites and new experience zones. So if you love everything about Japan, this event is dedicated just for you! =)
This year’s AFA was also a big hit for me and the Toku gang. Cause its a big team up from both Power Rangers and Kamen Rider cosplayers. Some in suit and some in casual form, as follow accordingly to the series. Seriously, its like having our own version of Super Hero Taisen! =D
Location: Marina Barrage
Date: 15th November 2013

Before the year comes to an end, there will be this cosplay community that will make sure we have the final month of endless fun and something worth remembering.

Short as EOY. Concentrating on what’s in store ranging from anime, manga, games, pop-culture, fashion, music, etc. And if you are a fan of chocs, lollies and candies, this event is just for you as there will always be tons of sweet goodies to fill up your stomach. All imported from Japan. By each year end, they will have a summary of what you can’t miss, as well as what you should do to make EOY the greatest event of the year for you!

And this year’s EOY, I had cosplay as the Wild West Red Ranger. Its one of the episode seen in season 2 of MMPR. Red Ranger’s great great great grandpa from the 1880s who travel into the future and to spend the fun with the heroes of that time. Pretty cranky eh? Hahahaha!


So there you go my fellow bloggers. All the fun and time spend that I had been through in 2013. The best moments of my life and I hope it would be more interesting once the new year starts. That’s what I want if you ask me whether I got any new year resolution. Other than the rapid change in the environment and network that affects our daily life, each year still feels like the same for me. We celebrate at the beginning, then all resume back to normal life afterwards. All I want to do is to achieve in my goals, do what I can to be a better person. Hope for the best for myself, family and friends. Most importantly, stay healthy! =)

Now, looking forward for the break of the dawn. 2014, here I come! Power up!

EOY 2013!

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Captain’s log                                         Stardate: 775113.9 (Dec 16th, 2013)

Like a fairy tale which ends with a happily after ever ending, every cosplay events within that particular year will end with a ending worth satisfying before a new year comes.. And among the cosplay community, there’s one will make sure we have the final month of endless fun and something worth remembering.

Yes, its the End-Of-Year event. Short as EOY. Its like an other cosplay events, but mostly towards Japanese culture. Concentrating on what’s in store ranging from anime, manga, games, pop-culture, fashion, music, etc. All about Japan. Been involved into so many cosplay events that focus into Japanese culture had lead us to see the obvious of what’s been happening. Each year EOY is simply packed to the brim with awesome and new stuff. They will created a summary of what you can’t miss, as well as what you should do to make EOY the greatest event of the year for you!

Like last year, the event will take place once again at Marina Barrage. A highly recommended place for picnics and kite flying nowadays. The large open space is wide enough to run around and had the best spots for photoshoots! =D

And this year’s EOY, I had decided to come out something new for my Red Ranger suit. I will cosplay as the Wild West Red Ranger from the wild west. Pretty cranky eh? Well, better believe it since no one attempted this before.

Those who watch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers might recall this. Its one of the episodes seen in season 2. Its call “Wild West Rangers” and its a two-part series. The story begins where the Power Rangers were teleporting back to the Command Center. However the Pink Ranger ended up going through a time hole, taken her back to the year 1880! Clint Eastwood use to play around here when he was much younger! Hahaha!

Things take an interesting turn when she ended up meeting her friends great great great grandparents to say the least. Meanwhile in the future, the Rangers had discover where she is. But they have to stop their enemies from going through that time hole. Like as though that wasn’t worse enough, they ended up been paralyzed before they can prevent those monsters from traveling back in time. Eventually the time hole closes. The Rangers had failed to follow, leaving the Pink Ranger to face the enemies all alone!

That’s what she thought in the first place. As a last resort, she teleports to the Command Center of that era. Zordon gives her the power coins, as to what she will need to face to monsters. Also, that is if her friends’ ancestors willing to help. However, there’s just one problem. They don’t even know how to fight.

This gotten me to become a great great grandpa for the Red Ranger himself. I had taken a lot of time studying their outfits. Actually, it wasn’t that complicated. Their costumes were similar to the modern one. The only differences were the white neckerchief, embroidered boots and fringed gloves and spandex pants. When they morphed as the Wild West Rangers, their suits actually follow  as near-stereotypical as the Western clothing elements.

I had customized for both the boots and the cuffs. I had simply use craft foam to create the embroidered part and to attach to the boots by velcro. For the fringed part that were seen on the cuffs, I had use leather and had cut thin layers to make the fringes. Like my custom-made embroidered boots, the fringes also been attached by velcros. This snap-and-stick thingy really comes in handy when making your own props =)

In the series, the side of their spandex pants had fringes. But of course, I ain’t gonna add those onto my own unless I had an extra suit that can be reserved for this. So I just leave it the way as it is. Having done with the boots, cuffs and the neckerchief is close enough. And of course, don’t forget the cowboy hat. I got one which I had brought years ago from the states. In the series, the Rangers did not wear it when morph. But to my case, I’ve decided to put it on as it suit just right for my old Western character =D

So there I go. Yesterday the 15th, where the event takes place. Giddy up and hi ho sliver with my Toku buddies. HOWDY YO!!! YEE WOOO!!!

Below are some of the best photos taken. They will do the talking from here =)

Frame 1 EOY

The weather was an intense heat yesterday. But that doesn’t stop for having the fun till it last. I’m happy the way my Wild West Red Ranger had turned out to be. As the way I had expected. I will probably cosplay this again in the future. The way I see it, this latest character of mine which comes out of the Red Ranger does portray like an alternate version. Except of course that he comes from 1880s. And who knows, if by chance, I might get my gang to turn their Power Rangers or Kamen Riders into Wild West version as well! Hahahahaha!

To Retire From Red Ranger……

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Captain’s log                                                   Stardate: 77142.5 (Dec 06th, 2013)

Few of my colleagues had asked me recently, how long would I planned to cosplay as the Red Ranger? Well, this is nothing new to me as there are many cosplayers had also asked me the same question. Guess its best to share it here too =)

Honestly it depends. I’m 29 this year. So I got a long way ahead to go before retiring as Red Ranger. I have been cosplaying as my childhood character for three years straight already. If I want to step down, will most likely be somewhere during my mid thirties. Or even one year before I turned 40. Obviously as we speak, I can’t continue be a Power Ranger once I gets old. Its just kinda weird for a 40-year old…..=/

Till then, I had the years ahead to held on to my morpher. Sounds catchy eh? I really like to phrase that way. Making like as if I really came out within that character in the shows! =D

Oh I almost forgot. They even asked me, would I continue to cosplay even after I retire as a Power Ranger?

Good question. Sherlock Holmes? Maybe?

“I may be old. But I can still morph!” – Tommy Oliver in Power Rangers Dino Thunder