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Captain’s log                                        Stardate: 98215.6 (Jul 21st, 2016)

Our local Star Trek community were been invited to catch the premiere of the latest Star Trek movie, Star Trek Beyond. The actual release date here in Singapore will be on July 21st. The premiere will be shown on 20th, one day before the actual release date.


A friend of ours, and also in-charge of the well-recognise and respected fan club in movie, computer games and TV character costume talent company, Movia Mania were given 6 tickets for the premiere. However, these 6 tickets is specifically for those who had the Star Trek suits. Regardless of which suits, from Star Trek – The Original Series to the latest.

Fortunate for me I still treasure my Star Trek uniforms, despite nowadays I cosplay more as a Power Ranger. I’m still a big fan of Star Trek and will always be. Once a Trekkie, always a Trekkie. Cause you will never know one day you might wear the suit again.

So I decided to try out the suit that were first seen in Star Trek – First Contact. Its the one with a sliver-coloured at the top of the suit and bottom black. I do owned the one seen in Star Trek – Voyager, with the red-coloured top. As well as the one from the first reboot Star Trek movie shown in 2009. However, its a little tight, though it still fits me. The Voyager one still fits perfectly. But I decided to go with the First Contact version, since that one appeared more unique and senior-feeling, in a kind of way..=D

Before I move on further, here’s are some few photos of us local trekkies taken before the movie commence. Many credits to both Reno and Angela for the photos taken =)


Last I had wore it was in 2010. Been quite a while since then. Funny. The though of having it back on you is like as though you are been called back to take command of your starship one last time, before you retired as a veteran Federation Captain for good. Or, been invited as a special Federation guest after served many years in it. That feeling… hahaha! 

Anyway, push that aside. Star Trek Beyond, directed by Justin Lin who was the director of The Fast and the Furious is the thirteenth film in the Star Trek film franchise. As well as the third installment in the reboot series after Star Trek Into Darkness. The cast are back to reprising their roles as their legendary Starfleet heroes.

The movie is also dedicated to the memory of Anton Yelchin who played as Ensign Pavel Chekov, the ship’s main navigator. The Russian born actor sadly passed away in a car accident a month before its scheduled release. Not forgetting, its also dedicated to the fellow veteran Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy, who passed away during pre-production. Everybody knows him well-enough who he play as. With the look of that pointy ears of him and a touch of his mind-melt, who wouldn’t?

Beyond, shows the crew of the U.S.S Enterprise during their five-year mission. While on a rescue mission, they are suddenly attacked by an unstoppable tsunami of unknown aliens. This also led the crew into an ambush. Once again, you will see the Enterprise been hurled into a void of destruction, that forces the crew to abandon ship.

Stranded on an unknown planet and with no apparent means of rescue, the crew find themselves in conflict with a new and ruthless enemy. 

That’s all for the start. No spoilers! =D

Seriously, what the media, the internet been saying about the movie is damn true. Star Trek Beyond had taken us to the edge of our seat. Its tremendously wide-eyed filled with  the utmost anticipation. The speed, the fights, the destruction, indeed. Expected with lots and tons of action that will leave you breathless. Plenty of fast and furious, as what the director of Fast and Furious wants it to be. No doubt about it. This is more than just Star Trek itself.

We watch it in 3D. It appeared so much in detail, especially for the starship once you had the 3D glasses on. So enormous and close that I could almost touch it! =D

Despite the hell-breaking loose, there’s also the heart-breaking, let alone touching moments that was worth the watch. The movie has promise what many fans were hoping for, that also plays a part in honouring the 50 years of Star Trek. And if you notice, as time passes by these actors had pretty much resemblances as close to their original counterparts. The reboot cast fits as how they talk and behave like the originals. The right choice of people.

So Star Trek fans or Trekkies, this is indeed a MUST not be missed! Star Trek Beyond is incredibly explosive, and expect tons of furious chases and unstoppable battle. Not to mention, the humour. Feels like wanna watch it again! =D

The legacy will continues. To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before…

Cosfest XV: Reborn!

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Captain’s log                                   Stardate: 90046.5 (Jul 4th, 2016)

Everybody’s favourite cosplay event is here again at the heart of Downtown East at Pasir Ris. As usual held in the weekends, it will delight cosplayers to fill the hours of fun till the day’s end.

An event which not only brings cosplayers together, but also brings the whole family to come down and join in the colourful fun and entertainment. You can say, its more of a family fun oriented then just being a cosplay event itself. Also, this is where you can find more new cosplayers, and become friends to many of them.

This year cosfest will have a special highlight on the first day. The organizers had set up a DC Comic special on stage, dedicated for DC fans and lovers. The theme features a DC Comics Cosplay Show by the Suicide Squad characters and DC Comics Super Runway.

So for those who owned the suit from any of the DC characters, you are welcome to take part in the super runway. Superman and Batman are the most talk of the town, indeed! =D

The event took place on the 2nd  – 3rd July. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it on the first day cause I’m working, and too late to apply for leave. Or else I can take part in the DC super runway as Batman Beyond. That’s too bad…..

Still, at least I can make it for the last day, where I had debut in my latest suit. Its the Red Ranger Ninjetti, which was seen in the 1995 Power Rangers movie and third season in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Only appeared in the American version, but not in Super Sentai. Those who have seen it will know =D

Also the fact that it falls on the fasting month; but I’m already used to it. Like that recent event where we are invited for a carnival. As long I don’t run around too much.

Here’s are the photos and I let them do the talking. Many credits to our friends who had taken the photos! =D



Though it was tiring, especially for us who was fasting, the day went well. And also the weather was damn hot! Its been a blazing heat ever since. And we had to resort in staying inside the huge tent where it was been built at the center of the field. Cause inside was air-conditioning.

Nevertheless, we did enjoy our time there and had lots of fun. And I’m happy to know that many of the people did recognize my Red Ranger Ninjetti. Did not expect this, as it wasn’t something like my actual Red Ranger suit. But glad to see me pose as the Red Ranger Ninjetti turn out quite well to many of them.

Achievement Unlocked! =D

There will be another one in soon to come and will look forward into it. Till then, cheers! =)