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Captain’s log                            Stardate: 62542.6 (Jan 16th, 2009)

Besides being too obsessed in Star Trek, you could also say that I’m also obsessed in the paranormal. Just make sure I don’t ended up in the X-Files myself! =D Two passions of a kind that I counted for really keeps me going down the road. Something that I wanted to be for so long. But its not just from the name itself. Its the people, the members from inside that particular society. They always welcome fresh new people to be part of the organization. Those who held the same interest. Same level of passions. And if they have any new ideas, suggestions that was related to the topics, they will contribute for the group. To better understanding than what its worth.

And to ensure if any of my fellow trekkies (local Star Trek members) were reading this, please don’t be disappointed; I mean if you are. Cause I’m still strong on the sci-fiction side, and never been this happier to be part of the local Star Trek fansite =) And to contribute whenever necessary.

Come to the paranormal side, some people that I know had thought I’ve gone crazy to be involved in this weird stuff. And those people who I know, if you were reading this, call me “crazy” if you wish. There’s nothing wrong joining the paranormal team, where the local ones were. We are NOT like some of those paranormal society in the Western, who exercise on exorcisms or any form of occult magic, that sometimes can ended up been cursed upon. We do however, face certain consequences that will lead us to believe that there is more going on around us than just by observing. Even so, we do always, always remained at extreme cautious. Yes, in case you are wondering, we do had few of the members, especially from the veterans who had the ability to “see”, catch the “presence” that many of us can’t. But they will always remained inside the safe circle.

Ok, enough said. Now here’s my latest log entry.

Yesterday night, on stardate 62540.5 (Jan 15th, 2009), four members, including myself were set to recce another hotspot. Somewhere on the north side of Singapore, there’s an abandoned MRT underground station which was located within Kubur (Cemetery) Bidadari itself. One of the members named Nur had posted this inside our forum. Based on what she discovered, this underground station was built over the grave. The government had decided to relocate the cemetery to a new location, in order to make space for the new train line which starts at year 2001. Soon after, members of public began to witness sightings of paranormal activity taken place. Voices, strange footsteps in the night, you named it. It appears that the spirits were most likely been disturbed by this new environment that had taken over their resting place, and apparently, refused to leave. The situation falls back to the government, so great that they were forced to close it down.

Till now, eight years later, it remains abandoned. Like a structure long forgotten. Like a timepiece of memory. Now comes to the paranormal sighting, we are gonna find out.

Right after reporting off-duty, I straightaway proceed to Serangoon MRT station where the five of us were schedule to meet at 1930hrs. There, another member by the named of Alex, shall pick us in his weekend car before proceeding to the designated location.

Moments later, it appears that Alex couldn’t make it, as he had called up Nur that he was caught up in a meeting and will be too late if he still wished to join us. Therefore, we are on our own.

Nur happened to print out the map that will lead us towards the designated location. Since Alex is unavailable, we have no choice but to get there by foot. We are kind of lost in the first place. But after getting some clues by looking at the directional signs across and along the side of the road, we managed to find the right track. Took less than ten minutes to be accounted for =D

Its quite a considerable walked if you asked me. And moments later, we caught sighted of the MRT underground terminal near the side of the road.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Woodleigh MRT station.


As according to research that Nur had studied, the underground station was been built over a cemetery. No matter what and how the government did, it was believed that the spirits still roam the tunnel beneath. The entry was been locked up; to be OBVIOUS. The escalator stood frozen before us, and there, we could catch a glimpse below that leads beneath the Earth. The underground station, where the lights were seen, noticeably on….

MRT Drug?? MRT

On top of that, what appears from the other side of the terminal was a large open field. Large enough for your soccer or even a game of cricket. But little do many of us know, even for myself that this is not some ordinary field you’ve seen everyday. Its a spacious land that was once a Muslim cemetery….

Field Field Field

Less than ten minutes, we left the location and proceed towards the opposite side of the road, where there’s another MRT terminal. It was the same one, where it links.


The elevator in “MAINTENANCE” mode, where the word was been frozen across the LED. After all this years?? =o


Next to it, was another open field. And yes, use to be another cemetery. This time, we gonna survey across it. By walking along the path available, of course.

MRT MRT Field Field Field Field

Noticeably, certain areas of the grass patch seems to felt harden by the feet. Doesn’t felt like real or soil or bare ground. But felt like as though the grass was been carpeted over concrete. One of the agents, whom we called him “CS” had assume that, those particular areas could be a road for vehicles driving in and out. He noticed this by seeing how the angle the terrain was been established. Could it be possible?

More photos taken….

Field Field Tree branch Field Field Field Field Field

Based on studies, this old then cemetery use to be the Christian cemetery. It was not known whether it was proven a fact, but as Nur had stated, that was how it was describe.

Path Tree Field

After a while, we came across an intersection whereby Nur had suggested that we should split up. I admit, I do had second thoughts when ended up in a place like this. That eerie surrounding….the shivers I had felt….but then again, I had to snap out of it. Come on Ariffin, you are a member of the local ghost team! Ghost investigators need to face this every once in a while! So I took the bait. Following the path facing my left.

The beam of light from my torch swept the area as I survey in solo. Taking pictures along the way. I try not to think of any disturbing images I had in mind as my imagination were running wild at that time! Just within 50 meters, I heard running footsteps behind me. Panic, I spun around. Heart pounding, as I pointed the beam of light dead ahead. Appearing pale from the light, I saw a figure coming towards me. Shivers grip me tight, where I stood rooted to the path. I felt cold. Damn cold! The figure getting closer. I caught a glimpse of a white shorts. And this figure seems to jog..

Took me a while to realize that this figure, is a normal human being on a night jog.

Literally, there’s nothing wrong jogging at this time of night. But on this “piece of land?” Is he aware about it? Maybe he knows. But he doesn’t care…perhaps. I assume he’s one tough fellow who’s not afraid to jog in such a place. But he does freak me out in the first place! =0

Once I survey this side, I quickly joined Nur who had continued walking on straight. This side of the path, had many trees along both.

That sudden cold feeling comes back every now and then. Yes, the weather is chilling, but there seem to be another “chilling” creeping upon us.

Check out this markings been craved on the path. There were the indications of each cemetery still left behind.

Markings Markings Markings Markings Markings

The other two of our members soon rejoined us. After about half an hour surveying the place, we called it a night.

Here’s some “left-over” photos. Hah! =D

Field Field

We stopped by a coffee shop where we have our drinks as we debrief about the recce. Certain questions still held me back by doubts, as to what the government will do about the station other than leaving it rotting after eight years. Could what those members of public seen were actually the spirits that were from the grave? Does it ever appeared in the news before?

One thing for sure, there’s always the truth to be seek out. For the moment, it was still, a mystery………..

  1. Ghost Hunter says:

    I am a long time Star Trek fan as well, I especially like the original series and have seen every episode.

    I also believe in ghosts and the paranormal, there are definitely a lot of things “out there” that we do not understand.

  2. captain24 says:

    Exactly my friend. I mean, about the ghost.
    You are a Star Trek fan as well? Cool! By the way, I can’t wait for the new movie to show on the big screen =)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Meawhile, 7 days down the road, Woodleigh MRT is already in operation lol

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