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Captain’s log                            Stardate: 90107.7 (Nov 10, 2017)

Some time ago my wife told me about this restaurant that offers the best soup tulang. And she also tagged it to me in Facebook, which shows our local Chef Shahrizal Salleh aka Chef Bob, Ambassador of Singapore Halal Culinary Federation (SHCF) trying out the place. Seeing how the chef enjoy the food and providing an awesome feedback, we decided to try it out! =)

Known as Tash Tish Tosh, its located at the corner along Kandahar Street, not far from the Sultan Mosque.

The place wasn’t that big. But seems really cozy and had a welcoming environment. So me and wife order the Bomb Buffalo Wings and Tash Tooling Stew, or simply soup tulang. Yes, they not only serve soup tulang but other mouth-watering dishes as well. Like pizzas and pasta. But the soup tulang is a MUST try. The main appetiser! =D

tish tash tosh

Our food came. And indeed, the soup tulang is really out of this world!

Same goes to the buffalo wings. They are spicy and hot. But the taste was way beyond words! 


I cannot say how much delicious they are but they are simply irresistible. The soup tulang doesn’t leave so much gravy on your fingers like most, cause this one doesn’t seem to apply any food colouring to it. But still, the taste is awesome and will have you come back for more. Not to mention, the staff are very friendly and even recommend the best dishes for first timers.

Recommended by Chef Bob, you should try out this triple T restaurant. Especially for soup tulang fans!

Located at 50 Kandahar Street, its operates from Tuesday to Sundays.

Opens from 11:30am to 4:00pm (Lunch) and 6:00pm – 11:00pm (Dinner). Between 4pm – 6pm, they will be closed for replenishment.




STGCC 2017

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Captain’s log                          Stardate: 99012.7 (Sept 12, 2017)

Marina Bay Sands Convention hall open its doors once again for the most anticipated  and annual cosplay event ever. From 9th – 10 Sept 2017, the Singapore Toys Games Comic Convention will bring out the latest and coolest toys, games, anime, cosplay, music, fashion merging from East and West. You named it!

Speaking of latest and coolest, for this year’s STGCC, there will be the Star Wars: Experience The Force, where the entire zone was been specially dedicated to Star Wars. Star Wars fans will be given the chance to get unclose and personal with the fan-made vehicle replicas, games and awesome collectibles!

Another best highlight is the Akiba Zone. Inspired by the high energy electric town in Japan, this zone strives of cosplay, music and artists to cater the fans!

Not to mention the Artist Galore, where you get to meet well-known artists and talents showcasing their original works of fan-arts.

So if you are into a mix of pop-culture rising from both worlds, STGCC is all yours to droll.

And for this year, I had decided to come down in my Batman Beyond Armour version. Remodified! Before the event takes place, I had taken the time to did some major modifications to it. Even change the entire suit to a larger size as the previous one was a little tight. This time, not only it looks more detail, its also lightweight. Not much restrain to the arms and able to move freely. A friend commented, that my version 2 looks more fierce and bold. I had to admit, it does! =D

For that record, a friend of ours who was also a frequent photographer for many cosplay events had organised a Marvel VS DC Mass Photoshoot. He had chose a perfect spot for the shoot. Many of us were coming on the 10th only, which is the last day of STGCC. So do I, as the 1st day I have to work. But I’m ok with it, cause at least I can make it for one day.

Talk about the massive crowd of people and kids wanting to take photos of us while waiting for the rest for the shoot. As expected! =D

Here’s where the photos will tell you in a thousands words! Clash of the Titans for both Marvel and DC!! 

And yes there are also non-Marvel and non-DC as well. Why not join in the fun and pick your side! =D

STGCC 2017


STGCC 2017 1

Many thanks to our friend and awesome photographer, Ismadi for the awesome photos taken! Worth epic at every shots! =D

The day ended in a wrap! I really enjoy the time with the cosplayers, especially the photoshoot. Indeed, was epic!

I’m also glad by how my remodifed Batsuit had turned out. Its much more flexible, lightweight and wasn’t as tight like my first version. Except for that moment where I had ripped the padding that was attached to my left leg. Luckily a friend carry some tapes and secure it tight. I guess I was too overwhelmed in the character that I burst a crack on the suit! =D

Other than that it went ahead well. We all had a good time together, teasing, joking and laughing like as though we never see each other for so many years. Well, its not like we everyday get to see each other. At most during cosplay events and that’s how we know each other from there. So its good to catch up whenever time permits.

Nevertheless, it’s been an awesome fruitful event and looking forward to see you guys again in the future!








Captain’s log                                 Stardate: 98081.6 (Sept 8, 2017)

On Sept 6, 2017, 4 volunteers from Pause For A Cause had turn up for a flag day which was organised by the Children’s Society of Singapore.

A brief intro about them. The society has been caring for the welfare of disadvantaged children; many of whom are victims of child abuse and neglect, juvenile delinquency or from families facing financial difficulties. Founded in 1952, the society protects and nurtures children and youth regardless of races and religions. 

Coming back to our part, we have taken this opportunity to be part of it while in suits. Good thing it falls on my off day, so I decided to don in my Kamen Rider Drive suit. Its been awhile since I last wear it. So that day its perfect to drive thru! 



Join with me were Spiderman, Supergirl and Bumblebee. With our humble helpers, minders and photographers to aid and assist us, we are ready to roll out into the streets!


Ready to be deployed! And with the Spidergirl tagging along. She’s really cute! =D 

Our base is at ERC Institute. So we shall be roaming within its nearby vicinity, and next to the School of Arts (SOTA) also.

Members of public were stunned and amazed by our appearance. As expected..hahaha! Each time our photos were taken, our helpers and the organisers will encourage them to donate any amount for the said society. Even a small donations will created an impact, and I for one believe we have achieved a lot since got us involved. Hehe.. 

Here are some of the best photos taken. They will do the rest of the talking =D Many thanks to the photographers for the photos.


scs 2

Glad that I had volunteer to come for this event. I had no regret about as it was really fun and worthwhile. At the same time, getting to know new cosplayers.

Most important was the amount of teamwork and dedication that keeps us on the move. This helps to extend the happiness and entertained the people more. We are there for a purpose, and will continue to bring the light especially for those in it.

Its tiring by the end of the day. But as said, its worth it that hours spend. We all did a wonderful job, especially our helpers and organisers for assisting us at every way. We will looked forward for working again in the future!


Cosplayers Making A Difference

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Captain’s log                          Stardate: 90825.7 (Aug 25th, 2017)

Back then, whenever I don in my Power Ranger suit and started visiting those kids in hospital, I had people asking me; what inspires me to do this? What can I achieved in doing such?

Well, as I mentioned before, and even now, I had wanting do this ever since I watch and read about how cosplayers in their superheroes costumes did their part.

Take it for example, the late Lenny B. Robinson. Better known as the Route 29 Batman. Most of you may have know him, as he had for years dressed as the Caped Crusader and driven his custom-made car. His mission, was to deliver moments of happiness and distraction to hundreds of sick children at hospitals.

He was killed after his Batmobile breaks down in Maryland, when a car slams into the Batmobile.

His death had prompted a deluge of sorrowful responses, including one from the actual Dark Knight. And with one, who describes him as “Not a normal man, he’s a true hero. A person who stood out above the rest and became a symbol of hope for those who have little to be hopeful about.”

Another mentioned, “He touched a lot of lives and made a lot of kids smile. That’s all he wanted to do.”

Even though being rich, he used most of his money to buy toys and gifts just for the children. That’s all he ever want to do doing his free time.

And that’s what I tell them, this is what I wanted to do. I had been cosplaying for many years. And its that point of time I had found a new purpose in this line. Cosplaying for the extra mile, for a good cause out of good faith. You have the suit. You can use it for such good cause. Not for fame. Not for money.

That’s all I wanted to do.

And that’s how our humble community of Pause for a Cause gets another invitation from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. So on Tuesday, the 22nd, three of us cosplayers don in our characters; Elsa, Spiderman and Red Ranger (Me) will be visiting the kids from their wards to deliver that moments of joy and happiness! =)


With our two awesome helpers (The founder of PFAC himself on the extreme right), we are ready to put the smiles of their faces! =)

I’ve been there for like a few times and seem to know from which ward to start and to end. Hahaha! But still, its good to see the kids again. As we visit the wards, I had wonder if any of the Healthcare workers recognise the common cosplayers like myself… hehe..

The photos here will do the rest of the talking. Many thanks to our founder for taking these awesome photos! =D

Faces of the children will not be shown as to protect their identity with respect. Thank you for your understanding.


The current visit had most of the kids so excited and so active than the previous visit. Till one very small boy seems to like following our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. I joked as how Spideman caught the little boy’s attention like a magnet.

Poor spidey… Be thankful bro. The kid’s love ya! =D

Speaking from the kids excitement, we did not expect one of the kids to return us a favour. By making us some of his awesome super shurikens! And had written “THANK YOU” and his name on it. Awww…..


Our super shrunken gifts! Made with love and care. Appreciate every little thing that touches the heart =)

Indeed, it has been a happy day for the kids and us. We make the kids their day and they make ours. I had done this many times and have no regrets doing again. Whenever I’m free, I will be happy to hop onto the bandwagon and to do what inspires me.

As I had mentioned earlier, you have the suit. You can use it for such good cause. I don’t this for fame, not for money. Cause this is something that I wanted to do: Making others happy.


Cosplayers dressed in various Superheroes, like the late Lenny B. Robinson visiting children in hospital had provided the kids with so much hope, as they shared their mission to make the kids happy and whole.

They taught me of they made kids forget they were sick. Adding that smile to every unique child in their wards. Their hearts was filled with love.

And that’s the same thing we are doing. And that’s what inspires me!


Annabelle: Creation

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Captain’s log                          Stardate: 90182.7 (Aug 18th, 2017)

My fiancee had tagged me this horror movie, known as Annabelle: Creation in my Facebook cause she is interested in watching it. This led me to recall the previous Annabells movies, which one of them includes as the fourth installment in The Conjuring Series. I gotten interest in it too. So we pick up a date to watch this horror movie.


This movie was a prequel to 2014’s Annabelle and also the fourth installment for The Conjuring. Basically of how it had started with that freaky doll’s origin.

Taking place in 1943, its about this dollmaker and his wife who one day loss their beloved daughter, named Annabelle who was tragically hit by a passing car.

12 years later, the couple had converted their home into an orphanage for 6 girls, who was under the care of Sister Charlotte, a nun. Among all the rooms given for the girls, only one was been forbidden. That belongs to Annabelle.

Out of curiosity, one of the young orphan who suffers from polio had decided to sneak in one night.  There, she found a key that leads to a closet. Inside, lies the doll that also unwittingly releasing the demon, with a special interest in that orphan.

The doll was one of the porcelain dolls created by the dollmaker. The couple believed that their daughter’s spirit had return, and convinces them to transpose its essence into that doll.

But it was not long when they found that it was actually a demon looking for a human host. It was locked into the closet for good, wallpapered with pages from the Bible. Now that the young orphan had unlocked it, all hell began to broke loose.

My review on this: Decent, but really one hell of a horror movie. Furthermore, its made as a classic, old-school horror movie with a twist of suspense. Unexpected jump scares that gripped me to the edge on my seat and capture my attention. Keeps me interested though.

What I like it so far that the young actors really did a wonderful job. The doll its not the only thing that scares. Go watch and see it for yourself =P

Overall, its explains all the question in regards to the doll’s origin. As the title had stated, creation. And after all the havoc and that particular person been possesses, at the end of the day, a doll is just a doll.

Or, could it?

So for those who are yet or never watch the previous Annabelle movies, I do recommend watching this prequel. It gives you a better understanding of how it had came about. Like watching Star Wars, before Darth Vader came to the big screen, there’s Episode 1.

To conclude, I really enjoy the movie. It was wickedly terrifying, with a tone of old-school horror tactics. So for those horror fans, or fans of the Annabelle dolly or Conjuring franchise, don’t miss this one out. You got to see it in order to frighten yourself to believe it! =D

Oh yes, towards the ending, you may find that particular scene very familiar. For those who have watch the original….




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Captain’s log                                Stardate: 90158.7 (Aug 15th, 2017)

On Aug 13th, 2017, our local Toku group was been invited for another morphenomenal Power Rangers birthday party! It involves two little heroes, one turning 1 year old and the other, 4 year old. The parents decided that both of their kids celebrate their birthday together.

Another amazing opportunity for us, and since you know I love doing this! So me dress in my usual Red Ranger, and a friend of mine who will dress in his White Ranger were the only two Power Rangers coming down to entertain the kids and their families. 

Residing in Chua Chu Kang North, the birthday party was held at a multi-purpose hall. Like all the previous Power Rangers birthday party we’ve been, the entire hall were been decorate with Power Rangers theme. A mix of Mighty Morphin, Samurai Rangers, Dino Charge and the latest Ninja Steel. I had expected that the hall would be decorate to suit the birthday theme =D

As I was told, the birthday kids, especially the eldest one was not told of our appearance. A secret awaits for them, and our plan was to give the grand entrance once the party commences.

And that look at the kids faces when they first saw us. Yes, especially the birthday kid! Boy, he did not expect this! =D

These pictures below will prove you in a thousands words how fun the day had been. That two hours spend was worth it all! 

Power Rangers birthday

The day went incredibly well. Happily mingle around with the kids and their families. They even had a Piñata, which was a Power Ranger Dino Charge version. That was super awesome! The families there were so unexpected of this, that many of them might want to invite us for their kids birthday. More opportunities! We will always be happy for that! Just tell us when and we’ll be there =) 

I even brought along my Legacy Power Sword, and the kids can’t seem to get enough of it. They just loved the sword! Hahaha! But of course, safety first.

And lastly, we would like to say thank you to the parents of Ilhan and Iryan for having us in this awesome and morphenomenal birthday party! Parties like this has always been an amazing experience. We appreciate every effort made and would be very happy to be there again in the future!

To both young heroes, we hope you enjoy our time with us. You make our day as much as you make ours. Your Mummy and Daddy had make you the luckiest kids ever! =D



In addition, I also make a video of it. Here’s the full version to the whole party. Enjoy! =D

A Surprise Visit!

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Captain’s log                               Stardate: 90273.9 (June 10th, 2017) 

Its just only few days ago where a small group of us went down to Duke-NUS Medical School, where we are invited to be part of their Camp Simba.

On June 7th, Pause For A Cause was once again invited to Kandang Kerbau Hospital (KKH), to meet and bring the smiles to the boys and girls who were warded there. It has bring much attention, that this is one of the most heartwarming care-giving event ever been proposed. We are there for a special purpose: To deliver moments of happiness and cheering up those hundreds of sick children at the said hospital.

*Note: We regret to inform we will not disclose any of the photos taken with kids, as to respect their families. Thank you for your understanding.

I will put on as the usual Red Ranger. There are three of us: the other two were an Elsa Cosplayer, and a Jurassic Park character with a baby dinosaur. He made the dino out of foam and cardboard. Its really an awesome piece of DIY, which also makes him like a ventriloquist. Amazing work and skill!


So there we were, visiting from ward to ward. Greeting and giving the smiles and happiness to the sick children. One of us will help in taking Polarois photos, and the photos were given to the children. To keep as a memorable picture, to let them know they will never be alone and that we care. 

The kids were stunned by our presence. Imagine seeing the faces brighten up as we entered the wards, with a few really jumping up and down on their beds. Even the nurses were shocked, and eagerly wanted to take photos with us! =D

Our good friend with the baby dinosaur really did a good job in making the kids go wide-eyed. He will make the dino kiss them, pats on their heads, even love them. The dino is sooo real! =D Nice going bro! Love your dino! 

Though I had done this few times in the past, I still enjoy visiting the kids. I will never get tired of this, cause seeing the kids brighten up upon seeing us really makes our day as much as we make theirs.

As I had mention before, we are there for a purpose. We are not even some celebrity. We are volunteers, other than cosplayers, contribute to society in what we love to do. As a gesture of good will, not about money and fame. Its about giving charity and to be there to those who are in need. I have no regrets! =)

This reminds me of the late Lenny B. Robinson. He was an America charity worker who was better known as the Route 29 Batman who dressed as the Caped Crusader. While in his suit, he will drive in his custom-made car to deliver the moments of happiness to hundreds of sick children at area hospitals during his free time.

He was killed in August 2015, after his Batmobile breaks down in Maryland where he was fatally struck by a car.

His death has become an inspiration, especially to the cosplayers who dressed as Superheroes. He reminded us, no matter how hard or long their health battles may be, with strength of will and determination, there is always hope! There will always be somebody who still cares. We are all humans afterall.

We would like to thank our KKH Coordinate for inviting us, and hope we can still maintain our ties in the future.

Also, thanks to both of our friends, who was also our photographers for being with us along the way. Very much appreciate! =)

By the end of the day, we hope the kids and their families were delighted by our surprise visit. Indeed, they were! =D We hope to see you again in the future kids. Be strong, and pray what’s best. Cause there will always be those who still cares.. =) 


Camp Simba!

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Captain’s log                               Stardate: 98110.3 (June 5th, 2017)

Its been a while since the humble community of Pause of a Cause been invited to make those in need happy and bring the smiles to their faces. But no matter. As long there is, PFAC will be happy to respond enthusiastically to it. 

We were invited by DukeNUS Medical School to be part of their Camp Simba, which was organised on June 3rd. Made up of students from both Duke-NUS Medical School and Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, their mission is to provide kids, whose parent, sibling or close relative who has or has had cancer a chance to have fun and relax within the three-day fun program. A retreat experience just to be kids! That’s one of their aims, to give children affected by a parent’s cancer the opportunity to be kids.

Its just like any other care giving event dedicated for kids and their loved ones. Just right for us PFAC to be there and give them the best they’ll ever need. And my Red Ranger fits nicely to the theme =)

Total we have Batman, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper and 3 Disney characters, including myself as the Power Ranger. The characters from Disney, which was Alice in Wonderland, Queen Elsa of Arendelle and Princess Anna of Arendelle from the animated movie, Frozen! WOW indeed! A mix and match of mainstream, iconic and amazing characters to fill the hearts and desires of the kids and families in need. Certainly looking forward for that day! =D

There’s various games been set up for them, and we just mingle in with the flow. Mainly the photobooth, which got us suddenly hooked into it till I feel we could just position ourselves there throughout the event! Hahaha! 

Indeed, the kids were surprised of our presence and this is where we bring in the action. Seeing their happy faces really make our day, as much as we make theirs. Its always been an impact to see superheroes or fantasy characters been invited to join the fun. Not just cosplaying, but to make the event an awesome one.



Many many thanks for the volunteers for having us to be part of the event. We are honour by this unique opportunity, and hope we can continue to work together again in the future.

Lastly, and always, a wonderful group photo of the people who made this possible! =D


Look. They even made us some weapons out of balloons! =D

Artbox Singapore 2017

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Captain’s log                              Stardate: 90170.4 (April 17th, 2017)

My fiancee had tag to me this event in Facebook, known as Artbox and she’s keen in checking it out. After much research into it, I discovered its actually a vibrant pop-up market kind that was first established in Bangkok, Thailand. The way I had read it, its more into focus on local designers, vintage fashion, handmade accessories, funky gadgets and home decorations that were hip and cool.

This is their own version of Pasar Malam or night market, but comes with a pulsating vibrant youthful vibe and bursting with creative energy.


So apparently, the Artbox finally makes its grand appearance in this sunny island. I read there’s over 500 stalls, and admission is free. Artbox Singapore will be taking place from 14 – 16 April 2017 and 21 – 23 April 2017. Its located at Bayfront Event Space which is beside Marina Bay Sands.

So yesterday the 16th, we take the chance to explore this hip and hype market. Its a blazing heat. But that doesn’t stop us for eyeing some of the stalls. My fiancee was eager to try some of them.


Fan of foodies? Love food? Well, this is the place to be. Amazing mouth-watering selection waiting in line for you hungry food lovers to try out. Sweet and savoury delights waiting for you to indulge.

And for those who are into Thai food, here’s the place. Seeing them roasted before your every eyes. Good thing most of the food there were halal. Not a problem! 


Before this I received from friends by word and from their posts and photos in Facebook, complaining that the event was super crowded during the first day. Not to mention, super long queue just to get their hands on those mouth-watering food and cool drinks. So their conclusion, its not worth going. But me and my fiancee decided, why not we give it a try.

Crowded as expected. But at the end of the day its worth it for us.

We managed to try some of the stalls that my fiancee has been dying to try out. Especially the Coyoro Dragon’s Breath cool snack. Its features the use of liquid nitrogen. The cool smoke will puff out from your mouth each bite you take. Cooling sensation! =D This is a must!SMOKEEEEEE

Another which is a must try is the Blood Bag drink. It comes in a blood bag and fix to the tube which looks almost identical to the one seen in hospitals. You can choose three blood…. I mean three flavours: Angel’s Blood (Blue), Devil’s Blood (Red) and Globin’s Blood (Green). My fiancee choose the red while I go for the green. You drink from the tube while carried the blood bag. Weird, but looks really hype! =D


Been envelope in such heat, what better way to quench your thirst for some cool refreshing drinks. Try one of these, especially The Juicy Way, which comes in different awesome flavours =P


Most of the stuff, delights, drinks are cheap, below $10. Not just that, cause there’s also stalls that sells clothing, jewellery, plants and handicrafts. Even tattoos.


You walked around and its seems there’s many things to see and eat. The stalls were lined up close together, and you will find difficulties due to the lack of space to move around. Though the event concept is popular, be prepared for a mass of human jam. And for those who are driving, I advise, seriously NO! With such expected crowd, you can expect no empty lots! Unless you are there quite early even before it opens. Public transport is the best option. 

Was it worth going? Well, I leave it to you guys. Me and my fiancee find it worth, though we did not try most of the recommended street snacks. Next available will be from 21 – 23 April 2017 at Bayfront Event Space beside Marina Bay Sands.

So if you love such market that comes with style, creativeness and pop, this is a place to try out!

Speaking of street snacks, there’s one which is too irresistible and always there at every Pasar Malam. Even in Artbox Singapore.

Yes, you guess it! Its the famous Ramli Burger! Its here at Artbox. I was soooo surprised. Well, burger lovers, what are you waiting for? Grab a bite or two! =D


Captain’s log                            Stardate: 92952.7 (Mar 29, 2017)

The most sensational hit in all of American live-action superhero children’s television series ever since its first airing in 1993. Power Rangers is once again back on the big screen. Its been 20 years since the last movie was shown, which is Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. This third film of the Power Rangers film franchise is a reboot that features the main characters of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers television series, portrayed by a new cast.


Known as Saban’s Power Rangers or simply Power Rangers, the movie is entirely a re-imaging of the franchise, a serious makeover. Everything you see will not what it used to be before, just like any other re-booted movies. Other than the heroes themselves, the ranger suits, the dinozords, even their mentor Zordon and his faithful assistant Alpha-5, all won’t be the same.

Not to mention, the villains themselves. We all have seen the trailer or sneak preview even before the movie was release. You can see how everything changes drastically. One good thing though, Queen Rita wasn’t that naggy-hag type. But instead, a sexy looking witch and serial killer with a fixation on gold that will make you drool to your knees… =P

The movie will be officially released in the United States on March 24, 2017. In Singapore, will be on March 23rd. And before the actual airing, there’s the Gala Premiere. Its was shown on March 22nd at Cathay, the distributor of the movie.

My Toku gang had planned about this 2 months back during our Toku new year gathering. We immediately initiate this opportunity to be part of it as to come down to watch the movie while in suits. Yes! This is also our chance to promote our Toku group, an opportunity we cannot miss. 

An email were send to Cathay, hoping for a chance. Thankfully, the management had find us intriguing. However after much discussion, they only prefer those that owns the suits from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series. Also, if possible to have the different colours as the coloured coded suits seen in the show.

We have to accept the fact that this movie is based from the old MMPR, so its understandable. Also, its we who approach the management. So its still in their rights from their side.

But no worries for the rest of our guys, cause a fan-screening was been established, where we collaborated with two other largest of our local toku community: tokuAsia and KR/SS (Kamen Rider Super Sentai). The registration was overwhelming, but indeed turn out a huge success. We also have a special guest appearance, Jason Chan who acted as the Samurai Green Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Storm been invited. Its not like everyday you get to have an actual Power Ranger actor joining you for the movie. Kudos to all! 

Anyway, a friend of ours managed to contact some friends who owned the suits. We also invited our very own Queen Rita Repulsa (Not the sexy one), who was portrayed by a nice lady, whom we address as Aunty Shirley. Having a villain with us does blend in really well everytime =D

I being the usual red ranger, had decided to don the Dragon shield. Its been ages since I last wear it. So for this special occasion, I decided it’ll be better =)

That evening at the Gala Premier was outstanding. I don’t think anyone would expect of us as Power Rangers to show up. And we are not even actors or celebrities, but just normal cosplayers who can make this an epic turned out. That’s the fun about having your own suit. You can go anywhere with it! =D

I will fast forward to where it all begins. The photos! They will speak for all.. =D Many credits to our friends who had taken the photos.


PR 2

Our Toku community would like to extend our biggest thank you to the Cathay management for accepting us to host this event. We all had make this Gala Premiere a very meaningful and fruitful event. We hope we can team up again for the next one, without a doubt =)

And not forgetting, our beloved minders, helpers and photographers who are there to make sure all goes smoothly from time to time. Couldn’t have it done better without you guys. Kudos to all!


Now, here’s my review on the Power Rangers. No spoiler intended, but roughly what I had seen so far. 

Saban’s Power Rangers is a revolutionary masterclass in many ways. What was old was made new. But yet stayed exactly the same. Not to mention, with a pinch of nostalgic and easter eggs references seen. This time, there’s a good backstory to how it all started. Especially for both Zordon and Rita. Really fascinates me.

The 5 teenagers, Jason, Billy, Zack, Trini and Kimberly, each have their own personal problem of what modern teenagers face nowadays. Especially for both the yellow and pink ranger. Relationship, friendship issues, etc. I can say throughout the movie, they did well in pouring out their motivations, backstory and team chemistry. Something you may not see in the actual series. The development for each of them is been studied and really unique.

And seriously, getting the rangers to earn their powers is not that easy. This Zordon is more of a discipline, straightforward type and make sure you will climb up the ladder before getting what you deserved.

And speaking of getting powers, the first rule is to focus their mindset before being worthy to wear the suit. As mentioned, its not that simple.

The overall CGI is marvellous, very realistic. Like the main characters, the movie does have some spunky attitude. This is the part I was expecting. Even this Alpha 5 does show off some…attitude. You just need to see it to believe it.

The Megazord, as what many would not have expected. Too complicated, but indeed, its still one hell of a zord. But before it was combine, the dinozords themselves were even more fearsome then their original counterattacks. I simply love the T-rex and the Pterodactyl, which really reminds me of a fighter jet. Each had their own fighting abilities, and damn! Its a serious climate battle with tons of KA-BOOMS and hell-breaking loose that really grip you at the edge of your seat. That’s me, I supposed. I was like sooo breathless for the Clash of the Zords! =D

Seriously, if the old 1995 movie is awesome, this 2017 version is a badass not to be missed! Not just for fans or those who love Power Rangers, its designed for all movie-lovers to experience such an anticipated, intense battle between good and evil.

In a childhood view, I have to admit I was a little disappointed about certain things that weren’t the same like before. But then again, its entirely new. We may argue and critize some. But at the end of the day, we just have to accept and adapt to it cause its freaking cool eventually! =D Nothing much to complain about. It has a promising cool and cutting edge scenes, where many fans wanting to expect. Clearly, a cheer-worthing appearance and its already earns its moments. Power Rangers will never be the same again. 

For the first time, Power Rangers had hit the blockbuster market with such an intense rating. It had truly succeeded its previous movie many years bank, and by no doubt there will be another one.

As Saban had mentioned, “We already have a six-movie story arc.” There’s already a roadmap ahead for the future. Not just for older fans, but newer and younger generations to expect the incoming morphenomenal highly and advance. As he had mentioned, “The effects are mind-boggling. So does the young audience expect more? You bet they do — and they will have it.”

Yeah you bet! Morphers on standby! 

So for those who have yet to watch, be sure not to miss out! I give the movie a 100/100 for that! I truly super enjoyed the movie. As a fan of Power Rangers, especially born watching the Mighty Morphin series, I can’t describe no words but seriously its a movie loaded with tons of kick-ass and butt-kicking. What’s more to that? That’s my opinion for the movie. Yours have your own saying.

And you be surprised by what’s in-store before the movie ended. A bonus there. You’ll find out.. =D

Though I won’t spoil it for those who have yet to watch, I can only reveal one spoiler. Happens in most movies nowadays.

Do stay on after the credits. That’s a hint who is coming out for the next movie =)


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