Are You Game?

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Captain’s log                                        Stardate: 92904.8 (Apr 29, 2018)                      

Many of you are aware that most games has been technologically advance to Virtual Reality (VR), from the computer, console or platform, hand-held devices, and finally to something to almost real. Infact it was already been introduced way back to its origins before the 1950s. 

You can program it via a live camera feed that connects into a headset, a tablet device or even a smart phone. In the artificial world, the user is able to look around, move around, even touch and interact with virtual features or items. There will be a head-mounted display, or the visor that covers the eyes where the user will be interacting in the virtual world.

But what happened if you are too absorbed into the game, that you soon realized its becoming more than just a virtual reality. That’s how it happened for this 18-year old orphanage. Taken place in the year 2045, where much of Earth’s population have turned into slum-like cities. People here were seen hooked into their virtual world where they can engage in numerous activities for work, education and entertainment. Seems like its the only option to escape the desolation of the real world.

Users find themselves into this virtual reality world known as the OASIS (Ontologically Anthropocentric Sensory Immersive Simulation). In their avatar form, users can did all wonders where they can interact with other players. Not just that, you can partner with iconic or epic characters that you find in your favourite movies or games. Wouldn’t you want to partner with Batman?

They can go solo or form a team. Especially when you are engaged in a battlefield. You can even be that character that you like. Ever dreamed of becoming one?

And in every games, each time you win, you will score points or credits. Giving you the advantage to upgrade your character. Increasing your health. Or getting extra ammo.

And if you keep failing to attempt to the next level, you can try to “cheat” your way through…

 And before you realized it, you are actually playing it with your life. Its more than just an ordinary VR, cause you not only level up. You need to find the smartest and quickest way to win. And you need your allies. Even the world’s greatest detective Batman himself couldn’t work alone.



Just watch the movie with my wife recently and found it pretty amazing! The movie was filled with tons of familiar characters from both movies and games. Some would say, tons of easter eggs. Each 
familiar characters I saw, I was like…”Look, I saw Robocop,” “Its Batman,” “Robin,” “Halo”, etc… =D

But among all this, what excites me the most is when the user climbs into one of the most iconic cars coming from my favourite movie: Back to the Future. That’s right! Its the Delorean Time Machine! This is heavy!

I am already thrilled when I first saw it in the trailer. I really squealed upon seeing the Delorean as the user climbs into it. That nostalgic remembrance of the movie really clouds your mind just as soon as you saw the iconic Flux Capacitor, Time Circuit, just about everything in the car. I would definitely choose that car too if I were in that game. How I wished… 

Ok enough of that. Ready Player One ultimately attracts the attention, let alone highly recommended, for gamers alike and more to teenager-oriented. If you are into games, then you are definitely game for this awesome movie. You’ll be surprised by the overwhelming amount of characters that you will recognised.

I rate this as one of the most thrilling, sky-rocketing and massive science fiction adventure film ever directed by one of the most popular Hollywood director, Steven Spielberg. No doubt, most of the easter eggs were been planted into the movie, which were his films. The movie is also based on novelist, Ernest Cline who wrote the novel of the same name.

Now that I see how awesome it is, I wish I had that visor. OASIS is unlike any virtual reality ever played! And if I were in the game and were given a choice to choose a vehicle, I would definitely take that one car I like. Hehe…=)

So game on and see how many easter eggs you can find in this extravagant action adventure movie. NO SPOILERS REVEALED! Let those of you who have yet to watch experience this chaotic visual world!




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Captain’s log                                        Stardate: 20322.8 (Mar 22nd, 2018)

Since a child, Hakim always wished to have a Power Rangers for his birthday. So on 19th March 2018, he got his wish come true. Two Red Rangers from Mighty Morphin and In Space came down for his 19th birthday.

Our friend who don the Power Rangers In Space suit had openly invited us for his friend’s birthday, who was also his classmate. Though his friend likes watching them, he preferred the old ones, especially Mighty Morphin. So I’m happy to join my friend for the surprise appearance.

The birthday celebration took place at Aloha Loyang resort where his classmates had booked a chalet there. Hakim did not expect his dream would came true.

So when both of us make our appearance, he was shocked. So shocked he ended up  squealing with excitement till he nearly dropped the cake he was holding. Is that awkward moment coming from a teenager celebrating his 19th birthday. Well, that was his wish, finally getting the chance to see his favourite superheroes celebrating with him.



Regardless of age, young and old, we are there to make the person happy. We make your day and you make ours. As long I am still fit and free, I will be happy to join in =)


Captain’s log                                  Stardate: 20218.3 (Mar 21st, 2018)

Recently, our local Toku group was been invited to be part of a birthday celebration taking place at Bishan Condo 8. Falls on 17th March 2018, its for a young chap who will be celebrating his 6th birthday.

So on that day itself, only two of us were available. My wife is accompanying me and she will assist to take the video and photos. Thanks again dear =)

My friend will don in his White Ranger from Mighty Morphin while I don in my Red Ranger from Dino Charge. Reason being, according to the father his son likes Dino Charge the most. And since I owned the suit, why not? =D


Ready to roll out!

The birthday is a simple one, yet enjoyable. Its our sudden appearance that makes the most entertaining. To give the boy the best birthday of its life. We mingle with the kids and their families, until the best part arrives.

Cake cutting time!!


Its a Dino Charge cake! Just as the kid likes it!


The photos will showed you how fun it is! =D



We would like to say thank you to Nat’s parents for having us to be part of the birthday celebration. We make your kid his day, and so did he. Really appreciate it all! =)

And here’s the video! Enjoy! =)

Captain’s log                                   Stardate: 20318.2 (Mar 20th, 2018)

My wife tagged to me in Facebook about this Muslim-Owned Japanese restaurant located at the heart of our little Arab land. Drooling with excitement, and the fact that we had been craving for such Japanese cuisine, we decided to give it a shot.

Known as Harāru Izakaya, its the first Muslim-Owned Izakaya, charcoal grilled restaurant in Singapore. Located along Bussorah St, it has been operating since 27th April 2017. Their vision is to provide a unique dining experience through a family-orientated atmosphere with the authentic feel of Japan. Indeed, it was design to have that traditional Japanese feel and span two-storeys.




For starters, we had 4 dishes: Takoyaki Balls – 6 pieces, Surume Ika, Gyuniku Fried Rice and Tanuki Udon. Infact all of them were so mouth-watering that we are lost at first.

After a good 10 minutes wait, our Japanese cuisine finally arrived and we immediately dive in! One bite, and you can tell from your tastebuds how awesome the food is.


Surume Ika: Probably one of the recommended dishes, this grill squid has a chewy texture. Takes a little while to chew it down. But overall it was great!



Tanuki Udon: Thick wheat noodles in a hot soup buckwheat accompany with tempura crust. My wife had this as her main dish. The soup wins all. Really savoury. The beef slices were just as great. The Udon, though thick, but not too chewy. Really excellent soupy noodles and might make you go for one more.



Gyuniku Fried Rice: I had this as my main dish. Mixed well with slices beef that comes with a simple generous portion. Love the texture and really savoury. Not bad at all!



Takoyaki Balls: Comes in 6 pieces, this is also probably the most recommended dish ever served. They are brushed with mayonnaise and shavings of dried bonito. Both wins it all! Remarkably finesse in my opinion and feels like having more of these!

Simply irresistible! We will try the rest of the dishes when we popped by here again.    The staff there are really generous, and the restaurant was filled with Japanese music while you enjoyed your meal. Total damage: $50++ around that price. But worth to satisfy our hunger.


So for those keen to satisfy your hunger at this first Muslim-Owned Harāru Izakaya, their address is at 16 Bussorah Street. Quite near to the iconic Sultan Mosque. Open daily, Monday to Sundays from 12pm – 11pm.

You just might came back for more! =)


Relay For Life!

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Captain’s log                               Stardate: 20811.5 (Mar 15th, 2018)

Our Pause For A Cause community were been invited by the Singapore Cancer Society to be part of their inspiring event. Known as Relay for Life, its an overnight community program that offers everyone within the community to join in the fight against cancer. People coming from all walks of life will either walk, jog or run on the track field at the National Stadium at their own pace.

The event gives you a chance to celebrate cancer survivors and carers, remember loved ones who had lost the battle to cancer or are fighting cancer. We fight back by raising awareness and funds to support the work of the Singapore Cancer Society. Open for all ages and fitness levels!

We are honoured to be given this opportunity to be part of something extraordinary and meaningful, other than cosplaying itself. We are joining the same journey like everyone else while in suit. On top of that, we are not the only volunteers or cosplayers joining in the fight against cancer. Two more cosplay volunteer groups that are bonded by the magic of Star Wars, known as Fight Saber Singapore and 501st Legion, Singapore Garrison will make appearance in the Relay For Life as well.

And yes, as mentioned earlier its an overnight event from 10 Mar – 11 Mar 2018 from 6pm till the next day 9am! Its an 100KM relay challenge for 15 hours! If you got what it takes and can conquer 100KM overnight, you will be proudly deemed as their Relay Champion!


5 of us make appearance for this inspiring event, with our photographer for that evening tagging along. I had decided to suit in my Batman Beyond Armour version for that evening.


After everyone had suit up, we make our way towards the track field.

It was awesome start. Other than taking photos with the organizers, we also challenge ourselves in playing some of the games. Like basketball. While in suit!


Seriously, I don’t know what I’m doing…

Several moments later, that special moment had arrived. After our Mdm President of Singapore had given her speech, the inspiring 1000KM relay challenge commenced! All looked lively, active and standing 
together to make a commitment to save lives by taking up the fight and inspire others to take action.

There are others taking part also don in costumes. There’s Spiderman, Batman, even Black Panther! Initially we prefer to just walked, especially for my suit as it comes in parts and I worried it might get damage if I run. As our founder had advise, our safety is paramount. In the end, we ended running. For only one round! =D I guess when you are being too hyper-active, whatever initial thoughts will slide away and you ended up joining the party. Hahaha!

scs 2


While the relay is commencing, there’s live performance on a stage. The National Stadium was wild with all of us supporting and contributing and to bring the community together in the fight against cancer. Its more than just an event. All of us from all walks of life have came together with the single purpose of fighting cancer, giving hope and inspiration to cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers.

Me and the gang were indeed, happy to be part of this meaningful event. If there’s gonna be another one and if I happened to be free, I be happy to hop in the bandwagon and followed the flow to bring hope and inspiration.

Overall, though how tired we are we did enjoyed the event. All of us had played a big part within the community and hope to be part of it again in the future.

Furthermore, I’m surprised by how flexible my Batsuit is during the run. Looks like I have no problem if I were to run in it again =D





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Captain’s log                                  Stardate: 01916.8 (Feb 16, 2018)

Found along a quiet road in Bedok North, there’s a restaurant serving a whole lot of meat, steak and ribs. But mainly, the steak. Known as T Bob’s Corner, this rustic but relaxed and groovy steakhouse can get you each by the bucketload.

I came to know about this from a friend and I’m surprised that its located not far from where I lived. Wow! I wonder if there’s any more fancy restaurants near my place and that I’m yet to find out.

My wife and I decided to try out this place few days ago. The place will remind you back in the Wild Wild West due to its rustic western-like bar appearance and vintage furnitures. There’s a bull horn, a antique sword, some vintage cowboy posters been decorated on the wooden walls. Quite cozy, friendly environment and comes with great music that will give you that vintage vibes.



Open the menu and you feel like you can’t wait to have a hearty meal. There’s the Beef section, followed by Lamb, Chicken, Fish and Sharing Platters. Those are the main course. 
There’s the Pasta, Burger and Asian where they offered four different varieties. 

For first starters, I ordered the Black Angus Striploin while my wife ordered the Classic Carbonara Spaghetti. For drinks, we have the Thai Milk Tea and a Double Chocolate Scoop Ice-Cream for dessert.

After waiting for a good 10 mins, our meal finally came. Without any hesitation, we armed our fork and knives and drove straight in.


I order mine as a medium rare. Looks tender and really juicy, however had a little difficulty cutting the meat though. It emerged an abundant amount of juice as I slice the meat. The steak is quite chewy. But adding the gravy all over it will give you that taste you might be looking for. Nevertheless, its well seasoning and nothing my tastebuds can’t handle.


For my wife, she really enjoys her spaghetti, but really hope its comes in a large portion to match the size of the big plate. 
Furthermore, it would be nice if they offered fresh water before our meal was served.

Total damage: $55.65! But indeed, it was worth a satisfying hearty meal!


My verdict: Probably one of the best steak in the house. The staff there are quite welcoming and friendly. The perks of a satisfying and delightful hearty meal! =D

Other varieties like burgers and the famous fish and chips is available at your heart’s desire. But for first timers, its recommended that you try their hot juicy steak or ribs and you might just came back for more.

And if you came in with your family or friends in 3 – 4 pax, do try their huge 1.4kg Angus Tomahawk, highly recommended for such pax. Or the 1.2kg Black Angus and 1kg Rack of Lamb. I’ve seen that enormous Tomahawk meat in their YouTube. Its quite pricey – $159.90. But the huge load won’t disappoint you! I’m willing to try that out if I came here again with my family or friends. I don’t think me and wife can finish that whole 1.4kg chuck of meat by ourselves!


Photo credits to T Bob’s Corner.

The massive 1.4kg Angus Tomahawk! Just looked at that massive load! Can you finish this 1.4kg beef steak on your own?

On top of that, the restaurant is Muslim-Owned. It doesn’t have an Halal-cert, probably not just yet. But since its owned by Muslim staff, there will be no issue for Muslim costumers to dine in.



Its located at Blk 527 Bedok North Ave 3. Accessible by bus no 225G and 225W from Bedok Interchange. So you meat lovers, get your tastebuds wrapped on their 
huge yummy portions at your heart’s content. You’ll be the judge!

And if you have a big appetite for meat, you can probably feast on the                       enormous 1.4kg Angus Tomahawk by yourself! =D

I liked big steaks and I cannot lie!


A Carnival Like No Other!

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Captain’s log                                Stardate: 20241.8 (Jan 24, 2018)

A gigantic fairground is taking place within the vicinity of Marina Bay, and probably the only most anticipated one in Singapore in a long while. 

Its the Prudential Marina Bay Carnival and spans at two activity hubs: The Promontory and Bayfront Event Space which is next to Marina Bay Sands. About 5 to 7 mins walk from both sides.


Opens from 15th Dec 2017 to 1st Apr 2018, the family-friendly carnival contains over 40 trilling rides and games assembled from different parts of the world. There’s even the Mach 5. Standing at 55 metres high, this is the most thrilling ride ever that will had you swing round and round. Feeling that G-Force as you screamed your head off.


The Mach 5. The most intense ride ever!

The entry is totally free. The ride tickets and game coupons can be purchase on-site or online. When purchase on-site, they will give you a stored value card. Each time you took the rides or try out the games, the credits in your card will be deducted. You can top up more credits at the top-up counter or kiosk.

Me and my wife gets excited upon seeing it in Facebook and decided to give it a shot. We wouldn’t want to miss this! Especially when there’s the Bumper Car ride. My wife was so eager to ride one as she had never ride one before.

Our first ride was the Jungle River, which was a short roller coaster ride. This is where you will get wet once the car hits the bottom track and filled you with the big splash. Do get yourself a poncho if you don’t want to get yourself wet.

Prepare to get wet!

The game booths, most of it were quite challenging. There are a million prizes to be won! So intense that we keep topping up our cards just to win a big toy, especially my wife. She wanted so much to win the big doll! =D


carnival 2

Millions of cuddly toys to be won!


I always enjoyed the shooting range. Long time never shoot. Missed my target a lot! 

And when there’s a carnival, there’s always the food. Its a food galore here! So you food lovers, there’s the delicious patties, chunky meatballs, crunchy fries, crunchy churros, popcorns, hotdogs and other fast food feasts for you to gobble down to fill your empty stomach.


Juicy patties and chunky meatballs! Burger and meatlovers, you gotta try this! 

There’s also different varieties of thirst-quenching beverages and ice-cream to choose from. Just nice to cool you down especially when the weather is hot, like that day when we are there.


The dining space within the food stalls was quite open and spacious enough. There’s  tables and benches there been set up so that you can 
enjoy your meal while admiring the excitement.

The crowd was relatively ok, compare when it was first opened. Even the queue was less.

The aftermath: Despite trying her luck in getting the big dolls, my wife still wins a handful. One large Tigger from Winnie The Pooh and 5 small size dolls. Though she  can’t win that big sized Polar bear that she wanted so much, she still win the large size Tigger. Including the 5 small ones, its still not so bad.


The cuddly toys we won! At least we went home with our hands full =D

Despite the hot weather and continuously topping our card just to win big stuff, we still enjoyed our time there. So if you love carnivals, this one will promise you an experience like no other. Especially when you have kids, they gonna love many of the rides that were meant for them.


And if you are the daring type with no fear, be sure to try the fearsome Mach 5 and feel that G-Force as it swings round and round with a speed of 130km/h.

Another best ride is the Star Flyer. A 35 metre tower which spins you around while ascending to the height. Up there, you will have an unobstructed view of the Singapore skyline.


Spins around while captured the gorgeous view! 

Be sure you have sufficient cash to top up your card if you intend to challenge yourself at the game booths to win something big. Seriously, how me and my wife did was like betting in a horse race! For the card, do not discard it if you intend to come back again cause its valid until April 1st.

carnival rides

Some of the classic rides that you wouldn’t want to miss!

As mentioned earlier, this giant wonderland opens daily from 4pm – 11pm. Entry is free and its until April 1st. 

So do join in the thrills. Game-on and be amazed by the excitement there before it disappears for good…








Captain’s log                                 Stardate: 01718.20 (Jan 17, 2018)

When I came to know about the movie, I immediately I tell my wife cause I know she’s a fan of horror movie as much as I am.

Known as Insidious: The Last Key. Also known as Insidious: Chapter 4, its the fourth instalment in the Insidious franchise. A continuous series of horrifying events where involves a brilliant parapsychologist helping those who were dangerously trapped or connected to the spirit world. This leads her to face those terrifying circumstances, but she knew she have to help those people. Even knowing risking her own life. Cause only she can pulled them out from these insidious events.


The movie starts off in 1953, where we see her in her childhood days. She was a gifted child and only her mother understands her. Infact, if you have followed the series’s in-story chronology, you already know she had that third-eye.

However, her father refused to believe his daughter’s special ability. Whenever his daughter says she sees “something”, her father will get pretty mad, hits her and locked her into the basement.

Fast forward to 2010, she was seen working as a paranormal investigator with her two colleagues. She received a call who requested help as his house is haunted. She turned cold upon hearing the address, cause the person is living in the home where she grew up as a child. Shaken, hesitant, but she have to accept it in order to make things right. 

Together with her two paranormal investigators who never let her do alone, they venture out into the open. To the place where brings her back to her childhood days.

Never would she expected, that this case will lead her to be connected more than just the spirit world. But involving those she cares. This is where you will too venture out for the truth as I ain’t gonna be a spoiler =D

My views: The sudden jumpscares is one thing, the usual. Unlike its previous instalments, this one comes with tons of great humour, especially from her two colleagues. Infact most of the jokes comes from them.

The plot is good, catching up to the days where we see the parapsychologist as a young girl grow up feeling tormented due to her father’s beating whenever he heard paranormal activity from her. It focus more into this character and her childhood, revealing much what is happening and how she had devoted her life in helping others who experience similar circumstances like hers. Not to mention, some sad moments where you may ended up in tears if you are the emotional type.

Overall to me its a good horror, with the combination of hilarious and sad moments. Scariest part for me when this demon had fingers made out as keys and will silence you in the throat. No matter how loud or how much you scream, nobody can heard you….

Watch it to believe it… 




Captain’s log                                   Stardate: 061018.1 (Jan 06th, 2018)

Some time ago my wife told me about this food court that offers the best potato ball which appeared much bigger than a tennis ball. And she also tagged it to me in Facebook, which shows our local Chef Shahrizal Salleh aka Chef Bob, Ambassador of Singapore Halal Culinary Federation (SHCF) trying out the place. Seeing how the chef enjoy the food and providing an awesome feedback, we decided to try it out! =)

Yes, those recommended by him seems like a MUST to try! =D

Situated in the heart of Kampong Glam area at Sultan Gate, there this black and white building that has a food court on the ground level called FOMO. Short for Fear Of Missing Out. Wow, what a name!


I read its more than just your typical food court. FOMO is more hip hop, due to its tropical-paradise themed and colourful ambience, garden courtyard with a swing, and comes with a bar-like impression. Seriously, not your usual type of foodcourt.

There’s few food stalls and 1 drink stall. Among the food stalls, me and my wife aimed the one where Chef Bob had recommended. Named Kakak Kentang, it served potato balls and comes in medium and large. And when I say large, its really large than a tennis ball.

It serves two choices: Bombastic, which is stuffed beef potato ball with tomato based soup; and Chikabom which is the chicken version. Both cost below $10 and the meatballs were dunked in thick gravy. I choose the chicken version while my wife choose the Bomb. Both medium size.


The Chikabom taste like mee soto ayam (Chicken noodle soto….I think), but really not bad. However the Bombastic is really the BOMB! It makes you go WOW 
and feels like as if hot steam just gushed out from your ears. The Bombistic was someting to hunt and crave for. Trying adding a spoonful of kicap pedas (chili soy sauce) like how my wife did. You can tell the difference!

The stall also offers side dishes: Abang Popiah (Crunchy fried spring rolls) and Adik Char Kuay (Deep fried dough sticks). We try the Popiah. Damn it was delicious! We will try the Char Kuay when we came back here again. Definitely worth a shot!


Since few days after its opening, Kakak Kentang had quickly become one of the more popular food stores at FOMO. So popular that Chef Bob feature it as one of the best and recommended eating 
place in Singapore.

Though the Kakak Kentang is 100% Muslim Owned, the hip hop FOMO Singapore is not Halal certified cause the drink counter serves alcohol.


Honestly I’m not very sure about the rest of the stalls, though one of them uses Halal certified products. Also I saw one with the “No pork no lard” sign. Me and my wife were only aiming for the big kentang ball. 
Its for you to try out the rest and see how the taste is. They does looked appetising though.

If not, try this classique Singaporean Kentang Ball and you might be coming back for more. They were made with love and simply worthlicious! Ask Chef Bob! =D

Its located at 38 Sultan Gate. Opening Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm, Monday – Sunday.



A Fresh New Year!

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Captain’s log                                 Stardate: 012018.1 (Jan 01st, 2018)

At the dawn of the new year awaken, I will always share the best highlights or moments from those previous 12 months. Year 2017 has been quite a decent, yet facing many challenges and obstacles as I move up the ladder. Meet many learning opportunities, contributing for the good will, going well with the love of my life, and finally married to the love of my life.

2017 memories

When’s there positive, there’s always the not-so good ones. Life has been, the ups and down. We learn to pick ourselves up and continue advancing forward. Mistakes learn, and we will continue learning. 

So without further ado, here I go!


Start of the new year was a blast as our Tokucos Singapore gathered for a night of buffet at Satay By The Bay Steamboat.

We gathered all around for a night of fun, laughter and jokes. We push aside all negative issues as we are there to enjoy the new year while feast on the mouth-watering buffet and chill throughout the night!




The most sensational hit in all of American live-action superhero children’s television series is once again back on the big screen. Its been 20 years since the last movie was shown. The reboot Power Rangers film franchise features the main characters of the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangerstelevision series, portrayed by a new cast.

My Toku gang immediately initiate this opportunity to be part of it as to come down to watch the movie while in suits. This is also our chance to promote our Toku group, an opportunity we cannot miss. 

And yes, the movie was so MORPHENOMENAL! 




Our humble community of Pause of a Cause were invited by DukeNUS Medical School to be part of their Camp Simba. Made up of students from both Duke-NUS Medical School and Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, their mission is to provide kids, whose parent, sibling or close relative who has or has had cancer a chance to have fun and relax within the three-day fun program. A retreat experience just to be kids!

We have a mix and match of mainstream, iconic and amazing characters to fill the hearts and desires of the kids and families in need. We are honour by this unique opportunity, and hope we can continue to work together again in the future.




Pause For A Cause was once again invited to Kandang Kerbau Hospital (KKH), to meet and bring the smiles to the boys and girls who were warded there. It has bring much attention, that this is one of the most heartwarming care-giving event ever been proposed. We are there for a special purpose: To deliver moments of happiness and cheering up those hundreds of sick children at the said hospital.




Our Toku group was been invited for another morphenomenal Power Rangers birthday party! It involves two little heroes, one turning 1 year old and the other, 4 year old. The parents decided that both of their kids celebrate their birthday together.

Another amazing opportunity for us! So me dress in my usual Red Ranger, and a friend of mine who will dress in his White Ranger were the only two Power Rangers coming down to entertain the kids and their families. 




Our humble community of Pause for a Cause gets another invitation from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Three of us cosplayers don in our characters; Elsa, Spiderman and Red Ranger (Me) will be visiting the kids from their wards to deliver that moments of joy and happiness! =)

I’ve been there for like a few times and did not even get sick of it! Hahaha! I really enjoyed doing what I love.




4 volunteers from Pause For A Cause had turn up for this flag day which was organised by the Children’s Society of Singapore. The society has been caring for the welfare of disadvantaged children; many of whom are victims of child abuse and neglect, juvenile delinquency or from families facing financial difficulties. Founded in 1952, the society protects and nurtures children and youth regardless of races and religions. 




Marina Bay Sands Convention hall open its doors for the most anticipated and annual cosplay event, where it will bring out the latest and coolest toys, games, anime, cosplay, music, fashion merging from East and West.

There will be the Star Wars: Experience The Force, where the entire zone was been specially dedicated to Star Wars. Star Wars fans will be given the chance to get unclose and personal with the fan-made vehicle replicas, games and awesome collectibles!

Another best highlight is the Akiba Zone. Inspired by the high energy electric town in Japan, this zone strives of cosplay, music and artists to cater the fans!

And with that, I had decided to come down in my Batman Beyond Armour version. Remodified!




24 Sep 2017: Alhamdulillah….I praise to Allah for this joyous moment where I’m finally tied the knot with the love of my life.. =)

Best of all, where a simple Malay traditional wedding can turn out to be such fun cause I had 4 of my friends came down in their best costumes ever known. Acted like bodyguards, they make my wedding an unforgettable one. You cannot imagine how viral it gets overnight! =D




Our honeymoon adventure begins from 4 Nov till 8 Nov, a 5 days 4 nights getaway to one of the most beautiful resort in Krabi, Thailand. Named Railay Bay Resort & Spa, its one of the most recommended choices for honeymoon couples since it comes in the most picturesque province. There are other similar resorts there too, but we choose this one as first starters.

Me and my wife would like to thank the staff and management of Railay Bay Resort & Spa for their wonderful hospitality and friendly service. And the people who we came to know there, they are very friendly and very welcoming. We truly enjoyed our stay there and hope can meet again the future. Cause we definitely be back! =D

Its been a romantic and rocking honeymoon! From canoeing, elephant trekking, riding the ATV, it was truly unforgettable! =D

The only thing I regret, not having a candlelight dinner with my wife……=(


Those 365 days has been great and filled with treasure moments. Thank you 2017. I couldn’t be more thankful. Despite how I struggle, I will still keep on with the pace, cause you will never know what lies ahead for your future.

Now 2018, Dear Lord, give me the courage, motivation and strength to be a better person. This is the year where I will faced much bigger responsibilities, commitments and sacrifices. Insha’Allah I can fulfilled this for the next 365 days and be a good husband to my beloved wife, and be a good father when we have kids. I can never tell how its going to be. All I have to do is to keep on praying, dedicated to what needs to be done, and Insha’Allah I can succeed =)

Lastly, Happy New Year 2018!! Best wishes for all!