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Favourite Forum

Posted: July 20, 2008 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log
Stardate: 2007.08

The whole day had my eyes glued to my monitor screen as I posted messages after messages into the Star Trek forum. Believe me, since I’ve registered as a member for the local Star Trek fan site, I had really turned addicted into the forum and seems non-stop. Like as though I am playing those challenging computer games; except this time round, is running your fingers all across the letters on the board as you pour out your ideas and suggestions. Its just getting better and interesting along the way. Those relay stories, especially. I couldn’t really resist this one. One user will came out with a story line, and soon followed by another. And another. And another. It can turned out serious, can turned out funny, can even turned out confusing!

hahahahahahahahaha =D=D=D=D

Overall, good thing I ended up there. Most of the time, feels like I’m really “locked” myself in there! haha! Of course, I try not to get over-addicted into it. It can really kills me to the spot. I think…=\


The Dark Knight

Posted: July 19, 2008 in Uncategorized
Captain’s log
Stardate: 1907.08
I’ve been in a bad shape today. My stomach really hurts like it never hurts before, and had been in and out from the toilet six times already. I’m ok now, after taken pills for stomachache. But still feel sore. Must have been those popcorns I’ve eaten yesterday while watching the Dark Knight movie.
Speaking of which, the movie was indeed a spectacular. I went out to see together with few of the local Star Trek fans at Marina Square Golden Village. The latest Batman movie, which was named as The Dark Knight was a mega hit! It has everything that fans of Batman are wanting for. The action, the suspense, the explosive, the thrills, the chills, as Batman once again saves Gotham from his arch nemesis. The psychotic criminal, who calls himself, the Joker. One of the most common enemy to Batman, and the intention he had was to kill, just for his own pleasure of laughter.
Also, there’s Two-Face, whom the person known as Harvey Dent, and a friend of Bruce Wayne, whose alter ego was Batman. What impressed me the most, was how half of Harvey Dent’s face was badly burned away. The “dark side” of his appearance resemblances much like the Two-Face character from the animated series! Cool! Overall, I rated the movie 8 out of 10. Batman fans like myself couldn’t miss this one!
Then, returning back home, I straight away went for the toilet. Morning came, and I once again dropped the bombs into the bowl. Must have been those popcorns, since I’ve ordered the jumbo size and had entirely finished them all. Not even leaving a single corn behind. Or maybe…..must have been something else I’ve eaten…..

Rather Sick

Posted: July 17, 2008 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log
Stardate: 1707.08

Feeling kind of weird today. I mean, kind of sick really. I turned out well this morning, and feeling rather down before the time strikes 12 noon. I wondered, was this because of the Mentos chewing gum my friend gave it to me this morning? Believe me, I was chewing the gum the whole morning at my duty post till 12 noon. Even the sweetness has gone, I just kept chewing. A friend of mine ever told me she suffered from stomach cramps when she chewed the gum the whole day. Well, it happens to me before, and it was a fact. But today, I suspect it could be the gum. I did this just to help me stay alert. Well, it does.

Or maybe it wasn’t the gum. Maybe I’m starting to feel sick. The usual sight that just appeared before you know it. On top of that, my leg and back started aching, and I just couldn’t wait to reach home and lie down. The headadche soon came in, and swallowed in two tablets of Panadol. Feeling kind of better now, and to spare the time to write into my blog before taking the first flight to dreamland. I just hope I didn’t really get sicked. I hope….

My first log entry

Posted: July 16, 2008 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log
Stardate: 1607.08

Half an hour till 12 midnight, so better log in before this spare time runs out. I found out about this blog page from a friend, and this is first entry. I must say it is well in detail. Neat, and well organised. Easy to manage. I probably be posting more down here, just to update on my daily events. Till then, next time =)