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Captain’s log                           Stardate: 63581.0 (July 31, 2009)

Nothing much of a challenge due to yesterday’s (July 30, 2009) morning shift. Unless you want to know the whole story in how I ended up been glued to the roadside and getting all the nonsense from this idiot just because I summon his BMW sport car for parking on the double zigzag lines. Of course, some typical officers will reveal their true colours when they felt been pissed off. Seriously, I wasn’t in a mood for that yesterday, unless he challenge me. So I just stood before him like a schoolboy been scolded by his teacher. Except that yesterday was a monster raging out in fury over a $70 summom ticket, and that he accused us that we “officers got nothing better to do but take our money!”

What I did? I simply put up the best of Ronald MacDonald’s silly smile while listening to his speech that includes such “beautiful words.” Man, I never seen anyone been so agitated over a summon ticket! The lecture finally ended, in what seems like an ertinity, and he drove away. Still cursing, fuming and grumbling. Since his fancy hotwheel had the rooftop left opened, I yelled bacl at him: “Ok, have a nice day ahead!” At the same time, I waved.

What a moron! To hell with this sport car! He really need to go back to driving school!

Errr……did I just reveal the whole story?

And in a matter of speaking of those “wonderful words”, let me phrase out for this latest entry. Due to alongside the imported Oh God! My God! Good God! Oh my goodness! and Good Heavens! is the unmistakable Alamak! or Malay origin. Wasn’t it amazing how universally we always looked up when we want to scream our heads off? Or even slapped our forehead for that matter? This reminds me about few months back during a colleague’s birthday party. I was been introduced to one of his friends, who was a psychologist. I soon came to know that he was also a devoted Christian. To him, he thinks that such expression are blasphemous when one of the guests was heard saying: “Oh God!” over something. Instead, he exclaims, “My word!” and “Godfathers!” I soon came to know through research, that others even turned to the animals, “Holy cow!” and “Holy mackerel!”

Here comes the most profound categories. Other expressions such as Shit! are not quite as pleasant. But it was commonly heard nowadays. Reminds me of the time when a friend of mine uttered, “Oh shit,” with his eyes looked down. I followed his gazed, and what a surprised it was. He just stepped onto a dog shit!

And guys, seriously, till now I don’t really know how Basket! become a swear word among students just to replace the stronger and forbidden Bas_ _ _ _! In the same family are Idiot! Bloody fool! and Bloody Hell! Commonly, there’s the all time famous Damn!

Teenagers nowadays, influenced by American movies usually live through phrases of experimental vogue language. And I’m referring to those impressionable type. Not all! That’s the so-called nerds. The local equivalent, as what I came to know is sotong. Malay word for squid. Would you agreed?

Lastly, the infamous word of all. Majority heard when the person expressed such total anger, like total destruction! To curse like hell against another. A single word heard through the air! Also refer when a couple of the opposite sex is “engage.” A context that makes one feel good to hear it from their own mouth. However, for some, especially those who were not used to shoot vulgar remarks would rather censored that four-letter word before they screamed profanity: “What a fish!”

Free For Dinner?

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Captain’s log                          Stardate: 63570.0 (July 27th, 2009)

Two days ago (July 25th, 2009), I set out to embark to Marina Square where I was been tagged to had dinner with few of the SPI (Singapore Paranormal Investigators) gang. Its quite trilling for me actually, cause the day before (July 24th, 2009), I was been invited for a barbecue gathering at the HomeTeam NS Adventure Chalet which was at Bukit Batok. Then the following day, dinner at Marina Square. The same goes to my comrades from Singapore Star Trek fansite, as I had never been this happy to had such good friends from both sides. Both of the same mirror but leads to a different path of community. I’ve really learn a lot from both =)

Besides, its my 2nd off day. And since I’m free and got nothing better to do, why not take this opportunity and joined them just to kill those remaining hours of boredom before lights out. Anyway, met up with one of them at Bedok MRT station as promise, and soon were on the way to Marina Square where the train were traveling at warp speed factor 5. (Oops, sorry about that Star Trek thingy. Hehe….)

We will have dinner at the food court of Marina Square, where it had a splendid view of Marina Bay if seated facing the glass window. We planned to meet at 1900hrs, and both of us were already there earlier. While waiting for the rest to show up, I took some shots of the view.

Central Business District

A National Day Rehearsal taking place. Looks at those sky divers!

Marina Square

The rest of them soon shows up few minutes before 1900hrs, with the last one joining us at……2000hrs. Like the last reinforcement to reckon with =D But the rest of us had already gobbled up our dinner before she arrives, cause one of us had his stomach started making noise…..

Next was the usual part, where we share stories of the past, present, future, the new frontier, the Earth, the moon and the sky and whatsoever. Its down to the beginning of something that has become all too familiar. Hah! =D

Then our dear friend who had arrived late had suggested that we should have coffee somewhere. Sounds thoughtful, but the question is where? Seriously, I hardly came here! Then, she came out with another brilliant idea, as to why not we go to Clarke Quay where we can enjoyed the relaxation next to the Singapore River. We might even catch the full moon. Sounds intriguing, as I hardly been there also. If you asked me why, I just didn’t have any time for it!

But it appears that it wasn’t a brilliant idea after all. One good reason, cause on that evening, many people had came to watch the National Day rehearsal which took place at the Marina Platform. So to be expected, thousands of them will started to infest the surrounding vicinity, and by no doubt their infestation will stretches all the way down to the river side =D So we ended up going around in circles to find the best possible spot.

The side of Suntec City came into view. And near to its taxi stand, there’s Starbucks.

Did anyone says coffee just now?

Its one hell of a perfect place! =D There’s a new flavor just recently arrived in the little town of Starbucks. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of the caffeine poster. But its got something to do with jelly in the coffee… in the jelly…..I think. Sounds indifferent. Maybe I will have a taste of it when I visited Starbucks again in the future =)

I just love mixing up some of the best photos together =)


So here we are. Talking crap the whole night around the table. Even pickup some “useful” phrase along the way. Those who had gathered on that night will probably know what I’m talking about when you guys read this. Hehe…=) It got something to do with being desperate and search through YouTube. Well, I didn’t want to give in any further thought, so I’ve decided to let the readers judge by themselves! Hah! =D

Oh, did I say that even “Star Trek” was mentioned as well? Cause there’s a particular person in the clan who really needs to attend Starfleet Academy cause she seems baffled as to why “the amount of air supply wasn’t sucked out when the U.S.S Enterprise E deliberately crashes into the Reman mighty vessel.” Even despite she wasn’t really interested into it at all. Haha! =D

Oh well, whatever!


Its Another Barbecue…..

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Captain’s log                           Stardate: 63565.0 (July 25, 2009)

I was been invited by one of our SPI (Singapore Paranormal Investigators) Agents to attend to her barbecue gathering at this HomeTeamNS Adventure Chalet at Bukit Batok yesterday night (July 24th, 09). Seriously, I never heard there’s one, and by the looks of it, the place reminds me back to the good old kampung days because the chalet here were rugged in design. Each of them were separated several meters away, compare to those where the chalets were built like terrace houses. Apart from that, the surrounding vicinity was spacious, and there’s even the nearby woods where its good for trekking. Well, it does look like one when darkness falls =)

Home Team Chalet

I almost never make it for the gathering, because my side where I worked for the law enforcement were required to standby to perform guard duty for the National Day rehearsal. We were like…oh man! Then at the very last minute, on the same day itself, my team leader announced to the world that we are not required for it. Horrayy!!!! But of course, it ain’t over yet. Cause there’s still a few more rehearsals to go before the big official day arrives, which falls on 9th of August. Looks like we gonna endured more of those if we are to be activate again…

I meet up with few of the members at this Comfort Driving Center located at Ubi before we embarked there by car. We meet up at 224ohrs, since two of the members finished off their work quite late till somewhere 2200hrs. There’s enough hours for me to take a nap at home before I leave.

About half an hour later, we arrived at our destination. Now I let these two pictures do the talking =D

Home Team Chalet

Home Team Chalet

Its soon time for few of us to call it a night. It was somewhere at 0100hrs when we left. The night is still young however, but my battery had gone flat! =D

I Want To Pass Urine

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Captain’s log                           Stardate: 63557.0 (July 22th, 2009)

I pass by a kindergarden school, which was build at a void deck of a flat on my way home from work. Through its open window, I heard a kid says to his teacher: “Teacher, I want to urine.”

Oh, how delightful! Cause he reminds me of the time when I was at his age (I never really talk during those time until I reached primary 2), where it was one of the first things a child learns at school in seeking permission to go for the loo and ease himself or herself.

And the fact that it even triggers me all of a sudden. NO offense in what I’m about to imply, but some would say, can you blame the children when teachers themselves forget that the verb of urine is urinate? Seriously, I’m not that smart when comes to vocabulary, but this is how I came to remember from some scholar that he had highlighted during a topic on errr……….something to do with proper English thingy, or some sort. It surprises me, that his particular speech had came in connection to what I’ve just heard. And years ago, I remember my teacher had asked: “Who wants to urine?”

In addition, I came to read that kids sometimes say pass water. Though I never heard one say before. But I’m pretty sure majority of us had heard kids says, “I want to pass urine.” And there’s even from some parents when talking to babies and young children, may use wee or wee wee. While others prefer the localized shi-shi, which I found it really amusing sometimes =D

It was indeed, an interesting subject worth for, and those kids can remained in the loo a little longer if they want to pass motion.

Eat Rubbish

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Captain’s log                    Stardate: 63535.0 (July 14th, 2009)

Well, the only way to kill the day’s boredom was to patch up the final touches to my latest self-made Federation starship. Normally would be gluing my eyes to the computer. But currently, it suffered a fever and a technician I know will come down to my place and try to resolve it. Sure, I do have a laptop with me. Those mini types, but normally used it when I’m outside. I always prefer the big screen when I’m indoors =D

So before I poured out my latest blog, I was the whole time patching up those areas of the starship that needs to be patch. And to see whether any of those areas need to be detail as well. Laying out a pile of rubbish all over my computer desk. And….oh yah, speaking of rubbish, the thought of it triggers me in what I’ve heard from the past, as I have always found this expression strange: “Let’s buy some rubbish to eat.” How can anyone ever eat rubbish and enjoys it? NO offense, but it seems many Singaporeans do! =) And to be frank, I do heard a few of these been said still goes about.

Literally, “rubbish” the edible sort for this case, refers to a common variety of tidbits such as sweets, kanas (preserved olives), peanuts, cuttlefish, potato chips, even dried fruits that you can find at a supermarket or a mama shop. For the mama shop, it is operated by an Indian/Indian Muslim that sells what that was been mentioned above. Even the most surprises ones sometimes, besides a collection of magazines, candies, cereals, glass marbles, light bulbs and even……..condoms. And commonly, they were located at the void deck of an Housing Development Board (HDB), or simple, a flat. Furthermore, this small-time operations is the kind of thing whereby children will always find it such a treat when they had only a few coins to spare =)

For the rubbish thingy, hmmm….some might say, it was seemingly most inappropriate term to describe those treats to the palate. Well said, but could the reason be that those tidbits are really superfluous to our diet? Food we could do without and yet not feel starved or in any way, errr……nutritionally deficient? And speaking as a-matter-of-factly, could this be related to junk food as well? I had to admit, I am weak in my Home Economics during my time in secondary school. But this expression does baffles me…=S

And yet, there’s also the so-called plausible explanation that I had came across, and usually the “best line of defense” from a mother’s admonition to her child, as not to eat rubbish as it will destroyed one’s appetite for the nutritional food served during meal times.

Call That A Second Chance

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Captain’s log                           Stardate: 63524.0 (July 10th, 2009)

Well, nothing interesting going on currently, unless you want to hear me babbling on in how some people here just deliberately rushed towards the edge of the Mass Rapid Train (MRT) upper deck platform, even before the train were seconds away to reach the station! One simple reason: To get a seat before the next gamer gets the loot. Well, typically I supposed, as I had encountered numerous times, and that it has been happening for quite some time when talking about getting seats. Just make sure they know where they stand, or else they be knocked out of the wind unexpectedly and tumbled to the railtrack instead!

Anyway, here’s my catch. Yesterday afternoon (July 09th), had decided to take a stroll on the beach at East Coast Park (had wished I had a girl to accompany me…..) just to ease my mind after completing the night shift on the night before. Damn, it was torturous! Incident after incident came pouring in one after another the whole night! Seem like there’s no end to it. Let alone the morning shift. My knees had been buckled, my mind spinning, and I thought I gonna suffered from migraine because of that! =o

Well, the needs of relaxation soon took place as I strolled across the sand. My mind finally at peace!

Some distances later, I caught sight of a child, believe to be a Caucasian wobbles down the beach towards the sea. Oblivious by the hazard of the rising tide. And what comes next, was his mother screaming at him: “You listen to me and come back here right now! Later when you drown, don’t come back and cry to me! I won’t pity you then!”

Message understood. The child heeds his mother’s advise and comes running back to her. Call that a second chance, and that the impact rating was high and immediate, like the rising tide =D

Captain’s log                            Stardate: 63516.0 (July 07th, 2009)

Talk about almost getting crappy! Its my off, and boredom does kills if you find yourself stuck at home and nowhere else to go and that majority of your friends were required around their working hours. And going out alone……doesn’t seem to appear much fun as what I can expected….

So almost the entire day, right after I woke up which was nearly a quarter to 1200hrs, my eyes have been glued to my computer like as though it was meant to be there. The usual I suppose; checking to see any updates from my facebook account, the two forums that I frequently visit, my email and……….back to facebook again, because of allowing myself to fill those tough-breaking gaps in Mafia Wars. Damn! Talk about not having gained enough credits, let alone getting some of the jobs done! And after several minutes of anticipation, I exited the game. Cause a thought just hit me on the head that I should carry on playing the new Ghostbusters 3 game that a friend of mine had lend it to me.

Sure, I am pumped. To kick some monsters ass with my so-called proton pack gun! Hah! =D Cool, mind-blasting mayhem that do make me sweat! =D At this point of time, is where you will response to counterattack with much anticipation as you followed the progress of the mission. Sounds like almost bargaining for cheap prizes in the flea market! =D

And in a few hours, I abort my mission cause I found myself to be worn out after that. I saved it for later use. And also to clean my mouse because of my sweaty palm…

Surroundings from outside starts coming in while letting my computer hibernate. My next door neighbour could be heard singing a Chinese song while taking a shower. What comes next was a woman several levels below, screaming at the top of her lungs over two kids whom one, was spending too much time in the bathroom, while another of wearing his short inside-out. My grandma had told me this before, that some time ago, that woman had went up to our flat and complained that my grandma was making a lot of noise by pounding and grinding chilli in its concrete bowl. But the weird part is, my grandma wasn’t pounding any chilli on that day. Apart from that, this woman had lived several levels below. So how can she claimed that the noise came from our house? Did she even checked the other levels above hers before reaching to ours? As what been told, she even argue with my grandma. Not the type who like to argue, my grandma just simply told her. “Fine, its up to you to believe me or not.” She’s quite a neighbourly person, and won’t take any risked. Furthermore, a friend of hers, who knew about the woman had told her once, that the woman happened to be some nanny. My grandma wasn’t so sure about that, and wouldn’t bothered to find out anyway. So the fact is, that the kids been screamed at, wasn’t hers. But today’s episode had left me to baffled as to why in the world would she yelled out to a kid who happened to wear his short inside-out? It wasn’t like as though the kid had destroyed some property or mess up the entire house!

Furthermore, and to be straightforward, this is not the first time I’ve heard the alarm from here. Does raised the high volume on a few occasions. Sometimes, I do wonder whether the cops were called in just to shut her up in order not to breach the peace…..

Had my lunch, tune in to some sci-fiction shows, and few hours later, I was back at my computer. This time, blogging in on today’s episode. Overall, there’s not much of a topic to get you guys interested into, except for the fact of that particular neighbour yelling out for the world to heard…….I don’t know, cause some of you might not be interested into it anyway. So I guess let it be then =D

It Does Ring A Bell….

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Captain’s log                           Stardate: 63513.0 (July 6th, 2009)

Call this a sick joke if you wished. Cause earlier just now, my friend and I went to meet up with another friend of ours at Orchard, who just returned three days ago after spending a one week holiday in Rome. He had brought back some gifts for us, which he had promise. Apart from that, he also brought back this stupid joke: “What do you called a virgin homosexual?”

We were stumped.


According to him, he get this damn joke from a friend when he was in Rome. And while he rolled over with infectious laughter, I was thinking of my favourite brand of toothpaste, which I always like its fresh aftertaste. At the same time, the word, “homo……” reminds me of that one particular country where the law just stated that homosexual is……legal???

Unfortunately, “Ah Qua” is an unpleasant Singapore slang, used with contempt when refer to a homosexual man, usually one who is effeminate…..

Star Trek Barbie Dolls

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Captain’s log                            Stardate: 63505.0 (July 03rd, 2009)

Barbie Dolls are obviously girls stuff. But what about when it comes to Star Trek? Star Trek version of Barbie Dolls, to be exact. Doesn’t seems quite right? Or just never heard of it? Well, you better believe it, cause they do exists. If they had done it for Disneyland fairy tale princess, why not had it done for one of the greatest sci-fiction show ever created? Star Trek fans, if I could guess it correctly, majority of them must have heard it. Like our founder James Lee who had an old set of them, based on the Star Trek series from the 50s.

Star Trek Barbie Doll

This is not just simply Barbie and Ken plaything. But rather the Uhura and James Kirk version. Haha! =D

Some time ago, James had posted this in the forum, whereby the Star Trek version of Barbie Dolls, which comprises of Captain James T.Kirk, Commander Spock and Lieutenant Uhura were up for grabs. Furthermore, they were based on the new Star Trek movie =)

Fix your eyes on this!

Star Trek Barbie Dolls

Barbie Doll version of Lieutenant Uhura looks hot, doesn’t she? hehe…=D As according to James, if we purchase the dolls from our local vendor, it can be quite expensive as the total cost was S$330 if brought all three together. And each doll were sold separately. But, if order all three together from eBay, the prize will be cheaper, which S$250. So I’ve decided to go for eBay, like James did.

Being the most fanatic type when comes to collection, James had brought an entire three sets of them. While for me, I only go for James Kirk. I prefer to choose the one and only cool character that was a legend in Star Trek. Hehe..=)

So here it is. Nearly two weeks of waiting, my order has finally arrived. So does James, but according to him, his delivery arrived later at night on the same day, while mine arrived during late afternoon.

Still in the box.

Star Trek Barbie Doll

Out from the box.

Star Trek Barbie Doll

It even comes with a stand, and followed up with a cert as what I can tell. This is amazing! I wonder if its an official certification. keke…=)

Star Trek Barbie Doll

James had pointed out, that trekkies like us shouldn’t regard them as Barbie Dolls, even despite the looks of it. We should instead, considered them as action figures. Never mind the “soft” look they had. But seriously, I think “action figures” sounds better for them =D

Call me crazy if you wished, especially those non-Star Trek fans. But I had to admit, I love the doll! =D

And check this out. He finally has the Enterprise! Way to go Captain Kirk! =D

Star Trek Barbie Doll