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Cosplayers Making A Difference

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Captain’s log                          Stardate: 90825.7 (Aug 25th, 2017)

Back then, whenever I don in my Power Ranger suit and started visiting those kids in hospital, I had people asking me; what inspires me to do this? What can I achieved in doing such?

Well, as I mentioned before, and even now, I had wanting do this ever since I watch and read about how cosplayers in their superheroes costumes did their part.

Take it for example, the late Lenny B. Robinson. Better known as the Route 29 Batman. Most of you may have know him, as he had for years dressed as the Caped Crusader and driven his custom-made car. His mission, was to deliver moments of happiness and distraction to hundreds of sick children at hospitals.

He was killed after his Batmobile breaks down in Maryland, when a car slams into the Batmobile.

His death had prompted a deluge of sorrowful responses, including one from the actual Dark Knight. And with one, who describes him as “Not a normal man, he’s a true hero. A person who stood out above the rest and became a symbol of hope for those who have little to be hopeful about.”

Another mentioned, “He touched a lot of lives and made a lot of kids smile. That’s all he wanted to do.”

Even though being rich, he used most of his money to buy toys and gifts just for the children. That’s all he ever want to do doing his free time.

And that’s what I tell them, this is what I wanted to do. I had been cosplaying for many years. And its that point of time I had found a new purpose in this line. Cosplaying for the extra mile, for a good cause out of good faith. You have the suit. You can use it for such good cause. Not for fame. Not for money.

That’s all I wanted to do.

And that’s how our humble community of Pause for a Cause gets another invitation from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital. So on Tuesday, the 22nd, three of us cosplayers don in our characters; Elsa, Spiderman and Red Ranger (Me) will be visiting the kids from their wards to deliver that moments of joy and happiness! =)


With our two awesome helpers (The founder of PFAC himself on the extreme right), we are ready to put the smiles of their faces! =)

I’ve been there for like a few times and seem to know from which ward to start and to end. Hahaha! But still, its good to see the kids again. As we visit the wards, I had wonder if any of the Healthcare workers recognise the common cosplayers like myself… hehe..

The photos here will do the rest of the talking. Many thanks to our founder for taking these awesome photos! =D

Faces of the children will not be shown as to protect their identity with respect. Thank you for your understanding.


The current visit had most of the kids so excited and so active than the previous visit. Till one very small boy seems to like following our friendly neighbourhood Spiderman. I joked as how Spideman caught the little boy’s attention like a magnet.

Poor spidey… Be thankful bro. The kid’s love ya! =D

Speaking from the kids excitement, we did not expect one of the kids to return us a favour. By making us some of his awesome super shurikens! And had written “THANK YOU” and his name on it. Awww…..


Our super shrunken gifts! Made with love and care. Appreciate every little thing that touches the heart =)

Indeed, it has been a happy day for the kids and us. We make the kids their day and they make ours. I had done this many times and have no regrets doing again. Whenever I’m free, I will be happy to hop onto the bandwagon and to do what inspires me.

As I had mentioned earlier, you have the suit. You can use it for such good cause. I don’t this for fame, not for money. Cause this is something that I wanted to do: Making others happy.


Cosplayers dressed in various Superheroes, like the late Lenny B. Robinson visiting children in hospital had provided the kids with so much hope, as they shared their mission to make the kids happy and whole.

They taught me of they made kids forget they were sick. Adding that smile to every unique child in their wards. Their hearts was filled with love.

And that’s the same thing we are doing. And that’s what inspires me!


Annabelle: Creation

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Captain’s log                          Stardate: 90182.7 (Aug 18th, 2017)

My fiancee had tagged me this horror movie, known as Annabelle: Creation in my Facebook cause she is interested in watching it. This led me to recall the previous Annabells movies, which one of them includes as the fourth installment in The Conjuring Series. I gotten interest in it too. So we pick up a date to watch this horror movie.


This movie was a prequel to 2014’s Annabelle and also the fourth installment for The Conjuring. Basically of how it had started with that freaky doll’s origin.

Taking place in 1943, its about this dollmaker and his wife who one day loss their beloved daughter, named Annabelle who was tragically hit by a passing car.

12 years later, the couple had converted their home into an orphanage for 6 girls, who was under the care of Sister Charlotte, a nun. Among all the rooms given for the girls, only one was been forbidden. That belongs to Annabelle.

Out of curiosity, one of the young orphan who suffers from polio had decided to sneak in one night.  There, she found a key that leads to a closet. Inside, lies the doll that also unwittingly releasing the demon, with a special interest in that orphan.

The doll was one of the porcelain dolls created by the dollmaker. The couple believed that their daughter’s spirit had return, and convinces them to transpose its essence into that doll.

But it was not long when they found that it was actually a demon looking for a human host. It was locked into the closet for good, wallpapered with pages from the Bible. Now that the young orphan had unlocked it, all hell began to broke loose.

My review on this: Decent, but really one hell of a horror movie. Furthermore, its made as a classic, old-school horror movie with a twist of suspense. Unexpected jump scares that gripped me to the edge on my seat and capture my attention. Keeps me interested though.

What I like it so far that the young actors really did a wonderful job. The doll its not the only thing that scares. Go watch and see it for yourself =P

Overall, its explains all the question in regards to the doll’s origin. As the title had stated, creation. And after all the havoc and that particular person been possesses, at the end of the day, a doll is just a doll.

Or, could it?

So for those who are yet or never watch the previous Annabelle movies, I do recommend watching this prequel. It gives you a better understanding of how it had came about. Like watching Star Wars, before Darth Vader came to the big screen, there’s Episode 1.

To conclude, I really enjoy the movie. It was wickedly terrifying, with a tone of old-school horror tactics. So for those horror fans, or fans of the Annabelle dolly or Conjuring franchise, don’t miss this one out. You got to see it in order to frighten yourself to believe it! =D

Oh yes, towards the ending, you may find that particular scene very familiar. For those who have watch the original….




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Captain’s log                                Stardate: 90158.7 (Aug 15th, 2017)

On Aug 13th, 2017, our local Toku group was been invited for another morphenomenal Power Rangers birthday party! It involves two little heroes, one turning 1 year old and the other, 4 year old. The parents decided that both of their kids celebrate their birthday together.

Another amazing opportunity for us, and since you know I love doing this! So me dress in my usual Red Ranger, and a friend of mine who will dress in his White Ranger were the only two Power Rangers coming down to entertain the kids and their families. 

Residing in Chua Chu Kang North, the birthday party was held at a multi-purpose hall. Like all the previous Power Rangers birthday party we’ve been, the entire hall were been decorate with Power Rangers theme. A mix of Mighty Morphin, Samurai Rangers, Dino Charge and the latest Ninja Steel. I had expected that the hall would be decorate to suit the birthday theme =D

As I was told, the birthday kids, especially the eldest one was not told of our appearance. A secret awaits for them, and our plan was to give the grand entrance once the party commences.

And that look at the kids faces when they first saw us. Yes, especially the birthday kid! Boy, he did not expect this! =D

These pictures below will prove you in a thousands words how fun the day had been. That two hours spend was worth it all! 

Power Rangers birthday

The day went incredibly well. Happily mingle around with the kids and their families. They even had a Piñata, which was a Power Ranger Dino Charge version. That was super awesome! The families there were so unexpected of this, that many of them might want to invite us for their kids birthday. More opportunities! We will always be happy for that! Just tell us when and we’ll be there =) 

I even brought along my Legacy Power Sword, and the kids can’t seem to get enough of it. They just loved the sword! Hahaha! But of course, safety first.

And lastly, we would like to say thank you to the parents of Ilhan and Iryan for having us in this awesome and morphenomenal birthday party! Parties like this has always been an amazing experience. We appreciate every effort made and would be very happy to be there again in the future!

To both young heroes, we hope you enjoy our time with us. You make our day as much as you make ours. Your Mummy and Daddy had make you the luckiest kids ever! =D



In addition, I also make a video of it. Here’s the full version to the whole party. Enjoy! =D