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Operation: Dragon Shield

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Captain’s log                                  Stardate: 65524.5 (Jan 22th, 2012)

Before I begin, let me wish all my Chinese friends and those viewers out there reading this a Happy and Properous Chinese New Year. Today is the eve, where they all will gathered for a wonderful reunion dinner. Tomorrow will the day of the Dragon, and may the joy and luck springs like happiness at this time of the Lunar New Year. Huat ah!!

Ok, I’ve been thinking of modifying my Power Ranger Dragon shield for quite some time, and yesterday I’ve made my mind. What I’m gonna do was to replace the velcro, which joins both ends of the shield once you put it on, with zipper instead. I’ve seen from YouTube, whereby other versions of the shield that comes with zipper was introduced. Most of us get was the velcro version.

From what I studied by watching the video, I found out that the zipper is much more reliable than the use of velcro. Not saying that the fabric hook-and-loop is no good. It still widely used, for most Dragon shields. But the problem I faced, was that sometimes the sticky part of the velcro can ended up sticking to your suit. And this may ruin the clothing. Also, it can be troublesome as the sticky part had to be loop out from the shield in order to prevent from sticking to your suit when you put it on. I don’t know about the others, but I just find it too troublesome.

So, I decided to make some changes. I brought a zipper, just perfect by its length and thickness for my shield at this Art Friend shop. It sells all kinds of art materials, and this is where I brought most of the stuff for my props.

Honestly, it wasn’t easy to glue the zipper. First I had to separate it, and then test it a few times to make sure it zips up properly. I used a lot of duct tape first on the zipper, just to test the zipper movement before gluing in. Took me like almost the entire night, but finally my work pays off! Finally done something useful by myself. I really give in a shot, cause at the same time, you are learning. From there, you’ll know the mistakes made and be better next time in the future. I’m satisfied with the results =D

So here it is. No more velcro! =)

Captain’s log                                   Stardate: 60120.1 (Jan 9th, 2012)

Ok, my first entry for this year 2012 will be the latest arrival of another red ranger from Power Ranger Mystic Force. Order it from ebay, this is the Red Mystic Ranger. The original Japanese version will be the Mahou Sentai Magiranger which is the 29th production of the Super Sentai television series. And they are the only Power Rangers that wear capes.

I didn’t exactly watch much of the episodes but I was told that the series was basically about using the powers of magic to fight evil. It started off as twenty years ago, where some some dark forces which apparently comes from this magic-filled dimension parallel world, in an attempt to destroy all that is good. A Great Battle, as they called it, between the good and evil. So years later, turns out that five teens were chosen to become Power Rangers by a sorceress after realizing that the forces of evil had returned. It kinda reminds me of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Fantasy, plus magic and all that wishing spells and casts. 

But for this case, by combining their powerful magic and incredible martial arts skills, the Mystic Force Power Rangers must rely on teamwork to save the day. I really need to watch all the episodes to understand more…